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  1. I'd say 'Fate is the Hunter", "High & Mighty" and Top Gun
  2. That's what scared me - after all that he was going to try to fly it.
  3. Yes, his official support forum was on his website and has switched to Discord so bug reports should go there but the unofficial forum here works also.
  4. Even if there were a dedicated forum, these people wouldn't use it. Case in point, a post in the Flysimware thread urging users to post on Discord so the dev could see it. He is completely unaware that there is a Flysimware support forum here on Avsim. People post in the main MSFS thread because they hope to get a faster response from the entire community. I could spend many hours every day just merging and moving posts and they start a new one when they can't locate or do not even look for the old. The Fenix threads are normal for a new highly anticipated product - it will find it's level with no interference.
  5. OR you could go to the Flysimware Forum here on AVSIM where the developer will get your message. https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/900-flysimware-msfs-2020/
  6. vgbaron

    Nick Needham

    He's been fighting cancer for over 20 years.
  7. But why does it look so good in V1 with PG on? To me, it should work in both.
  8. The messyi mage is V2. The other is V1. This is with ONLY KBUR in Community folder. I was told to turn off Photogrammetry - that produced a more normal looking building in V2 but not even close to being accurate. I literally live 5 minutes from that location ( approach end of 26) and pass by it every day. V1 is pretty darn close. As for disabling photoreal - why should I disable a feature I like just to run one add on?
  9. And then there is Manny who seems compelled to knock the 310 again. This is the second thread you have derailed because of your attitude regarding the 310. PLEASE stop this nonsense and let the threads continue. This one was a comment on ALL the great new A/C being released for MSFS and what they bring to the sim both for GA and commercial aviation. Enough - now let's get back on track.
  10. I assume you are using the right click mouse look too. This will turn from the center point. If I want to look at the overhead center console for example, I use the right arrow key to move to center and mouse to look up. The MSFS camera system is extremely flexible so there's more ways than one to do the same task. You could also set up a view and save it to a keybind.
  11. Great minds and all that.......... 🙂
  12. Well, if there was something then you couldn't say anything about it but if there were nothing you could say something about it. So since you are saying nothing about it I can assume there is something. How's that? 🙂
  13. Doh! I backup my system regularly so I have the UserCfg.opt file - just didn't think of it. <sigh>
  14. In my case, all those settings were fine - it was all the other settings in the sim, grapohics, camera, sound, accessibility, etc that got reset.
  15. That's exactly what happened to me Bob. Got an 18G update screen asnd it put back everything I had deleted, aircraft, tutorials, etc - all the stuff I don 't use. AND it reset all my settings - not the controls, the hardware was fine, just all the camera, graphics etc. THAT was a real PITA! I assume it was due to the "unable to verify" error I was receiving.
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