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  1. And I'd like to add a big thank you to all the posters in this thread for keeping it civil. I must admit, when I first saw the title of this thread I was tempted to warn everyone before the flames started. That has USUALLY been the result of P3D vs XP11 threads. I'm glad I didn't. Shows we can have good discussions without resorting to arguments. Thanx again to all. Vic
  2. vgbaron

    What a Wonderful Surprise!

    Lucky you! Enjoy! Vic
  3. vgbaron

    QW787 for P3dV4

    So far the majority of reports have been excellent, including an excellent review by someone who is currrently flying 787's IRL. He stated that for what he does everyday at work, the systems on the QW787 work as expected. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot but it is an excellent piece of software, far from the "buggy pre release" as mentioned. Well worth the investment, IMHO. Since the OP has made his point and since there is a much longer thread here I'm locking this down. Vic
  4. vgbaron

    ProATC coming up

    I don't know that this is the case here but many programs require an internet connection at startup to validate registration, after that it can be disconnected. Vic
  5. vgbaron

    PMDG 777 black gauges

    I'm unlocking this - usually when a post is in a specific support forum (PMDG) it is fine to duplicate it in the general P3D forum. Vic
  6. vgbaron

    Massive frame rate drop when using saved scenarios

    This is one I would really recommend running by LM support. They have had some funny issues with scenarios. Vic
  7. vgbaron

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    Hint hint!!🙂
  8. vgbaron

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Absolutely not worth the 500. Going from a 1070 to a 1080ti would be worth it but not the 1080. Spend your funds elsewhere. The 7700k is still a viable CPU and you should be able to get 5ghz or close out of it. I doubt a new CPU would benefit you at this point. Vic
  9. vgbaron

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    V3 is essentially stagnant. Sure, it runs and runs quite well but no further development by LM is planned. Why takes the time and effort to set up a new system with a dead program when you can stay current and be quite happy with the performance. The comments regarding older addons is quite valid and may be a major consideration for you but if your main concern is performance, then V4 would be more than acceptable on your current system. Vic
  10. vgbaron

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    The set in the user's folder is created when you run the program. Various settings can change parameters and affect the visuals. It is recommended after every graphics driver change, to delete that user shaders folder and let P3D rebuild a new set. Also might be a good idea after installing new aircraft etc. Basically, it can do no harm to delete and rebuild the user shaders. The HLSL folder are core files for P3D and contain the code which, among other things, affects how the user shaders are rebuilt. This folder should not be deleted or modified unless 1) you have made a backup of the folder and 2) you know what you are doing. Programs like Envdir and PTA modify the HLSL shaders in order to affect various visuals in P3D like brightness, contrast, cloud settings etc. This is why the make a backup of the original HLSL folder. That's a simplistic explanation but it's basically what happens. Vic
  11. vgbaron

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    You should not have to reinstall addons after a repair or client install. There might be one or two but the majority are fine. I suggest, after doing the reinstall or repair, the very FIRST thing to do is make a copy of the HLSL folder and keep it as a backup. AFTER you do that, rerun PTA and/or ENVDIR and make a new backup just to keep those programs happy Vic
  12. vgbaron

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    I assume you mean the HLSL shader folder. If you have somehow corrupted or deleted it you have three options Restore from a backup Do a repair install of the P3D client Do a reinstall of the P3D client. There are no other options Vic
  13. My bad - quick clicking - will move it back.
  14. FSUIPC wouldn't do that by itself but if you have mapped controls through it, there's a possibility of a conflict. Also any program that controls views, like EZCA - if that is set improperly it could affect keystrokes. Vic
  15. Have you asked PMDG if they've run into this before? Sounds like something is capturing the keystrokes and not sending them on to the a/c. Disable all running addons and see if the problem continues. Also, I'd rename the prepar3d.cfg file and the dll.xml file and the standard.xml file and let P3D rebuild them. See if that change anything. Might give you a better handle on what's causing the issue. Vic