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  1. Chris I am after the total size of the unit, ie, the length from the end of the handle when it is the neutral position to the end of the base unit. I hope I am clear. Thanks John
  2. Hi Chris I saw the dimensions of the yoke on your web site, however do you have the dimensions of the yoke with the handle on? I am trying to figure out if it will fit on my desk. Many thanks John
  3. I know this is an old post, but is there any VFR videos around?
  4. Tks Jean but just found out it was a problem with X Organiser.
  5. I had my GTN750 for XP11 working OK until recently when for some reason it would not show up under plug ins. I reinstalled, re validated and re installed the trainer. Now when I start XP11, it still does not show up in the plug in menu. I was wondering if I have missed something. Any help is greatly appreciated. This site looks like I cannot attach my X Plane log file. Many thanks in advance. John
  6. Hi Alex I love using the simulator aircraft dock window with the progress tab. The only information I really use in this tab are the next waypoint and destination details. Is it possible to change the text colour of this information to enable it to stand out more? I suspect not, but I thought that I would ask anyway. Thanks in advance. John
  7. I'll second that for an updated video. Not worried about looking under the hood.
  8. Hi Alex When I create an approach on the map, is it possible to get a bearing and distance to the beginning of that approach (like when I hover my mouse over an airport, the bearing and distance pops up)? Many thanks in advance. John
  9. Lets hope that the certain unreleased simulator has an image of your yoke with it's buttons and axis in the yoke setting box like X Plane 11.
  10. Many thanks for the quick reply. One more quick question if that's OK. Is it possible to split the view so that the map is shown on two thirds of the screen and the simulator details is on the remaining third of the screen. Once again, many thanks Alex. John
  11. Hi Alex, is it possible to get the distance to the active waypoint as you are flying along? I had a search but found nothing. Thanks in advance, John
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