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  1. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Saitek Yoke PTT button Stuck on Once pressed

    Sounds like the Saitek yoke button is not generating the Button Released event. Have you tried assigning the button to another event that requires a push and release to see if it works? Maybe the brakes in the aircraft?
  2. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    STAR Parsing

    Thanks for the examples of the problem. I'll see if I can do anything to improve the logic. The program currently does not have a way to request a course variance for weather, but that is on the list of possible future enhancements. I'm pretty sure you can request a DirectTo not on the flight plan and your flight plan will be amended to insert the new waypoint and drop any intervening ones. I would have to test it to be sure it works that way. There is a printout of the SayIt phrases at the back of the User's Guide that might help. An exhaustive printout would be nearly impossible as the grammar is written to accept the same concepts in as flexible a way as possible. The User's Guide will give you a good idea of what's possible, but is not exhaustive. If you want to get the STAR you pick in your flight plan, you can uncheck the "ATC Assigns STAR" option. The Force STAR Assignment turned off is default and turning it on forces a STAR assignment even when the STAR makes for a longer/out of the way route. Hope that helps, Dave
  3. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Strange Taxi Instructions

    The taxi algorithm is trying to get you to the very end of the defined runway, which in this case is at the end of the overrun. To take the shorter route, you would have to backtrack to the end of the runway or take the diagonal path away from the desired hold short point and be on the runway to get to it. The program will avoid backtracking or taxiing on a runway if at all possible, so in fact, it is probably giving the shortest route that conforms to those rules. You could modify the taxi route definition to include a connecting taxiway across the diagonal and that might do the trick. It might be more trouble than it's worth unless this airport is your primary airport. Dave
  4. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    STAR Parsing

    If you could email me (admin@pilot2atc.com) a few of the flight plans where this is occurring, I can look into improving the algorithm for STAR selection. Unfortunately, information that appears on the plates about preferred procedures, runways, etc. is not available in the data that is accessible by the program. It would be nice if it were. Making it easier to change the assigned STAR/Approach in flight is on the radar for improvement to the program. You can request vectors with a call to approach or Center like: "<CallSign> request radar vectors for the ILS approach to runway 16 [at Kilo Delta Echo November]". The airport identifier can normally be left off for Approach controllers as they are associated with airports. Thanks, Dave
  5. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Waypoint set altitude removed on Validate

    Thanks for the report and the detail. I'll look into it. Dave
  6. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    "Climb and maintain" when descending

    I've tried a couple of flights without STARs and cannot duplicate the issue. Could you send me one of the flight plans that has this issue. You can Save and email to me at admin@pilot2atc.com. Thanks, Dave
  7. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2Atc and JarDesign A330 + A320

    Dornus, This is on the roadmap for future enhancement. Thanks, Dave
  8. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    NAT Points are gone after press "file" plan

    Please save the flight plan (Using the Save button) and send it to me at admin@pilot2atc.com so I can see what might be causing this. Thanks Dave
  9. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Not Responding or Slow Response

    Stephan, The names of the popups was a bug and will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for catching that. The performance issue sounds like a possible PC resource issue, especially since it is better when the SIM is not running. Most common performance problems occur when RAM is less than 16GB. The specific functions you mention can be slowed down considerably if you have the "Calculate Safe EnRoute Altitudes" option turned on. It is located on the main P2A Setup tab in config. Try unchecking that option and see if it helps. Another performance hit could occur if your internet is slow or intermittent. Dave
  10. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    Something is interfering with P2A using the microphone. The only thing I can think is another speech driven program running, like a communications program, or Cortana, or possibly a program running in the background or security software blocking access. That has caused a couple of other users to have problems. Another thing to try would be to plug in a different headphone or microphone and see if it works. I can't think of anything else to try. Perhaps another user will think of something we've missed. Dave
  11. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    The Grammar Help screen PTT button is a different button with totally different code action. Does it have the same effect as the one on the main screen?
  12. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    ATC Talks Too Fast

    On the voices tab of Config, each voice has a speed setting. Slow down the ground controller and that might help. Of course, you can also cheat on the complex instructions and copy them from the Speech Text Window.
  13. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    Are you running P2A as Administrator? Have you tried going to Grammar Help in P2A and trying to Practice saying "Say Altimeter", using the large PTT button in Grammar Help? Did that work? IF not, could you hear yourself in Replay?
  14. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    Another user had a new usb headset. It plugged in and was recognized as a headset, but wouldn't work with P2A. He finally installed the gaming software/drivers that came with the headset, and all the problems were resolved.
  15. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    Also, you could try changing USB ports on the PC. One user fixed their problem by moving the headset from a USB 3 port to a USB 2 port...apparently the headset was not compatible with USB 3.