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  1. A Very Big Thank You! to Andras for he's dedication to making X-Plane what it is today, together with the work of others like our AVSIM / W2XP Tony.
  2. jcomm

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    I have it uninstalled ! 😎 From the videos the coefficient of moment due to sideslip appears totally out of sync with reality. There are problems with the tachometer readings, and I bet the stability derivatives aren't that precise. Also noticed the flow of fuel was not influenced by the corrosion on the can, which is a shame because I was long waiting for it to be correctly simulated. Didn't the wind veer too intensively on that flying over the tree tops ? Are they correctly modelling tree top drag effects ? And those circuit breakers - their operation didn't produce the typical "click" we ear IRL. C'mon, this is a true must !
  3. jcomm

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Another excellent series Chuck! Thanks for sharing your dedication with us! P.S.: When are you starting an XPlane series ? :-)
  4. It got better in 11.20 / 21, and Austin mentioned it's going to be fine tuned in 11.30 too. It's a convergence process...
  5. Hi Vic, I can't help you much right now because I am quite away from my sim PC where XP11 is installed, but I can confirm that I successfully used x-camera with TrackIR5, although I do not like to use TrackIR with X-Plane, just as I didn't with FSX or P3D. I by far prefer to use the default camera keys ( numerical 0 to 9 ) that one can easily assign to up to nine different views, or do it through x-camera. You can map any controller button to any function in the vast default function list available, or specifically for a given aircraft, and one can also save multiple controller profiles to use with specific aircraft or classes of aircraft ( I have one for helis, other for jet airliners and two other for muliprop reciprocating or turbo. Welcome to XP 11 :-) We will surely have a lot to do in it in the upcoming months :-)
  6. jcomm

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Yep, density alt, as a function of temperature, is also modelled in DCS and IL.2, but in a scenario-based fashion... FlightGear does it more comprehensively, and also Aerowinx PSX's Global Weather Model takes it into consideration.
  7. jcomm

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    It all depends on your focus of course... I believe Murmur and other summed it up very well... I can't expect a platform to include all of the features by default, but I surely expect it to be open enough to allow for 3pd products to complete the lack of detail regarding ATC, AI, Weather modelling, Flight Operations, and many other features that fit each user group requirements. X-Plane 11 is IMHO standing as a very interesting platform. It has it's drawbacks and limitations like all platforms do, but it's being developed with the Future in mind and it is attracting a worth of users - you're there already, and I believe you made a good choice. There's a freeware platform, which can't of course compete with the commercial competitors, but IMO is very much worth the try - Flight Gear, now in version 2018.2.1. Flight Gear is being developed with lot's of interesting features being added and fine tuned. It includes among other two interesting FDMs JSBSim having been mentioned by Murmur above, but also Yasim. The Advanced Weather model includes features which are unique to this sim, and for instance regarding weather for soaring it actually does a much better job than either P3D or XP with their default engines.
  8. jcomm

    More from the "PSX" of the Airbuses ...

    Yes, but I do not own it, so I can't really say how it performs, systems modelling and flight modelling wise. From the few available videos though it looks like a very promising product - study sim category for sure.
  9. Classical 747s... The 200, 300 and SP series ?
  10. This sim has been capturing my browsing attention... A pity there's not much info available, specially feedback from user community... It runs on a Surface Pro, provided you opt for no out-of-windshield view... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sfkhNfVkq8
  11. jcomm

    Condor 2 released

    Enjoying it a lot, but I miss a SW update... I still prefer the "feel of flight" and overall physics modelling provided by the most detailed SW models. Beware that some free add-on gliders were added to the SW hangar, but they're ported from MSFS, and have poor performance, but the native SW models are just Great! Also prefer SW's approach to the Weather modelling. But enjoying Condor 2 nonetheless...
  12. jcomm

    I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

    Hey! Welcome back ! Are you a Flight Ops Officer ? That's a kind of job I think I would like to have experimented … Too old now :-)
  13. And that "Bush Flying" sim is coming too 🙂
  14. Marry this lady, and she'll teach ya !
  15. jcomm

    Taxiing IRL

    Flying in general is a lot easier than in a sim IRL.... Everything! They use a much better graphics and FDM... 🙂 Add to it weather injection and AI Traffic IRL, and … well, forget about sims, if you have the $$$ to pay for it 🙂