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  1. I would only be using this to add some cabin sounds that I miss from the old FSPAX days.
  2. Is anyone using SimSounds? If so, how does it work well with FS2Crew in terms of the cabin crew? Does it work with PMDG aircraft other than the 737? Thank you!
  3. As the title suggests, this is the way I've installed my versions of P3D. My question is specific to GSX. The original install went to the v4 SSD, then I added v5 to a newly formatted and separate SSD. I did an uninstall of GSX and reinstalled for both v4 and v5. GSX shows on v4 but doesn't appear on v5 (SODE does show in v5 add-ons). Suggestions on how to make that work? BTW, I'd ask on the FSDT forums but I've already peeved Virtuali about a "No Jetways Here" question and I don't want to aggravate him further.
  4. I spent a full day installing v5.1.1 with only a few add-on airports and GSX. I'm getting "No Jetways Here" at add-on airports other than those authored by FSDT. I've asked for help of their forums but so far no luck. For me that will be a deal breaker.
  5. Tagging along to this question. I've had v5 Professional since the day of release but haven't installed it because of the reported problems. Now that v5.1 and the hotfix has been released I'm ready to jump in. Would someone verify that the REX products aren't compatible and that I should use Active Sky and Active Sky Cloud Art. Also, I keep reading about other things such as EA, True Sky, etc.. What should I do with those to keep crashes away? I'll be following RD Presets v5 suggestions in terms of set up. Thanks guys (and perhaps gals).
  6. Where do I install the patch? It gives me the option! Thank you.
  7. I just become aware of the limitation with my GTX 1080 8GB card. My system is built around a i7-8700k overclocked to 4.9 and 32GB RAM. I wonder if a new card with greater VRAM will be sufficient? I don’t like the idea of a rebuild and the associated cost (motherboard, CPU, etc.) but don’t want a bottleneck. Is that what I’ll get by simply upgrading a video card? What to do?
  8. Just started with FS2020. Do the patches install automatically or do I have to seek them out?
  9. As I do that all that happens is there's a error in the download!
  10. How did you download the pre-install launcher? I ask because I only see download options for the Digital Certificate and Premium downloads. I pre-purchased the Premium version but right now I'm lost - can't seem to get anything to work.
  11. n4gix, I can't even get the basic download to begin after pre-ordering the Premier version!
  12. and I'm sorry, but this is a real cluster ****
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