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  1. My Sincere Congratulations Tony !!!! What a remarkable scenery !!!!
  2. Forget it... sorry... Dodosim would be the only option, IMHO, but AFAIK not ported to P3D yet... If you have DCS, you have the best available implementations of the UH-1H and Mi-8 available ...
  3. Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Rob, what a GREAT VIDEO! You don't even imagine the good old memories it brought back... From the early seventies at LPPT, in the old Spectators Terrace, watching the CP Air DC-8 that used to park at a nearby slot.
  4. Airbus

    @michelh, congratulations, both are great add-ons for X-Plane.
  5. Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Well, I've tried to add the standard version pushback, by editing my FSLabs A320 panel.cfg and adding the entries as described in the docs, but since it's number is way above #9, I have to use the "Views" menu, "Panel", but I do not find any entry there for it ? I must have done something wrong ? Any suggestions ?
  6. Well, maybe I really didn't.... It's probably a matter of security, and finding a more sound and clear way of integrating it in X-Plane ... Hmmmm, maybe I thought too fast, and not using the whole information....
  7. For me it' ok to add things, but not the kind of things that can interfere with ongoing work, unless they're meant to fix some problem. Should they announce that that revised turbine code is making it's way in, or that Austin finally finds time to fine tune the ground physics, or some one in the team tries to improve the weather by creating a better interface for developers to build on it, or ATC, or AI... ? Detailed mesh editing in sub-tile dimensions like the one so many airport designers would love to be able to use ? Maybe this one is important for VR ? I really don't know since I do not use or plan to use it anytime soon ( or late... ), but this could already mess around with, for instance an add-on gaining popularity like the FF A320 ( and maybe other ? ) who already are using it. What's the benefit ? I'm willing to learn ! And, as a suggestion, follow the thread at the Dev Blog - some interesting comments there by developers...
  8. https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/04/lets-talk-about-cef/ But maybe it's me who am not really getting what it means after all ?
  9. Is P3D a most complete consumer simulator?

    I'm moving towards more specific platforms again. Generic is good, but can't beat dedicated platforms like I have with Condorsoaring v2 for my armchair soaring, ELITE IFR for playing being IFR-rated and wanting to get proficient ... I bought Aerowinx PSX because I knew nothing could beat that one in the simulation of a 744 ( although it's graphical limitations for the World views, even me not being that much exigent in that area, somehow put me apart ... ) For the Airbus, I have had pretty much everything available for fs9, FSx, XP, but am seriously considering Airlinetools A32x.... For the flight dynamics, I did a long ( 2,5 yr ) incursion in military flightsims, first by the hand of DCS World, then IL2 Battle of... but I really hate War and Combat aviation although I admire the quality and fluidity of these sims... Sorry for not answering your OP, and I believe Murmur nailed it on his post just above, but it's really a complex question IMO, as it depends on a worth of factors, including the using you plan to give to your sim.
  10. It's a record jh71, more than 15 days of continuous XP11 install ! Unique, and all thanks to the FF A320 and Toliss A319 ( in no particular order... ) :-)
  11. My advice... after having played a good while with the 3 airbuses :-) If you have invested seriously in P3D, and have a rig to run it, and your primary concern is being able to fly a good Airbus Simulation, stay there and wait for even more goodies to happen in X-Plane's land, like stable and fully featured weather engine being it the apparently excellent xEnviro or the upcoming HiFi alternative... Since you already spent the money, you're served, and you aren't going to get any better in terms of a sophisticated Airbus simulation - FSLabs is a unique product for that platform, If you're moving to XP11, then you have two alternatives, although many say Toliss A319 isn't really on the same league as the FF A320 Ultimate. They're different that's for sure, starting with the modelled aircraft itself, but both have their pros and cons, and all summed up, I play both and enjoy both with equal satisfaction. And since by default in XP11 you get a lot of stuff that is ahead of P3D, like scenery detail at most airports, quality of terrain, even some aspects of weather modelling, XP11 once configured for the rig you have to run it, specially if you're willing to use high res mesh and complex scenery is Outstanding! So, I really have to say I enjoyed all of the 3 Airbuses and only settled for XP11 because I don't / can't maintain two similar platforms - it's a problem with my mindset... Having bought the typical 1 month license I usually buy to test new versions of P3D I was very positively impressed by the performance with version 4.2 and the latest release of the FSlabs - by far the smoother experience I ever had in MSFS and derived platforms, even smoother under some circumstances than XP. And I am running it all in that old i5 2500, GTX 960 4GB, 240 GB SSD... Win 10 Pro 64 bit of course... We can't and shouldn't compare both offers, they're equally Remarkable and offer their users great experiences. Don't move if it's because of the Airbus IMHO...
  12. It does, and also affected by obstacles, like when flying bellow mountain tops in approaches through valleys :-)
  13. I tend to believe this is more related to X-Plane's FDM than weather engine itself, although at higher levels we shouldn't find such fast changes in wind direction. The more I try the FF A320, which uses it's own external FDM the more I'm tempted to believe that indeed, as Murmur for instance once also talked about, it can be related to the way X-Plane calculates some of it's parameters, namely weathervane stability, something we can't directly tweak through PM or Datarefs... Then there's the rather hysterical way X-plane models turbulence around an aircraft... All together, and at lower levels specially when the weather reports include variability fields, it's a Bomb! :-) The FF A320 external FDM deals with this way better than other aircraft that "fly" directly on X-Plane's core FDM, and it's not just a matter of a good implementation of it's FBW / SAS...
  14. Just wanted to add that the combination of even default XP11 with this FF A320 Ultimate is, by far, my best experience since I use the sim. A couple of weeks ago I even bought a P3D monthly license to compare both, but while both are great, each on it's own, I believe the level of detail in the FF is simply remarkable. There's this recent thread at the .org: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/146308-changing-daytime-causes-irs-lost/ whose tittle isn't accurate, but the answers are :-), and show the attention to detail even on this particular aspect of the simulation ( navigation systems ATA34 )... Then there's the latest videos by BlackBox711, like this one: and this series also very good by another active Airbus pilot: which you probably already are well aware of...
  15. An interesting read... https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?18201-Weather-in-FlightGear