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  1. Have you tried using the non-PBR version of these airports? They helped in my case
  2. Exactly, like I wrote somewhere else: we masochistically contribute to our own mistreatment as customers.
  3. CS is hardly the reputable developer they were in the past, so calling a pig with lipstick a pig publicly isn't bad. Why? Well, I for one know better than buying from them. But, how about other less savvy newcomers to the hobby? Not everyone read product descriptions throughly or knows how to search forum posts. On the other hand, I agree using the word "scam" is inappropriate, but we're not helping things get better by promoting low quality products and questionable practices. People like Chock will help a thousand times more a newcomer with his videos than us discussing it here ad-nauseam, that's for sure. And, while I am not against people having fun in MSFS flying bizarre things such a refrigerator with the flight dynamics of a SR-71 and with the avionics of a Cub, I think we are doing ourselves a disservice as a community by not calling out a developer from attempting to charge money (no matter how cheap is cheap, it's still money) when releasing something like this.
  4. I'm almost certain many of the people whining here and elsewhere wrt the price of the Sharklets/EFB will gladly pay and consider a bargain the recent travesty by CS of releasing the default MSFS 747 dressed as a 777. It's sad to the point of being funny, but I guess to each their own. We simmers are a complex bunch: we are far from good consumers: Demand perfection, but hate paying for it. Company with a questionable reputation "produces" half-a...[i know, word not allowed!] effort and we are more than happy to reward them with our money (I don't care if it's only for the price of a burger, it's still money). By encouraging this bad practice, we masochistically contribute to our own mistreatment as customers.
  5. I was going to write a rant on how CS is shooting themselves in the foot by staining their already stained brand by releasing such [word not allowed - self-censored version], but then I can picture them laughing their way to the bank to withdraw cash for wiping both these stains and the tears caused by my opinionated post...
  6. Nice shots, José. Are you using x-vision?
  7. no they don't, they complement each other
  8. Hi I do like them. They are an improvement over default cockpit sounds. It doesn't enhance or replace the engine sounds though. The installation instructions are clear and detailed, however it does require that you copy/paste the files manually and edit some text files. It takes 10-15 minutes at most, I don't think it is a stopper. Hope this helps.
  9. All good, thank you! Wish I had more time to fly more often tho'. 😅
  10. Hi Jose! Thanks, I just remembered Just Planes published a video of SATA that has the A310 and the Q400. Will buy it from them. i hope you're staying healthy my friend.
  11. De Havilland suspending Q400 production due to industry circumstances. https://airwaysmag.com/industry/de-havilland-suspends-q400-prod/ Sad day indeed...
  12. Fantastic! Thank you for the detailed story!
  13. Thank you for your answer. Sorry to hijack the thread but: any chance for these updates to be ported to P3D?
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