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    After years chasing the "Perfect" flightsim, I guess I found my place - War Thunder Simulator mode !!!
    No other got, ever, as close to the thrill of playing WT, with MS FLIGHT being certainly 2nd best, at least Hope-wise...

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  1. jcomm

    DCS I-16

    Probably my preferred DCS module ever. To the level of ED's modules, and still in Early phase, so we can expect further refinements, but as it is it's already a true joy that re-lighted my interest in DCS World 🙂 Really enjoying every bit of the work OctopusG has put into the creation of this remarkable simulation replica of the I-16, and I wasn't even aware of the Devs - apparently they have produced also for FSX and P3D... A MUST HAVE !
  2. How good / complex are these add-ons ? I confess I was totally unaware if it until... last week ! Seen some videos and was very positively impressed by it. Any comments / suggestions / opinions really appreciated 😎
  3. Spitfire ? In FSX / P3D / X-Plane ???? C'mon.... don't trick me.... I once believed in that... They're very nice in terms of cockpit and even some systems details, but as soon as you start even just taxiing... if you ever tried DCS or IL2 you will feel bad... not to talk as you - virtually - get airborne... That being said, it's great to learn they're active. Honestly I have to say I'm glad they didn't announce any diversion towards X-Plane like some authors appear to be "forced" to do lately... and rather opted to keep concentrated in what they already do well. But, unfortunately I dropped A2A products the day I dropped FSX and decided that whenever - very few times per year - my simmer bi-polarity makes me install something of the like I buy a professional 1 month non-recurring P3D license and enjoy ( "enjoy" ) P3D sometimes for a whole week !!!! But I only install stuff I bought, and unfortunately and due to their pricing policy for P3D stuff, I do not buy anything from A2A for P3D because I would have to buy their "non-Student" line ... which is way way too expensive.... With a couple of add-ons I can almost buy a new update for my ELITE Garmin database or a new scenery database... or maybe even that upcoming PSX 744 NG FMC update.... Or a few modules more for DCS 🙂
  4. 🙂 I worked with JustFlight, long ago, to fine tune their Schweizer 300 and R-44 FDMs... It was really diffiult to get it acceptable within the limitations of FSX's Flight Dynamics, inherited by P3D... Great times back then though 🙂
  5. OOpa 😕 Didn't try it, just saw the news about the release. Will check. Sorry for that 😕
  6. jcomm

    AoA RV-8 is released

    I know of at least one simmer who will consider this, if he's still up to try XP... Larry Adamson !
  7. And fog is always, actually, a low / stratified cloud layer after all 🙂
  8. Check the other site 😉 It's Brett's ... I would say it's more than worth the try... and for free 🙂
  9. jcomm

    Sorry P3d... you're boring me.

    Pretty much all Combat Flightsiming is a bit of that... and compared to DCS, IL-2 doesn't even have the sometimes emphasized "clickable-cockpits"... something some of it's users keep complaining about, but while the detail in having to manage all of the aircraft systems is inferior to that of DCS in that you do not actually interact yourself with the all of those systems like you can in DCS, that doesn't mean they aren't simulated, and the "virtual pilot" actually does it for you. You can enter Multiplayer dogfight or cooperative missions, or fly single-player missions, career and campaigns, but most of it is really not my beach, and I can't play it at all. My use of this sim is mostly of the - get in, login into furball, dogfight, leave... Or I simply load an aircraft and fly around or perform some aerobatics... It's strange how / why I haven't dropped it long ago, after the initial hype, because I keep saying to myself I don't like war games, air combat or the like... but I end up playing it sometimes addictively 🙂 I believe what really attracts me is the "feel of being there" that IL2 brings. The fact that I find the aircraft are modeled quite convincingly is also a strong point in favor of IL-2.
  10. jcomm

    Sorry P3d... you're boring me.

