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  1. Umm, Dave - when you start conversing with yourself you're heading down a dark, slippery slope!! DAMHIKT! Vic
  2. Phil - NVI is and has been just fine with P3D - all versions. ANY program can be detrimental if not used properly but using NVI judiciously for a setting or two causes no harm to your system. As always, each system is different and some might not get the same results. Before I got the 4K monitor I was using NVI to set 4sgss for my AA. Just set the P3D default profile in NVI and adjust as necessary. Vic
  3. While GPU and memory can also be overclocked, IMHO the benefits are almost too small to notice, if any. Most manufacturers today maximize their product, leaving little room for serious overclocking. While not seeing any definitive reports, I have read frequently that, unlike clocking a CPU, clocking memory or GPU can noticeably shorten the life of the product. Vic
  4. Similar background and similar results. Many are much too quick to point the finger at the developer or LM. Vic
  5. FWIW, I have a 4K monitor and use TrackIR - I lock at 20 and do not use Vsync. No issues at all. Vic
  6. LOL! I wish! Glad to help. Vic
  7. How are you starting the repair? You can do it from Control Panel or just run the 4.2 Client ( or full) installer. Vic
  8. Set them in the Nvidia Control Panel - you can select which is primary there. Vic
  9. I've always used PcDecrapifier - also free and never had an issue with it - been using it for years -first program I run after setting up a new commercial system. Vic
  10. I downloaded mine this afternoon and after install it shows 2.05 Vic
  11. Yup - it works on 4.1 also. Vic
  12. That will go from 0 - 100 depending on who you ask. Look at the release notes - if you see something there that is important to YOU - there will be an upside - if not ............. Vic
  13. I would HOPE so but I haven't tried it yet and can't seem to find clarification on their forum. I'll try to check it later. Vic
  14. Whichever is installed last will take precedence UNLESS you are using ASP4/ASCA for dynamic clouds - then that combo will overwrite as necessary. From a visual standpoint, clouds and weather are purely subjective. There are almost endless combinations you can put together and, depending on your weather needs, just stay with what YOU like. With ASCA, if you do NOT want the clouds, just uncheck them in settings. Vic
  15. Download from your F1 account Vic