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  1. Hope all is well with you!! 🙂 I am looking forward to it as well!! See you in virtual skies soon 👍
  2. I found the clouds shown in the Ep1 of the Dev Deep Dive to be exactly what I was hoping XP12 would delive. They clearly are able to properly simulate trully vertical build ups, which was my biggest fear. You can find a ton of Addons to have volumetric 3d clouds, but to actually be able to depict a Towering Cumulus, it's not an easy task. XP12 footage shows exactly that, immense walls of clouds, the kind that would make any pilot in the air decide it's better get back to the ground and hang at the local cafeteria instead. Another area I really like is Laminar didnt allowed themselves to get seduced by the "Post Processing to Eleven" Syndrome that seems to be everywhere. Colors are beautiful, but not overly saturated so much is looks like a Michael Bay Movie. The HDR also looks spot on, bright where it needs to be, without the clarity of a nuclear bomb going off every time you look outside at a sunny day. Now, really looking forward to them showing Scenery with new Assets and techniques generated for XP12.
  3. Wow! Looking forward to this one! I like what I see 🙂
  4. With XP12 simulating the shift of CP toward the Aft of the Chord, with increasing Mach, maybe this will be visually despicted? Or just internal changes to the moment. Anyway, its cool to visualize, but doesnt really matter in the end result, as long as the calculations are correct I also wonder how will Stall for Ailiners, specially T-Tail ones, behave in XP12. Those can become quite interesting, would be very cool to see them unfolding with newer XP12 Flight Model improvements!
  5. Both are unique and completely amazing, in their own categories. If you want to be able to go into FL300, fly fast, and still land at smaller strips, the TBM900 is just perfect for you. The quality of the Addon is just top notch. Now, if you want to have a more GA Pilot experience, dealing with Piston Engine, Mixture Fine Tuning, Taking care of CHT, Oil Pressure, all that stuff, the Cirrus SR22 is one of the best addons in the market for this, for me, at the same league as A2A, as far as Piston Engine Simulation goes. It will not be as fast, fly as high, but you really have the GA Pilot experience. I have both 🙂 And no regrets
  6. You can also assign Rudder Left and Right to a Key, you will just use these while taxiing. In flight. unless you have a Crosswind, no need to touch Rudder
  7. Dont you have a Joystick with a Twist Grip? Its what I used as Rudder, before I got mine.
  8. That bit is not implemented. It has no Economic System tied to it. It's just focused on Operation. For that, you are better off using an External Addon that will just do it way better anyway. About wishing you could see the code, you almost can. The developer has implemented a ton of Study Menus, where it's shown to you all the internal workings of the systems, all the data that is being processed. Be it GPS, IRS, Engines, Hydraulic, Pressurization, Environment, etc, etc. You have full access to that! You could spend a day looking and not see it all! I wasn't much of a fan of the BizJet Category as well, but this airplane really is not your typical BizJet. It's not simple, like you expect a BizJet to be. It has operation more complex than a Boeing or Airbus in many systems. This gives you so much to do, you never find yourself bored, I guarantee! X-Plane 11 can look Sterile, no doubt. I have a ton of Addons into mine that made it look way better, to be able to use it as much as I do. The good news is that most of them are Freeware. You can easily search the Web for Must Have Addons. On top of that, my recomendation would be for Enhanced Skyscape, which transforms the XP11 Clouds to a whole new level, for 15 Bucks. Completely worth it. I also use Ortho, if that's your thing, go for it. If not, there is a world of Scenery Packages for the region you want. Now, the Devs aren't going to like me saying that, because this sort of addon does bad thing to their work, but I also use ShadeX, which is a Shader "Hack" similar to ReShade. With the right Preset, that completely transforms the color pallete of XP11, from Bland to a much more colorful and deep visual. It's not like XP12, of course, but it makes it much better for me.
  9. This website has all the official documentation for the plane. Although it's Challenger 605, pretty much identical. Plane Bombardier CHALLENGER-605 (smartcockpit.com)
  10. Of course! The FBO is not what some are thinking. It's just an Immersion Feature, not a limiting and punishing thing to Sim Pilots who don't want to have a 100% Pilot Simulation. The entire Aircraft Simulation works just as it would in any other addon. In no way, you need the FBO to do anything you wouldn't be able through the Menus. You still have the same job as a pilot in command. The FBO is basically going to ask you how many Passengers goes onboard (which is you dont want, you can open the X-Plane Loading Manager and set Payload Manually), if you need Ground Services, Pushback, De-Icing, etc. And that's it. At the cockpit, you can still request all those, some via Smart Menus, all via standard menus from X-Plane. It's not going to limit in any way what you want to do with your plane 😉
  11. The FBO is a very welcome addition, to bring immersion into the Simulation. But I understand the worry of some, if the FBO is tied to the Addon in a way that it becomes more of a Pilot Simulator than a Plane Simulator. Some don't like that idea. The good news is that, the FBO is NOT tired to the rest of the simulation in a way that you need to go through it's steps to fly. In fact, when the Sim Opens, you can press the Shortcut to Jump to the Pilot's Cockpit Seat, and there goes the FBO away. So, don't really worry about that. Also, the FBO in fact, is so fast to do what is needed, after you get used to it, it gets faster to do stuff through the FBO than going through Menus. But, if you want, the Menus are there for everything. You can call the Fuel Truck, Ground Assistance, Chocks, all of it. But I found way better, more immersive and even faster, to fill the page at the FBO, asking Number of Pax, what Ground Service is going to be needed, etc, and while you are making your Preflight Preparations, stuff just arrive for you, you never even touch a Menu. If you don't even want to look at the FBO, you have the option of going to the Non Persistance Mode, instead of Carrer Mode. The difference? Carrer Mode has the incredibly usefull AutoSave Feature. It not only saves your Flight every 20 Seconds, so you are CTD proof, if Saves Automatically at Takeoff and Landing, so you can do those again for whatever reason. And everything is persistence, so next time you open the Sim, the Aircraft will be just like you left it, same Fuel Quantity, everything. I don't see why someone wouldn't go for this mode really. Hope it helped 🙂 😅🤣 That is some good Medication! Give me some!! Just don't tell my Wife 😁
