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  1. Be sure to download and install all the voices you want before you try running the NaturalVoiceSAPIAdapter program from GitHub. Downloading just the 7 English voices, after running the Adapter program, 49 new voices appeared, including 42 "online" voices. Some have the same name as non-online voices, but sound different. The variety and quality of most of them are amazing. Dave
  2. Thanks for this post. If you have Windows 10, you won't have the Narrator voices in your Settings. However, here's a link that might work with Win 10, assuming you have the latest version: Narrator natural voice download links · gexgd0419/NaturalVoiceSAPIAdapter Wiki · GitHub Dave
  3. Version 2 does not have the ability to rename full taxiways or import all taxiways from X-Plane at once. That is on the list of enhancements that will be available in a future version. Dave
  4. Did you import the taxiways from XP 12 or 11 default scenery? I just got takeoff clearance for 23L using XP12 default scenery. Custom scenery sometimes does not bother including the hold short points in the proper place or the runway end may be off, either of which can cause problems. If you think your taxiway data is correct, or if you don't want to bother with doing the import, you can just request a midfield departure, which should be much more lenient in terms of where the program expects you to be. "<Callsign> request midfield departure runway 23 left" should do it. Dave
  5. Windows voice training is managed by Windows so the simple answer is that you will need to do it again. There are ways to find and transfer the training files from one Windows system to another, but you would need to search the web for how to do this with your specific situation. It's really easier to just go through the training again. Dave
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. There will be a refresh button in the next beta release that should solve this issue. Dave
  7. There are several settings that affect runway selection. Match SIM Runway if Available - tries to determine what runway your SIM is using and uses that, regardless of wind Force Pilot Runway Selection - Uses the runway currently in the flight plan, regardless of wind Force Dep Rwy (in SID Selection window) - Forces the departure runway to whatever runway is in the SID Selection window whenyou press the Set Rwy button, even if no SID is selected Force Arr Rwy (in STAR and Appr Selection Windows) - Forces the arrival runway to whatever runway is selected in the STAR or Appproach selection window when you press the Set Rwy button, even if not STAR or Approach is selected. Weather Source - If your SIM is not using the same weather source as P2A, then the winds used to calculate the runway might be contrary to the winds in the SIM. Dave
  8. There does appear to be a bug. After pressing the validate button, the distances and TOD should be recalculated, but the distances in the first example remains unchanged. This should be fixed in the next release. Dave
  9. If the departure runway is 28, then when you get takeoff clearance, you'll be cleared to backtrack and takeoff runway 28. Dave
  10. Sounds like you have th SpaceBar set as a HotKey or something. Check all your HotKey settings in P2A and Clear all the ones that are either not set or set to the wrong key. Dave
  11. When you use Navigraph FMS Data Manager, you point it to the application directory like your C:\Pilot2ATC_2021_x64. IF you use their manual installer, you point it to the Data sub folder. The AIRAC version installed there will be displayed at the top left of the main P2A screen, after the P2A version. You can also look at the cycle.json file in the Data sub folder to see the AIRAC Cycle number. I just tried entering a "fake" UNICOM frequency at KBJC. After saving, closing Taxi Mnt and closing P2A and then restarting, it shows up in the Info window for the airport. Dave
  12. All the frequencies are in the AIRAC data. You just need to add Pilot2ATC to your Navigraph FMS Data Manager and then update the data. After editing any data in TaxiMnt, you must save it and then restart Pilot2ATC so the updated data gets loaded, but that shouldn't be necessary after you update the AIRAC data. Dave
  13. Make sure that the option to "Match SIM Runway if Known" option is not checked. That's the only option I can think of that could cause it to change runways when Force Pilot Runway Selection option is checked. If the "Match SIM Runway if Known" option is not checked, then email the log file to me at admin@p2atc.com for the flight in question and I'll have a look. Dave
  14. To use Polly voices at all with P2A you must have the Amazon Polly For Windows program to provide the interface between the Amazon Polly website and Windows voices. This program is no longer available or supported by Amazon. If you do have it and are running it, then it only supports the Standard Polly voices, not the Neural voices. P2A currently only reads the SAPI voices list from Windows, which the Amazon Polly For Windows program populates, and uses those voices. A new version of P2A will support Amazon Polly voices directly and you should be able to use all the Polly voices. Dave
  15. Do you have a default region selected in Config? That region will be used if P2A can't find a proper region otherwise. Dave
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