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  1. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    X-ATC-Chatter available from Stick and Rudder Studios

    At this point, you would have to save the current files/folders to the proper region so you have them later, and then copy the Europe files to the Controllers folder manually. Some regions have a limited number of files for some controllers, so you may notice them repeating. A future enhancement will enable the region selection in Pilot2ATC. Dave
  2. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    OK. Thanks. I found the problem and fixed it for the next release. Dave
  3. Dave-Pilot2ATC


    Sorry, but what do you mean all the items are gone? Thanks, Dave
  4. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    TERPS window now opening charts in Adobe Reader

    Be sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is set as the default program for .pdf files in Windows and also that the option to make it the default program for .pdf files is checked in the Adobe Acrobat Reader options. File->Preferences->Select As Default PDF Handler Windows updates may cause these settings to be reset to defaults. Dave
  5. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    TOD calculating with latest version

    I suspect you are correct. I did that flight plan using RW04 at EHAM which only has a VOR approach and that approach has an altitude Restriction of 7-10,000 ft at ARTIP, which moves the TOD out quite a bit. The descent from FL340 to FL085 is only 94.2 NM, but the TOD starts 190.4NM out from the airport. Have a look at the Alt Restr column in the flight plan and find the first Altitude Restriction in either the STAR or Approach. That then might drive an early descent. Dave
  6. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    xpuipc website down plz help

    I have an older version that works and includes the Wide Client. I will PM you a link. Dave
  7. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Speech recognition problem

    DrUzi, The software is not faulty. There are thousands of users of this software out there. It is just a matter of getting the environment set up correctly. One thing you may need to be sure of is that you don't have the "Listen" function of the Microphone set to On. That will cause feedback and prevent any speech recognition. Also check the other settings as outlined above or in the separate post you made on this same topic. To confirm that the Microphone is working, do the following: Open the Grmr Help screen Press the Practice Button and take a screenshot of the Dialog box that pops up. Send that back to me (admin@pilot2atc.com) to see your language/grammar settings. Using the large PTT button on the screen, try saying just "Say Altimeter" If the phrase shows up in green on the screen, your microphone is working. If not, press the Replay button and see if you can hear your voice saying the phrase Dave
  8. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Sound setup when recording

    Darrel, Glad you're enjoying the trial. Many video recording programs have 2 audio sources that can be set. The first is usually defaulted to your microphone. The second is usually defaulted to nothing. You need to set this second one to record the Windows Sound Output device. Dave
  9. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    HELP! Microphone not working?

    The most common problem is not having your microphone set as the Default Recording Device in Windows, or the Microphone levels in Windows causing distortion or not being loud enough. If it is set as default and the Windows Listen function sounds good, here are some other things in P2A to check: SWITCH SETTINGS: Check to be sure the Power indicator in the bottom left of the main P2A screen is green. If not, then you need to turn on the battery switch and avionics switch in the aircraft, or if that doesn’t turn it green, check the 2 options "Ignore Battery Switch" and "Ignore Avionics Switch" in the Config P2A Setup panel. VALID CALL SIGN: Make sure you are using a valid call sign by changing it to the default Mfg: Beech; Tail Number: N431VB and pressing the Save Button. You can send me a screenshot of this page and I will let you know if there is a problem with the call sign. VALID FREQUENCY: Be sure you have a valid frequency showing in the Active frequency display. Open the Radio Panel and check that the frequency selected has a valid controller assigned. Try swapping the active and standby frequencies a couple of times. PTT BUTTON: Use the PTT button on the main screen to eliminate the possibility of it being the Joystick button setup as the issue VALID PHRASES: Make sure the phrase you are using is appropriate for the controller. "Say Altimeter" should work with all controllers, so use it. VOLUME SETTINGS: Check the Windows Volume Mixer and be sure Pilot2ATC volume is turned up. (RIght click on the speaker icon in the task bar and select Volume Mixer). Also check the volume of the voices in P2A Config. On the Communications tab of the Sound dialog, be sure "Do Nothing" is checked for when Windows detects Communications activity. GRAMMAR HELP SCREEN AND DIAGNOSTICS: Try using the Grammar Help screen. Press the Grmr Help button to the right of the Flight Plan Pess the Practice button Take a screenshot of the resulting Message box with the connection information and email to me Try saying "Say Altimeter" with no other words. It should be recognized. Let me know the result. If not being recognized, press the "Replay" button and see what your voice sounds like. If no sound, then your voice is not getting through to Pilot2ATC. Dave
  10. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Zibo 737 exporting to FMC not working

    There is an option in Config Flt Pln tab of P2A to Export/Import SID/STAR/Approach. If this is not checked, you will only get the 2 Airports and any enroute waypoints and airways. Some aircraft do not yet support the XP 11 .fms file format and you have to export the plan as XP-10 format. Also, for longer flights where airways and en-route waypoints are desired, you'll need to create the flight plan in a tool like PFPX or one of the free ones like SimBrief. Then import the route into P2A and add the procedures in P2A. If the flight planning tool suggested these, you can enter them manually in P2A. Otherwise, you can use the AutoPlan feature to add them. Dave
  11. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Config settings have disappeared

    If a device is not connected the computer that P2A is running on, then P2A cannot see it. If you are setting up a networked connection then you need to follow the guidance in the User's Guide on Networked Connections to set up the PTT. Dave
  12. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2ATC v Released

    Version has been posted to the Pilot2ATC.com web site download page. Eliminates need for SimConnect and fixes Flight Plan loading when running on networked PC. Fixes Airway entry and display. Adds option to enforce Airway altitudes during Flight Planning. Speeds waypoint entry into flight plans. Adds ability to specify Departure/Arrival Runways even without SIDs or STARs Fixes some issues with runway selection. Fixes TOD calculations in certain situations. Cleans up default Taxiway display in Taxi Mnt. Fixes a few bugs in Taxi Mnt. Fixes a few other bugs. Dave
  13. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Shared frequency problems.

    Andrew, Thanks. I tried it out as well and had no problem with Clr-Gnd. It may have just been a fluke when you had the problem the first time. The order of starting the programs should not matter other than being sure the SIM is fully loaded before trying to Connect P2A to it using the Connect button. I also had no trouble contacting App-Dep. Since I was on the ground at the departure airport, it recognized my calls when I said "Departure, Honda One Victor Bravo" it told me to "....go ahead." When I called it Approach, it told me to '...say again". Either way I did get a response.
  14. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Adding frequencies modding the DB

    The FIS frequencies are called Info. FSS is a term used mainly in North America. There are many Info frequencies in New Zealand.
  15. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Shared frequency problems.

    Please provide the airport you are talking about so I can do some testing. Thanks, Dave