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  1. amazing quick support as usual, i will try it and report back thanks
  2. just purchase gsx pro , any plans for MCE support ? i know there was some issues from fsdt side is it solved or will be? thanks
  3. no i dont have a simpit flap lever i will test further and report back , but whatb about the APU issue? also when asking for the bird the fo replies but does nothing not sure how can i help , let me know if i can send log files or anything
  4. yes maybr i wasnt clear, i mean after airborne, the fo replies flaps one but never set it , soething is not right if u command flaps one when flaps two is set
  5. Thanks for first issue, i do request flaps one after to and during acceleration(i mean acceleration at acc alt when airborne @ approx 2000-3000ft) which is a normal procedure in real life if u selected flaps 2 for to, its different than what u smartly implemented of rejecting non logic requests during to run For 3 and 4, I have latest version
  6. hello 1-if i set flaps 2 for takeoff and then order flaps one during acceleration after takeoff ,fo does nothing. 2-if i set a packs off takeoff, after takeoff ordering packs 2 on ,fo does nothing too, although it works for pack one. 3-if i order FO to start APU ,he replies 'apu already running' although its off. 4-hdg and altitude orders are very random sometimes it works an sometimes he sets a wrong value specially if i give the order during a turn. thanks
  7. thanks for the detailed explaination , actually i am very good with voxscript programming now and been using it since long time , my only issue with it is finding the right command if not listed in the drop down menu,like this 'terrain radar off' it wasnt listed neither in a32xx doc nor drop down menu 'maybe in other doc would be my bad' , also that i cant have same command listed twice in same script , as an example to clear rad nav in a320 you have to press clr button twice to clear both rad navs , so i have to have the command 'right cdu press clr' twice which is not accepted by voxscript, i found a work around by finding same command in a different statement like 'cdu two press clr' but still would be better if i can duplicate inside the same script
  8. hello whats the voxscript command for 'FO TERRAIN RADAR OFF' for the fenix a320 and pmdg 737 , i managed to make him switch it on but cant find a turn off command thanks
  9. i get the 'please restart your flight' erroe everytime i try to load up the FENIX a320 !!! also get 'sim_ldr' appear in top left of the screen its working fine with the pmdg 737 though
  10. hello am on v3.0.00.0 i found the latest is v3.0.0.9 , i own the ultimate ver , now should i download the demo and just overwrite? or there is a patch since i dont want to lose my current bindings and settings thanks
  11. thats exactly the same prob i reported with su11, now can you please explain this work around in details for the -800 and fenix 320? thanks
  12. most of these issues is on dx12 am using dx11, also same thing is happening with the fenix320 ,its not only the PMDG
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