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  1. Will this help with the hat switch sticking? Mine has been sticking ever since I got it ages ago. Many thanks.
  2. I was thinking of the map window but it looks like it cannot be changed. Thanks anyway Alex.
  3. Hi Alex Just wondering if it is possible to make the map transparent or is it on the to do list. It would be useful when taxing around an airport. Many thanks.
  4. I agree Republic. The only thing spoiling XP12 for me these days is I get constant freezes everytime I try to change an aircraft or airport, very frustrating.
  5. Hi Ales Just wondering if any future updates of LNM would be able to provide a graphical weather overlay as shown on this site: https://metar-taf.com/?c=-343100.1510584.8&hl=YSSY Sorry but I could not paste a screenshot or attach a jpeg. Thanks for any answers. John
  6. Currently flying XPlane 12 and occasionally MSFS. I got blurry ground textures in XP12 the other night after a long flight and I suspect I was running out of Vram. I have a Nvida Geforce RTX 2060 with 6gb of Vram, an Intel Core I9-10900K and 32gb of memory. I am considering upgrading to a Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3060 that has 12gb of Vram. I would welcome any comments on this upgrade, specifically if it is worth it and would it cure the blurries with the extra memory. Many thanks in advance of any replies.
  7. Hi Alex I notice that the create approach feature is missing from the latest version (or I cannot find it). Will this be restored in later versions? I used it a lot. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Alex Just wondering if it is possible to have a number of map profiles, ie a map with airport labels and another profile with a map with no airport labels that you could switch between? The reason I am asking is I use the export to Avitab feature and I turn off airport labels (and other items) as Avitab has its own labels. I would also like a map with all the labels on for planning purposes, hence being able to switch easily between profiles. I hope I am clear. Many thanks John.
  9. Totally agree, that's why I have switched to X Plane 12.
  10. Hi Alex Just wondering is it possible to have the Flight Plan elevation dock window always on top, even after I have minimised the main window? I like to have it always on screen when I am on approach so that I can judge my landing better. Many thanks again for a wonderful,programme. Regards John.
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