  12. Hey all. Since the other topic has gone to 10 pages, and I couldnt find a post focusing about Post Release Impressions and Personal Review, I thought I might give my own here. And hope other users who also get it can give their own as well. The addon is one I have been looking forward for almost 2 years, since I first learned of the project. Since then, I have switched Sims multiple times, but as you will soon understand, it doesn't matter which sim you prefer, with this specific Addon. Let me first say, if you want a quick and easy addon for jump in, get some rough fuel numbers, upload a flightplan from the internet, and takeoff, this is not for you. Just make yourself this question. Would I be able to do "x" in the real plane? If the answer is no, then you can't do it in the HS CL650. And it starts at Fueling. To make clear, and this also got me by surprise, this addon requires proper procedure for refuel. And this is one example that I think makes the philosophy of the addon very clear. How does Fuel get into your airplane. The Fuel Truck arrives, and the Fuel guy will connect the Hose to your plane. Does he knows how much fuel you need for your Flight? no Does he know how many Tanks your Jet have? Does he knows which tank needs to be filled first? Also no. So, you as a Pilot, is in charge of that, First you go to the Refueling Panel inside the Cockpit, turn on the System, and Open the Valves for the Main Tanks, to allow Pressurized Fuel to enter the Tanks. After that gets filled, you will open the Auxiliary Tanks, which also fill the Tail Tank. Did I mention this airplane has 10 Fuel Tanks? More than a 737 or A320. In fact, this Aircraft, although a Smaller BizJet than the usual Airliners we are used to flight, has a more complex System Operation than most Airliner you are used to. Now, you get the quantity of Fuel you like. Close the Valves, Ok. But then you notice, why is my Fuel Quantity Still going up? Because the Sensors doesn't totalize imediatelly, it needs time to Sum internally. And also, they are not as realiable as you would think. Now, let's take this Philosophy to the entire rest of the Simulation. How does your FMS knows your location? It will try to syncronize to the GPS sattelites. Depending on where you are on the Globe, you might have more, or less Sattelites available for you to track. And this will vary your Navigation Precision. Worst case scenario, you can't get a reliable GPS signal, and you are back to the Past, relying on the 3 IRSs and Radio Navigation. Talking about the IRSs, they actually work, not by magically reading the Data from the Simulator for your location. There is no magic here. Everything needs a reason to exist, information can't come from nowhere. So, they actually do the same calculation as a real IRS would do. If your airplane move before you finish aligning them, you have a problem. You will also notice, sometimes, your Synthetic Vision, on the PFD, while you are Stationary on the Ground, is constantly moving a little around. That's not a bug, That's because the Synthetic Vision needs the GPS and INS data to know where you are. No magic Numbers here. And as much as you want, you are never 100% exact. So, the system will shift your known position, even if for just half a meter. Now, your Engine, they are also being simulated in real time, nothing is scripted, its all Physics, generating the values. Are you flying at a very low TAT? Your Fuel Controller will notice that, and adjust your Max Power Available based on that. Numerous reports have appeared of users that can't increase the Engines past a certain %N2, and that is because they let themselves get too slow, on a very low ISA, and if you don't keep the TAT high enough, you are in trouble. Speaking of the engine, the APU is itself a work of art as well. Use the APU Bleed, and notice your APU ITT getting higher, because it needs to use more Fuel to keep the same Core Speed. Again, all Phisically simulated, nothing here is based on Tables or a Script. Flying it also feels like a Challenge (Pun intended). You never feel like you are not flying a very high performance Jet. You will have to deal with the fact the engines mounted at the top of the Tail will make your nose pitch down with power, and up without. This takes getting used to, and lots of Trimming. The entire time, if feels you are really in control of something so unique and powerful, beautifully balanced, but at the same time, that can bite you pretty quickly, if you don't treat it with respect. To finish, since this has already taken way more lines than I could predict. This Addon doesn't Raise the Bar. It creates a whole new Category of it's own. The other Developers don;'t need to worry of losing costumers to this one. It's not a competition. It's not about FS2020, X-Plane, P3D, it doesnt matter. This is a Full Simulation, inside a Simulator. It is as Standalone as Possible, without ditching the Base Sim and going Solo. It doesn't get any higher than this. What I have felt so far, goes beyong anything I have ever experienced on a Desktop, the only thing that came close to this for me, was a real experience on a Level D Simulator. And I say this with full confidence. You can't get any simulation as realistic as this one on your Simulator, no matter which. This is a Landmark in the Simulation History. What goes inside this, is beyond your and my imagination. Hope this brings some useful Impressions and Information for all.
  13. Dont know if this was ever mentioned before, but this website is amazing for calculating all kinds of performance numbers, including fuel burn for the flight distance. Kodiak Performance (pohperformance.com) I use their version for the TBM900, and it's as real as it gets, straight from the manuals.
  14. Just a reminder, launch is today 02:00Z 🙂 And I have Class tomorrow at 11:00. Gonna be a looong night
  15. I think its best if everyone just not engage in this meaningless discussion happening. This topic is about a specific addon being launched, why are we talking about anything other than that?
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