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    Love Aviation, settled with P3D as a desktop flightsim.

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    Again, the stuff I do the most with fligthsims is still uninstalling them :-)

    IRL I fly gliders, having started in 1980 at the age of 16... My dream was to become an airline pilot, but I didn't fight enough for it...

    I have wasted some good resources trying to invest and appreciate other General Flight Simulation platforms until I got real and returned to that great safe&sound Prepar3d Platform. What a waste of time & money since 2011... after that long hiatus that took place after the closure of the Aces Game Studios...

    Presently using v6, but also planning to reinstall v5.4 if not for other reason at least to be able to enjoy what I still consider to be, by far, the best representation of the Airbus line A319-20-21 including SL..

    Active Sky P3d v5 and now v6 is second to none in providing plausible World Weather. I sincerely wish HiFi can keep working on it's P3D versions without losing their time with other platforms.

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  1. Well, Luis, I used my most objective observation of the simulator running, and installed MSI Afterburner + Riva in order totry to access the CPU and GPU performance too. Overall I feel that the sim runs even smoother with SMT enabled. I am on Win 11, RAM is 32 GB, simrunning from nvme M2 , 1 TB SSD. OS runs on a separate nvme M2 , 500 GB SSD. Monitor is a vanilla 1920x1080 60 Hz, 0,5 ms latency. My only addons in v6 are Active Sky P3dv6, PMDG 777 200 LR, the A2A C172 and Comanche, and since yesterday alsoMkStudios LPPT / Lisbon scenery 🙂 (really like it !!!). I had disabled SMT because I feared it could cause much higher temps, but the higher my CPU reached was 74ºC
  2. I am in the fence between the PMDG 737 NGXu and the Majestic Q-400. I heard the MJ Q-400 has it's installer v6-ready, but there are some quirks with the aircraft in P3dv6. OTOH I I have read a few users saying that the 737 NGXu works flawlessly in v6 ? .) Can any of you running the MJ Q-400 report if there are any errors / problems or if is usable in v6 ? .) Same about the PMDG NGXu Thanks!
  3. Just the burden of having to pay for a 40xx instead of spending the money on good p3d addons... Gammers play games and fight for frames... Pilots fly airplanes and put Martin on their kids and pets names... 🤓
  4. It's probably good for games, specially those running on consoles... or for those simmers who follow the FPS counter instead of the flight director... we're talking professional tools / simulator platforms here Devon...🤪
  5. No, probably because: - They have other priorities and DLSS3 is actually pretty much useless in taking their sim into another level (?) DLSS 3 Frame Generation- major selling point, or worthless marketing gimmick? - YouTube - They preferred to spend their time investing in the new cloud rendering (maybe a test for what will come with v7?), the new lighting and sky colours which look astounding.
  6. I'm running P3dv6 Patch 5 (latest) and used the Affinity Mask Calculator site to find the settings... My CPU is a Ryzen 5600x, 6 cores, SMT enabled so 12 virtual cores. By default P3d sets: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=4095 P3DCoreAffinityMask=4095 MainThreadScheduler=6 (a) RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 So, I opted for "First Core Free" and got: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=4095 P3DCoreAffinityMask=4092 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 (a) Wonder why MainThreadScheduler was set to "6" in the default CFG? Then and since my monitor only does 60 Hz or 50 Hz, I have set Vsync OFF in P3d v6 GRAPHIC settings, and limited FPS to 30 there too. NCP is almost default with just the Power option set to max performance. I read that if you can set your monitor to 30 Hz than that is better than setting FPS to max 30 in simor through NCP, but if I set VSync ON only I get 60 fps, which decay under more complex rendering / processing situations, and I'd rather st it for 30 instead. I don't see the CPU temps going above 72ºC. OTOH GPU never goes above 50+ º C and it is an RTX 3060 Ti so I would rather prefer to handle it more stuff to do... Any suggestions really welcomed ...
  7. Good point, and thank you for bringing it - Global Base being a pre-requisite for further enhancement packs... Wasn't sure about it. So if I want to I'll have to install Global Base! I'll wait for the v6-ready installers to get available then 🙂
