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  1. Yes sure , but also we need competitors to raise the bar for xplane payware airlinersAnd i think we wont get better competitors than PMDG
  2. Yes thats why i said may , i think after xplane11 is out they will think more seriously about it since more simmers are coming to xplane Yes i agree 777 or 747 would be much better
  3. Was on a facebook group and one guy posted this link , would be great to have PMDG airliners in xplane
  4. Yes thats the problem , no one is doing reviews of there product , ofcourse they will say its perfect I dont mean they are scaming , they hv very good reviews for the column yoke , but just want to make sure the desktop one is as good ,specially for xplane !!! Also no enough time to think abt it they will be out of orders for feb very soon
  5. Hello guys, Am on the edge of buying this ace 737 desktop yoke. But i cant find any good and honest reviews for it Concerning handling and feel of the yoke!! Does any of you have it would give me a breif review?! Thanks
  6. just fired it up for the first time. all i can say is wooooooow, this is day and night from other sims ,now I feel I hv a 2016 sim cant wait for xplane11 now I need a good payware GA aircraft (ie old traditional insturments, up to date graphics in virtual cockpit, good flight modeling) any suggestions guys u were of a great help anyways thanks
  7. Thanks Murmur fir the link Now i bought it but the download is very slow 100 kb/s I have a 5mpbs connection and usually download at 300-400 kb/s!!!!
  8. Wow u should hv spent a lot of time writing this very useful reply That was the exact answer i am looking for Many thanks bro for your time Ill go buy xplane10 now !!
  9. Hi guys, I ve been simming for almost 22 years, all of them was MSFS till p3d v2.4 I got fedup with same problems since 2006 , as so i saw some utube videos Of xplane10 and thought 'no that must be edited videos' 'sure people wont go For p3d if this sim looks like this!!'. Then i downloaded the demo, i was blown away with the scenery and night lightining 'This is amaaazing', 'this utube videos was not a joke ' Sorry for talking too much Now my questions ,i know this maybe answered million times but pls be patient with me Am just too excited At first should i hold till xplane11 is out i know it should be around soon?? If no 2- does all the scenery hv same quality like the one that came with demo in NY area?! 3-i didnt like the clouds nor the wxr engine, do we hv any good addons to fix that'ie like ASN for FSX'? 4-also runway texture res was not good ,any addons to fix it?! 5-what essential addons do i need so i can calculate the amount of money i will invest?! 6- is flightfactor767 same quality like PMDG aircrafts? 7-should i buy it from steam or directly from LR?! Many thanks
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