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  1. It would require a hack Jay, LM has not supplied an API for TrueSky yet. I imagine they have lots planned down the road.
  2. You can have more than two layers if you manually set the weather. Injection of real weather is limited to two.
  3. I agree. If all you want is eye candy EA is beautiful and shows a ton of promise down the road. If you are looking for more accurate weather depiction - EA= OFF Just depends on your style of flying. Vic
  4. Other than contacting he developer, a reinstall might be worth a try
  5. I don't have GSX butr a few thoughts Are you getting an error or nothing happens? Are you cut/paste or entering manually. If c/p besure you didn't get a null or space included - that wouldn't work. Look at zero's and "o" s. Is case correct. Probably need internet connection - be sure that's working. Vic
  6. It is in the root folder of P3D. If not there try a Client repair install. Vic
  7. I have neither but IIRC some have reported crashes. Try disabling onoe or the other and see if it makes a diff. Also look in the windows error logs and see if there's any info there. RightClck THIS PC (the old My Computer) - select manage select event viewer - windows logs - application -- look for RED icon - click it - if it says Prepare3d see if there's a faulting module listed
  8. Extract the contents of your prepar3d.zip file to a temp folder. Instead of running setup_Prepar3d.exe run the following 3 files in prder Install_Client.msi Install_Content.msi Install_Scenery.msi did you calculate the checksum on your zip or if you have winzip - test the archive for errors? edit: just in case the MD5 checksum for the last p3dv5 zip file is 68fe36c711da9b6f51c2742d0c9f5adb got to the folder where you have the Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.0.24.34874.zip file CTRL SHIFT RIGHT CLICK and select Open Powershell window here at the prompt in the new window type the following certutil -hashfile "Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.0.24.34874.zip" MD5 hit return and wait, it may take a minute or two - compare the result with the above # - if it matched you are ok, if not - redownload.
  9. Try installing just the client, then content, then scenery in that order. Vic
  10. If it happens on all a/c it's 99% probability of a crossed assignment somewhere OR a bad yoke/stick. If it only happens on specific a/c, I'd look to the a/c itself. ASlso double check that you haven't set up a default flight that had the trim down. I have never seen this type of issue be the fault of the sim. Vic
  11. In NCP 3D settings click program settings and browse to prepar3d.exe in 4.5 folder and set defaults there. Can't hurt. Vic
  12. Didn't actually count but I'd guess over 50 - top down KVNY attached. Vic
  13. Did you perhaps update some program that auto runs with P3D? V5 and 4.5 have discrete folders - there is no overlap. Vic
  14. Personally I prefer EA off, the cloud movement and weather loads are smoother. Eventually EA will be cleaned up to be more efficient and should look great. Right now, not ready. Vic
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