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  1. kinda figured it out from all the post on other forums hope it helps someone!
  2. I am using ReverbG2 and MS Store version of MSFS is there any way to bring other windows like Pilot2ATC or Self Loading Cargo etc inside VR cockpit? Payware or freeware add-on is fine. I saw a video about someone using OVRtoolkit but they don't really explain weather they use Steam version of MSFS or not .. i am not going to buy steam MSFS just to sue ovrtoolkit that's silly lol anyways if there is a way please let me know maybe a link to some tutorial would be appriciated Thanks
  3. yeah same here any update in the works to pilot 2 atc so it can read the msfs2020 weather finally not depend on NOAA
  4. ok so they started working idk... fine now
  5. I can't for the love of me get ATC CHATTER sounds to work, installed it as per instructions here and NOTHING !!! He says about some volume but fails to show what volume is he talking about ? I am using MSFS 2020 Thanks
  6. However, engines should still spool down, yet they are pegged at CLB thrust N1 all the time, I understand it if went over speed a little bit then i see engines slow down and the speed drops, but they DO NOT ! on the first video they pegged at full thrust climb never spool down at all. As to AOA I mostly tried to follow the FD and yes it might be little low at 10 deg, on the second video i had it at 20 deg, but regardless the engines never did spool down ever due to A-THR trying to keep my selected speed. It seems to me that A-THR is simply following managed speed and totally disregard my selected speed, what i am trying to get at is there something I am doing wrong or is it faulty AP.
  7. yeah that problem (or me doing something wrong) was for a while, before most recent update which screed up autopilot all over but has since been fixed, Looked at some older video I made and I was all excited that it held the speed but in fact I have moved the throttle below CL so I didn't allow it to go full climb thrust, so in fact it wasn't keeping the speed i just choked it. Time stamp 33:15
  8. right so this is exactly what I did selected it on FCU ... hmm... yeah if you want you can try it on a FSLabs let me know what happened, I do not own any add-on airbus on any other sim only PMDG 737 Thanks
  9. Try it see if it works for you... Yes I tried setting it in PREF in CLB to 200 it didn't do anything, I am wondering if it has to do with more recent ASOBO adjustments to AP that is messing it up. Reason for that is when I use P2A they were complaining to keep speed below 220 kts also getting warnings from SelfLoading Cargo for speeding below 10000 ft, so I decided to set Manual speed and then i found out it doesn't work. If i recall I haven't played it in a while 737 would never breach speed or altitude when flying FMC, but then again it was PMDG and it was in P3D so whole other story but i though A320 should respect this speed also, but then again some people can't even fly the word not allowed thing so i suppose this little hiccup can be dealt with
  10. lol yes it's the video, and the fact of recording it it's ok when i actually just fly, recording ON brought the video card to its knees I play in 4K also 😄 al ULTRA add recording on top of it and yeah
  11. yes i did lower thrust to CL yes i did pull the knob, not sure what you mean by "... providing you selected A/THR..." here's a video of the take off i made if you want you can take a look at it maybe you can spot something i did wrong but it shows and i try to explain what i am doing and what's going on thanks
  12. After take off I usually turn the program off then i start it again once i am at the gate and i can call all the services just like I could at departure, even if there are no visible service vehicles around (park at random gate) they will appear I tried it last time and everything worked fine, and yes park breaks and engines have to be off. I usually park at designated gate by MSFS ATC so all vehicles are already there waiting for me, but last time they sent me to some Ramp and i said the heck with it parked at random GATE which was empty of any Service vehicles, once i parked shut down engines an all .. requested all the services and they all appeared. Catering truck is being stupid sometimes can't find his way or spinning tires or gets stuck under the wing lol but yeah he's trying.
  13. I know it doesn't answer your question exactly, but go and try Pilot2ATC, at first i didn't like it but after finding out you can for free add extra voices and spending few days learning i came to conclusion, screw default MSFS ATC, word not allowed like all the other iteration before that one. Pilot2ATC gives you 10 days free trial, like i said before i found out i can add extra voices for free i was on the fence but then i bought it and I love it ! You can use your voice if you want to also but not mandatory, yes it is little bit more complex then default but then it works right not bs MSFS atc. As far as entering in MCDU go to F-PLAN click on your destination airport DEST (ICAO), new window choose ARRIVAL, choose your approach type, choose STAR any VIA if required, then R6 TMPY INSERT and that you can do while in the air. P2A allows you to lock your arrival and departure so it will not change it on you Good Luck
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