  8. It all depends on the size of the patch. My recent experience in P3D has varied from just a couple minutes to v4 which took around 45 min... v5 was rather fast too... Whatever it takes I prefer by far this new offer of automatic update checking, download and install than the previous method of having to manually fetch the file(s) from your download area and then install them, sometimes having to properly uninstall previous versions, which was more prown for mistakes...
  9. I heard they have a problem with magnetic variation not being correctly taken into account on P3dv5 at least, causing weirdnesses in the ND (?)
  10. So, I'm really positively impressed with the looks the of default scenery in v6, but I own Orbx Global Range, since ever, my only ORBX product (so far...) and I don't want to mess with the fake install and rather wait for an official v6 installer BUT! I wonder if Global really makes a difference? Iam seriously considering ORBX LC Europe at least and for a start with my ORBX purchases for v6, but does Global really make a difference worth the install in v6?
  11. Well, after installing Patch 5 yesterday, I did a series of short flights around LPCS / LPPT with the A2A C172, and the CPU was getting hot ) in the area of 72+ ºC ), even if within the limits, while the GPU was a lot colder (in the region of the 45+ to 60 ºC)... I was trying to find the "perfect" settings for the GRAPHICS and NCP parameters, and all of a sudden the infamous "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" popped up, and when I hit CONTINUE, the sim was frozen. Had to kill the process. Before applying the registry fix I think I should: - Delete the P3D CFG file in order for it to get rebuilt on sim start; - Maybe fetch / DDU-clean install the latest Game-Ready driver for my RTX 3060 Ti I will probably also take that chance to re-enable SMT ( AMD's Multithreading ) Oh... I was really missing this mess around with the System and the sim itself after a long while playing that unbreakable MFS sim which is no fun when it never DEVICE hangs, or CTDs... 😜 ...
  12. Dusk/Dawn turns my A2A C172 and Comanche panels pitch dark 😞 During day and night all is ok. Deleted the shaders. It wasn't that bad before. OTOH default aircraft look ok now! A2A doesn't support P3dv6 (yet) so I can't complain.
  13. Guys, I think v6 is quite optimized because even with a default install and pushing the pushy sliders full right I have more or less acceptable performance, but simmers have this optimization stress that keeps making them wonder how to get even smoother rides, so, as I had previously had v5 installed and followed some well known optimization receipts I tried the same with v6 but... : 1) When I disable FPS limiting ( Unlimited ) and set VSync to OFF in the P3dv6 Graphics options, and set Adaptive VSync and/ or FPS limits using NCP, in the sim using SHIFT-Z to monitor FPS I see it varying wildly, sometimes way above 30 fps (my monitor is 60 KHz) ? 2) If I enable VSync AND limit FPS to 30 in the P3dv6 Graphics options, the FPS do look a lot more stable, and never above 30, but I read that setting it this way taxes the CPU and not the GPU.... Well, I don't notice my CPU running hotter, so I wonder if P3dv6 is already optimized to hand to the GPU what it can better take care of, but I'm not sure about it, so, should I still disable VSync in sim, and set FPS to Unlimited, and then set Adaptive VSync in NCP and or limit the FPS there? But why do I still see, when I do this, the SHIFT-Z-reported FPS varying sometimes well above 30 fps ??? 3) I only use "TAA" in P3dv6, and set no AA in NCP, and I think TAA des a very good job, but regarding AF (Anisotropic Filtering) and based on v5 recommendations, does it still make sense to disable it in sim (appears as Trilinear when I set it full left) and use AF in NCP instead ? 4) I've also seen users recommending to disable VSync in sim and NCP, and use the in-sim FPS limiter only. For my machine and monitor (60Hz) I would limit in P3dv6 Graphics the FPS to 30. Would this be a better option ? Thanks for any hints... I'm kind of lost regarding this aspects of setting it in the sim loading the CPU and not the GPU, and I really can't understand why when I set VSync and FPS limits in NCP (Adaptive 1/2 VSync) the displayed FPS values in the P3dv6 sessions sometimes show numbers well above 30?
  14. @SparkriteI searched but there isn't yet a v6-ready Orbx Central... @Torsen Torsen, I didn't yet try the Comanche in v6, but out of my now around 1 month old memory of having flown the A2A Comanche in MFS, there are, among other, doubts regarding the realism with which: .) it leaves the ground on takeoff, as if it is glued and all of a sudden get's "released"... .) the way it exhibits absolutely no drag effects from a deep forward sleep, in landing configuration... .) the bumpiness on landing... I didn't like any of these... But I will try now in v6 and see how it goes 🙂
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