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  1. Steam release is expected when? Anybody knows? Wish to test on my AMD system!
  2. There are rumors of Xbox Series X coming with 16GB of DDR4 Ram. That would already be impressive for a game console. But the system is expected to use 3GB at all times for the OS, so 13GB effective. MSFS 2020 looks like will use every GB of Ram you add, 32GB being almost the standard it seems. So I think it´s highly unlikely that we are going to prefer a game console as our main simulation rig, maybe it runs MSFS, but no way it will have the detailed world a Desktop can provide
  3. Landind in a crosswind, without decrabbing The plane, and see how it will react on touchdown. FSX runways were covered in soap, the plane would skid all the way to stop. Hard touchdown, does the suspension do its work, absorving some shock, and letting the remaining out making the airplane bounce a little, without feeling like you hit a wall? Ground effect, takeoff a heavy GA at minimum speed, keep it flying a few feet above runway, in Ground Effect. Now try to climb, getting out if ground effect, the cushioning is gone, your plane should stall and drop like a brick. Taildragger, brake, and smoothly add power, see if you have elevator authority. You should be able to lift the tail, without moving. Also, use rudders to point the nose in other directions. That’s some of the stuff I would test, were I a tester.
  4. I have seen a LOT of game trailers over the past years, but I gotta say, the MS Team doing these are incredibly talented. The editing of shots, together with music, is something that not even many blockbusters do right. And this trailer, even more than the first, gives goosebumps! They should receive an award just for that!
  5. I want to see Clouds of Smoke like that when I hard land an airliner!
  6. I never said I spoke for the community. The fact that in this post, I heard a lot of people saying they´re happing paying upwards of 140$ for the addon, is alone a testament of that. And I used to be a PMDG Owner, I had the B747, 737NGx, and finally, the B777, my last PMDG Plane. After that, other developers started doing things as good as PMDG, sometimes even better in certain areas that interested me. Before that, PMDG was king, only Level D has anything close, if I remember correctly. Not having a PMDG Addon meant you didn´t like to experience the real thing in your sim. Anyway, I came to the conclusion, after reading all the posts, and I think they are a good sample of the community, each with different and valuable opinion, that PMDG has been making an effort to stay at the upper elite of the FS addon Market, just like Apple does with their phones. It´s not interesting to them having a larger user base, and they get their money not from volume, like many devs do to keep alive. And it´s fine, they´re entitled to that strategy whenever they want. And I´m fine with that as well, so what´s the point in me and other people posting against it? The community is a vehicle for people to get heard by developers, so I guess what me and everybody else who didn´t agree with those prices are saying is basically: By charging that much, that is a number we´re not willing to go for your product, we will go elsewhere from now on. Not just to PMDG, but other devs, who likely do market research, gathering opinions on the range of the price they can go or not. If we seal our mouth shut, trusting these companies know what they´re doing etc, etc, we can be doing damage to other devs, who have not enough feedback to set their aims and targets. That´s it for me. I hope this thread doesnt become a war where nothing good comes out.
  7. Yes, and no, to your question. While I believe we all aim at the most realistic and closest to real life experience, there´s an invisible line, separating what´s possible, to what´s viable financially. Can we get a 128 Core CPU, and run extremely detailed Flight Models, calculated in real time? Probably, is it financially viable? Not at all. It´s an entertainment market we´re talking about, with Gaming Desktops. The same with the Sim Market must apply in my opinion. I get that Devs are trying to push the boundaries of realism, but there must be a limit, not in development, that´s up to them, but in how much they can ask their costumers back in compensation for that added complexity. They could go all the way, and model every single screw in the B737, but what would be the point in that, if they ask 1000$ for that addon? Who would be in the market for that? Sure, there will be costumers, but is that all the market they´re trying to cover? Absolutely not. If they start justifying their product are for a select audience, without spending limits, who wants the most realistic thing possible, then go for 200$ and above. But if the Market they want using their product is simmers who really want a complete and realistic simulation, but can´t pay 1/4 of their monthly sallary to get that experience, they should adjust prices to become more realistic to the community as a whole. I´m not saying in any way PMDG is evil, or disonest for doing that. They can do and charge whatever they want with it. I´m just argumenting if they want their products to continue to be all over the Market, and enjoyed by simmers all around the world, 140$ is just too much to ask.
  8. Perfect point! We have always found ways to justifying our spending habits with simulation in general. I know I have! But it gets to a point that there´s simply no excuse to charge so much money. If it was a professional tool, helping us achieve our professional goals, then great, worth every penny. But it´s an entertainment product! The License clearly says so, so 140$ is just too steep of a price. People play thousand of hours at games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, etc, but in the end, the price is the same 69$ every other game in the industry costs. It doesn´t matter how many hours you put into it, it´s entertainment software, and should be priced as such.
