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  1. Feature request: I love the feature of co-pilot helping me with radio response. However, I would like to start transitioning where I will start responding to some of the radio calls and eventually all. It will be great if I can toggle "co-pilot radio response" through a key bind so I can more easily toggle this during flight (without needing to alt-tab and open the config option).
  2. This is X-Plane. I apologize as I google and it brought me here directly and didn't realize there is a separate dedicated X-Plane forum. I conducted the series of test and I will message you the finding. I don't want to confuse the "FltSim " user with XP noise.
  3. My experience is once the import button show up after a fix the button will remain visible even if new or existing files or existing file has '-'. Therefore doing the 3 "what about this" is something I did yesterday. It will activate import button. Formatting my HD and start everything from scratch is one way I had this bug reproduced. . My guess is there must be a one time/initialization code in GTN import screen that control the current/future visibility of that button.
  4. I have no problem member asking clarification to solve the issue but constantly being dismissive, and sarcastic words like "pray", insulting word like "harping" are not helpful and doesn't belong in tech support forum. I am a developer myself. While it is true i eventually I solved the issue but fixing the root cause is important to reduce initial support and goes long way on good customer initial experience. This is not harping but helping RXP! Back to the topic: Steps to reproduce Fresh X-Plane Install Fresh GTN 750 install An empty directory with no file C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN Create a valid gfp file but name it ICAO-ICAO.gfp In X-Plane Plugin->Reality XP GTN->GTN 2->GTN 725 2 In GTN touch click In GTN touch Flight Plan -> Menu -> Catalog -> Menu -> In the "Flight Plan Catalog" Menu no button called "Import" . It only has "Delete All" * I did regular install all using default choices. I am NOT running X-Plane as administrator. . The fix I found. Shutdown X-Plane. Go to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN Rename the file from ICAO-ICAO.gfp to ICAO_ICAO.gfp Start X-Plane Do all the process above and now I can see the import button. This maybe one of those bugs that may have other variables in play. Could be super rare and hard to reproduce. I experienced it twice with the same fix procedure. You mileage may vary. I don't have the technical spec to confirm that file naming convention with "-" is invalid. All tools that creates .gfp needs to comply. If this is the case, my feeling is other tool developers probably doesn't know this and it could be an education process and maybe something worth highlighting in the manual. Let me know how else I can be of help.
  5. I explained this in detail that this happen on fresh setup every time. If you are not an official RXP representative then please them handle this.
  6. So you are saying use of "-" is prohibited in the file name by the .gfp file spec? Can you please point me to the spec documentation where it says such. This way it won't be unreasonable ask for the P2A developer who been working very hard for many years on these stuff. P2A official support forum is actually on avsim https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/713-pilot2atc-users-forum/
  7. I got it to work now. It shows as Button 1 under joystick configuration but it is mapped as 0 in P2A.
  8. After you map it, does it show Button 0 or some other number?
  9. @RXP when GTN is installed fresh in a new PC, "Import" button under Flight Plan Catalog Menu is hidden even if there are valid .gfp files in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN BUT the filename has "-" . When I renamed the file with "_" the Import button showed up! My hard drive died and had to fresh install and I was able to repeat this twice. What is more strange is once "import button shows up" subsequent files can than have "-" and it doesn't hide the Import button any more. The reason I came across this because I use a program called "Pilot2ATC" and by default the file format is ICAO-ICAO.gfp. This is very annoying for new users. Please investigate the code.
  10. Are you able to map PTT to use "Left" Button 3 of Honeycomb yoke? The other buttons are working fine but this particular one maps as "0" and doesn't work.
  11. ATC randomly stops responding. Even simple "callsign radio check" doesn't work anymore. The work around is to completely Exit out of P2A app and restart it. Then everything works as expected. I am not finding any pattern that causes this.
  12. Yes I have tried and using it. It makes default airport looks much better specifically those that are using old lego bricks. Having said that, there are stutter problem with Vulkan 11.50b13 and it is with all packages including SFD Global. Here is a review of AEP I created.
  13. Just an update from MSFS 2020 official site We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR. Designed for PC, optimized for multiplatform support (e.g. Xbox). Yes. We are supporting 3rd Party Content Development and Community Content creation. We are aware of the concerns in the current eco-system and are working to address them. Yes. We genuinely want to work closely with the community in the development of this title. Accessibility is important to us. Whatever your abilities are, if you want to fly, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. Yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, controller, etc. No pilot should be left behind.
  14. At 6:50 , "I see it as a cool tech demo..."__Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane. What is more worrying is that he has no idea about other weather plugin like Ultra Weather XP, SkyMaxxPro, xAmbience, FSEnhancer, CloudArt.
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