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  1. Hello, I build a new PC. How can I transfer the P2A from old PC to new PC? Do I have to email Dave? Is there an option to return the licensee from the old PC?
  2. V1 Simulation covered this aircraft in his stream. Some issues and his conclusion is $14 upgrade price is good but anyone buying full price it is not worth it.
  3. I stopped flying 4+ hours flights on ToLiss due to constant Vulkan device loss error on my new Nvidia rig. Hopefully those would be fixed.
  4. SkunCraft can now run without X-Plane. A beta version has been released.
  5. What GPU are you using? In case anyone else having trouble I finally got my AMD GPU to work with HP Reverb G2 both in SteamVR and in OpenXR. The steps I performed Apply all windows update Removed all OpenXR apps / tools from PC Uninstall all graphics driver from my PC using Guru3D DDU. This include both old Nvidia and AMD drivers Reboot computer Ran Windows update which detected AMD GPU driver Install Radeon suite latest version Open Device manager under windows. Show hidden device. Disable virtual displays. Reboot PC Update to X-Plane 12.06b4 Ran X-Plane 12 with open XR flag.
  6. What exactly do I put in my bug report to AMD? What evidence will AMD require in this bug report?
  7. I will go ahead and also add a bug report so this bumps up in priority at Laminar end.
  8. I am using 7900XT Shadow looking strange
  9. X-Plane crashes/hangs when exiting the app in Windows 11.
  10. Very interesting Good bye to those shader changes 🤫
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