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  1. For the time being the best way to reduce it is the following... 1. Edit your UserCfg.opt file found in C:\Users\**YOURNAME**\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache Open with notepad scroll down till you see "VR Section" settings and do that, especially "ColorGrading" and "EyeAdaptation" these have the most impact on it set to 0. {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 0 ColorGrading 0 Sharpen 0 Fringe 0 LensDistortion 0 Dirt 0 LensFlare 0 FilmGrain 0 Vignette 0 LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000 FringeMultiplier 1.000000 2. Fly with some clouds if possible, they help a lot 3. Fly in the morning or evening avoid noon hours. 4. Use OpenXr toolkit it helps a bit, but it mostly makes white grey so it is not a very good improvement This stupid effect is there and I can prove to everyone that they have it, even though they say "oh it is Ok I do not have this problem" they simply full of it, it is nasty, vote on this issue they might fix it, but no, they claim they don't have it. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-vr-overexposed-washed-out-landscape-colors/342883
  2. you can control the speed also assign commands to joystick switches, every aspect of drone cam is controllable in vr as well as 2d for this you simply familiarize yourself with control assignments, also as someone suggested get xbox controller for pc you can control aircraft with yoke as always, then when you witch to drone use controller
  3. drone camera works just fine in VR you can walk around do whatever.. you can do it with outside view also (spot view) but you cannot turn around unless you do it physically and it is much slower then using drone view Here's me walking around i think this is using drone view if i recall, nvm what i say there LOL
  4. I mostly use this guys recommendations I also use ReverbG2 and the best results i was able to achieve with FSR and foveated rendering these helped a lot in terms of performance. I use 3080 with 10850K 32Ram
  5. It does help a little bit, I highly recommend trying the tool for its other settings as well which really improved my performance in VR 10 fold ! There are many settings for brightness / saturation and what not.. I haven't paly with it to big extend but it does help.. however it does not get rid of it and fixes it 100%, but it is something, better then anything else available at this time. I simply try not to fly at noon hours 16:00 - 09:00 and fly west in the AM, east in the PM LOL
  6. So far I never had to, it will even do update with the mod running just fine. I have it set up to start to automatically before MSFS with the Add-on manager tool, so I forgot and did the SU8 and WU8 with it running in the background just fine. I suppose at some point mod can not be compatible with some update of MSFS, then you will have to wait for new one, but this Mod does not actually modify anything in your MSFS. It tells MSFS to take the data (satellite imagery) from a server other then bing... that's all.
  7. yes it is, with the controllers but there is a limit so you cannot make it too small.. I put them on the ceiling of the aircraft that keeps it out of my view when I am just flying.
  8. Ok I confirm that the new Demo does work OK and I was able to try it, I still have 2 days left and some starts. So far I like the part of telling him to set ALT/HDG/Flaps etc.. this seems to work OK for the most part, sometimes I tell him to set something to XXX he keeps on re-asking me that for some reason. I find the copilot very hectic in his behavior, I turn off "speak a lot". Not really sure what's up with the checklist.. I am thinking I am expected to know the sequence of FLOW's (fair enough).. checklists are easy as they are listed on main panel in sequence, but the copilot doesn't do anything (flips switches) just reads checklist, later I see i have to call for flows they are listed somewhere in VOXSCRIPT I think it was called.. that made the copilot do some stuff in rather again hectic way.. but he did it in A320FBW "kinda"... it was ok... In Aerosoft CRJ the only thing that seemed to work was having him change Heading and if i recall ALTITUDE that's about it, checklist would not allow to be enabled kept on reverting to OFF Unchecked in main programs panel. Suggestion (unless I missed it) add a mute button for when I am talking to VATSIM controller or something. I think i saw somewhere NUMLOCK suppose to do it.. not sure.. again I just played with it for short time. Anyhow, I will try it a bit more .. but I think it will be a pass for me. Thanks for fixing the DEMO ! Andy
  9. I will give it a shot hopefully it doesn't detect that the old demo was already installed earlier and denies me the new demo, I'll wait till Saturday get nice 3 full days off it. Hopefully !
  10. How about I buy a product if I do not like it will you offer me my money back ? I will not use it if I do not like it I again you DO NOT have a WORKING DEMO, how about i buy your software if i don't like it do you offer money back ? You have very small user base from what I see as well ! Tried asking about your software on some FB Groups got 0 replies ! Even here I see the same 2-3 people responding. Videos about the product as I mention only really 1 main person makes any.
