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  1. Was about to pull the plug on a Fulcrum yoke when I saw this: https://www.turtlebeach.com/pages/velocity-one-flight. And only $350. Will wait for reviews though. They only ship to US which is a bummer.
  2. Chris, do you have any comment on these as per above? Thanks, John.
  3. Chris Primarily Blackbox BN2 and Carenado PA44 Seminole. Thanks, John.
  4. Chris Can you adjust the sensitives so that you do not need so much pitch travel? Thanks.
  5. Chris Windows 10 home on the PC.
  6. Chris Your currency pop out on your products page does not appear to be working.
  7. I haven't yet, it was just a query. Maybe Chris can answer this.
  8. Hi Chris I intend to order one shortly. I want to bolt it to a piece of plywood before attaching it to my desk. Quick question, what size bolt (length and width) will I need? Thanks in advance.
  9. Love to see a video of it in operation and review. Thanks in advance.
  10. Anyone know how to turn this on? I have tried everything but cannot get it to connect. Many thanks in advance. I had the GNS 530 mod installed, as soon as I got rid of that it works. Must not be compatible.
  11. Cannot lower the gear in MSFS. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  12. I am thinking of buying this, however I have read that it only uses bush strip's and not medium sized airports. I hate bush strip's, too hard to find. Could some please confirm this? Also, are you able to add waypoints to the flight plan it assigns you? Many thanks in advance. John
  13. I somehow seem to have lost my weather symbols on my map (eg VFR etc). They appear in my information dock window but not in my main map. I used to have them but suspect it got changed during an upgrade. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. John
  14. What's the ui like in PF3 ATC? I find P2ATC very clunky with all of it's drop down menus.
  15. Martin In Linker I have Global_AI_Ship_Traffic_V2 and that seems fine. Underneath that I have global_ai_ship_traffic_v2_CVT and the title says "could not read the manifest.jason file". If it does not matter, I am not worried by it. As long as I get the ships. Just wondering what it means. Thanks in advance. John
  16. I did as per the instructions, however my Linker keeps telling me "could not read the manifest.jason file." Anyone got any clues? Thanks.
  17. Many thanks for your help Jett. I will look at that. Not sure but I sort of remember reading somewhere that the yoke has 4 grippy feet. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
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