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  1. Maybe this post from A2A from June 2018, has some clues what might be upcoming?
  2. Scroll down to the post from Scott from A2A. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=63510&start=345
  3. Not much change i'm afraid. After brakes release all seems ok but when speed increases it weathervanes into the wind again, even with a slight 6 kt crosswind.
  4. It seems the Cessna 172 has more horsepower with PB16 +50 hp, and a much higher fuel flow.
  5. There is a program called WOAI Package downloader which downloads all the AI files at once. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=68666
  6. Mmm when i change the port number to 501 it does work. Can I do this without any unwanted side effects? BTW thanks for your help and the great program. Marcel
  7. Yes I have set up the Simconnect.cfg file and appended the xml file according to the manual, but it doesn't work.
  8. Sure: Sat Feb 18 15:16:32 2017 PSXseeconTraffic (32 bit) version 5.2 VERSION_CHECK=1 PERCENTAGE_PARKED=30 3303 liveries read from file AI_liveries.txt 80 unique aircraft types Parsing file SimilarTypes.txt ignored (all aircraft available): A319,A320,A321 ignored (no aircraft available): A330,A331,A332,A334,A335 ignored (no aircraft available): A340,A342,A343,A345,A346 ignored (no aircraft available): A350,A358,A359 ignored (no aircraft available): B461,B462,B463,RJ1H,RJ70,RJ85 ignored (no aircraft available): B701,B703,B720,K35A,K35E,K35R,E3CF,E3TF,C135 ignored (no aircraft available): DC85,DC86,DC87 ignored (no aircraft available): VC10,IL62 ignored (no aircraft available): DC4,DC6,DC7,P3 ignored (all aircraft available): A318,A319,A320,A321 ignored (no aircraft available): A330,A332,A333 ignored (all aircraft available): DH8A,DH8B,DH8C,DH8D ignored (no aircraft available): JS31,JS32,JS41,ATP ignored (no aircraft available): CAT,G21,G44,G73,G73T,U16 ignored (no aircraft available): BIPL,CAML,G164,G64T,PTMS,PTS1,PTS2,PTSS,AN2,ST75 ignored (no aircraft available): DA40,DA42,DIMO,DV20,DG40,DG50,DG60,DG80,DISC,JANU,NIMB,VENT,LS9,GLID,HU1,HU2,PA38,SF24,SF25,G115 ignored (no aircraft available): BL8,BL17,B14A,BE33,BE35,BE36,B36T,J2,J3,J4,J5,PA11,PA12,PA14,PA15,PA16,PA17,PA18,PA20,PA22,SF23,SIRA,P68 ignored (no aircraft available): DHC1,E300,E314,F260,HURI,SPIT,SPT1,P51,PC7,PC9,T34P,T6,TEX2,TUCA ignored (no aircraft available): C120,C140,C150,C152,C170,C172,C175,C177,C180,C182,C185,C188,C190,C195,C205,C206,T206,C207,C208,C210,C72R,C82R,C77R,CMAS,ULAC,P210,T210,TAMP,AAT3 ignored (no aircraft available): M4,M5,M6,M7,M7T,M8,PC6P,PC6T ignored (no aircraft available): M20T,M20P,AC11,SR20,SR22,LEG2 ignored (no aircraft available): P28A,P28B,P28R,P28T,P32R,P32T,P46T,PA24,PA25,PA28,PA32,PA36,PA46,PILL,S108,DR40,TBM7,TOBA,Z42 ignored (no aircraft available): C335,C336,C337,P337 ignored (no aircraft available): AEST,PA23,PA27,PA30,PA31,PA34,PA44,PAT4,PAY1,PAY2,PAY3,PAY4 ignored (no aircraft available): A109,A119,A129,ALH,ALO2,ALO3,ANST,AS32,AS50,AS55,AS65,B06,B06T,B105,B209,B212,B214,B222,B230,B305,B407,B412,B427,B430,B47G,B47J,B47T,BABY,BK17,BRB2,BSTP,CH7,COMU,DJIN DRAG,EC20,EC25,EC30,EC35,EC45,EC55,S360,R66 ignored (no aircraft available): EH10,ELTO,EN28,EN48,EXEC,EXPL,FH11,FREL,GAZL,GYRO,H12T,H2,H21,H269,H43A,H43B,H46,H47,H500,H53,H53S,H60,H64,H66,HUCO,IS2,JAG2,K126,K226,KA25,KA27,KA50,KA52,KA62,KH4,KMAX,LAMA,LR2T,LYNX,M34V,M74,MD52,MD60 ignored (no aircraft