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  1. I had forgotten that is what I did with the old version . Thanx for jogging my memory! 🙂
  2. With help from support I was able to get it running but I have some confusion with the automation. Old Accuseason ran daily when I started my system. Advanced seems to require you to pick a time and have system running at that time or update will be missed. I don't leave my system running 24/7 and I run it at various times so this "feature" seems useless. Have I misunderstood something?
  3. True but many folks are still confused by it. Good explanation!
  4. ok, I think each side has made their positions known. I don't see any new information posted so it's time to shut this down. I doubt further discussion will be fruitful.
  5. Since you insist....
  6. I've had some time in a Comanche irl and never did I raise flaps during flare only after touchdown for max braking as others have stated. Actually, I bounced a few landings in the A2A initially because I'd gotten into some bad habits flying some of the less accurate planes in the sim. Had to concentrate a bit more on speed and attitude. Now, no thumping.
  7. NOW you're talking! That's my favorite meal along with a little side of tomatoes oreganata. DAMN! Now I'm hungry!
  8. Sounds like things are moving along Bill. Maybe not as fast as you might like but considering your situation a week or so ago - it's working out. Vic
  9. Well, I like it. I've been a trekkie since the original and have followed through Enterprise, Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9. I consider Discovery an abomination In many ways I find SNW sticking to the Star Trek mantra - lots of little references to the other shows. Spock is a developing character - in the original series it was obvious that Nurse Chapel loved him and this starts the ball rolling. I believe the nwriters are taking us on a journey and will have the characters in line with their natural evolution b y series end. Lots of unanswered questions arising - Lt (Captain) Kirk saays his girlfriend is pregnant - Pike knows he'll be disfigured. The new engineer (played by Carol Kane) is this versions equivalent of Guinan. So far each episode has primarily been establishing different character's back story - I'd give it a chance to develop. As to the musical episode - I thought it was entertaining - the majority had good voices and the sheer logistics of writing the dialog and the music and staging the whole thing was exceptional and they did move the story line along. I do agree however that the crew attitude is a tad cavalier even for early starfleet.
  10. I'd start by deleting it in the content manager and reinstalling it. Perhaps some file got trashed.
  11. Set up the GoFund Me Bill - you can count me in.
  12. The grump strikes again! 7 pages of diatribe - it's had its time in the sun - let us move on to other things. 🙂
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