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  1. On my initial install I let it default. Changed my mind and did the move. No issues then or since. I have heard of some where the move option is not available also.
  2. Addons are loaded alphabetically and last one wins. If you want a specific one loaded for sure, just prepend a "z" to the filename.
  3. Same here. I flew a few RNAV approaches in the last two weeks and they worked just fine. Haven't tried any recently however.
  4. Finding the sweet spot for your system is always rewarding. Biggest gripe is the possibility of having to hunt for it after every update. 🙂
  5. Had same issue when I got my 3090. Found that increasing the cache solved the issue. Had it at 8G as I have a very fast connection. Increased to 32 and big improvement but still occasional big drops. Increased to 48G and haven't had a fps degradation in over a week.
  6. ok guys, let's stop the bickering and stay on topic.
  7. My experience was a little different. On my system with a 2080ti I had cache off and had no problems at all. Upgraded that system to a 3090 and turned up my settings. I noticed that after about an hour of flight my fps started to tank pretty badly to the point of becoming a slide show. Set the cache to 48G on an ssd - have not had a fps drop since. I'm thinking the increase in LOD from 100 to 200 is the culprit making me need the cache. All other settings are on ultra.
  8. Not sure what you mean by "save everything". If you are mid flight and want to save it, just go into file menu and save it. If you just want to end a flight and have it recorded in the log, just land and turn off the engines - easiest method is to cut the fuel flow.
  9. I just installed my new 3090 and updated the content. Flew for a few hours, then on a subsequent flight my FPS started to tank ( 10fps) - it was a slideshow. Checked all sort of stuff and nothing unusual. CPU utilization was at 35%. This went on for a few minutes and then I got the packages message. Selected yes and waited - ultimately used task manager to stop process. Restarted sim, went to same location and this time all was good, FPS around 55-60, no issues. CPU using max. Checked and my logbook was fine. Go figure........
  10. I finally was ablr to order my 3090 from EVGA yesterday after almost a 7 month wait. Should arrive today or tomorrow. They are just today delivering product ordered in October 2020. Of course, if you want to pay $1,000 premium you can get them from the scalpers.
  11. I never noticed any significant change and I've been using the betas since day one. Had really no effect on my load times at all.
  12. Had the same thought - bought it anyway and use the alpha and bravo instead of a stick. I figure if I can fly a P38 with a yoke........... 🙂
  13. Opened a ticket yesterday. Received email and had a teamviewer session today with the dev. He's in Italy. He resolved my CTD issue, was a corrupt gauge file.. Took a three hour shakedown flight and was very pleased. I'd call that excellent support. FWIW, on my flight I set up a FLC climb at 200kts to FL30 and it was a smooth climb at around 1500fpm IIRC. May not be perfect but it's a fun a/c to fly around in. Definitely not study level but fun.
  14. I did to and now, for some reason, the FMC will not power up. some days........
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