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  1. Worth watching, all of them indeed. I believe he's a RW pilot, Airbus.
  2. Thx for sharing that Michael ! And just on schedule, another great video by BlackBox 711 was recorded exactly using this FF A320, as well as the iXeg 737 ( if I'm not mistaken... )... Just posted about it in the "Hangar"...
  3. Another great one, as usual, with the peculiarity of being all "filmed" using XP11 and the FF A320 as well as the iXeg 737 ( if I'm not mistaken... ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93iqTd3IHmA
  4. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-5#entry575614
  5. There are 3 nice additions to P3D fleet, all rotaries... Are their FDM the same as default MSFS or have they been updated to some kind of proprietary heli FDM by LM / Sykorsky ?
  6. Yes Murmur, I confess I was also expecting something more, but from the pov of a glider pilot Condorsoaring works pretty much as ELITE IFR works for an IFR pilot wanting to practice some scenarios... For the looks I have RL ( while I can manage to... )... Condor v1 is already great to train some scenarios in Portugal, and this new version looks promising with it's additional features such as more advanced wave modelling, cloud streets... I look forward to get it :-)
  7. http://www.condorsoaring.com/about/
  8. Another step fwd in X-Plane we owe to Tony.... Yes there's a lot of work by others, but if it wasn't for World2XP we wouldn't have what we have today, ah, and let's not forget Ortho4XP too and Oscar Pilotte !
  9. Having a new FDM in Prepar3d would really be a nice feature. They answered at that interview on an helicopter simulation site that new heli models are being added to 4.2, including autopilot capabilities. There were FSX models with functional A/P but they were all bound to the rather limited rotary wing flight dynamics offered by MSFS flightsim. Maybe LM can come up with something new, if not in v4, who know for v5 ( ? )
  10. Helicopters !!!!! Great !
  11. Jer, I've always been told, last is not least !
  12. For the Simmer ? Let me guess... .) New Helicopter Flight Dynamics, based on the extensive experience from the in-house knowledge ( it's LM after all behind this sim, and it's a Professional toy ! ) .) Finally fixed reciprocating prop model, such that now leaning gives FF reduction, not initially an increase, above 3000' .) New turboprop ( free-running at least ) modelling ( it's LM after all behind this sim, and it's a Professional toy ! ) .) Updated World navaids and airport database, including slopped runways ! Heck, even that FSW game did it ( less the sloped runways... present just in games like AEFS and X-Plane ) ! .) TrueSky-like skies graphics... Is that ( part of ) it ?
  13. Condorsoaring v2 is about to debut ! ;-)
  14. I'd say, just as Murmur described, they're presently using pretty much the same approach followed, for instance, by ELITE, when we download METARs in that sim, although in ELITE we can use historical METARS, or present conditions... If present conditions are chose, then it's the vpilot responsibility to re-download METAR data along the flight, or the observations will be frozen in time along the whole flight. METARs are downloaded for a collection of hours around the start time of the flight. Along the flight time and space interpolation take place, in such a way that the program has to blend and phase in / out the data from nearby stations, with special care taken with pressure, then temperature and visibility, then cloud cover, and so on, but, at the same time the present time and position of the aircraft are the variables taken into consideration for that interpolation. Probably when we start a flight in FSW, on a given date, the collection of World METARs is such that each station has entries for all hours, or half-hours, an the closest match is the one picked as the aircraft approaches a given collection of nearby stations.
  15. I wonder if there is already any insight into what the next P3D v4 update will bring ?