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  1. If the Power button is Red, the radios will not operate. There are options in Config to "Ignore Battery Switch" and "Ignore Avionics Switch". Check both of those and the power will be always on. Dave
  2. All the SIMs have some small airports that are not in Navigraph data. P2A has some older small airport data by default. If you run MakeRunways against MSFS and then import all Airports in TaxiMnt (This takes a long time, so overnight is a good time to do it.) then the additional airports will show up, assuming they have runways and taxiways defined in the resulting MakeRunways data. Dave
  3. I rechecked the Grammar and it should recognize "Taxi to Gate Eight" on a readback. You might have to emphasize the "guh" sound of G in Gate. Dave
  4. You are right, it's in the suggested response. However, the grammar doesn't have it, so that will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, just leave that part off your readback and you should be OK. I see now you are talking about the readback. The only thing you might do to help with this is to set up a phrase in the Personal Language Trainer and try to get Windows to differentiate Eight and Gate. I will take another look at the Grammar to see if the readback is properly worded also. Dave
  5. When you check in with tower and say you are on the ILS to Runway xxx, Tower will tell you to continue ILS and report when established on final. If you look at the recommended response, it does not contain "continue ILS". It only has "will report when established on final." This phrase is not currently in the Grammar, so it cannot be understood. I will add it in the next update. When requesting taxi to the gate, you should select the desired gate in the Info panel. Then say "<CallSign> request taxi to the gate". If you want to request a specific gate, you should say "<CallSign> request taxi to gate nine", with the word 'the'. If you don't care what gate you get, just say "<CallSign> request taxi to the gate", without selecting it in the Info panel. Thanks, Dave
  6. That's Windows doing something to cause that. Most likely, it's sensing P3D ATC as a communications device and lowering all other sounds, but who knows with Windows. Turning off all ATC in the SIM is your best bet. Dave
  7. When you say P2A turned you left, what do you mean? Did P2A tell you that you were off course and give you a heading left of what you were flying? I probably would need to see the P2A Log File in order to try and figure out what's going on. Please email the file to me at admin@pilot2atc.com and reference this post. P2A Log files are located in: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs where <UserName> is your PC user name. Thanks, Dave
  8. Based on what you are describing, the only thing I can think of is that the program became corrupt some how. Try downloading and installing a fresh copy of the latest update. That should replace all the code files. If that doesn't work, you need to install a fresh full copy. Dave
  9. You get handed over shortly after you cross into a new area, if that new area has a different frequency. Dave
  10. Once the machine has been trained, then the only way to improve is to practice saying things in slightly different ways. For most people, talking at a normal rate and not trying "too hard" to get the machine to understand helps with recognition. Sometimes, putting a "the" in front of a word will improve recognition, for example. So try "...continue the ILS to ....." Dave
  11. Michael, No. The audio volume in the plane is not shared with P2A. Dave
  12. The TaxiMnt screen allows you to display the ARTCC (Center)controllers and their airspaces. You can edit the frequencies and names of the controllers. See the documentation in the Operation Guide on Taxi Maintenance. Dave
  13. If you have a link to an official source of phraseology it would help. This has been on the "wish list" for some time and we'll need a document that provides all the "official" phrases. Dave
  14. There is no such setting. But yes, you should try putting the Approach in the flight plan to begin with. If it's a straight shot in, you might not get any vectors.
  15. If you've done the training for all the P2A controllers in the P2A Language Trainer, then doing it again can actually improve recognition. On the specific phrase "clear of active" the speech engine seems to understand it better if you say ".... is clear of active...". As for documentation, User's Guide 05.0 - Grammar Starter Phrases has at least one version of the most essential phrases. Also, here on this forum, there are some user created "cheat sheets" that might help: Dave
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