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  1. If I was ASOBO / MS I would be dealing with the maker of HELICOPTER SIMULATOR : https://linesstudio-graphisme.fr/ to use the FDM in MFS...
  2. I'm even trying to assemble a new PC, slowly collecting components... This didn't happen in the last 2 decades ! Well in early 2012 I did buy a PC for MS FLIGHT, but that wasn't built with carefuly chosen components..., something I did around 2001. P.S.: Not me making the research... Alexis is 🙂 I'm too old for the modern HW... MFS is SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!
  3. @MattNischan, interesting view, and I would like to think that's the way it's being done, but nothing I know about - and I do not even have access to the aircraft SDK - could give me that feedback. It's for sure similar to X-Plane's approach, but if 1000 points were always used, no matter what aircraft was being modelled, that would mean a lot in terms of finite element analysis depending on if you were modelling an A380 or a Land Africa... There's also the chance of it being simplified in terms of some of the aerodynamic parameters. A mix of approaches, like we had in Flight Unlimited 1 ( 2, and latter 3 diverged a bit from it ) and even in Fly! can also be the case in MFS, I really don't know. P.S.: OTOH, given what's mentioned in the following excerpt from Episode 3 ( Aerodynamics ) video, you might actually be right in your view... Also, while the legend reads "1000 fully simulated surfaces", the programmer says "thousands"...
  4. Probably those 1000 max points available for lift / drag /thrust calculations are also being severely restricted at the moment for the default aircraft since using many could possibly slow down the simulation ? If of those potentially available 1000 points they're actually: .) only using a few; .) simplifying whatever is being used as lift / drag tables for each surface; then the end result can well be what we have. Maybe more detailled models, where the number of points used grows considerably, and other parameters are fine tuned, can show a completely different behaviour ? But I would really like to understand who within development, and with which "credentials" is behind the flight dynamics, systems modelling, etc... With XP ate least we know who is, and we can find interesting videos of the 1 man behind that component of XP where he gives some insight into what's being done, or what plans are there for the future. The same probably applies to weather modeling too. ASOBO says they use Meteoblue as the source for aloft weather, in the form of forecast model data, and METAR for observation. Question is - how is the merge being implemented ? How do they "phase-out" from aloft weather into local weather and make the merge, so dependant in factors like sector altitude for the METAR sources, which can differ significantly between, say, the USA and Europe. Fine tuning of the Global Weather Model and it's merge with GRIB data, SIGMET, etc.. will most probably get addressed with updates of the sim. That's my Bet, and I am Betting on MFS 🙂
  5. True, my plan is to, when possible, upgrade to 32 GB, AMD processor ( 6 cores ) and Nvidia 1160 6GB, to be able to take the most out of MFS.
  6. True, my plan is to, when possible, upgrade to 32 GB, AMD processor ( 6 cores ) and Nvidia 1160 6GB, to be able to take the most out of MFS.
  7. I've been on 16GB DDR3, i5 2500 and GTX 960...
  8. Welcome! Excellent timming for return! Best Ever desktop Civil Aviation flightsim about to be released :-)
  9. Just in case you didn't receive it in an email... Austin's Update: The Future Of X-Plane Real-Weather, Hidden in Plain Sight. " While the rest of the team is working on Vulkan, MMO, new scenery and fresh aircraft, and I’ve just wrapped up some new flight model improvements to be shown when the time is right, I'm neck-deep in Xavion, getting it perfected for use in an eVTOL I'm helping with at Beta. (www.Beta.team). Our craft is the largest eVTOL ever to fly (by a wide margin) and I’m privileged to design the next-gen avionics concept that will be used on an iPad in this craft, and may someday be installed as the primary avionics. Of critical importance is delivering accurate WEATHER to the pilot in flight, and to that end I'm building a weather download, acquisition, gridding and display system in Xavion that is turning out to be second to none: The weather is not just DOWNLOADED for a MAP, but is instead loaded into a global, three-dimensional matrix of real weather to be ready for next-gen weather rendering and help with risk-assessment during flight. And now here is where it gets interesting: With this global, current, 3-D weather matrix, we are now primed with the ultimate real-weather system for the next generation of X-Plane. Clearly, this system will be dropped into X-Plane, forming the foundation of our next generation of real-weather simulation. You’ll have to wait a bit for the next generation of X-Plane, but you can start previewing this weather system in Xavion with USA weather in version 2.61 right now, and with full GLOBAL weather in version 2.62 later this week. Find it on the App Store here." – Austin https://www.x-plane.com/2020/07/new-xavion-weather-maps/
  10. Of course it does Zulfi. The aircraft AND above all, the SIMMER, which finally can feel a decent wind variability / gust model implemented in a desktop flightsim game!
  11. For the very 1st time in flight simulation history we can observe how wind gust synoptics is correctly set. You can observe at the bottom of the wind layer settings menu, under GUST, in Belgeode's video. WOW ! MFS IS DA BEST EVER !!!! P.S.: This is how it's done in the mettofice guys! https://youtu.be/UvY89y45RkQ?t=870
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