  9. No Thank you. Doing fine with other addons up to or more well done, costing less.
  10. My thoughts on this subject is that while there will be new technology available when FS2020 is released, I don´t think it will be Much different from now. What may happen though is better prices, maybe not by much, because older tech doesn´t get that much cheaper a year after launching. I know AMD is planning Zen3 to 2H, so it will be after FS2020 releases, if the launch is around E3, which I think is very likely. So, even if you wait all this time to make a FS2020 Ready Desktop, it will likely be Zen 2, if you want to fly at release. Cheaper Ryzen and Motherboards? Maybe, but I don´t think by much. Intel doesn´t have much to offer either, their products aren´t gaining much performance compared to AMD at each new generation Memory, DDR4 2X16GB 3600Mhz, which is the best technology can offer at a good cost right now, and plenty enough for FS2020, is around 200 bucks now. Better memory will only be available when DDR5 becomes standard, so until then, nothing better. Graphich Card, that´s something that is sure going to change, likely first months of 2020, we will have new generations for Nvidia, maybe AMD. So better performance, same prices, or you can pickup older gen at cheaper prices. So that´s the one item that sure is worth waiting a bit. And the one I suspect FS2020 will benefit the most, alongside SSDs and 32GB DDR4 memory. The good news is that GPU are the easiest to change, and sell online. So if you want a new Build now, pick a good enough GPU for other Sims and Games, and when we have real benchmark data of FS2020 , you can sell your old one, and decide if Nvidia or AMD< and which model. That´s my thinking. I plan on building the Core of my Desktop this way by Blackfriday. If you are OK to waiting for everything going next Gen to make a new PC, good luck waiting for a whole year 🙂 If you can, consider it, I don´t have anything now, so that´s not an option for me
  11. I think I understand what the OP is talking about. It´s not just the turbulence, which adds a nice touch. It´s the "elasticity" of the Flight Model. You can easily feel that in modern Sims like IL-2 or DCS, which features a much more complex and modern approach to FDM development, and I think, more like Asobo is trying to implement. The control inputs doesn´t translate to a immediate and exact reaction. It goes through various dampening effects, dealing with airflow, inercia, and in the end, there´s no way to get the same feeling if you´re using tables to translate input to output, it has to be done dinamically. It´s something I´m looking forward as well for such long time!
  12. Exactly Rob, If we get the Core as good as possible, the world is the possibility for FS2020. 3rd Party can always add or improve many of the things a lot of us are asking in Initial Launch, but some other Key Areas can only be done by them. People tried everything, but FSX and P3D still has the same limitations on Flight Model for the past 20 years, X-Plane also depends on one Man ( Austin ), and all devs should try to convince him something is wrong. Almost everything else related to Graphics and Scenery can be made much better afterwards by the community and developers
  13. We have to wait for Alpha Testing opening to public. Only then we will have sufficient data to decide what works best, what doesn´t. I´m planning a new Build, but without Benchmark, I have no Idea if Ryzen or Intel will be the way to go, for example. I think it´s best if we wait until spending all our money
  14. Of course, I understand your point. But I feel there´s a looong way between , using VR as example, "it would be great to get VR when possible so that I can use all the great hardware I have" to " VR is a MUST HAVE, CAN´T LIVE WITHOUT, MAKE IT HAPPEN" that I see soo often. The same holds true for other areas that while I understand makes a difference in a Sim, covers a small percentage of the user base. While I believe the team is able to make their priorities as they go through development stage, they have been doing things silently for the past 3 years, and let me say, they did an amazing job already, without the input of the community. They know what they´re doing. And now, suddenly, there´s the weight of thousands of voices, each louder than the other, shouting what they want. Which is fine, and that process often make Devs see that some things they thought wasn´t a big deal, actually is for a lot of people. But on the other side, we have seen entire multi million dollar movie projects going to halt because of the way the community reacted to a trailer, an info, etc. And when I see over 500 replies regarding VR, which should cover no more than 5% of the users who will continually use this sim, and almost nothing about the importance of Multicore/threads optimization within engine, to make sure modern CPUs work the most efficient way, that scares me. Because everyone, including those VR users, will be affected if the team doesn´t have the time to put into these Key areas. And let´s not go into discussion, how we know what is Key Area, what isn´t. After over 20 years of FS, we should all know that Optimization has been one of the area Flight SImulator lacked the most within the years, and no amount of money has been ever enough to make it run stutter free with good frames. That was just one example. I feel it´s OK to ask for features we think it´s important in our opinion, and that alone. But it´s much stronger, and possibly dangerous, to go around the forums ranting on why something isn´t there, when we can talk and get into agreement, as a community, on the priorities and what will affect most people if missing. Anyway, everyone feel free to disagree 🙂 That why Forums are for, I´m here to talk! about it!
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