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  1. Not all voices that work in Windows will work in P2A. They must be SAPI 5 compliant voices meant for use on Desktop PCs. Mobile voices don't work. There are a number of "free" voices that will "install" on windows but they do not work. In several years of looking, there are no free voices that work. You can install additional Windows language packs and those SAPI 5 voices that come with these packs work. Other than that, only voices that you purchase will work. While the thread mentioned by Bill is for Windows 10, the higher versions of Windows 7 allow you install additional language packs also.
  2. You should get handed off to Tower about 10NM out, if there is a tower. Otherwise, ATC should cancel your IFR and give you "....frequency change approved" so you can contact CTAF at the Destination airport. If you don't, then cancelling IFR with Center and contacting tower should work fine. You could also try "... request frequency change to Tower at Kilo Papa Victor Delta" (or whatever the phonetic of the airport code is).
  3. James, Thanks for the report. OLM and HHOOD are not really transitions, but rather the first point in the Common portion of the STAR. The current update fixed that but failed to allow you to have a STAR without a transition. The next update will allow you to select a STAR without a transition, which will give you these waypoints as the first in the STAR. Thanks again, Dave
  4. Currently, World Traffic does not expose its AI Aircraft to other programs outside of X-Plane so they are not visible in P2A.
  5. Looks like your XPUIPC installation is not correct. Also be sure to start XPWideClient on the Pilot2ATC machine before you try and connect.
  6. The voices don't have to be English voices, just desktop SAPI 5 voices. For example, if you install the Language Pack from Spain (Espana) then you get a female voice (Helena) that has a very thick Spanish accent. Here's a link to a Microsoft site listing the language packs that include voices. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/How-to-download-Text-to-Speech-languages-for-Windows-4c83a8d8-7486-42f7-8e46-2b0fdf753130 Dave
  7. Does Vatsim and IVAO publish their traffic to XPUIPC like X-Plane does? If not, that is the reason you don't see it.
  8. Many AI Traffic programs do not make their traffic visible to other programs, especially in X-Plane. What SIM are you using and how are you generating the AI Traffic?
  9. Damian, Thanks for the report and the error message. I'll try and chase down that bug. It is not uncommon for the Copilot to miss switching frequencies and doing it manually like you did is the right response. Then the copilot should make the first contact call as normal after the frequency changes. Dave
  10. EHAM Ground Frequencies are 121.55, 121.57,121.7, 121.8, 121.9, 121.3, 121.6. There should be no conflict with 121.89. But if there is a conflict on one ground frequency, just change to a different Ground Frequency to make the Taxi Request. Dave
  11. You should be able to zoom in using the Ctl key and mouse wheel, but the program just displays what's there using Adobe Reader.
  12. I did find a bug where the PTT button is not disabled when set to be disabled. I will fix that bug for the next update. Dave
  13. If you could email (admin @ pilot2ATC.com) or PM the log file from your next flight where this happens, I can take a look. (Please don't post in the forum as it is difficult to analyze in that format and takes up too much space.) Log files are located in: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs where <UserName> is your PC user name A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one. Thanks
  14. There are hundreds of users not having these problems, so it likely is something in your environment. Try running the program as administrator by right-clicking the program icon or file name and selecting the "Run as Administrator" option. This is necessary, even if you are the system administrator. Check to be sure your internet connection is up and healthy. Many of the operations need information only found on the internet, including the map. Check your PC Memory usage. IF memory or CPU usage is excessive, Pilot2ATC cannot get what it needs to operate. Finally, some operations, like filing a flight plan, do take 30+seconds to complete because of all the calculations being done. Connecting to the SIM may take that long depending on conditions, but usually is a little quicker. Dave
  15. As you might imagine, that is not currently a feature of Pilot2ATC. However, you might try setting the PTT button to a joystick button that you will not be using and also set the PTT HotKey to a key you will not be using. Also, don't file the flight plan. That way ATC won't know who you are and try and give unsolicited directions.