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  1. Thanks! I'll try reaching out to Tropicalsim and post back if I get a reply
  2. Hi, those of you who managed to get TFFF 2018 working in Prepar3D v5 HF 2, are you getting very dim runway lights?. It's the only issue I've found so far, the rest of the products seem to work ok. Thanks!
  3. TFDI's MD-11 can't come soon enough!!! I miss the MD-11 in Prepar3D!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  4. Thanks Joe, very useful !!!
  5. Hi Rob, I have a similar system to yours. Can you please share your graphics settings? Are you using AM? Anything in the Nvidia panel? Thanks so much! 🙂
  6. Super nice set of screenshots!!! thanks for sharing!
  7. Hi ! what imagery sources did you use for Alaska? Fantastic shots, thank you!
  8. Wow those look GREAT! What other scenery add-ons are you using beside Ortho4XP? Thanks for sharing!
  9. While I agree that ATC, Weather and ground handling definitely need mayor focus, I'm not sure it's the same story when it comes to scenery. He should focus on fixing those items while "the community" (freeware and commercial) keeps improving the scenery situation. I'm not in the FS2020 alpha, so I cannot comment how much of an improvement this new technology really brings to ATC and weather (although from the looks of it, weather and atmospherics in general look amazing). When it comes to scenery, it's even harder to know how places outside of Europe and the USA are treated by this Azure AI thing. X-Plane has relatively easy to use tools to develop scenery, and the concept behind the gateway (while far from a FlyTampa airport in terms of quality or detail) offers a much better chance of basic but updated coverage in comparison to P3D. On the other hand, if Asobo provides powerful tools and simplifies the process of scenery creation and creates some sort of "gateway" for keeping scenery/airports up to date, then this would help providing coverage to places where the high definition scenery is non-existent. I'm talking Africa, some parts of Latin America and Asia where I'm sure photogrammetry is out of the question.
  10. Whoa that's fantastic news. Thanks for the heads-up, Chock! I didn't even know Microprose still existed!
  11. Hi all! I own both Prepar3D versions 5 and 4 but I'm getting all kinds of issues with v5 and would like to go back to 4.5. However, there are reasons why I'm interested in keeping V5 scenery instead of the outdated world that comes with 4.5. Long shot question, then: are there any technical issues / restrictions / compatibility problems that you know of would break 4.5 if I use the scenery that came with 5? Thanks for your help!. -E
  12. This is very sad indeed... blue skies to you, Jim. Say hello to Tom... you'll be missed.
  13. Has there been any discussion or any bit of information with regards to performance versus P3D on semi-decent hardware?
  14. How are you guys managing to obtain the A3xx discount + the additional 10% ? According to Mathijs Kok it isn't "stackable", which seems to be my case over at Simmarket, where I'm only getting the A3xx discount (for a total of EUR 40.56 ). Thanks! -E
  15. Ferd is immortal !!! lol... I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since that post!!!
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