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  1. Chuck Dreier

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    Two things. Yes. It's P3Dv4.3.29.2552.0. And the EZDok version installed is However, the problem has been solved. So simple. Auto Rudder was not selected. Selected that and all is well. I must be getting old!!!
  2. Chuck Dreier

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    3Suddenly I have no control over the nosewheel steering. This applies to all aircraft. I do not have rudder pedals, using a CH Yoke with ailerons for ground steering. The latest version of EZDok is installed in P3Dv3. I vaguely remember this happening long ago but don't remember how to fix it. Was it in the controls settings? Any suggestions please!!!
  3. Chuck Dreier

    Motherboard help?

    I’ve decided to go with the Hero X. I’ve read that the 4133 has trouble on some Hero boards. Still go with 4133 or dial it down a notch or two? As far as RAM 2 X 8GB 4133 G.Skill seem to work well with Asus motherboards ... or if you want to go slightly better performance at more costs then try the G.Skill 2 X 8GB 4500 (keep in mind the Asus Hero specs only support upto 4133 so getting the best out of the 4500's might take morework. 
  4. Chuck Dreier

    Motherboard help?

    Thanks. I already have the EVGA 1080TI, along with Samsung SSD’s, etc.. This is mainly an update of my i7-4700k, motherboard and memory. Other components have been updated along the way. This is a 9 year old build in the Corsair full tower 800D case. I’m also thinking of updating my cooling from the original Corsair H100 to the H115i. I suspect the original cooler has lost a lot of its efficiency in the past 9 years. Again, mainly seeking help on the motherboard - no need for overkill - and RAM specifications with the 8700k.
  5. I’m upgrading my computer. It’ll be upgraded to i7-8700k on an Asus ROG motherboard. Memory will be 16Gb DDR4 on 4 sticks, GSkill Ripjaws 5, speed yet undetermined. I really like the Asus overclocking ability. This is for P3D v 4, using a lot of addons. I really need help choosing the motherboard - something appropriate for P3D . That’s the only “gaming” I do though I certainly don’t call it that. It is simulation all the way. Also memory suggestions would be appreciated
  6. Chuck Dreier

    HUD doesn't work after update

    Thanks guys. I got it working by editing the dll.xml. But I wonder what "broke it"? Certainly we shouldn't have to be making edits like this. If it was the latest PMDG update, I surely hope they'll fix it. What else could it have been? Thanks again!!!!
  7. Chuck Dreier

    HUD doesn't work after update

    I am having this problem as well and have not been able to correct it. The HUD is blank - nothing there. It would be nice to get this fixed.
  8. Chuck Dreier

    nVidia 398.11 Driver

    I asked the original question. Yet I agree that it's best to leave well enough alone! My driver is 388.13.
  9. The latest driver. Has anyone installed it and have you seen any problems with P3D v4.2?
  10. Chuck Dreier

    Brakes & Autobrakes, P3D v4.2 Professional

    Russell, thank you. I did both as you suggested and my wheels no longer lock up. Autobrakes are working as well. I would never have found this on my own. Hopefully this will help others along the way. Thanks again!
  11. Two specific questions pertaining to P4D v4.2 When applying normal braking using "." on the keyboard, slider set to the middle position, the brakes lock when the keystroke is applied. When the slider is set to the left positon, I have to apply continuous presses and this isn't practical or workable when stopping a larger aircraft. When applying autobrakes when flying a large aircraft, PMDG, iFly, CaptainSim, etc., the autobrakes to not engage on touchdown. They don't engage at all although the cockpit switch is set as 1,2,3, or occasionally 4. I do have a CH Yoke, but no rudder pedals or foot braking. Also, the brakes lock when an assigned CH Yoke button is pressed for braking. Any specific help would be appreciated - I have looked all over but haven't found an answer. One other thing, I do have the latest paid version of FSUIPC installed. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!
  12. Chuck Dreier

    IFly 737NG liveries for P3D v4

    I'm late to the party, but really need one or two BBJ liveries with N numbers. Those at Flight1 are all FSX which work okay, but there's hardly any BBJ liveries and nothing with N numbers which would be nice here in the U.S.. Does anyone have a suggestion. BTW, there were many for the 2004 version but obviously they won't work. Thanks!!!
  13. Installed v4.2 and all is working okay with the exception of waiting for the FSUIPC update. Also, the PMDG 747 has to be loaded AFTER loading a default aircraft but that's been explained and awaiting a solution. The problem is that P3D v4.2 will not shut down correctly. I'm getting error messages and having to use Task Manager two or three times to get the program completely cleared. This is something new. Any ideas what's making this happen? Any remedy? Thanks.
  14. Not to hijack this thread, but I'm new to PTA. How do you know, by looking at the PTA interface, if the preset is installed?
  15. I only hear a few cabin crew calls but not all. Is there supposed to be a safety briefing during or after engine start? What about descent? I do get meal service, after landing, but it seems some dialogue is missing. Please clarify.