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  1. There is a Prepar3d v6 version coming, and they seem to be also working on a Msfs rendition. So like said here, i think they have redone a lot to make this v4, since they will probably use it as base for all these Future ports. Agree! Love these classic jets! They have a Prepar3d v6 version in the works Jose! But i maybe its worth a shot with the P3D v5.
  2. It seems that Xtreme Prototype has launched their v4 version of their Learket 25 addon for P3D. I have always heard good things of the previous ones. I wonder if Anyone tried this one yet to give us a quick review?
  3. I think I have found the reason for the CTD. Complete reinstall of P3D. Addons installed one by one. Also reinstalled all those VisualStudio packages. Seems to be fine for now
  4. Great story Jose! I will be picking up that one, might I even suggest a 3d billboard should be added "Here the Legendary Jcomm AKA Uninstaller took his first steps in Aviation" !! 😁😎
  5. Most important info left out in that list imo. Amy was announced as an official Laminar Employee. She is only the Developer who made the UNS for the Q400, probably one of the best implementations of an FMC in a desktop sim. Its INCREDIBLE news for XP12. Similar to WorkingTitle coming to MSFS2020, no joke. Her expertise can bring truly state of the art navigation systems as default into XP12
  6. It will have an update for XP12 free of charge already confirmed. But there is no set date for that yet by the developer! I wouldnt count on it working well in XP12 right now Hope it helps
  7. I Want to have to deal only with aquaplanning, not the 100+ other stuff that can bring a chopper down 😛
  8. One thing I dont understand, they still ask for their custom vegetation library in XP12? Arent they using the new Laminar 3d Trees stuff? Kinda confused by that, I will install it today to get a look!
  9. Within 24 Hours. Confirmed by Laminar! Get ready
  10. Hi Bob, According to the developer, on this specific Offline ATC issue you mention with the custom Temperature Compensation Altimetry, it will probably be solved with XP12, as Laminar have implemented it's own system, so any Addon, including Offline ATC softwares, will be fed with this kind of data. The good news is that it will be a Global implementation, so everything on the Simulation will be fed the same information, which doesnt happen in XP11, because the Challenger has it's own system, and it needs code specific for each addon you want to use. Not practical at all, it cant bruteforce its data into XP. Regards!
  11. Hi, I have learned by some other RXP User, that the communication between RXP GTN750 and X-Plane Autopilot is not optimal, fact that can be demonstrated by this procedure: KCVO Airport - RWY 27 - SHEDD Procedure. The GTN750 Should Command a Right Turn to Heading 155 After Takeoff, to Intercept the next Leg. And its shown this way on the GTN750. The Autopilot NAV Mode will however command a Left Turn, and the interception is never possible. It seems there is no communications between the Trainer and X-Plane Autopilot, on whats the Turn Direction for the Procedure, so X-Plane will turn to the side of lowest discrepancy between current Heading, and Commanded one. Is this something that can be looked into? Thank you!
  12. This whole interview event was terrible, and I blame the FSA organization for that. The setup of putting Austin together with Orbx CEO makes absolutely no sense. Why would you put these two together, if Orbx had no special partnership or announcement to make regarding XP12, other than a single airport scenery, which the developer said "is going to look good in XP12" ? It was very uncomfortable for all parts, clearly visible, including Austin. The difference is, Austin is an enthusiastic guy, and tried his best to keep the momentum, even with the most absurd kind of question that kept being made by the host. Like asking the Orbx CEO: "What kind of sports do you like?". Later he asked Austin if there was going to be an Orbx Global Product for XP12. Maybe you want to ask the Orbx CEO about that? So, overall, it only served to hurt Laminar image toward the already biased MSFS2020 public, I wish these folks would be a little more professional when producing such events.
  13. Just a correction Jose, this plane was made by Tom Kyler. I don't think Goran was involved at all with this one! 👍 If I'm wrong, please correct me.
  14. Hope all is well with you!! 🙂 I am looking forward to it as well!! See you in virtual skies soon 👍
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