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  1. Thanks for the reply! I guess i will wait a bit until things improve. There is of course also the performance improvement over v4.5, but i'm not sure this is worth it with my ageing hardware (i7 4790 | GTX1080 8GB | 32GB RAM).
  2. Is this still the case? Are smooth weather transitions possible with p3D v5.1 and active sky?
  3. Yes I agree. i've been alternating between this and the Hotstart TBM900 in X-Plane and the climbing and cruising performance was somewhat similar. The approach and landing was different though, very floaty, too little drag and much too stable. But now after the latest updates which were supposed to improve the flight dynamics , things have gotten much worse.
  4. But my flap setting is 35, so VREF35 at 28000lb is 116kts.
  5. Yes I disconnect the autopilot (via assigned joystick button) at a few hundred feet altitude. And i could do the approach a little faster, but it also should be doable at around 115kts, because the stall speed at this weight is around 85kts or so. So enough margin I think.
  6. Very nice update, but i'm having some problems landing. The stick-pusher activates often in the final landing fase and flare. Should this system not be suppressed when landing? I'm configured according to the landing performance charts: gross weight 28000lb, speed 115kn, flaps 35, down the glideslope. Maybe i'm missing something?
  7. 1. Overdone icing effects but no fog on windows 2. No accelerated stall, too high AOA (indicated on gauge) doesn't stall aircraft. 3. On multi-engine aircraft: all engine parameters Left,Right are the same and move in unison. 4. Engine temps rise/fall too quickly
  8. 2 Saitek throtttle quadrants and a Thrustmaster T16000M Joystick. It crashes again when I plug in the saitek controls.
  9. Maybe this post from A2A from June 2018, has some clues what might be upcoming?
  10. Scroll down to the post from Scott from A2A. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=63510&start=345
  11. Not much change i'm afraid. After brakes release all seems ok but when speed increases it weathervanes into the wind again, even with a slight 6 kt crosswind.
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