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  1. AndyCYXU

    FSX DX10 vs P3D 3.4

    Since you are still enjoying your FSX DX10 I'd recommend you hold off getting P3D for a while longer, V3.x is out now for over a year... maybe.... maybe... some new v4 will come out soon.... who knows... than you don't have to buy it again as they do not offer any upgrade pricing. As for your original question I myself have moved to P3d since v2.5 and never looked back. Was using i7-2700K back then with GTX680. From the first time performance was better then FSX, visuals were better.. well IMO everything was better than FSX. Andy
  2. AndyCYXU

    P3D with Windows 10

    yes win10 is better I moved from win7 to win10 and p3d is working much better/smoother and IMO win8.x are/were junk, i definitely recommend you switch to w10 especially from w8.x wouldn't worry about automatic updates I haven't had any problems with it, also certain updates can be disabled and/or do not happen on their own such as video card drivers updates which if they did happen on their own that be terrible however NO, i have had no problems since moving from 7 to 10 and I love it, yes sim runs better too.
  3. I use multiple GPU's for my Home cockpit and it works just fine, they are not SLI or anything not sure why you weren't able to get it p3d going... I do know that FSX !!!! WILL NOT !!! work but p3d has been fixed and works fine. FSX has a limit of 5 displays if I recall NOTE : DISPLAYS not MONITORS !!!, so there was this limitation in FSX, since in P3D however they fixed it and I can use as many displays as I wish, well I only tried with 8 which equals to number of monitors I use and it worked fine, but I have it set up only as 6 display on daily bases as 3 of them work in NVSurround so it's kind of like that: in use with 737 home cockpit 3x monitor = 1 display Nvidia surround (for main view) >980ti 1x monitor = 1 display (captain Instruments) >970 1x Monitor = 1 display (center panel) >970 1x monitor = 1 display (FO instruments) >970 1x monitor = 1 display (CDU) >970 1x monitor = 1 display (auxiliary) for other programs asn/map etc.. or whatever >980Ti so i have 8 monitors but 6 displays it works well with p3d not for FSX, back in FSX i had to split captain and FO display so they were the same using simple y-cable as limit of 5 displays anyways i don't mean to hijack topic talking about my setup, so back to OP, though I saw he went for ATI card I would also advise against it for sim games as they all fsx/p3d seem to perform better on Nvidia cards., but that's just IMO, i do not think they are bad cards at all but if your main game is p3d/fsx definitely go for Nvidia and more Vram is mainly beneficial when you go higher resolution so in general I would say 4GB card will do just fine for p3d/fsx I had nice boost when i went from 780Ti to 980Ti but again I use high resolution nvsurround is at 6000x1080 then add the auxiliary monitor....but if you don't plan on nvsurround or much higher then 1920x1080 then 4gb card is just fine IMO I also run other games like ARK:Survival Evolved (very GPU intensive game) and it work super on either my 980ti or 970 just as well, same with GTA5/Division/DAYZ etc... ...but yeah for Flight Sim games I would not go to ATI; additionally I never had any issues with NVidia and any other games, so i am definitely in the nvidia crowd LOL Andy
  4. AndyCYXU

    Sitek Pro Flight Yoke problem

    Well just for the sake of conversation I did another install and now Siatek never has disconnected didn't even use these drivers from MadCatz, but now my monitors are being stupid, rather P3D is being difficult, despite setting for Full Screen resolutions it decides to change them to whatever it want's to, LOL so after going to Full Screen in the sim I have to go to windows resolution setup and change them back to what they suppose to be then they stay like they suppose to. :rolleyes: Oh well little annoying but I can live with that. Despite the little nuisance I do have to say that with w10 this thing has never been so smooth with all I throw at it. Here's one happy camper Andy
  5. AndyCYXU

    Sitek Pro Flight Yoke problem

    Got It ! You very well might be correct ! I will do some more testing but so far so good Made a whole circle flight good 25 minutes and nothing disconnected on me :smile: Second chance for win10 LOL truly amazed by how smooth it is. Thanks Andy
  6. AndyCYXU

