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  1. Announcementy or it didn't happen!
  2. Oh @OzWhitey I bestow the Title "Necromancer of the year 2022" upon thee!
  3. The thread that keeps on giving... 😂 There should be a Wikipedia entry for Ferd... classic!!!
  4. I frankly am in disbelief at the poor handling of the situation. The "infraction" thing is just hilarious... and calling Ray dishonest was certainly unexpected and uncalled for, as he has always come across as a gentlemen even if I haven't met him personally. His intentions for going over there were more of a mediator than a provocateur. How unfortunate that RR failed to see it that way. I for one would like to thank you, Ray for taking the time to go over there to try to obtain a reasonable answer from the owner of the circus himself. In the end, the whole situation is correctly depicted in the following message over there by Matt Richards: " And we shouldn’t have to read between the lines, either the dev is or isn’t supporting the platform. No one needs such cryptic replies from any dev. " And I agree: RR has been evading giving a straight, concise, and direct answer with regard to P3D for some months now. This has been escalating for some time, and now that it reached the boiling point, the answer cannot be "interpret the hidden message", as if we were playing games. When money is involved, there is no place for ambiguity or half-baked efforts. You are the CEO of a company, you have to be at or above the level the role demands. And as I usually say when it comes to this matter, some situations in life are digital / boolean / black or white: you can't be "half" ethical. You either are ethical or you aren't. There's no grayscale. What a waste of everyone's valuable time this whole PMDG drama has been.
  5. I have voiced my opinion once again in the newly created thread. I don't think it will change anything, Robert being the arrogant person that he is. However, it is slowly but definitely becoming a PR situation that they'll need to attend to. I along with others have been pressing for answers with regard to the P3D situation for many months now. Now that they have tasted the sweetness of the MSFS side of things, I doubt these discussions will even stay relevant. What is important is, that we now have confirmation that PMDG is no longer the reputable brand they once were, and that any investment that we do in MSFS should be subject to the *actual* state of the product, never to future enhancements, as they can't be trusted anymore. That per se, in my book, is the road downhill to mediocrity and irrelevance. Let's see where PMDG is in 10 years and what kind of company they become.
  6. Let's see how much it lasts... this is a niche market after all, unless they plan on becoming another Captain Sim. Right now, it's irrelevant... and I'm sure Robert's laughing all the way to the bank reading rants from past useful P3D idi0ts like myself. Fortunately, there are other players such as Fenix showing up. I can only hope PMDG gets more competition in MSFS from companies such as iFly and others.
  7. I imagine this can be amusing or even funny to some, but it's not the "death" of PMDG's P3D efforts that's relevant here. It is the ethics and reputation of PMDG who, as of today, finally had the courage to state this publicly. As one of their customers since the Fly! days, I am not only disappointed at their behavior but also feel they deliberately took advantage of many of us when it comes to the 777 VC, the DC-6 and the LNAV/Navdata upgrade that were all part of their sales pitch to us. It is clear to me now, that they needed the money to stay afloat during the development of the NG3 for MSFS and made all kind of promises, knowingly that they'd leave us hanging. I just hope they make a huge new customer base to keep them afloat in the coming years, because I doubt those feeling burned such as me will remain loyal now that we've been through this. Yesterday it was the DC-6 for X-Plane, today it is P3D, tomorrow it could be MSFS for something else. "You can feel some people sometimes"... you know the rest of the song.
  8. I don't have the Saab, but do have the ToLiss A340 ... and I love it. Of the ToLiss Airbus series, it is the one I enjoy the most. Besides, you're an Aerowinx fan... can't go wrong with a 4-engine Airbus 😉 In terms of fidelity: I've done a few NNC proc's and everything has worked by the book. It is a nice aircraft.
  9. X-Plane 12 Flight Model Report - X-Plane Developer Very large post but interesting nonetheless! I'm definitely looking forward to its release!!!
  10. I imagine Dave is the guy that eats fish every other day and forget to turn off the Microwave Bleed Air every time. Makes sense that he works for a company developing an Airbus: "strong fumes" was a big issue until not long ago. " passengers began to complain about feeling sick due to an odour described as rotten smell by some or dirty old socks by others" ps: https://viewfromthewing.com/is-airbus-doing-enough-to-stop-the-fumes-that-are-making-people-sick/
  11. It's really good as it is, it has room for several improvements which I'm sure they'll eventually do. Once they refine it, it'll be hard to beat. FSLabs has had years to improve their products, I don't think it's fair to compare Fenix to the FSLabs in its current state.
  12. Same here. I think they need to fine tune the sounds. Even in the larger A321 the engine startup sound is definitely audible in the cockpit. On the other hand, the flaps are really loud, as is the engine roar inside the cockpit during cruise. I've been in the jumpseat of an A320 a few times and all you can hear is the wind, nothing else. Sounds during cruise are like being in a wing seat right next to the engine.
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