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  1. Simulator Disconnected is the message you get the second time you press the Connect button. If you're not getting a Simulator Connected message, then P2A is not finding FSUIPC. First, try shutting down the PC and starting it again. If that doesn't do it, try downloading the latest FSUIPC7 version and installing it again. Dave
  2. Looks like the program expected you to be at 14,000 at the beginning of the vectors. If you email me the P2A log file for this flight, I'll have a look. Dave
  3. That's good news. Thanks for the update. Dave
  4. When you get taxi to runway xx without any instructions, that is because there is something wrong with the taxiway definition, which you can check and fix in TaxiMnt. Dave
  5. Looks like P2A is not able to open FSUIPC. Either it's not running, or there may be a security / access issue preventing it from connecting. Perhaps try running P2A as Admin. If that doesn't do it, check your Windows security settings to see what's limiting access. Dave
  6. Have you rebooted the PC? That's about the only thing I can think of.
  7. I would download a fresh copy of the latest FSUIPC7 and install it. Dave
  8. That would indicate that you are not connected at all and you need to check FSUIPC or XPUIPC installation, depending on what SIM you are using.
  9. What text is displayed in the Speech Text window?
  10. The power button does not necessarily turn green when connected. Assuming you are fully connected as describe above, then you likely need to turn on your Battery and/or Avionics switches in the aircraft, or check the options to ignore these switches in P2A Config. This might be necessary for some aircraft that don't have these switches. Dave
  11. The program won't work with a blank call sign. You can type what you want over the existing entries. The airline codes are there to let you get the correct call signs for the airlines, but you don't have to use them. Dave
  12. Updates, including the beta versions, don't include the data files and don't work on their own. Install the full version first, then you can apply the beta update. Dave
  13. When Pilot2ATC connects, there will be 3 lines in the Speech Text Window at the bottom right and the Connect button will turn green and the text will change to Connected. The last line in the Speech Text Window will be "Grammars Loaded". “Simulator Disconnected” will appear on the second press of the Connect button as it disconnects from the SIM. Also, the Yellow aircraft representing your aircraft will be visible on the map. Here are the most common things to check when you get a partial connect: ⦁ If connected but the radios aren’t working, check the Battery and Avionics switches on or the “Ignore battery” and “Ignore Avionics” options are checked in P2A Config ⦁ If it seems to partially connect but the Connect button does not turn Green, set the Weather option to a different source such as NOAA Real Time Weather and try again. ⦁ still won't fully connect, try deleting the AppConfig.xml file. You will lose your Config settings, but some users have reported that this fixed their connection issue. The file is located at: c:\users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Settings\AppConfig.xml where <UserName> is your PC user name. Portions of the path may be hidden by default, so be sure Windows Explorer has Show Hidden Items checked in the View tab. ⦁ If connecting to MSFS, one user reported that setting FSUIPC WASM to Enabled fixed it for them. If none of the above does it, try deleting your current installation and installing the full version to a fresh location. Dave
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