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  1. Yep, Active Sky for X-Plane, coming along....
  2. Couldn't really be simpler :-) And rgdng JYW's post above, me too :-) Just default XP11.25 weather is just fine and actually accurate enough for the kind of "flying " I do in the sim. But of course I am looking fwd for ASXP....
  3. All nice and shiny in IL-2's front 🙂 I love THIS SIM!
  4. jcomm

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    I always update mine ! The operation includes an UNINSTALL !!!! 😎
  5. It's probably going to change starting 11.30 - fingers crossed :-)
  6. jcomm

    Mac vs PC

    I got used to win 10, and there are ways around that "full-screen" stuff. You can make it look just like win7 ! I've long been willing to jump into Mac OS, but price and not being able to run IL-2 Great Battles there makes me revoke any impetuous decisions ...
  7. Just out of curiosity... Do you actually "shortcut" à-lá Windowzzze.... or create soft links ?
  8. Wow Marques, I had never thought of that one! Good trick !!!!!
  9. Whenever I'm in the mood to play it, I find good reasons to enjoy, even the most little but sometimes important details... With my only two airliners in XP11, the Tooliss A319 and the FF A320 U, I started using that great plugin "Better Pushback", but I installed it initially under the Global Resources folder, thus making it available for any session... Moved it inside the "plugins" folders of those two airliners et voilà - it's only active when it makes sense, which is when I am playing being an Airbus captain 🙂 Could it be simpler / cleaner ?
  10. jcomm

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    Then 11.30 will come, with a worth of FDM changes, and another pair of years will follow ....
  11. jcomm

    Falcon 7X

    Looks like a charming jet, and with a worth of details / systems implemented!
  12. I have good reasons to believe 11.30 will be a game changer in this respect. Austin is hard working to bring new effects, fine tune others, correct some of the infamous bugs / limitations. I look fwd for 11.30, hopefully until the end of Summer 2018.
  13. I'm really looking fwd into the work Austin is at for 11.30 Austin is really dedicated to make various aspects of the flight dynamics, from fixed wing prop / jet aircraft to rotaries even closer to real than they presently can be made. He's at stuff like restoring the effects of VRS and other fancy effects present in helos, but also into giving us a more plausible prop model, etc... He says 11.30 will not be perfect, for sure, but it will certainly be a LOT better than what we already have now. Meanwhile, I am so so so enjoying IL2 BoX 3.005 release, with my "new" WW1 kites :-)
  14. jcomm

    Hawker Hurricane

    Just tested this now freeware ww2 fighter and I am very positively impressed ! Feels as great as she looks !
  15. Well, been a time since I last used it, but starting with the corrected effects of a strange right bank tendency that came with the "new" propwash effects as well as trying to overcome teh limitations imposed by the not so perfect ground physics, some engine limitations and more precise regimes and performances, more detailled systems simulation including failures, etc..., it was certainly worth the buy. I keep uninstalling everything, the most resilient usually being the OS 🙂 Those usually last for at least some 4 yrs... Simulators come and go at a more or less monthly pace - my Moon side maybe 🙂