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  1. videos like the one bellow (approach phase) suggest that they couldn't escape the basic flaws of the MFS FD... huge lack of pitch damping, oscillations with no sign of damping whenever the virtual pilot makes adjustments to the flightpath on approach... it's, together with directional stability, one of the biggest showstoppers for me in this sim 😕 at the very core of the fdm there's something seriously flawed in MFS. i look fwd for when they get dx12 for pc out and can, hopefully, finally concentrate on a deep investigation about what's causing this, with all aircraft i tried until i decided to give up. this being said, i would surely buy this dc-6 if i was running MFS. looks like a really immersive aircraft, and of the type and era i admire in aviation... surely not pmdg's fault - they have to wait for ASOBO to fix stuff... MSFS 2020 PMDG DC 6 LFMN to LFKJ , Great experience - YouTube
  2. They're going full Linux.... Winux...
  3. I'm a Travesti during most of the day... I've been doing it since more than 25 yrs after a teaching assistant career at a Portuguese university. My specialization is IT: I wake up in the morning, take my coffee and then take some time dressing the clothes of an IT specialist... People say they like me, but I know age is playing it's tricks, and I can no longer be so versatile as I was some 10 yrs ago... Even while working in the IT scenery I have my mind in the skies ... I wanted to become an airline pilot and / or an astronomer... Long go those dreams... When I take my IT clothes off at the end of the day, after taking a shower to wash away any bugs, I then used to seat at the desktop and, again, pretend I was something I was not - a pilot ! Seating in front of a PC, holding a joystick and dancing on rudder pedals, using a throttle quad, shooting approaches, or even playing air war.... Travesti life, not god not bad... it's what it is...
  4. The kind of vehicle I would never seat my word not allowed in...
  5. Another example, and this guy's tube channel is nice to save... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBiutx8UjaE
  6. It includes a very good explanation of why turbines ( in this case a free-running PT-6 ) cancel torque so effectively: https://youtu.be/hATrgAsgevY?t=139 The full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hATrgAsgevY In particular operations ( startup / shtudown ) of a PT-6 in a C-90 here, in another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Rs6sCHN4s
  7. Vehicle Simulator used to have some nice effects for hang gliding / para gliding...
  8. Hmmm, Hungary is a very godo team yes, and playing on their homeland, so - they're favourite ... Let's wait and see - footbal is almost like quantic physics...
  9. Yep ! Can be done externally, and I believe it's actually done that way by the VATSIM client ( ? ) but could also be modeled in the sim, including various Earth effects on wave propagation, like in Aerowinx PSX ;-)
  10. Was reading about SELCAL: What is SELCAL? (vatnz.net) In PSX HF communications are simulated, but apparently nor MS FS nor XP model HF transmission. Thought it would be great to have it incorporated into XP12, natively... There's an exercise in PSX making use of HF for orientation when a 744 flight loses it's navigation capabilities due to some malfunctions, and the crew has to find their way into a remote Pacific island. Not SELCAL-related but still interesting 🙂 This details would surely add to the list of "professional" items already included in XP... P.S.: Alexis will soon be able to run XP11 at light-speed !!! ( just a side note 🙂 )
  11. I'd say, from memory, that the most satisfying model of control deflection due to trim tabs and the effect of dynamic pressure / propwash is the one on IL2 ( at least last time I tested it... ) (*) Since a few versions ago XP11 with it's experimental fm also started doing it. You can set the trim tabs on your rudder and elevator and whatch teh control deflections on ground, fully braked, as you apply power and your prop is ahead of the fuselage. Strangely in all of the three sims though, they adhere to a "fixed stick" approach in the end, so, as Murmut pointed out, it's a bit disconcerting to see the end effect, at least for me who never owned a FFB stick. (*) yet the Spitfires in IL-2 completely fail to model the typical elevator deflection in cruise due to the nose heavy pitch settings used for that phase of flight. The elevator always appears aligned with the horizontal stab 😕 while in the DCS Spitfire it can be seen deflected in cruise... Never checked on Spitfires for XP11.
  12. I guess wind effect due to man-made structures, or even at a larger scale - the Planetary Boundary Layer - is complex... very complex [ search for NOAA / NCEP OFFICE NOTE 75 for a good example, if you like physics and math 😇 ], to properly model even given nowadays processing power for desktop rigs... Well, but so is CFD, and some flight modelling approaches can still do an acceptable job under the normal flight envelope, so, maybe some subtleties could actually be modeled ( ? ) I am more in favour of probably good weather parameters being made available so that plugins could be developed for specific trainning scenarios, instead of going into a calculation by default in the sim weather model, or maybe this could be an option when you run the simulator...
  13. Wind modelling in any of the simulators I have tried so far is far from perfect / complete, but still very acceptable in X-Plane and even in P3D / FSX with a good weather injector. MFS is still buggy and lacking features. They announced an interesting model of wind, impacted by orography but also convection, but the result so far ( by the last version I tried around 4 months ago ) was not that good at all, particularly it's effects on ground operations, which caused ASOBO to "trick it" by nilling the axial component at lower ground speeds. It's also probably due to flight model quirks, but together they make MFS leave a LOT to be desired regarding the modelling of wind effects... XP12 could surely add nice features regarding the modelling of thermals in a more complex way than the one presently used ( but MFS doesn't model it at all, at least acceptably... ) and in fine tunning the way XP models trubulence ( again in MFS turbulence modelling is even worst than in XP, although they offer that "fancy" graphic for very poorly shaping your shear and turb... ). All in all, whatever XP12 can improve in terms of weather will surely be welcomed, but it is already acceptable, specially for procedural trainning. Regarding the theme of Austin's video, I wonder if the last versions of XP11 already improved ice accretion and it's impact on GW ( ? ). In the past the algorithm being used was not very good, but I never tested it in the latest versions of XP11 I tried. I am sure Austin will look at it too specially after watching the video ! It's in the good way, and since he will integrate the same feeds used for his professional aviation tool - yes, LR / Austin also produce this sort of professional tools, very useful in RL flying ! - it can only get better than what it presently is. @Greazer: Hey, stop looking just at the a$$ and bo%bs of the sims... Some gals are so word not allowed pretty, but so void of content ( btw, yes, all men are void of "relation-oriented" content until late 50s... if not forever, just in case we have a woman at the forum, and I actually fit this "man" model too... )
  14. Another interesting thread for someone wanting to more accurately model some FMC features for the Legacy or NG FMC, in this case regarding VNAV and thrust modes: VNAV path mode ... (aerowinx.com)
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