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  1. No. If aircraft profiles are added to P2A, you would adjust the GS and Descent rate of each aircraft like you do today...they would just be remembered for each profile. In the real world, ATC does not have the TOD from your aircraft FMC either.
  2. There is no difference between X-Plane and MSFS as far as Chatter is concerned. The Regions folder should be in the P2A../Sounds/ATC_Chatter folder. The region folders like Africa, Asia, Canada, etc should be in the Regions folder with each region folder containing a folder named Controllers with all of the various controller types in it. So the path to the Approach controllers files would be something like: D:\Pilot2ATC_2021_x64\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\Regions\Canada\Controllers\App Dave
  3. Full Version Released. Fixes speech recognition to recognize phonetic sound "ex-ray". Fixes Taxi Import for MakeRunways. Fixes Speech Assistant to include "..nautical miles" after the number entered for distance to airport. Fixes METAR decoding to properly decode Precipitation. Improves AI Traffic "on Ground" detection. Fixes issue of not getting vectors when told to expect them after a STAR. Fixes VFR Pattern Altitudes and display. Fixes Grammar to recognize phonetic X as Ex-Ray. Fixes vector instructions for certain SIDs. Adds more randomness to Gate assignments. Fixes adding of User Defined Waypoints on the map for VFR Flight Plans. Fixes issue of missing vectors after New Arrival Runway Request. Fixes STAR selection after new Arrival Runway Request. Fixes display of some procedures. Fixes some other minor bugs.
  4. Make sure you have unchecked the "Only Use Airports in AIRAC Data" option on the Flt Pln tab of config. before you do the restart. After unchecking that option, the data load should take quite a bit longer the first time because of the additional airports. Dave
  5. My P2ABaseData file and log are about the same size as yours. I enter RPAL in the Flight Plan and it is accepted as the Departure Airport. Did you shut down and restart Pilot2ATC after importing the data in TaxiMnt? Dave
  6. After you do the TaxiMnt import, you have to restart Pilot2ATC so it can load the new data. I would expect the database size to increase, and the log file for the database to increase a lot. Dave
  7. You may need to uncheck the "Require P2A or SIM Focus" option at the bottom of the Btns tab of Config. Dave
  8. Sounds like the airport you are entering for the departure airport is not in the AIRAC data. If you’re using P3D or MSFS, you could run MakeRunways and then see if the missing airport is in the SIM Data. If so, you could import All Airports into P2A using TaxiMnt. You would need to get details on how to do that in the P2A Operations Manual in the Taxi Maintenance section. Dave
  9. Yes, you need to get close to the end of the blue line before the transfer to Tower occurs. If that position doesn't look right, you may need to import or edit it in TaxiMnt if it's an airport you fly out of a lot. Dave
  10. The PTT button only works for communicating with ATC. The Grammar Help screen does not use the hardware PTT button by design. You must use the large on-screen PTT button on the Grammar Help window. Dave
  11. I revisited the Gate assignment logic and in some cases, there was randomness. Version Beta6A4 adds randomness to gate assignments in the situations you are asking about where no Airline gates are assigned or if your aircraft is not an airliner. Dave
  12. Unfortunately, names are not always able to be pronounced as a word, for example, CF32A. The phonetic pronunciation works everywhere with all fix names. Dave
  13. The only thing I can think of that could cause this would be if you have English US installed, but not set as the primary language for the PC. Dave
  14. Just ⦁ press the Deactivate button ⦁ after that succeeds, press the Activate button That should get you going again.
  15. If you open the Info window to look at Gates, etc. the gate selected in the Gates list can get set as the selected gate and that one will be assigned. If you don't select a gate, intentionally or by accident, you will be given the nearest gate without an airline assigned to it, assuming you are designated as an Airliner and there are not gates designated for that airline. The best course of action is to review the gates in the Info window and select one you want to be assigned. Dave
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