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  1. So, I Made the stupid mistake of creating a Plugin Folder, where one named Plugins was already there!! That´s why it didnt work... Regarding the Rendering Settings, I turned off things like Road Traffic, And also tested with HDR on and OFF, also Bump Maps, etc. I discovered there have effect on some addons, maybe they were done with these settings in mind. Anyway, thanks for the help. IF it wasnt for the messages, I never would have noticed the different folder names 🙂
  2. Hey Guys, I need help. After fixing my brand new Dell Laptop with XP11 Steam Edition, I created a "plugins" folder, put FlywithLua inside, to tweak my XP11 Rendering Settings, and nothing shows inside XP11, it´s not loading at all. I tried other plugins, but it´s also not showing. Addons which need plugins load fine, but these plugins are inside the Aircraft folders. ANy ideas? I desperately need to tweak my Graphics to make XP11 run smoother Thank you!
  3. This vs Condor 2 Jose, it´s a match! Who wins?? Go!!
  4. Alec

    Landing physics in P3D vs XPL

    The Landing Physics is non existent in FSX - P3D unfortunately. Just browse how many Youtube videos of people doing crash landings that would sure make the plane bounce out of control and damage the entire thing and see how they get away with it. In FSX it's like a Switch, you touch the ground and it's like magnets are engaged that will hold you on that surface no matter what the suspension is doing, it only takes the calculation of Lift in consideration, not the suspension, spring, wheel compression, etc. Now take the DCS P51 and try slamming it at the ground, man you;re in for a BIG surprise! It's going to push you back into the air when you least expect it, below Stall Arc Speed, and you're in for a big unpleasent surprise! Just do your best not to crash it
  5. Wow!! Finally good mesh for Brazil in X-PLane! Thank you so much, will check that for sure! I'm curious which source you are using. Is it the latest SRTM?
  6. Pete, The terms may be the same, but what I was trying to say is that even though you can get the frames to be as even as possible, ex. no stutter at 20fps, having the same sim running at 60fps does a lot for the sense of fluidity for the human brain. I Mean fluid because I remember water, it's continous, it doesn't go in small chunks, and the same with the sim at 60fps, it has enough data all the time so the eyes don't perceive any jump in the image, it's just a fluid simulation all the time. About the eye not able to see over 24fps, that's such a myth. The newer VR Glasses such as Oculus Rift has been having a tough job to make proper 3d because we need more than 60Hz all the times in order for out brain not to perceive the screen, and therefore not get ourselves dizzy by using it for longer periods of time. I believe around 75Hz is the sweet spot for humans. Have any of you guys seen the Hobbit movie on cinemas running at 48Fps instead of 24fps? It's such a monster difference, it made me MUCH more impressed than any 3d technology. Really
  7. I really can't imagine not being able to see the difference between 20 and 60 fps. Even though 20fps is way smoother than 60 in Prepar3d, meaning that I don't get Stutter, the fluidity of 60FPS is unbeatable. Unfortunately P3D at 60fps at all times is something no current PC is able to do nowadays
  8. Hey Ed, As a Pilot, I love these training scenarios that we can try at home that will make any pilot cry for help, and if the worse happens, we can restart and try again. Any way of someone without the very expensive sims to get these scenarios to try on their home computers?
  9. Hey! So I bought a GTX960, a card that will run my Sims at least until 2016 and my possible all New PC with Nvidia Pascal and New Intel CPUs, etc. I can run P3D pretty well at 30+ Fps, but I have yet to achieve the dream of a smooth stutter free simming. I just never achieved that with FSX and Prepar3d. It goies well for 3-5 seconds then stutter. I'm in need of techniques to study and fix these! First of all, is there any tool or way to detect a stutter other than by eye alone? I read something about recording your screen and playing it back later, is it effective/ Also, Vsync, etc, I never got to understand the best way to use it in P3D Thanks guys!
  10. Alec

    Radeon R9 Fury X with a $649 price tag...

    I think it~s great for AMD to release new powerful cards, because that forces Nvidia to lower their prices, and release more competitive products. But for simming, Nvidia all the way!
  11. I wanted to know more about the Flight Dynamics modification. What can we expect to see better compared to X-Plane current Flight Model? Very interested in this project! Thanks!
  12. Alec

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Thank you Tom, for all these years bringing us aviation and simulation lovers the best place to meet and chat. I really hope you find beautiful clear blue skies!
  13. Alec


    Can't wait guys, specially after flying 20 hours on a full motion Level D 737-300 Sim! I just know this addon will be just like it!
  14. I don't think you can. When I first flown the Piper Seneca, and I'm a 170 hours pilot, man, I didn't think I could get that machine back on the ground safely. No way! And I have thousands of FS hours. But maybe flying a Seneca is more difficult than a 737! Due to lack of Hydraulics, etc. I don't know
  15. Alec

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    With the A/T engaged, it's very different than one would imagine. You expect the nose to go up as you add power, even if you're mantaining speed. It's that way in a Cessna. But in the 777 it will keep the VS you put the aircraft, and keep the airspeed. It feels very artificial in my opinion