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  1. vgbaron

    Active Sky for P3Dv4

    And to clarify, ASP4 doesn't decide which runways are in use. It reports the current weather - it's your ATC program, flight planner and sim that make the determination as to which runway is in use. Vic
  2. vgbaron

    Task manager Prepar3D.exe

    With all the more complex a/c being developed that's a really good idea. I set my default flight to the Cub at my default airport - KBUR. LOad it and then do whatever else needs doing. Haven't had startup or gauge issues since. Vic
  3. Hmm - now that you mention it - not a bad idea at all!
  4. vgbaron

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    Set water to ultra and get some very high winds - then fly a few hundred feet over the water - you'll see some very big waves with white caps and all sorts of good stuff. A little heavy on the system but fun to do every now and then. Vic
  5. Kneel Knave! I has spoken!! Harrry - we are all simmers. Many times I get into a discussion and someone will correct and/or disagree with my statement. That's the way it is. I certainly hope no one takes what I say as being right JUST because I am a mod - that would be foolish. In matters Avsim however, arguing with the mods is not a recommended pastime but grovelling prostate at out feet is not required. 😂 . Vic
  6. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!
  7. NOBODY messes with Poppet! Vic
  8. vgbaron

    Chaseplane worth it?

    Different strokes, I guess. I wear a headset so using the TIR headset clip is a snap. As far as views go, I find I can do everything I want with the A key, the S key and TIR. CP seems redundant. Now, in my case I have joysticks disabled in P3D and run everything through CP. Once CP is installed, whether it is running or not, my hat switch doesn't work, my numpad keyboard doesn't work. Looks to me to be an excellent alternative to those who don't like or use TIR and who run everything through P3D. For me on my system, I see no benefit at all. Vic
  9. vgbaron

    Skyforce, active sky, tomato shade

    I'd reinstall SF to be sure and then mix and match settings until you get to see what YOU want to see. It may well be that the right combo for you is AS and ASCA - as long as you are looking with your eyes no one else can really help you. Jeroen prefers SF clouds and I prefer ASCA - we are both correct for our preferences. From what you've said, I'm guessing you'll prefer ASCA. Vic
  10. vgbaron

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    I would think the 3rd party avionics part would be self explanatory. Vic
  11. Let's also remember that we are dealing with the written medium here. I can mean one thing but my written word can be interpreted to mean something completely different. At what point does a simply factual response become terse? IMHO the responsibility to communicate effectively rests on both parties. Just complaining that "your piece of junk aircraft that I pad a lot of money for doesn't work" is guaranteed to start you off on the wrong foot. Sure, you are frustrated but calm down and try to explain as best you can what the problem is, including any steps you have taken to correct it. My mom used to always say "you catch more flies with honey" meaning you get better results in life if you ask nicely. I cannot tell you the number of times when the tech support person ended the "call" by voluntarily offering me a discount for my trouble. Something I didn't ask for nor did I expect. Just a thought....... Vic
  12. This one is right on the edge folks............ if it gets personal again it will be shut down. Discussion is fine, insults will get you a few days off. Vic
  13. Installed CP in P3D4 - I have joysticks disabled in sim and use FSUIPC to map all buttons/axis. I also have TrackIR5 installed. Keyboard is default in P3D First off, whether CP is running or not, the numpad keys do not work and the hatswitch on the CH yoke does not work in the MAIN VC view. Works fine in external or other VC views. I'm assuming it due to the additions to the cameras.cfg file. I'm not ready to completely redo my entire profile setup in fsuipc so I'm wondering if there's a simple way to enable/disable CP at this time. Currently the only thing that works is to uninstall CP and manually edit the simconnect.manifest files. I'm thinking of getting a cheap xbox controller just to control the CP views - would that leave my FSUIPC settings intact? I'm also guessing that, since CP mainly deals with views - it explains wqhy the numpad and hat do not work and I would expect that any other view commands mapped through FSUIPC would have issues. Thanx, Vic
  14. Obvious question - have you asked these questions in the Orbx Forums? Vic
  15. Scott - Rick beat me to it but let me also add - Avsim has no issues with anyone posting a valid complaint about any developer - but when that particular thread descends into a pile on me too hatefest of xyz developer - it will be gone. The broad statement that is misleading as to the reason(s) behind such deletions. Vic