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  1. He gave a run down of XP11 Cost of Ownership. That is a language most company use when they go to SaaS model. XP mobile is already subscription so I think Desktop version will follow soon. People are paying Navigraph subscription, and hundreds of dollars for payware software every year. I am fine if they go sub model similar to "game pass" (if you don't sub you can still use the software but no update) if that increases LR revenue. They work hard and only gets paid once every 5 years in current model. A strong LR = better XP
  2. Backward compatible is important but not a must have. If making it backward compatible will cause constraints, and extra resources for all the testing then it doesn't make financial sense. Players who wants to fly older planes can always just fly XP11. XP12 must provide things that are no possible in XP11. If everyone keeps flying XP11 aircraft then 3rd party developers will leave the platform. It sucks to purchase all aircraft again, but this is the ecosystem that keeps developers in business.
  3. The future is dark in here. Looks like most new thread in this forum (even new one simply about the next patch 11.55) is turning into a troll/flame war. Then moderator will close it and it won't get indexed.
  4. Hello Captains, A group of us launched virtual airlines covering many routes in South Asian countries. Currently we have 4 fictional airlines active that includes 2 passenger airlines from Bangladesh/Sri Lanka, 1 Cargo ops, and 1 Air Taxi that cover GA/Biz Jets audience. Right now we 125 flights setup. Some of the South Asian airports includes VNKT, VQPR, VGHS, VGEG, VIPD, VOHS, VOMM, VABB, OPKC, VCBI. Flight to/from major airports includes WSSS, WMKK, VHHH, OMDB, VTBS, ZGGG, OMAA, etc. Aircraft in the VA (based on airlines) includes B737, B747, A300, A320/321. For Air taxi it includes Phenom 300, C172, PA28, C90B. In future we will add longer routes to Europe, N. America and will introduce B777, B387, A350. Based on interest we are open to add new routes/hubs/airlines. Our main focus is to cover South Asian region. For technology we are using phpVMS version 7.x and vmsACARS. So far it is working great with X-Plane, P3D, MSFS, FSX. If you are interested to fly with us, please leave a comment or directly message me and I will send you VA site link (trying to avoid bot spamming and registration so won't put link in here). We have a discord server for support that is multi lingual but English is main language we use.
  5. Most of their product are good for eye candy and not much else.
  6. You beat me to it. I do think LR needs to be a bit careful with graphics upgrade. Right now MSFS looks just too clean, everything feels artificial lab created CG movie, spotless. Even though the graphic doesn't look good in X-Plane, the color and other stuff looks much more real life like. I hope XP continue with this tradition.
  7. I been completely addicted to Aerobask Phenom 300 and flying it non stop. I want to do a around the world trip but not sure how to go about that with 2,200ish range. What would be the suitable route over Atlantic and Pacific?
  8. HST has been promising imminent release for last 2 years. As an original xAmbience 1.0 user, I am still left with a broken product. I keep my expectation very low.
  9. MisterX released updated version of his KBOS. Just like the first one, this one is a freeware 😀. He also updated his Library to 2.0. Most of the custom scenery uses his lib will benefit. Here are the change logs What's New in Version 2.0 Released Yesterday at 09:04 AM Aircraft: - New liveries: - Airbus A320-200: Austrian (new), Laudamotion, S7 Airlines - Boeing 737-700: Luxair - Boeing 757-300: Arkia - Fixed some minor "marching ants" artifacts on 757 Airport: - Added several 3D fences - Added several taxiway lights (wig-wags and edge lights) - Reworked airport lights 1/2 with PBR textures, added color variants - Reworked yellow poles Ground markings: - Added a new set of freshly painted taxi lines - Added a new set of modular ground markings as polygons - Various fill colors and outlines - Normal and specular maps - Easy placement with WED subtextures feature - Added runway markings - Reworked fuel hatch texture, added variant without red square Ground textures: - Added dirt marks - Added new 4k concrete and asphalt textures - Added more tar marks - Added rain/snow overlay - Added sand texture - Improved grass texture - Improved tar line texture - Reworked skid marks: Added end caps (smooth fade out), normal map Objects: - Added crane - Added road curb facades Vegetation: - Reworked grass: Improved textures, different colors/heights Vehicles: - Added new and updated PBR models: - Actros - Belt Loader - Cargo Dollies (2 models) - GPU (medium and large) - Random cars - Trailer (DHL) - Van - Reworked parked cars: New textures, stops/lines now optional, added double variant I created a small preview video of this airport in "drone" camera mode.
  10. Thanks Tony. I heard nothing but good about this aircraft. So I took the plunge and purchased it. Loving it so far. I got everything working like LNAV, VNAV, GS and the modification they have done to G1000 is very handy. I hope LR put this in their default G1000. The workload is a bit heavy compared to say TBM 900 but at least I won't fall asleep. There is a little bit of learning curve for me. Took it out for a ride and I am as satisfied as others. Here is a landing video.
  11. Both are great product and can't go wrong with either. WT3 gives you more ways to customize it but it comes with a cost of greater complexity and little bit performance heavy. There is a group dedicated users keeping the schedule and liveries current. TG works out of the box, no complicated setup or performance hit. If you are not to picky about having exact real schedule it is the preferred choice. If you want to set it and forget it then go with TG. If you don't mind tinkering go with WT.
  12. I been running TG since release. No major problem and in my system the performance penalty is about 2 fps. Works fine with SAM addon. I would recommend this as the most painless way to get traffic working out of the box.
  13. Some comparisons with existing bizjet and what makes this one stands out will be appreciated. Beside looking "good", how are the flight dynamic and handling? Taxi/Ground control? Avionics all functional? AP/VNav works? How is it on fps? Is it VR friendly? Mostly bug free? Thanks. I mostly rely on users feedback on these forums and don't trust mega paid news "review" sites.
  14. I copied all the files as suggested above. It didn't work initially but after a very long silence of 6+ min, ATC chatter started to work again. Thanks
  15. I want to avoid making copies of the large number of mp3s between C:\X-Plane 11\ and C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\ . In the sounds tab I can't get the chatter to work if I change the Root Folder to anything other than default location. Every time I fly a different region I manually copy App, Clr, Ctr, Dep, etc to C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\Controllers Can P2A be made to work using shortcut or symlink point to C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\X-ATC-Chatter\Regions\X? Better yet Pilot2ATC is now aware of the location of X-Plane installation for AI Traffic. Can it auto pick the files from XP folder?
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