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  1. By all of those with good taste, with OSs that don't run other platforms, people who have long moved to XP and have some addons that they want to keep using in the new version, and so and so on.... Me, for instance, and yet !, MFS is another among my preferred sims, and I do not intend to stop playing it while I have good reasons to enjoy it. Looking forward for your judgement ! I will not steal it from you, don't worry... Hey, jarmstro, honestly, be positive ! It makes us feel ( much ) better when we're positive, even about what we tend to be negative about... Give it a try !
  2. I just thought I should point out that, among peoplke who suggest the release of the XP12 "open beta" is imminent and those who insist that it could be far from that due to LR being actively fixing stuff, I really don't care. OFC I want to be able to get my hands on XP12 and what I believe will become yet another preferred fligthsim of the epoch, but I honestly would prefer to see it released in a stable / overall smooth form than rushed out. I don't think there is now any serious need to rush it out so I hope LR takes the necessary time to get things fixed and fine tuned as much as possible for the initial release. Until then I am fine experimenting with the Inibuilds A310-300 and Beluga, as well as playing the Toliss A319 from time to time :-)
  3. Airbus lover here too... FBW-wise I believe Toliss in XP and both FBW and Fenix in MFS are the best I have tried, I'd say better than the feedback we get from the FSL. Systems detail / complexity wise I believe each has it's own pluses, with Fénix now apparently the most detailled at least in the number of failure scenarios it allows for. In my passion for the Airbus I explored yet another - Airlinetools A32x - which is incredably detailled / professional in terms of failure scenarios, and even systems real time visualization, but has very "plastic" flight dynamics, and bare nones scenery.... I keep using the Toliss in Xp11, looking fwd into how it adapts to XP12 FM, and in MFS have been concentrating solely in the Fénix...
  4. I am 80% sure the problem was on me, something I did, but surely not that one because I could actually control i.e. the thropttles and interact with other systems without problem. Again, since the Fenix is now the aircraft I use 95% of the time when I load MFS, it looked weird, but I think it was something I did wrong...
  5. This one is weird indeed, never experienced it, but last time I used the Fenix I came accross yet another weirdiness... - all of a sudden I lost all controller inputs. I could still manipulate the throttles, for instance, using the mouse, or keyboard, T16000, Saitek X52 HOTAS unit and Saitek pedals didn't work. - I had been editing the thropttle inputs by clearing the throttle axis and making it all through T16000 keys, for throttle 1 up / down, throttle 2 up / down... - I left the session and loaded a default aircraft instead, could probably had worked with the Fenix too, and all was good.
  6. As much as I really enjoy pretty much everything about the Fenix A320, I have to admit autoland is an aspect that needs fine tuning. Even at the slightest x-wind scenarios the aircraft, already under ROLLOUT logic, veers upwind / downwind way too much for my liking and the reality. OFC there are limitations imposed by the MFS ground physics, which will receive an update in future SUs, but even under this same limitations both the PMDG 737 and for sure the FBW A32N do a better job. I am sure a future update will make it more accurate...
  7. Absolutely Delightful this series of interviews with the LR Team. Just as this particular Episode 5 developer says - it's a team made up of passionate people, all with a passion for aviation and flight simulation, all specialized in their own preferred area of expertise, all with the desire to create an immersive and harmonious assembly of components that together I am sure will make XP12 a true success. When you put Love into something, you get some sort of positive return...
  8. I do hope we get somewhere near the quality of the flight dynamics in Condor for soaring in MFS...
  9. I too am also becoming a fan of this one. Not that I don't appreciate the PMDG 737 and the FBW A32N, but the functionality, ease of use / setup, from gate to gate, the systems and failures modelling, even the "feel" of the Fenix A320 have already made it my #1 MFS addon.
  10. Fenix, FBW and the PMDG 737 too, each on their own, are my best experiences so far in MFS. Together with Simbrief and default RW Traffic I'm more than good to go each time I look for playing airliner stuff.
  11. I am sure that, for it's own specificities ( flight dynamics, systems and weather modelling ) and within it's own limits given the #{potential users} it'll be at least as astounding as MFS, for different reasons. I'm on the first line to buy it, and will sabotage the rotors of any heli piloteeee that tries to get in front of me on the purchase queue.... Don't even try ya Mumbai guy.... 🚁 Being multi-platform is always an advantage that gives users of Mac OS and Linux also the chance of accessing the new edition of one the best desktop flight simulators ever made available.
  12. Yes ! And the latest release, thanks also to the feedback by Alexis and a rw Challenger pilot who made some important documents available to totoritko have made it even better !!!
  13. Let's hope for the best.... As I always say, give me a believable sailplane, one that feels like a sailplane, and I'll be happy... This applies to MFS and the other platform I use too... Helicopters are a natural interest for pretty much everyone who likes Aviation and Flight Simulation in particular. During years we have had all sorts of offers, ranging from some really game-oriented but not "bad at all" like the SAR series, to platform specific rotary wing, starting with X-Rotor which actually turned out to be integrated into X-Plane and has been offering, together with at least one military-oriented platform, the best desktop helicopter simulations. There was DODOSIM once, in fs9 / fsx, but other than DODOSIM I never found an helicopter simulation for the MS FS platform that could convince me... Looking fwd into what the 40th-Anniversary edition will bring rotary-wing wise, but also soaring-wise 🙂
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