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  1. Uploading new installers now. Should only be a few minutes. Very sorry for the GLITCH! Hopefully all will go better with the new installer. Thanks to everyone for your patience. Dave
  2. I think the SlimDX issue is likely it. You can install the 64 bit version from the link above, and I will be fixing the install package if you want to wait. I don't know why it worked for me, but the wrong dll makes sense. If you get it from the link, get the .Net 4.0, x64 version. Dave
  3. An additional thought. The installer might have installed to a sub-folder of your previous installation. It's easy to miss. Find the file named Pilot2ATC_2018.exe and see that it's in the folder you thought it should be in. I just deleted my installation and installed fresh and all is working. Dave
  4. Thanks for the update. Did you install the Navigraph version or the NavDataPro version. May be something wrong with the installer. Dave
  5. I don't know why, but based on the fact that you don't have the P2ABaseData_log.ldf and P2ADynamicData_log.ldf files, the program is definitely not accessing the data files. On first access, those files are created by SQL. Try running the program as administrator by right-clicking the program file or icon and selecting Run as Administrator from the resulting menu. Dave
  6. Are your IVONA voices all 32 bit voices? Each voice should have a 32bit and a 64bit version. Try installing the voices again and if that doesn't work, contact the current vendor for IVONA voices. www.nextup.com Dave
  7. It sounds like the program does not have access to the data. Check the folder permissions for the Data folder in the Pilot2ATC installation folder. Also make sure the database files are there. I'm surprised you didn't get an error message when starting the program. While it might be a little faster, launching in 2 seconds is a clear sign it is not getting access to the data. On the config, that file path is for the auto export when you get your clearance. It does not affect the path used when you press the Save button or the Export button.
  8. Just uploaded the x64 version to the web site. This should address the freezes and hangs that have been reported lately. Be aware that this version requires 2-3 times as much memory as the previous version. This version should be installed to a new directory. If you want to install to the same directory for some reason, be very careful during the install process to check the install directory. It will likely try to install to a subdirectory of your current one. In addition to being a 64 bit version of the program, this version: Should address the freezing and frequent crashes some users have had. Fixes the problem with using many of the 3rd Party voices, including CereProc and IVONA. Adds Taxiway and Gate Save/Load feature that allows backup and sharing of this data among users. Allows you to change flight plan altitudes...however be sure that you avoid changing the altitude right before TOD. Adds ability to hide your license data for when you are making videos or streaming. Makes some other enhancements and fixes bugs found in previous version. Enjoy the new program! Dave
  9. There is nothing random about it. It is the next waypoint, assuming you're on track and all is working. If the program is frozen, then obviously it might look random. If you're having freezes, the 64 bit version should help.
  10. The next update is going to be 64bit and should fix the freezes and lags. I did find the error in the manual about Validation and it will also be corrected. To improve performance, Validation is no longer done as you enter waypoints as suggested by the current manual. Depending on your configuration settings, Filing the flight plan can change it from what you entered. If you want it to remain unchanged, then uncheck the 3 ATC Assigns xxx options and also check the Force Pilot Runway Selection option, all on the FltPln tab of Config.
  11. Another cause of this seems to be having more than 3 or 4 different voices being used. If you have lots of voices, try keeping the total number of voices used down to 3. The voice issue and some other 'freeze' issues seem to be caused by the program running out of virtual memory. The next update will address this by being a 64bit program. Doing testing on that version now....shouldn't be too long. Thanks, Dave
  12. PTT

    You can email attachments to admin @ pilot2atc.com. Just be sure to describe the problem you're having in the email as there is no connection to the forum.
  13. No plans for any conversions from Windows.
  14. You must have Windows 7 Enterprise or Professional I believe in order to install additional language packs. Unless they pulled them, language packs would be available from the Microsoft site. Just do a BING search for Windows 7 Language Packs.
  15. To let everyone know, the problem was that the voice set as the Pilot was corrupt and so on the first use of SayIt, the program crashed.