    Sitek Pro Flight Yoke problem

    hmm ok, thanks, my yoke does not have a trim wheel though, but on a good note last time when it disconnected or whatever it does to render it useless I paused the sim unplugged it and plugged it back in to USB and it work again didn't disconnect after for the next little while till I shot down p3d.. so there is hope. sometimes p3d will crash when i unplug it while playing pause seemed to work, so maybe it is some w10+p3d+siatek combo problem hope it will work out cause i just made a new install of win7+p3d and compared to new install of win10+p3d i have to admit that w10+p3d is so smooth and i think i got everything maxed out it's just jaw dropping :o , same video drivers fresh install yup win10 wins just if these bugs could be sorted out Andy
  7. so I just recently got w10 to check it out with P3D and I am having problem with Sitek Pro Flight Yoke. after some time (depends) 5-10 min yoke is no longer responsive, rudders that are hooked to it they work just fine I have disabled all power saving non-sense that I could find regarding USB devices including in device manager didn't help nothing When I start windows seems majority of my devices connected to USB hub and ports seem to be OFF (hub lights go off same with Sitek Yoke), even though ALL power saving features are DISABLED.. anything I could think of in power managment, in device manager for each and every HID device as well as all USB controllers... w10 seems to ignore it totally LOL they do wake up as soon as I start the sim and they do not shut down.. including the yoke it does not seem to disconnect the green screen with clock or whatever it is, it is always on, just it does not do anything also to mention I do have a lot of usb devices there are 10 usb devices that are modules for my cockpit 1 throttle quadrant others: webcam, headphones ,logitech unifying receiver, some are connected to a hub obviously, anyhow the yoke seems to be the only one that craps out on me :( I think drivers are new for it, device manager what it says: Mad Catz 9/23/2015 rudder pedals use default whatever windows installed Saitek 2/15/2008 maybe someone who uses sitek pro flight yoke with pedals could share what it says for their driver version This problem is only with w10, I have never even bothered installing any drivers with win7 never had any problems so defiantly not P3D fault idk :( Any help greatly appriciated Andy
  8. Having a new set up with w10 and some problems with multi monitors, I posted couple pictures so you can better understand, easier then explaining LOL I know it is very unusual set up but maybe some fellow cockpit builder stumbles on it and had a problem like that and maybe solved it. This is how my monitors are connected, as soon as I connect the 8th monitor, 2 of the 4 connected to 970 card will turn off and they are no longer listed there is basically no way to enable them back, except reboot computer. when I start computer again all 8 work for about 5 minutes or so then 2 of the 4 connected to 970 will shut down :( I heard people were heaving some problems overall with w10 and multi monitors so.. idk worth a shot asking IT WORKS FINE IN W7, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS!!! The 3 "Ancor Comm" are actually Nvidia surround as shown below. Display #3 Thanks for any tips tried the newest driver for nvidia same thing, but again it all works good in windows 7 even with older drivers Andy
  9. AndyCYXU

    Landing at LOWI with VoxATC lol

    Well I tried it and it didn't work quite as expected LOL, they basically forgot about me, :mad: but I was on the correct approach for this runway using STAR they gave me, I am thinking that next time I just let them vector me then I simply ignore them fly my approach and i think they will get it once where I am makes sense to them. Still don't get me wrong I love the program for the features it has and I am not all that keen on super realistic... I want super realistic gotta become pilot myself LOL Talking about realistic anyone knows... when a pilot is given STAR does ATC actually vector him if all is normal.. tell him to descent/climb etc...? I don't think so...I guess they just follow him and hand him over to Tower (another controller) then he finally gets clearance to land... now we assume everything is NORMAL.. so i think he just follows STAR on his own minding any altitude/speed restrictions etc.. anyways hopping for some update soon to get the FO working with p3d v3, and whatever other shortcomings it might have, I am fairly new to it so still very happy camper, also it would be nice to implement ground telling me or other aircraft HOLD Position when taxing I ran into few instances where AI decided to keep on going and whacked me with his wing LOL, but oh well whatever I disabled this type of crash with other aircraft, for the most part they all doing pretty good job. Lots of AI around me when taking off and landing as well as in flight and next to now FPS impact compared with using MT6 which loads 100's of them in places i will never see them anyways so unless playing "AI watcher" Vox hands down is better by loading what it seems only relevant AI. i do use MT6 models but not the traffic too hard on FPS. Anyways thanks again for your suggestion.. will go from there. Andy
  10. AndyCYXU

