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  1. vgbaron

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    That was an unnecessary comment - especially a month later. Let's close this.
  2. vgbaron

    Help lots of time put in

    If you had to reinstall windows, you trashed all the registry entries. The easiest way would be to reinstall everything that uses the registry to store install data. P3D for sure. Then try the other addons and see what works but you'd still be better off just biting the bullet and doing a reinstall of everything. May I suggest getting your overclock COMPLETELY stable first - once that's done you can start the reinstalls. Vic
  3. vgbaron

    Learjet L35A Ver 4.0 Update Available

    I know, I don't like it in the real thing either. Sorry, just being grumpy, I realize you're trying to be faithful to the original. I'll get the update for the gauges. Thanx! Vic
  4. vgbaron

    Learjet L35A Ver 4.0 Update Available

    Turbine temp gauges seem inop. Everything else functions but those two. Just as a comment - the new alt setting gauge seems like an afterthought. The color scheme seems out of place. The rest of the panel looks sculpted and worn but that blue white image looks strange to me. Vic
  5. vgbaron

    Prepar3d purchase

    Read the documentation and decide yourself. Discussion of licensing and EULA are not allowed.
  6. vgbaron

    Too high PMDG prices

    This subject has been covered over and over. It is what it is. We don't need a gripe thread. Shutting this down. Vic
  7. vgbaron

    P3d V4.4 and UTX V2?

    It only makes a difference if you like one or the other. Fly with it as it is for a week or so. Then move them below the ORBX regions. Usually the top layers should be detailed airports, then you can have regions and vectors or vectors and regions. Decide which you like and go from there. Vic
  8. you could try WD40. seriously though, I assume you mean that it stutters during display on occasion - that can happen occasionally if there are some background process that happen to start during the update cycle. Usually it clears itslef up quickly. Vic
  9. vgbaron

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    Don't forget the ActiveSky Xgauge which is part of the ASP4 program. Easily installed popup or built in gauge. There's also the freeware weather radar gauge by Roland using the ActiveSky weather radar that can be installed.
  10. vgbaron

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    Depends on whether you are adding a new drive or replacing an old drive. Fastest - copy(imaging is slower) old D to new drive - remove old d OR rename old d - rename new to D all programs and flight sim links will work. Vic
  11. vgbaron

    Sound from headset

    I just open the app sound settings in w10, then run RC and test a voice, anything to generate sound, the program will show up in the app with input/output set to default - I just change them to the USB headset and go fly. Be sure your headset shows in sound devices. Vic
  12. vgbaron

    New Toy...

    I just installed all the MAIW stuff in P3D and fly it that way. They have all new installers for P3D. Vic
  13. vgbaron

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    If you use Lorby's P4AO you can create an addon.xml file and place the layer where you want. Vic
  14. That's like being a little bit pregnant. 🙂 It's not even a bit of a con, Ray - it is compatible with V4 - that's it - no further changes are implied. You would like more and that's your prerogative but to even imply that the dev is not being straightforward is certainly not fair. Just as some people accuse devs of being money hungry because they expect every update for free. If I were a dev, I'd do the same thing. I'd update my product to be compatible first to keep it in the customer's radar and then, later, I'd add more complex features that become available with V4. I see it as smart survival marketing. They only delivered what they promised but not what you expected - that's not their issue. Vic
  15. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it is 64bit. That's enough to warrant a "V4 only": title and, in some cases, can be a significant task to convert. I find it perfectly acceptable to make that conversion and not add any other special features initially. Vic