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  1. you better believe it!
  2. That is not the only criteria for a pilot. A military target drone aircraft requires a pilot. The small multi engine helicopter like drones basically require an operator but there are definite aviation rules and regs that they must be aware of. I would say they are far from "toys". The kind I might fly in my back yard could be called toys but not any commercial drone and especially any military versions. Vic
  3. vgbaron

    HT on P3d v4.3

    FWIW, on both my 3770 and 7700 I run ht off and no AM - lock at 20 and never look back. You can read hundreds of posts on the subject and come to the same conclusion as @mikeymike - I read post after post from users asking which is "best" for my system - not trying to be a smart aleck but - whichever works for you. Start by running no AM and no HT regardless of your processor - make NO other changes to your system and fly for a week as you normally do. Then enable HT and repeat - then add an AM that uses all cores except the first one - and so forth. Making a change and taking a single flight or two proves nothing, IMHO; Get out of testing mode and go into flying mode where you are trying to enjoy the flight as opposed to looking for issues. In flioghtsims you will always find some issue caused by scenery, aircraft, add-on or something else. As someone once said - stop tweaking and start flying. Vic
  4. vgbaron

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    I agree with Dave, Paul. Something external is affecting your settings. Have you added anything that modifies textures lately? New clouds, new airport scenery or new aircraft? I have seen times when some adjust for best visuals with their product. Have to ask - do you have P3D installed in C:\ProgramFiles? Possibly a permissin issue but I doubt it. Vic
  5. vgbaron

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Thanx Scott - missed Vic's question. Vic
  6. vgbaron

    Blurry Texture P3D v4.3

    Rename your Prepar3d.cfg file and let P3D build a new one with default settings; Delete your shaders. Use the default as a starting point. Your goal is to get your settings balanced so you can run the LOWEST FPS with the SMOOTHEST performance. On many systems that is between 20 & 30. Pushing all your sliders to the right and running unlimited on your system will make it a mess - you don't have the horsepower to run that. If you are running a 30hz monitor your best bet is to run lock at 20 to 30 fps. Just because you can move the sliders full right and run unlimited does not mean that you should - not if you want a smooth experience anyway. Your system will tell you when it's happy. Vic
  7. vgbaron

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I find the model pretty smooth and easy to handle. I got my retractable gear time in a Bonanza and found it a sweet and powerful a/c to fly. A2A's model responds exactly as I remember. Had the A/P and comms disconnect during a flight in the A2A - had to locate the breaker and reset it to get them back - nice touch. Actually had that happen IRL during an approach - was a very busy time. Love this a/c. Vic
  8. vgbaron

    P3D running in background

    There's an option - pause on task switch - UNcheck it. Vic
  9. vgbaron

    V-Tail Bonanza by A2A

    Opening up an old thread just to announce you are not going to buy it is a waste of time. locked Vic
  10. vgbaron

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    Envtex and ASCA already have been working together since early on. Nothing has changed. Vic
  11. vgbaron

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    That depends on who you talk to Glenn - there are many who prefer ASCA and many who prefer the competition. Although when the product was first released there were initial problems which were corrected in subsequent updates. Vic
  12. vgbaron

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    That is quite rude and quite wrong. Part of the selection process is gathering information and forming an opinion. The OP did just that - it's his system, his money and his call and you might want to consider adjusting your attitude. Tony - The AS/ASCA combination is an excellent choice. The visuals are always purely subjective and everyone will have a different opinion but as they were designed to work together. AS will work with any cloud/sky combination but is most efficient with ASCA. Vic
  13. Now that I was completely unaware of! Made an assumption that it was user specific. I shall remember. Thanx again, Elaine! Vic
  14. Hi Oliver - I was wondering about that but if you manually install to different locations wouldn't the registry entries be different?. I believe they reference P3D Academic & Pro separately. Not sure about the Programdata but I recall they did the same. Vic
  15. Two users with two different licenses should work just fine. One user with two licenses for the same product might be a problem. However one user could have both Academic and Pro installed with different licenses and that should work. I'm 99 44/100% sure but if not I'm sure someone will post. Vic