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  1. Yes sure , but also we need competitors to raise the bar for xplane payware airlinersAnd i think we wont get better competitors than PMDG
  2. Yes thats why i said may , i think after xplane11 is out they will think more seriously about it since more simmers are coming to xplane Yes i agree 777 or 747 would be much better
  3. Was on a facebook group and one guy posted this link , would be great to have PMDG airliners in xplane
  4. Yes thats the problem , no one is doing reviews of there product , ofcourse they will say its perfect I dont mean they are scaming , they hv very good reviews for the column yoke , but just want to make sure the desktop one is as good ,specially for xplane !!! Also no enough time to think abt it they will be out of orders for feb very soon
  5. Hello guys, Am on the edge of buying this ace 737 desktop yoke. But i cant find any good and honest reviews for it Concerning handling and feel of the yoke!! Does any of you have it would give me a breif review?! Thanks
  6. Well in real life i fly a330 , on sims i fly a bonanza , IXEG737(thx to u) , and even military aircrafton DCS , its not the same thing at all
  7. Wow😄 , well its a valid query bro , i think I have many reasons 1-bec for me aviation is not only a job its an hobby in the first place, In airline world u hv many restrictions and rules you have to follow, U cant do a steep turn with 300 pax on board 😄,you cant even hand fly it for a whole flight ,actually we engage a/p at 100' on airbuses!!! , but i can do that In a sim, i can try things that i cant do in real life,somehow gives me some Satisfaction, also vor or NDB approaches are rarley done these days for example 2-i use it for training before my intials or recurrents,i used to fly the pmdg737 Before i actually flew it for real , on my first session i was very familiar with MCP And fmc programming , the instructor was very surprised 😝. Also failures simulation will keep ur systems and memory items studies always fresh. 3-its where i started in the first place , it reminds me of the good old days when i was trying To land with 300kts vref on MSFS98. 😂 4-bec its fun And yes we hv access for LEVELD sim ,for 4 hours every 6 month !!!!😄 I hope i answered your question
  8. Ameen ✋ Try the ixeg737 if u like airliners ,has been reccomended by great guys here ,just bought it 2 days ago And its great , you can read previous posts
  9. Well i think this post subject is going somewhere else 😄 Anyways i appreciate both sims, and i think that xplane needs Some good marketing and more good developers to shine And it has this potential to be the best sim ever made . Again my two cents
  10. Well with all my respect to your experience i do have 5000hrs on b738 , 2000hrs on a330 , 400 on c172 and few hours on beachcraft , and i can confirm that xplane is the best flight modelled civil aviation sim on 2d screen ive used in 22years simming both on fsx and p3d But anyway you cant get the real feeling at home even levelD sims wont do that but i mean its The closest among others . Am not trying to argue or compare ,its just my personal opinion
  11. +1 We the community hv to speak up ,so these unwelcomed developers wont hit other victims I do agree with you in most parts, but dont forget that p3d is pain in the **s and will Take a worth of money to make it look good and yet it wont look as good as xplane I.e the scattered autogen,stutters,very bad flight models,railway runways,the overall very forgiving atmosphere..is a turn off For me and get me bored quickly even with excellent addons Real flying is challenging and fun its the biggest joy of it And xplane wins in this area hands down I think that these sim has a potential that is not implemented in addons yet Just imagine these brilliant developers of p3d were focused on xplane Anyway it depends on every individual point of view And the way u choose to fly Pls dont take me wrong as a ###### , i ve been simming 22 years with fsx and p3d And enjoyed it too Am just expressing my opinion
  12. am very optimistic about xplane11 ,am sure it will blow away any other sims based on the old fsx engine ,then devs will follow for sure
  13. Yes i totally agree with you but the night lightining and default scenery is breathtaking that i Dont mind having a somehow low quality airports ,i mean at least now i can hv sloppy runways (Not railway ones) combined with stutter free flight and amazing flight models simulating crosswinds And turbulence makes the landing challenging and so real Also i hv to mention xplane freeware developers are amazing really Only my two cents
  14. Yes Ofcourse p3d hv many many quality and excellent payware addons But what i am saying is that xplane is almost complete out of the box (Except weather engine ofcourse) All u need is just a good aircraft , and because the market is empty It leaves space for money diggers to sell very bad quality products for Unreasonable high prices , and reviewers are backing them!!!!!!! So atleast there should be someone that warn people and newbie's of these products Beacause people coming from fsx and p3d will always expect the same quality addons For the same prices in xplane, and then fall in the trap ...like me
  15. I was thinking of the 767 but now you changed my mind , specially that u seem to know what am i talking about. Good decision Actually i was thinking of posting a seperate topic to warn the guys here of this scam . Reveiws are Very misleading What do you think guys ?! I dont want to break any forum rules though?!!!
