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  1. I've seen this mentioned in another thread? Is this setting a new feature in the latest betas ? Where can I find it and, what exactly is it supposed to do ?
  2. Janov, thx for the video, and just a comment ... At 15 knot or even less effective x-wind, taxi, and even more takeoff, should, IMO, be performed with considerable yoke deflection "into" the wind. I observed your takeoff occurred with only rudder being employed. IRL the possibility of the upwind ( left in your example ) being lifted, even while taxiing, is considerable.
  3. Great Great News indeed for 2018 !!! IL-2 Rulezzzzzz !
  4. And here it is! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/
  5. Excellent use of FB! Nive vid ! I admit I fail miserably as a user of "Social" networks, excluding my flightsim forums :-)
  6. Yes Alan, but a good Soaring sim really needs, apart from a sound flight dynamics model, a very specific / customized weather engine, and that's where Condor shines, and for sure v2 will Shine even more... I was never able to get any good soaring environment from products developed for either MSFS and derivates or X-Plane... Other sims like Aerofly and even our good old Flight Unlimited 1, and 3 did a nice ( but certainly not to the level of Condor ...) work, then there was the old SFS, and a couple more, and Silent Wings which I also used for a good while and is also very good, but apparently never got any further development. I am for the very first time able to train for my rw flights in Portugal using Condor v1, from 2006 !!!, and my XCSoar navigator on a Kobo, just like I do in the real thing, with ortho scenery of good quality and very plausible soaring weather. For sure it will turn even better with v2 !
  7. Many are the hints at the Condorsoaring Forum site about the imminent release of Condorsoaring v2, or at least a release until the end of 2017, making a 10 yr period between versions, and bringing, for sure, again the most advanced high quality soaring simulator to simmers and rw glider pilots looking for the chance to feel as real as it can get in a personal computer... Meanwhile, thanks to the excellent community around Condor, I've been enjoying my flights in Portugal (scenery Portugal v1.1 available like many many others from condor-club.eu) I leave here a link to a post about a yet a new recently released scenery for the Himalayas: http://forum.condorsoaring.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17482 Take a break and please also give a look at the great videos linked there ( youtubes of real flights in the Himalayas ). Get Ready for Condorsoaring v2 !!!
  8. Yes, indeed on most aircraft the flap pitching moments can be overdone, or even reverse of what the case is for each aircraft model, compared to real life. It's always possible to fine tune this in Plane Maker, and there is even a way to set the pitching moment as negative or positive. With the propwash model introduced in the latest betas, including downwash calculations, maybe in the future we can even see the true effect over the elevator coming to live in some well designed X-Planes ( ? ), but I'm not sure if that will make it into the current version. Anyway, thing are moving ahead, fast, and promising with XP11 !
  9. I will surely try to update with any new info on this rather interesting subject. If I just had access, right now, to a RW C172 driver and ask some stuff .... One thing is for sure - X-Plane is now calculating in even more detail the interaction of the flows with the fuselage and wings, which is Great for a start. If fine tuned, we can end up with a really enriched version of the "props flight dynamics"...
  10. Regarding the default C172s, you can open and save them without any problem in XP11.10 b5, as confirmed by Austin himself. They're ready for the new features, and adapted to it. Of course, those were also the models I was referring to in my previous message, not 3pds... Anyway, I always make backups of the original, or use the updater to rebuild their folders if needed.
  11. @N1125Y, presently in XP11.10 b5, with all of the default prop aircraft, we experience a rolling "tendency" in the same direction that the prop turns ( right for CW props, left for CCW ), that takes place at mid / high power settings, specially at positive angles of attack. Simply takeoff with the default C172, and start your climb maintaining 76 knot IAS. You'll see that at the power settings required for that your aircraft will tend to roll right, and the ball will be off to the right, asking for right rudder, which if used to coordinate will result in further rolling moment to the right, which is not expected, I believe, in a C172... Now, you said you were using default joystick settings, and that means Artificial Stability which is by default set at 50% for the 3 axis will be playing it's "tricks"... Since a rw C172 doesn't have it, please care to turn the Art Stab sliders all the way to the left ( NILL ). Then, the fact that Austin has programmed the effects of airflow over trim surfaces in a more realistic way for the latest 11.10 betas, if trims are set ( fixed trim tabs, because other than pitch trim, a Cessna C172 / C182 can, at most, have rudder trim, but most don't even have that ) then as airspeed / airflow / dynamic pressure build up, the trim tabs which are set by default to counter the left turning tendencies for both the ailerons and rudder, will "start to come alive", and deflect the corresponding control surfaces. I initially though that maybe the values previously used in Plane Maker for this compensation of the left turning tendencies were now overdone, so I edited the default C172 in Plane Maker, turned to 0.000 the aileron and rudder trim tabs, and went doing some test flights... - the right rolling tendency is still there, even if less pronounced... Finally, since the prop axis in canted towards the right, most probably like in the real Cessnas too, also to overcome the prop effects and left turning tendencies at higher power settings and AoA, I decide to also ZERO that cant ( making it 0.000 in Plane Maker Engine properties ), and went testing again, but the right rolling tendencies are again still there... I then decided to make the Cessna prop turn CCW, and checked for the resulting rolling moment, which reversed and becomes left-wise at the same power and AoA, used for a climb at 76 knot IAS. Austin is now aware of it, and looking at the "problem". I sent him my ACF and test descriptions, which he replicated, and he sent me back a test version of the C172 with a 2d panel that makes testing a lot easier. I also told him that the only aircraft I have, and I do not own any other GA prop add-on for XP11, that does not exhibit this right rolling tendency with it's CW rotating prop, at high power settings is the VSkyLabs AA5. This aircraft rolls left at higher power settings and AoA, and if rudder is used to coordinate, "kicking the ball" with the right foot, the aircraft flies wings level, ball centered, as it is supposed to... So, this new effect can well be due to the way the spiralling / swirling slipstream is seen interfering in the FDM with various lift / drag generation components of the aircraft, and either the problem is in the way the default props are designed, which must be fine tuned to become compatible with this new calculations, or the calculations themselves need adjustment ( ? ) Above all, Austin is working on this and other ( many other ) details of the FDM in XP11, and for me this is THE BEST NEWS I COULD ASK FOR in this cycle of X-Plane, because it means that Austin is really at it, and cooperating with experimented and knowledgeable users ( not me !, but certainly Murmur, MonrtenM, Brettt, Janov ... ) to fine tune XP11's even more sophisticated FDM.
  12. Sérgio ( Helisimmer ) just told me Austin is looking at it for additional fine tunning for the next beta!