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  1. Sims Smith

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Sue (West Midlands - Black Country) voice for Windows is $15 and with %50 off that is $7.50. It is a good one to try before commiting too much.
  2. Sims Smith

    Stuck in a hand off loop

    I validated and file my flight plan. (accepted) I filed it with voice for IRF clearenace (accepted) Request to Taxi told me first contact ground (accepted) Called ground and requested taxi and approved. Taxi path marked blue on moving map to runway (accepted) Followed the path and reached short hold and requested "ready for departure" Ground told me to call tower Called tower and asked "ready for departure" Tower told me to call ground for taxi Called ground and asked ready for departure Ground tells me to call tower. I can't get out of this loop.
  3. Sims Smith

    What is Plan GS?

    Thanks. This is much easier to understand
  4. Sims Smith

    What is Plan GS?

    I been Googling but not making much progress. I am not a real pilot so I am not familiar with these terms. I need help on how to determine the correct planned Ground Speed. I am not sure what this means? Should it be Ground Speed at Top of Cruise, Top of Decent or average GS for the duration of the entire flight? Or is it simply aircraft cruise speed at the FL? I am flying TBM 900 between PAOT and PANC which is 475 NM. Per POH PERFORMANCE (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind,) Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings 252 KTAS 467 km/h Time-to climb to 31,000 ft. 18 min. 45 sec. Certified ceiling 31,000 ft. 9,449 m So at max FL310 what should be my planned GS to travel 475 NM? thanks for the help Sims
  5. Sims Smith

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Finally sale is on right now. New Year Sale - 50% off Personal Use Voices with Code NYNEWVOICE2019 . A great way to increase immersion for ATC.
  6. I updated this display plugin to work in VR. This can be handy if anyone struggle to read instrument due to eye sight or playing in big monitor but from far away etc. Download from
  7. Good evening, I had my first successful VR flight flight using P2A and XP 11.30rc2 . I was using WMR Samsung Odyssey plus + MoveVR plugin. I would love to use voice to manipulate Pilot2ATC UI and here are some example. P2A zoom in P2A zoom out P2A show Airborne and Ground Traffic P2A center Map on Aircraft P2A show map as (Chart, Sat, Terrain, Street, Hi, Low) thanks
  8. Sims Smith

    Improvement suggestions for taxi maintenance

    Is there a setting that will automatically capture Taxi/Gate information from simulator as soon as I file a plan or do I need to Gateway/Taxi maint and use the Import Scenery?
  9. Sims Smith

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Missed it. Hopefully again during Cyber Monday.
  10. This is something new that started recently with some of my plans. . When I create a plan (left picture) it validates just fine. However when I click "File" it resets it to a vector approach. This is X-Plane 11.26 and latest P2A using AIRAC 1810 . Attached is the screen shot and link to flight plan
  11. X-Plane 11 + Zibo 737 + Pilot2ATC is a great combo for learning the basics of IFR flying. I created this new simmer video
  12. Sims Smith

    Stuck at Export Page

    Both path does exists but regardless I went and choose other valid locations but the error doesn't go away. Please add a reset button on this screen. I did some digging and finally found a solution. Shutdown P2A Rename C:\Users\<my-windows-id>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Settings\AppConfig.xml to BadConfig.xml Run P2A and AppConfig.xml got recreated. The screen can now export. Unfortunately I lost all my setting and had to reconfigure everything again but it works.
  13. Sims Smith

    Stuck at Export Page

    I choose X-Plane 10.fms by mistake but now I can't do any export. How can I fix this? How can I reset this screen? Where is the .ini file or registry located?
  14. is there a way to select which audio devices it uses for output. I believe it uses "Default Communication Devise" set in Windows OS. Is there an overall "volume" setting?
  15. X-Plane 11 default cloud improved a lot from Beta days. There is less of a need for a plugin like xEnviro