    Landing at LOWI with VoxATC lol

    "No vectors on approach " Got it! Thanks guys ! Andy
  11. Definitely using STAR next time and ignoring the ATC. Forward to 3 min 40 seconds not good job by ATC, saved by the pilot LOL Landing ended up being VFR I am not best pilot didn't know the ILS for Rwy 26 LOL, will try again next time well prepared and using STAR only ignoring ATC completely until established on STAR but still whats up with VOX? they gave me STAR TULSI3A if I recall well before I input it in my FMC here he comes starts vectoring me.. WTH ?? well ok i go with him why not lets see.. and the result is seen at 3min40sec of video.. did I do something wrong? or did VOX just decided to be funny..? LOL
  12. I am using 980Ti and 970 with multi monitors and 359 drivers all is working fine. I do not use GeForceExperiance since its shadowplay for recording doesn't work for me with NVSurrond enabled. I did do a clean install using some software to even remove all traces of old drivers from guru3d and tried installing with gforce hoping it will record but no luck just ended up recording black screens of whatever it recorded LOL so i uninstalled it. Too bad as on single monitors or not surround it does great job as recording software :( but for now a no go for me. Andy
  13. I really don't think that it's possible unless the other software supports full screen as well (which i don't think anything does really). Back when I was using FSX on my home cockpit setup and wanted to use FSCommander for example I had it installed on another PC and used WideFS for it. I have moved to P3D since version 2.5 now using v3 and never looked back to FSX. P3D of course does not have "TRUE FULLSCREEN" and it has better support for running multi monitors then FSX The only other way to go is to find something that will allow programn "FSX in this case" to run in window mode but without the borders I think there are some available but honestly don't know its been long time... however if that was a route you wanted to take might as well switch to P3D as it does that natively. Andy PS: FS9 is the last version that I recall had an addon moving map supporting full screen called if i recall FS-Navigator after that it was the end.
  14. AndyCYXU

    2 Open cockpits efis in pmdg

    No, OVH is actually from ProSimParts... IMO not as good quality as OC as far as the feel of plastic etc.. but ProSimParts was half the price and it came with all the hardware included switches knobs etc.. I don't regret going with ProSim on this one, but if money is not an issue then I would defiantly recommend opencockpits. OC they also have one P&P for a hefty fee LOL .. also from ProSim it is not Plug&Play I had to wire all the stuff myself LOL you just get the plastic panels and switches, the rest is up to you. Throttle is from JetMax (budget division of Flight Deck Solutions LOL), personally I am very happy with it, its not motorized or anything but looks, feels and works very good. No elevator trim on it, I might add one maybe.. nah... idk It is however all run by OpenCockpits IO cards. PS Just looked at prices as i bought mine long long time ago.. if you did want to buy it and build it the OVH I mean.. definitely go with OpenCockpits it's basically 300 Euros more for the whole set all you will need + IOCards 500 the panel 300 hardware and 120 for indicator boxed i recall i actually had to buy indicator boxed from OC, prosim did not come with any. But again it all depends on what 300 euros is to a person at the time i was building It was a lot.. still is LOL but if i was to do it again i'd go with OC!
  15. AndyCYXU

    2 Open cockpits efis in pmdg

    Correct that is exactly what I am doing. Just undock and move then save the flight (situation/scenario) so next time I start it they will be in their correct positions. Once the flight has loaded I then move the aircraft to the airport I want to start from... Never though of it but I think I can just choose the airplane that I had once used and had set up a flight as explained above, say I saved flight with PMDG737westjet then anytime from opening screen I choose the PMDG737westjet and choose airport etc.. I think it will remember and open with the gauges as I last had them... I gotta try it LOL.. will try it later but anyways I always just loaded some saved flight with the aircraft I use let say this PMDG737westjet then i just it to departure airport. It only works in P3D, FSX was complicated and broken just a general pain in the rear to save position of gauges, P3D they fixed it!