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  1. I have an i7-8700 oc/d to 4.7 and a GTX 108ti overclocked which provides adequate frames in both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. For several years I've been running the HT off thinking this would hold down heat while running the simulator. But today I read that running with HT off makes no difference since P3D is a 64 bit program. Will turning HT back on increase the heat, and is there any advantage having it back on as far as P3D is concerned? Thanks.
  2. I've been using Button Control for many years but decided to use Voice Control. I've done the training of my voice (speech recognition) and FS2Crew sees that we're in Audio mode. When I try to set up Config, I get a RED "Interface Voice Control - Lock". I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm sure it's easy but please bear with me as I find it confusing.
  3. There is the option to install ORBX in its own library outside the sim as well as inside. While I have always installed inside P3d, I wonder what most of you do.
  4. Another of my must-have checked off.
  5. Just getting back to you. This is the best explanation I've ever read. I've copied it and put it in my P3D binder that has much useful information. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you and yes, you explained it well. I can achieve those numbers with the ORBX products added but so far I haven’t introduced any add-ons as I await PMDG and other official installers. So it remains to be seen what the final numbers will be. But here’s a hypothetical question. Since I’ve heard that 28 frames produces a smooth to the eye presentation, why not simply set frames to around 33-34 and vsync? Would that allow for resources to be used elsewhere or would the throttling simply be a waste? I’m quite curious about this whole thing.
  7. I'd like to finally get a definitive answer about frame rate settings. My Asus monitor is a 23" with a resolution of 2560x1440x32. The Refresh rate is 59Hz (unadjustable). The EVGA card is a 1080ti ftw I've set my P3Dv5 Frame rate to 59 (had been set to 30), VSync ON, and Triple Buffering OFF. Texture Resolution is set to 2048x2048. Are these the proper settings for this monitor? If not, what should they be? Is there a right vs. wrong or is it trial and error? A once and for all answer would be great. Thanks.
  8. I did look at the EZDok site but was unable to find anything regarding an update for v5. Does anyone have an insight- realizing it’s only been 24 hours since the release?
  9. What is the advantage or necessity of placing 3rd party airports in the Add-ons folder rather than within P3D itself? I've been following the protocol of adding my airports outside p3d itself but wonder if this is entirely necessary. Thanks.
  10. Would someone please tell me if the IA Cockpit Sounds work with the NGXu? Thanks.
  11. I'm currently using the CH FlightSim Yoke and it's served me well. I like the way I have my buttons and switches programmed. But the beast is very old and seems to be failing - the aileron axis is spiking and I can't tame the fluctuations even with FSUIPC calibration. I'm inclined to purchase another yoke just like the one I have, but wonder if there's some unanimity (big word!) on another yoke that has the same number of buttons or switches but is "better".
  12. Thanks Bryan and I also look forward to the NGXu package.
  13. Before I purchase this to go along with the rest of my FS2Crew products, I have one question. All of my FS2Crew add-ons use button control rather than voice. How does USCX integrate with FS2Crew if I also set it to use button control? Do they play well together? Thanks!
  14. There goes my LD 767 to a desert in the southwest. Maybe someone can salvage her for parts.
  15. This is resurrecting a very old topic but.... I was going through my dusty hanger and saw her sitting there in an installation folder. I wonder if there's any way to get my old Level-D 767 working with P3Dv4.51? Or is she such an old beast she must go to the boneyard?
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