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  1. Ray, you may want to wait a few weeks. The PD3220U is about to come out and it will have better HDR10 support and comes with USB-C. It's on my list for replacing my current LG 43" 4k TV. Cheers -E
  2. I partially agree. It takes two to tango, and in this particular case there are two things to keep in mind: 1) on one side there's a paying customer, whether he's liked or not by the developer. 2) the other one is a support staff who is in charge of setting the tone and developing the situation as it comes (at least that would be my expectation if I was the owner of the business). In my opinion, a simple "sorry, it's not ready" should have been enough. Instead, the thing got out of control. And, again in my opinion, when said staff made the "weather" reference he totally lost the argument. Then again, I reckon he's a young guy and everybody has their temper, specially when dealing with a difficult customer (not saying that particular OP is one, like I said: it takes two to tango). Nevertheless, it certainly did more harm than good, otherwise this thread wouldn't even exist in the first place.
  3. I rarely write off-topic posts, specially when it comes to controversial ones such as this. However, I've been watching with concern the lack of courtesy, as Alan mentioned, in the online communication between consumers and developers. I usually purchase stuff just for the sake of supporting the developers (I.e. I've hardly used FSDT's Charlotte... or PMDG's DC-6... or some of the Milviz birds). Having said that, I'm evaluating my purchase decisions as of late, since I'm beginning to feel this condescending attitude is becoming more and more common by some developers, to the point of plain disrespect toward their paying customer. Some perspective is being lost... and I doubt (by reading this thread) that I'm the only one who will think it twice before giving some money to an arrogant developer. I think this is beyond sad, because the responses being given most of the time do not reflect the quality of the products of some of these developers, so it's kind of a lose-lose situation. This could be easily solved by either investing in training for customer service, or just bringing dedicated support staff with people-skills aboard.
  4. evaamo

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Will this work with AFCAD updates such as Ray Smith's ? AFAIK he uses "default" stuff. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, nice video. I sooo very much miss flying the Simcheck A300 in P3Dv4 !!!
  6. evaamo

    A huge thank you PMDG!

    Made a flight with the "new" -400 and then the first flight in the -8F ... to say she's a beauty is an understatement! It was just flawless!!! the EFB is great, rainmaker is very, very nice and the performance of both aircraft is just phenomenal (yes, getting better frames than before)! Great job PMDG! cheers -E
  7. Didn't think of that one, Dan. Sounds very plausible tho'. Licencing is always a complex issue, I'm sure that when it comes to aviation-related branding stuff, it's even more complicated. Thanks
  8. I gotta say I share your disappointment, Marc. I understand the commercial implications for making such a design decision, sadly this leaves somewhat of a sweet n sour taste in my mouth about getting the -8 expansion, as it's very unlikely we'll be able to find a tool to get (at least close to the real thing) performance values, like what we have in the very outdated and far from perfect TOPCAT. I was honestly hoping we'd be getting a "self-contained" simulation for the performance side of the EFB. This, by the way, could mean it'll be the same restriction for the 777 (when it gets the EFB treatment) and the MAX. Not PMDG fault, I reckon, just wished they could have provided "close" values for "performance simulation purposes". cheers -E
  9. evaamo

    What is going on with flight simulators?

    Frank, I think it would be a good idea to open a different post describing those "bugs", I'm sure you'll find answers to most if not all of your questions / doubts / difficulties. There's a bunch of passionate and friendly folks around here that will help you get the most out of this wonderful hobby. By the way, welcome to Avsim. cheers -E
  10. evaamo

    Stutters Cured-Simple Solution-Lesson Learned!

    Thanks for the long reply, Bob. I use an AM that "emulates" having HT off, whilst allowing me to actually keep HT enabled in BIOS, resulting in a smooth performance. I had good results with setting the frame rate limiter to unlimited until 4.3, where more blurries are becoming more evident. Now I basically select my internal (inside P3D) frame rate limiter to 31 and, even if I'm getting lower FPS, the blurries are less noticeable tho the smoothness is still there. Cheers -E
  11. evaamo

    Stutters Cured-Simple Solution-Lesson Learned!

    Thank you, Ed. Cheers -E
  12. evaamo

    Stutters Cured-Simple Solution-Lesson Learned!

    Those of you running P3D 4.3 with frame rate setting on unlimited... how are you dealing with blurries? I agree with Michael, this is a confusing and never-ending vicious cycle ...
  13. evaamo

    The Orinoco flow

    Thanks for the screenshots! Venezuela is my country of birth. I hope in the future, once this dark chapter in its history becomes ... well... just history ... I may be able to take my kids there so they can look at such a beautiful place with their own eyes. Thanks again! cheers -E
  14. evaamo

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Great, Carl!!! thanks for sharing!!! cheers -E
  15. I'd go for the 744... afaik the 747-8 incorporates more of the 787's tech in terms of software than of the 777. Not to mention other similarities with the 744, like the cockpit layout, the overhead panel, being a 4 engine aircraft... etc