  16. Does the ixeg737 has good graphics and textures like the PMDG's?!
  17. Hi am a newbie for xplane The sim itself is outstanding , beautiful scenery ,very stable and smooth,brilliant flight modeling and failures simulation,Night lightining...OMG. Amazing job LR👍 Now comes the weak point and it has nothing to do with LR...payware addon aircrafts I bought 2 aircrafts till now...and they both disspointed me big deal. Alabeo aztec (not that bad but not good too) ,and the joke called JAR330 Now the 330 is almost 60$, and u get nothing Very bad textures(airbus is not grey by any means!!!!) Very bad flight model (not even close to real sims) Very bad sys and warning simulation Very bad sounds Veeeeerry buggy Am a real a330 f/o , ofcourse am not expecting to give me the real feeling of a real a330 But for 60$,this product is simply ######, i wont use it even if its freeware And it is still getting amazing reviews!!!!!!!!!!wt....f Why is that happening with xplane...its amazing platform that needs good developers to take care of And it will fly ?!!!! (I mean payware devs) Why there is no good quality airliners(except for the 767 ) The only thing i miss from my 22 years of FSX is PMDG's and some quality sceneries like flytampa and taxi2gate.
  18. just fired it up for the first time. all i can say is wooooooow, this is day and night from other sims ,now I feel I hv a 2016 sim cant wait for xplane11 now I need a good payware GA aircraft (ie old traditional insturments, up to date graphics in virtual cockpit, good flight modeling) any suggestions guys u were of a great help anyways thanks
  19. Thanks Murmur fir the link Now i bought it but the download is very slow 100 kb/s I have a 5mpbs connection and usually download at 300-400 kb/s!!!!
  20. Wow u should hv spent a lot of time writing this very useful reply That was the exact answer i am looking for Many thanks bro for your time Ill go buy xplane10 now !!
  21. Hi guys, I ve been simming for almost 22 years, all of them was MSFS till p3d v2.4 I got fedup with same problems since 2006 , as so i saw some utube videos Of xplane10 and thought 'no that must be edited videos' 'sure people wont go For p3d if this sim looks like this!!'. Then i downloaded the demo, i was blown away with the scenery and night lightining 'This is amaaazing', 'this utube videos was not a joke ' Sorry for talking too much Now my questions ,i know this maybe answered million times but pls be patient with me Am just too excited At first should i hold till xplane11 is out i know it should be around soon?? If no 2- does all the scenery hv same quality like the one that came with demo in NY area?! 3-i didnt like the clouds nor the wxr engine, do we hv any good addons to fix that'ie like ASN for FSX'? 4-also runway texture res was not good ,any addons to fix it?! 5-what essential addons do i need so i can calculate the amount of money i will invest?! 6- is flightfactor767 same quality like PMDG aircrafts? 7-should i buy it from steam or directly from LR?! Many thanks
  22. Hi Martin, I understand that you are not in a position to answer these questions at this time but pls keep in mind these very important points ,i think thats exactly what hardcore simmers are looking for in a 2016 flightsim ,and i dont mean that points 1 and 2 have to be defaulted but at least that the sim will allow developers to hv wider limitations than wt we hv currently am an airline pilot and can tell that flight dynamics in FSX or P3D is far away from wt u get in real life specially for jets even in the most advanced addons like PMDG Again thanks for listening
  23. Hi Martin, Thanks for listening Just 3 simple questions I read on a facebook comment that sloped runway wont be there in DTG flight school , will that be the case for flight simulator? Weather engine has always been unreal , boring and too much forgiving in fsx and p3d , Whats new in this area for flight simulator ? Will rain droplets, snow, dust ...etc be visible on the windsheild while in virtual cockpit view? Thanks
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