available): S61,S330,S360,S51,S52,S55,S55P,S55T,S58,S58P,S58T,S61R,MH20,A139,S62,S64,S65,S65C,S76,S92,NA40,NH90,OH1,PHIL,PSW4,PUMA,R22,R4,R44,RMOU,RP1,RVAL,SCOR,SCOU,SH4 ignored (no aircraft available): MI10,MI14,MI2,MI24,MI26,MI28,MI34,MI38,MI4,MI6,MI8 ignored (no aircraft available): SUCO,SYCA,TIGR,UH1,UH12,ULTS,V500,W3,WASP,WESX,WG30 ignored (no aircraft available): A6,A10,AJET,CL41,ETAR,EUFI,F4,F5,F14,F15,F16,F18,F22,F35,F104,F111,JPRO,HAWK,HAR,MG29,MG31,MIRA,MIR2,MIR4,MRF1,S3,T38,TOR ignored (no aircraft available): A124,A225,B52,C5,C17,C141,IL76 ignored (no aircraft available): B25,L37 ignored (no aircraft available): GLID,DISC,VENT,DUOD Resulting possible similar aircraft types: Similar=Unknown[ Unknown] A388=A380 A389 B742=B747 B741 B74D B74R B74S B748 BSCA IL96=IL86 B722=B721 R722 TRID YK42 B727 MD11=DC10 A30B=A300 A306 E170=E175 B732=B731 B737=E737 B752=B757 B762=B767 E767 B772=B777 B77W B77L B788=B787 B789 T134=DC91 DC92 DC93 DC94 DC95 S210 MD87=MD80 MD81 MD82 MD83 MD88 B717 CRJ2=CRJ1 CRJ7 CRJ9 CRJX CL60 E45X ERJ F70=F28 BA11 GL5T GLEX ASTR GLF3=BE40 C25A C25B C500 C501 C525 C526 C550 C551 C560 C56X C650 C680 C750 CL30 G150 GALX GLF2 LJ24 LJ31 LJ55 LJ60 EA50 PRM1 F900 F2TH FA10 FA20 FA50 FA7X YK40 AT43=AT44 AT45 F60 L410=AC50 AC56 AC68 AC6L AC72 AC80 AC90 L610 E110=G159 SF34 YS11 IL14 SW4 ATLA L188 DHC6=DH2T DH3T DHC2 DHC3 D228 B190=B18T B350 BE10 BE18 BE30 BE50 BE55 BE56 BE58 BE60 B60T BE65 BE70 BE76 BE80 BE88 BE95 BE99 BE9T C402=C02T C04T C14T C21T C303 C310 C320 C340 C404 C41 C411 C42 C425 C441 F406 GA7 T50 TL30 C130=C160 483 light aircraft liveries, as default Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Waiting for RealTraffic for PSX to connect ... RealTrafic for PSX connected Starting SimConnect session and synchronising ... Waiting for Flight Simulator to load ... Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ... Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ... Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ... Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ... Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ... Connecting to Flight Simulator ... User closed PSXseeconTraffic, wait till all processes have stopped ... Disconnect from RealTraffic Stream Flight Simulator connection failed, waiting 2 seconds ...
  9. Hi Nico I've followed the steps in the the manual but i can not get a PSXseeconTraffic network connection with P3D my setup details: -I have a working networked configuration with AS16 -Both my pc's are running windows 10 64 bit -realtraffic is connecting ok -I installed the simConnect v10.0.61259.0 client on the pc running PSXseeconTraffic -Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86, x64 Redistributable installed Any ideas? thanks Marcel.
  10. Well a former real pilot of the 744 has made a series of tutorials on youtube for the Aerowinx 744 precision simulator, and one of those videos is a landing tutorial, and he indeed talks about the reduction in vertical speed below 200ft RA, but a pitching down moment due to ground effect is not mentioned nor is it visible in the live presentation of the running simulator, the only down pitching moment is due to thrust reduction. Marcel van Santen
  11. Very helpful... if you speak spanish
  12. You can use the right mouse button to pan around . There is also scroll-wheel support in X-Plane 11 for heading, frequency adjustment etc. Performance is great on my PC, on par with X-Plane 10.
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