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  1. It is simple. Remove the "Try the Free Demo" button from the website and don't promote it via marketing.
  2. To be clear, I have no issue with paid Early Access Beta of X-Plane 12 as this is where the software industry is now for almost any "game/simulator". We know it is a iterative work and many of the issues will be sorted out in the final release. However which genius in LR came up with this crazy idea of releasing "DEMO Showoff" version to the public based on a early beta 1 code? This is leaving a bad taste and impression and hurting long term success of the platform on what I was reading/seeing in the steams. Why not wait for the free public demo to be based on a more mature build like RC1?
  3. Not out yet. It is pre-alpha footage to test video equipment in LR Marketing dept.
  4. Exactly this! Since this thread will be locked soon let me put in my honest opinion. This is another Laminar Research marketing blunder to put out a video that will confuse people with cloud pop up that will not really be visible when played in normal speed/cockpit view.
  5. This is bad marketing when the early release is just 30 days away that will include XP12 EA and XP11. They should go further. Whoever buys XP11 directly from LR for $29 should get "$29" credit that can be apply towards purchasing XP12 from LR.
  6. When Early Access will be released you can see the change log for each patch. In general high level changes includes following Better autogen More detail OSM data usage and representation New weather system (much more than METAR) 3D Volumetric Clouds 3D Water 3D Trees Better lighting system and rewrite of many elements within the 3D engine Better flight model Upgrade to many default texture and objects and new towers Movable jetways and other Ground Service Vehicle New ways to put water, snow, puddle on the ground that actually impacts the aircraft movement on ground Seasons New Aircrafts New ATC system New Ambience
  7. Nothing really changed. If you saw the whole video you will know 😃
  8. Sorry my bad. I meant to use the industry term "Early Access" not "Early Release".
  9. I remember another botched "live" event LR did few years ago and it was eventually pulled down. I think LR should stop doing live anything when it comes to PR. Scripted pre recording event works much better with the deep dive series. Also Austin either had a bad upload speed or because of the multi stream feed, his screen share was choppy and resolution.
  10. I been using a payware plugin called Global Forests from GeoReality Design, so I disabled Simheaven ones.
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