    @RockLiffe, I feel your pain... but in my case it's an even longer relationship with sims... More than 25 yrs I guess... I dropped pretty much every thing and that includes DCS, and strangely have adopted yet another combat flight simulator as my "flight simulation reference" because IMO it outperforms DCS in the chapter I am more concerned with - the "feel of flight"... IL-2 IMO has 2nd to none flight dynamics, is also very very immersive, more than DCS was because I don't like modern fighters, and has an astounding performance, and continuous support and development, like I do not see in any civil flight simulation. In my old i5 2500, which also runs P3D, DCS and X-Plane acceptably provided I am parsimonious with my graphics / scenery settings, IL-2 runs at 60 FPS with high settings, and provides the most satisfying rendering of the "World". I actually use P3D from time to time, but just as a visuals generator for ELITE XTS, still my Go-To IFR "study sim", pretty much as I used X-Plane as a visuals generator for Aerowinx PSX. My patience to play "airliner stuff" has long gone and honestly nothing ever came even close to what PSX provided me, but I got tired with so much detail and sophistication when in good truth Flying is not what I do for a living - would rather prefer to feel the interest in becoming proficient in the areas I work in IRL, but unfortunately they don't move me as much as Aviation ever did 😕 I am looking forward for the release of the "Bush Flight Simulator" because it looks promising. All I can suggest is that, should you be willing to give it a try, you should probably try IL-2 Great Battles too. But if you're fine with DCS, and own that UH-1H, then you have the best helicopter flight dynamics I have tried among all PC-based sims I have used so far - I never tried the AEFS2 R-22 though, and some say it's really good too ( ? )
  11. jcomm

    A2A Website?

    This morning I was able to get it, but in the afternoon it was down again ...
  12. Thx Janov for the additional info. I'll give it a try again one of these days. Also will test the latest REP version and see... Will try to report back.
  13. Unreachable for a few days now ?
  14. Thank you Captain for your post, and yes, losing hope is a somehow an "overdone" way of putting it, but those who know me, apply the necessary "filters" to my posts 🙂 Now, back to the effects that I notice even in that REP, and I had the REP and the Airfoilabs 172s, there's that thing with a huge right turning tendency ( instead of left ) that began somewhere along XP11. The first thing I did to overcome it in the default models ( and some add-ons too ) was to reduce the trim settings and eventual vertical stab and engine(s) cant that were there before to overcome the "old time" overdone torque effects. But even in those fine tuned prop models, and not only these 172s, there's that tendency to see a right turning tendency even climbing at high power settings. There are other theories about it's origin(*), but it feels so unnatural that I tried everything to forget about it, including using trim where it shouldn't be used... ( "Use trim" - as Austin once suggested when I was complaining about that overdone torque effect that plagued X-Plane from mid v9 until Murmur "fixed" it... ) Then, there's that "sucking" ground effect that came to live sometime ago. This is yet another newcomer to the XP FDM saga. Our airplanes have some sort of "inverted" ground effect where they're "sucked" into the runway in the final steps of a landing, when entering ground effect. It's another weird and anti-natural effect that appears to look a lot like the effect of a generalized implementation of an effect Austin "discovered" made sense regarding some pitching moments caused by tail interaction with ground in some airliners. (*) like fuselage interference with propwash, or the way propwash effects over the inner sections of the wings affect the associated asymmetry of lift and create a differential that overcomes and actually outperforms the torque an slipstream effects that should instead contribute to the left turning tendencies , and / or a lack of proper propwash modelling in terms of it's interference with the tail surfaces and fuselage ...
  15. Kudos to some of the posts in this thread, with special regards to the OP - tutmeister - who I am sure doesn't have a problem with he's controller hw ( quite on the contrary, judging from he's SIG ) and to Oscar Pilote, and thank you Oscar for all your GREAT work with Ortho4XP which is more than enough for anyone to glimpse you do not have an agenda against XP, quite on the contrary.... XP has lost my hopes again and again, version after version... I'm unfortunately not moved by nice-looking sceneries, PBR, and that sort of stuff I see most simmers worried about instead of actually placing their attention in the primary aspects, IMO, of FLIGHT simulation - as sound / accurate as possible flight dynamics modeling - as well as systems modelling. Not being able to consistently use my "rudder" to overcome torque effects, having to fight ground physics that leave a lot to be tweaked by others through plugins and tricks, having that full across the spectrum overdone weathervane stability... has killed my otherwise "pleasurable" experience with XP long long ago....