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  1. If you are that lazy Mig21 Looser Pilot I heard of, then it's not me 🤣 Interesting, I don't have access to the material I referenced anymore, Jose, by working at an meteorology institute, probably has way more info to share on this subject, but since he is now on vacation, it will have to wait. But if I remember well, it was not as agressive as X-Plane does, and happens much later than 10meters to be so significant as is in X-Plane. How reliable are the IRS Calculation on a 737, for Wind Vector and Speed? You should know pretty well. https://youtu.be/zuLnXwg5R7c?t=113 Looking at this video, it's only at 10 feet that the wind will start reducing from the 24knots it stayed during the entire approach. So + or - 3 meters. But I don't know how reliable this information is.
  2. That can be done both in MSFS and X-Plane. And the two of them uses basically the same trick, but different implementation. MSFS will start gradually reducing the Crosswind component below a certain threshold airspeed, to lessen the unrealistic XWind Weathervaning of the Plane. X-Plane does the same but using Height over the Runway as a Slope for the XWind component to be way lower by the time you get near to touchdown. This Slope has been demonstrated to be way more agressive than some documentation on how the wind surface should behave in real life. That's what I said also on the MSFS Forum. The FM on MSFS2020 needs to be continuously worked on and improved over the next years, and I believe it has tons of potential. But I agree, there's some stuff there that doesn't seem created by someone who have studied aerodynamics , the terms used and explanations are just too out of place to what is used on articles and publications on the subject. On a sidenote: Jose said you are having fun with RC Planes now! That's the best thing one can do! Wish I had the open space to have fun doing that 🙂 While this post was well received by my friend Jose, and thankfully everything seems fine, I still feel the need to say a few words here on his behalf. 1 - If you fly an Airliners you are used to fly for the past 20-30 years of your life, and it's nothing like you know it should be, you have the right to call it "rubbish", if it seems appropriate. Jose has been flying these Gliders for longer than I have been living, and while he can't give an evaluation on a Prop Plane, Airliner, etc, he can evaluate a Glider Flight Model better than anyone I know, because he not only has thousands of hours flying them, but he knows all there is to know about their specific aerodynamics, over the years of study of the subject due to his love for gliding. Most probably don't know, but not only he has so much experience flying Gliders, but he also have a Degree in Math, and used to be a Programming teacher at an university, so if there's anyone I can say should understand a thing or two about these things, it's him. 2 - His Cycle of constant unsatisfaction with Simulators is something known to all the Simulation Community, and always brings a good laugh. Maybe some compare him to some users who are know to go around foruns saying stupid things just to get attention, and knows as much about aviation as a 10 year old kid, but knowing him personally for around 10 years, I can say he is an incredibly hard working man, unfortunately leaving barely any free time for any leasure activity. Much of his frustrations come from going home, having 30 minutes to relax a little after a long day, opening a Sim, and getting his plane blown by a 10knots crosswind like it was made out of paper. I can relate to that, he doesn't have time or tranquility in to see a simulator as a fun and relaxing experience. The best thing he did over the last months was to uninstall it all, and go enjoy actually relaxing activies after a long day, such as watching a good TV Show, that will not make anyone angry because it CTD 10minutes from destination. Also, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't been able to be living in Portugal, as he was the only person who offered to become my "rent guarantor". Could you believe someone trusted me at that level? Not even I trust in myself that much!!
  3. Just spot on Jose.. Bravo!! If they cant even do such basic stuff, how can anyone expect a proper realtime simulation when you also need to add spiraling propwash, among other more complex interations, to this entire mess. Its trying to make an Angus PrimeSteak from a BigMac 🤣
  4. MFS Flight Model is a work in progress. Right now it's just not feeling right, compared to sims such as DCS, which is the best IMO for giving the proper feeling. Let's hope the SimUpdate coming up this week, and following updates can address the shortcomings of the FM.
  5. Hello all! First, thanks Jose for sharing my Post here at Avsim!! Now, I read the Posts, and there seems to be a lot of debates over the Data, how valid is it to the situation, etc. I invite those who have questions to ask them over the MFS Forums. I want to Concentrate the effort there, since it's the Home of Asobo, and the place more likely for Asobo Devs to be following the discussions. And please, don't transform this into a Simulator War. It was never my intention to say MFS is bad, Other sim is better, etc. All I'm interested in is to Improve MFS. The same would happen if I were using any other Sim, just happens I'm a MFS User now, so that's where I'm putting my efforts. Thank you all for the kind words!
  6. Received this wonderful Addon as Gift from my very good Friend Uninstaller! Have been testing it today. What a pleasent plane to fly! Seems to capture the Feeling of Flight from my memories of real planes better than most, if not all Default Asobo Planes I have tested. The Left Turning Tendencies are all there, present as I did Slow Flight at 60Kts with Land Config, and Climbing I Needed almost Full Rudder to Keep that Ball Centered. I'm biased because it also looks very similar to the one I did most of my PPL, so I loved it even before the first flight 🙂 Forward Slips are also perfectly modeled. Adverse Yaw is Present, you need to Work the Rudder as you fly it. Most important, you can fly like a real VFR GA Plane. looking outside, no need for Artificial Horizon, if you get the correct relationship from Horizon to the Hood, you will find it's a very predictable plane, with no Twitchness or Strange Behavior as I have encontered in some other MFS Planes. It just feels right. Definitely a Must Buy for anyone looking for a nice experience!
  7. Oh that's great news! Will adquire a Month of Subscription then!! Sure, this is the one I generated using SimBrief LTBA/05 PIMAV1P PIMAV UL614 PETAR PETAR1E LTAC/03R Pimav1P didn't show up for Rwy 05 in the FMS.
  8. Any way to implement Navigraph and Aerosoft Database to the CJ4 FlightPlan system? Most of the issues I have right now with this incredible Addon is due to Flawed Asobo's Default Nav Database, and we have no control over that. I feel using Custom Navdata would solve a lot of issues!
  9. Think of a group working almost non stop to deliver us this product as soon as possible. Don't think they have time to read the forums and respond every single answer. No need to think it as personal.
  10. 🙂 And with the Japan Update, they promissed more Landing Challenges! Great things are coming!
  11. There's currently no Damage Model in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Trying stunts like this will of course result in Odd Outcomes. I think it's better if we focus on Normal Flying for now, and leave the more risky business to another sim such as IL2 with the amazing Damage Model, or maybe someday Asobo will implement in MFS.
  12. Yes, they are all encrypted. I have asked for Asobo to let us Tweak them, since this is a big deal for the FS community, and I Suggest everyone does the same!
  13. I experienced great joy when I read Austin's comments on a secret project that has been developing for some time now. I really hope it is really what we were asking for, even before this MFS crazy train began. However, I can't help but be a little worried with certain things I heard in Austin's interview for a Sim Podcast, maybe a month ago, where he gave me a completely different picture than what I would expect for XP12. - The Focus would be Flight Training, also Flight Testing Real Airplanes. If this is the Focus, do we need to antecipate P3D all over again? $300+ Dollar Licence and ton of EULA restrictions. Or will he choose to make two versions available? - He also said somewhere that MMO style Multiplayer was the next huge thing. While I love what I see right now in MFS Skies, with lots of real users, I don't think X-Plane should focus right now in this, when there's so much missing that is much more important IMO - Subscription for XP12, I believe he said would be a great idea. I hope this is not the path taken, as competition is always welcome
  14. You have to set yourself the Axis Assignment for Controllers it doesn't recognize Default. Simple as that 🙂
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