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  1. One direct benefit would be to have, for free, updated World Airports and Navaids + Airspace data, which comes packed with FSW. I was surprised to find there even my little soaring airfield - LPMN...
  2. As a great friend and simmer put's it, best than I ever could: "X-Plane is the best civil flight simulator, it is just unpolished..." And polishing can come with time, long time - as a former amateur astronomer who built his own Newtonian and cassegrain telescopes, I know that polishing can be a true pita.... Attention to this level of detail, in the core sim, is a proof that indeed X-Plane is built with detail and completeness in mind, but in some areas more than others, has been left at it's own will for a while more than it should. 11.10 is certainly not going to be the Holy Grail, but I believe it will give a nice push ahead to version 11.
  3. Good question, for sure the future will be mostly about rendering and VR, optimization with the ever growing computational power available from CPUs and GPUs and probably land definition and resemblance to real world, which is great even for those who fly for real becauce the closest to reality we can have in the sim, the more we can profit from using it, for instance to simulate immergency scenarios. I am mostly using XP11 as my civil flight Simulator, although I am a long time Aerowinx addict, as well as a long time ELITE IFR user. X-plane, even with it's quirks, offers me still the best overall replica of reality I can find in civil sims when it comes to visuals, and even some aspects for physics. Yesterday as I was operating the club PW-6U, and we had a 5 knot "gusting to" 10 knot quarterly at LPMN, mostly from NW - NNW, I knew that for sure even using full downwind rudder on landing as soon as I lose speed, the glider will depart upwind, and exit the narrow rw because of it's huge weathervane characteristics. the same applying to the Phoebus B,and many other, so... I wonder if the corrections pilot do IRL on prop aircraft are indeed pronnounced, and we just notice it more in the sim because of teh 3d perspective and lack of good hardware used in the controllers ... Weather and integrated ATC are areas where all flight simulators lack a lot imo. Unfortunately the focus of users whe we talk about weather modelling can differ quite a lot, from those who are more worried with the looks than the feels, and those who will accepts lesser looks in change for better physics. Having both would be simply great, but it's usually heavy. ATC would make any civil flightim shine above the competition if it was made correctly / plausibly and opened to 3pds and other sorts of enhancements like those of AI traffic. This is yet another area where the future of flight simulation has a lot to invest...
  4. Simply Superb, and only comparable to the torque fix :-) Thank you Murmur - now no one will have an excuse not to Ortho4XP her/his own scenery anymore.
  5. Always worth reading: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/84465-controlling-the-wind-in-x-plane/
  6. My first add-on for X-Plane 10 was X-Aviation's DC-3, by Goran - a great DC-3 that provided me many hours of joy... But I am surely going to give this a good try one of these days.
  7. Had never seen this article by Chuck, at the .Org, but it is quite interesting... Came across it as I was trying ( still without good results... ) to fix the very poor ground handling of the MLDAG Bf 109 G2, G6 and G10 for XP11... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/61282-landing-gear-dynamics/
  8. 124th ATC ? Never heard of it, but just visited the site.... Looks nice ?
  9. I hate this sort of DRM.... And my preferred flightsims - DCS, IL2 Battle of... and even in some way X-Plane use it... No Internet no joy .... I hate Internet!
  10. Frontal systems are Mesoscale... There's really a poor interconnection ( other than pressure and wind direction variation ) between METAR-based weather generation and the depiction of such systems... METAR are localized observation, most of the time ( in Europe but not only ) restricted in altitude, and distance from the observation point. METAR are Observations. When the sector altitude is like 5000', or even lower, most frontal system clouds aren't even going to be reported at all... What X-Plane has is a much more stratified vs convective way of rendering cloud systems, probably sometimes giving the impression of frontal systems being portrayed... Mountain winds have long been simulated to the level of upslope and downslope movements, but mountain effects like the basic mountain thermals aren't specifically simulated. We get thermals irrespective of the terrain bellow - well, I guess Austin once mentioned he did something to lower thermal generation overs seas ?... There have been at least two plugins that focused on the modelling of thermal and even mountain wind effects like wave, but both weren't anything special, mostly due to the limitations imposed by how X-Plane dataref read/write allows for fine tuning of it's weather engine. For most types of use - X-Plane isn't meant to be used for instance as a soaring sim... - the way weather is depicted in the sim is more than enough, provided visibility, lowest cloud layer base and wind are simulated. Any weather injector capable of dealing with more complex, extended weather types requires a merge between METAR/SPECI/SIGMET/PIREP and one or more weather forecast models, and if possible also the post-processing of satellite images on the various channels available to allow for the precise determination of high, medium and lower level cloud layers not reported in the METARs.
  11. 50+ all of the time in my old rig! And amazing detail! I never owned any ORBX stuff other than FTX Global, but from what I saw in the shots of their products this scenery is certainly up & above their level...
  12. Among other features, Skyvector shows METAR / TAF / SIGMET for each FIR, and you can add some interesting weather data layers too. I never used it for simming flight planning, but it can be used even for rw flight planning. Give it a try Rob. An app to display the aircraft path from a simulator into SkyVector would be great idea!
  13. Excellent News ! And by that time we should also already have 11.10 !
  14. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hmmm, those kitchens look just great ! Have they programmed the thermodynamic cycle into the ovens ? What about the flushes in the toilet ? Are they affected by the cabin pressure variation ? Can the colours of the seats be changed ? Ok, they'll probably charge for additional colours, but that's OK ! I really look for a realistic Airbus simulation after all... I wish I can like it, at least a lot more than I did their 777....