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  1. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Wrong ICAO code EGOD

    This appears to be a data issue. I will raise it with the Navigraph team. Dave
  2. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Incorrect readback by copilot

    Thanks for the report. I believe I found the bug causing this and it will be fixed in update 2506. Dave
  3. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Old AIRAC cycle into P2ATC?

    As long as the desired AIRAC cycle is the same format as the current data, it should work. If you get data errors, it would likely be because the cycle is so old it is not in the current format. Dave
  4. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Bruce, The Networked Computer section of the User's Guide has details on one way to set up Multiplicity for sound. Dave
  5. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Amazon Polly - Voices for P2A ?

    Joe, There is no plan to offer a version of P2A using a different speech engine. However, if you want free voices, you can get them via Windows. See the pinned thread Microsoft Voices in P2A. Dave
  6. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Moving P2ATC to Networked PC

    Neal, send me an email to admin@pilot2atc.com with your license key and I can reset it so you can move to the networked PC. Dave
  7. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Voice Training

    You may need to look up how to make English US the primary language for Win 7 Speech Recognition. My instructions were for Windows 10. Dave
  8. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Not Cleared to Cruise Altitude

    Bob, Please send your P2A log file to me at admin@pilot2atc.com and I'll have a look. Log files are located in: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs where <UserName> is your PC user name. Portions of the path may be hidden by default, so be sure Windows Explorer has Show Hidden Items checked in the View tab. A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one. Thanks, Dave
  9. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    No, I don't believe that should work. You must have the microphone plugged into the PC running Pilot2ATC and it must be designated as the default recording device for that PC. There are software packages that would let you bring the sound from P3D to the remote PC via your LAN and then you plug your headset into the P2A PC. Multiplicity is one such program, but there are others. Of course, I could be wrong. So if your hardwired setup works, please let us know. Dave
  10. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    ILS vs RNAV

    P2A actually favors ILS approaches over RNAV approaches, when all other factors are equal. In many cases, only some of the runways at an airport will have ILS and if other factors have P2A select a runway without an ILS, it will give you the highest precision approach to that runway. If you want to get the ILS approach, then checking the "Force Pilot Runway Selection" option and entering the ILS approach into your flight plan will do the trick. You should also be able to request the ILS approach verbally. In most cases, it will work best if you request vectors to the ILS verbally so that the ground track that ATC calculates is the same as the one you will be flying. Dave
  11. I suspect there are no taxiways defined or there is something wrong with the way they are defined. If you would like to email me an Apt.dat file that is giving this error when you try and import, I'll see if I can see what's going on. Email to admin@pilot2atc.com. Regards, Dave
  12. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Speech Assistant in SayIt Read Back Very Slow

    Almost all hotkeys set in P2A are set on the Btns tab of config. You can set them to anything you like. There are no hot keys set by default. Dave
  13. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    X-ATC-Chatter available from Stick and Rudder Studios

    If you want to send me a screenshot of your folder/file structure and the Sounds tab of Config, I will be glad to help figure out the problem. Send to admin@pilot2atc.com. Dave
  14. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Speech Assistant in SayIt Read Back Very Slow

    If it's coming from X-Plane, then P2A can't control that. If it's the co-pilot readback, then you can set the Co-Pilot voice speed to a higher setting on the Voices tab of config. Dave
  15. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Changing the P2A star and arrival mid flight

    It's more than just winds. If on IFR Flight plan, best / highest precision approach is also considered, along with other factors.