  11. You do not have a Demo ! All I see here are post about Demo not working for anyone, and voice attack does not sound as robotic as what i see on the videos.. sorry to hurt your feeling but i am not here to fish for customers FS2Crew is 20 Euro that is $27 Cad your product i now see it 60 Euro I though it was in British pounds so that is 84 Cad and don't be ridiculous that I am trying to pouch customers I am trying to find out about something before i pay $84 Canadian for it. I just recently bought EFB software on Aeorsoft for like $35 or something and it turned out to be not what i hoped for ended up getting a lot more expensive Navigraph. Sick and tired of throwing money out. This is just one example. And I do not need to be influenced I am not asking for commercial but for a review and show of the software capabilities as you maybe see the first response was: Turns out this is NOT TRUE, so @FS++ I have learnt that it CANNOT change frequencies, In my second post I clearly state that I use MSFS with these aircraft then I get another response quoted above that say it does do that where in fact it does not, If i buy it then what next will I learn that it cannot press certain buttons on MCP ? So in the essence I will be stuck with an expensive version of voice attack ! It can do more and is already pre programed buy that's about it. Purpose of a Demo is to try the product not to see if it installs on your computer ! What competing product am i talking about???? Voice Attack ? yeah guess what they have DEMO I tried it I liked it I purchased it !!! The other time I mentioned that FS2Crew has many videos and nice tutorials that explain how to use it but I DO NOT LIKE THE BIG WINDOW maybe read my post instead of thinking i go here promote other products ! Yes I want opinion from maybe some user who used both FS2Crew and MCE to tell me what the difference is.. what are you so afraid of ? Why don't you look at my post history maybe it will get to you I am not here to get customers for other product I want to opinions and experiences from others to decide to buy this instead. Sorry did not know it was not allowed ! I think buddy you got it wrong its $20 euro so only $27 CAD as mentioned before not 35 or 40 !! Like I said i saw your price being in British pounds that is why i say over $100 I can admit to my mistake can you !
  12. Maybe I went little too harsh.. I don't mean your videos are bad.. from the ones i did watch i find them more of a video .. "look it works" then "how it works" not much of a review video more like a showcase video,, yeah you explain a bit but just not quite like what i see by others. hey don't feel bad, beauty in the eye of a beholder i am certain that there are many people who think my videos are trash and i am ok with that lol... oh BTW i did not say your videos are trash just that again more of a showcase vide other then instructional/product review video. for example you could say... here are some things that copilot can do.. then tell him to do .. this and this and that and show... look he flips the switches; he is adjusting altimeter/ autopilot altitude; heading look.. now i tell him to set flaps and he does it... and so on... not as a part of the flight but as a review of its capabilities, park at the gate and have him do stuff.. ok, some things cannot be done at gate like raise gear, but he should for set up AP altitude, move flaps, turn on various light.. anyhow......... Sadly the demo doesn't work for me devs pretty much don't care so yeah whatever I can't try it, but if as you say in MSFS majority does not work then this is not for me. I can set up voice attack to do many things for me like drop flaps, gear, use pretty much any key that is defined in MSFS key binds.. cannot ask it to set Altitude to 15000 but if I am at 11000 I can ask it to increase altitude by 4000 and it will be the same. Could probably use the same to make it set up radios.. and yea I actually have totally working checklist with responses just that it will not check the validity.. say it ask me if gear is up if i say it is it will say ok regardless of gear position. Anyways point was that I was hoping for something much better then Voice attack.. and it does not seem to be it.. well not for $100 anyways if demo worked then i could evaluate but like this not gonna go for it not for that much money, cat in a bag for me. I would even consider the $100 because it seems creating cheklist etc would be so much easier nut then the voices just hurt my ears, I had P2Atc set it up very well maybe that could be too.. again from what i heard so far .. nah i will pass.
  13. I did try this on another computer with my other copy of msfs for development purposes where there are no tinkering with the other computer since performance is not important to me, computer is only used to design scenery for MSFS and it also did not work. My opinion since this forum is dead, media is dead, your demo is dead, whatever videos are out there of this software are mediocre at best and really very unappealing I will keep my $100 and yes I prefer to give FS2Crew $25 for each aircraft at least I know what I am getting .. marketing 101 very disappointed, doesn't matter how many years you are out there, seems pretty unprofessional even manuals are from windowsXP time ... seriously windowsXP If you don't care for my money I totally get it, but I am not prepared to cough up over $100 on this based on what I have seen so far. Seriously most YouTube influencers would be happy to professionally review your product.. unless you know that it will not be favorable. This operation and pricing kind of reminds me of VoxATC may it "RIP".
  14. I have similar problem.. am i suppose to request the key after installing it or something ? i don't even know from which computer I sent email to request might have been from my phone :P , no probably not but I waited till i can play with to even install it????
  15. Just installed the demo on my computer and nothing.. right after doing "run app wizard" started msfs, loaded aircraft.. start MCE.. and ... expired 10 minutes after initial installation ??? to clarify the only thing that run was an "app wizard" https://ibb.co/LQbXMtV
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