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  1. Never fly without it. Rarely notice the transitions unless I am looking for them. The variances in cloud types and levels are superb.
  2. IMHO, you need to START with an empty CF. If problem persists you have eliminated everything in CF. If problem goes away, then issue lies within CF. Unless I missed something you haven't done this - should be first step - determine where the problem lies. Also, I assume you did do a repair install of MSFS correct?
  3. There should be an icon in the tray. IIRC when you click that it will display on screen. Either that or right click icon and see what options are presented - not at flight system at the moment
  4. I agree, you can spend more time looking for the easy way or get it done the hard way. The binary search goes through the list quickly. I also do it by renaming the community folder as a starting point. Also, if it still doesn't work with a disabled CF that points you in another direction.
  5. I landed on 28. I used a/p to get me in the vicinity while I enjoyed the fantastic scenery. Looked at the terrain on the GTN and saw the valley leading in to 28. I admit I had to do a serious sideslip down into it to maintain my approach speed but got it down and stopped by the end of the runway. Any landing you walk away from is a good landing! 🙂
  6. Just finished VIBR-VNST in the turbine Duke with ASFS real weather. What a beautiful and fun flight. Snaking down the valley to find the destination is a great challenge, I can't imagine trying that in a 737. Yep, fun flight!
  7. umm, what assists? Do you mean the popup tool tips when you hover over an instrument or the popup flying tips as you fly or something else? Most of these are controlled in the accessibility menus. Can you be more specific?
  8. Just as a matter of routine, whenever I update a video driver I double check the Nvidia control panel, Nvidia Inspector and in sim graphic settings. Invariably I will find one or two settings that have been changed. Doing that has saved me lots of time tracking down some glitch after update.
  9. LOL! or Los Angeles in the 60's! I used to practice touch and goes on the top of the smog layer.
  10. With the number of female pilots in the military increasing, they may want to come up with a gender neutral name - widow maker doesn't cut it, widowermaker sounds dumb - any suggestions??
  11. Bob, if it happens again, you might want to open a ticket at HiFi, I'm sure they would like to know what the issue is. I run all the vetas as they are released and I have never had a CTD. For me, I always uninstall/reinstall rather than write over - just to be sure.
  12. What have you tried Andy? Any error messages? Rename community folder? We could use a bit more info. I've had it fails to launch several times in the past and it's usually some corrupt file or addon.
  13. DOH! get out of line, you get moderated - as I see you have found out elsewhere. - let's move on - Jase made his point, I made mine - no need for third party interference. Let's all get back on topic plz
  14. I've seen this happen when the usrcfg.opt file has been changed inadvertently.
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