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  1. This (real) field has two cool caracteristics. It adjacents to a prohibited area (a nuclear plant), forbidding north circuits and you have to cross a public road with your plane if you want to reach north apron 😉
  2. I'm using FF2FF (https://github.com/astenlund/fs2ff/releases/tag/v0.1.13). It's free. It works like a charm with my Skydemon as well as Foreflight. It even populates trafics 😉
  3. My point regarding the cache wasn't that it will improve because you set it ON but because maybe after the update of the last 13rd April (1.15.7) the cache needed to be reseted. Second, and sorry to ask but it's not clear in my mind. Paris area has been released as a photogrammetric area with the World Update #4 which has a huge impact on performance compared to the previous autogen/generic mode.
  4. My first run over Paris after WU4 was a 10 fps experience. I delete and recreate my rolling cache and fluidity got back. Just my experience.
  5. ... I did as well as the free Unreal Weather. But it doesn't fit my VFR expectations. Even if sometimes the real METAR doesn't match perfectly MSFS Weather, the capability of MSFS to have an global situation with several different conditions at 360 degrees is a must. I did a long test only in French and decided to continue with MSFS embedded weather engine. METAR only based weather engine relies on the METAR coverage and lack of great transition as well as the capability to display, if needed, different weather conditions at 360 degrees. To illustrate how MSFS can be great in replicating the real weather, here an example. It was yesterday, approaching Nantes (LFRS) southbound. A line of rain "blocked" my route. Perfect opportunity, to train my VFR skill. When MSFS reaches this level of fidelity, as a VFR pilot, I'm blessed
  6. Thank you Michael for your reply. Unfortunately, the all set won't fit in my small desk and finally won't get allowed by my wife 😉 but thanks!
  7. As a VFR pilot and mostly flying in realtime/realweather, I feel realistic to get a briefing with whatever real tool (skydemon, windy, MOS Foreflight...) and not be sure at all to have the exact same conditions in the sim 😉 Looks like As-real-as-it-gets when forecast are not "exactly" what I have or even better : when there're weather conditions that I have no clue at all in my preflight because of the lack of weather station and that my preparation relies on model forecast 😉.
  8. Hello MSFS community, I'm fine with my 10 years old VrInsight mPanel + MSFS but after more than 10 years I wonder if there'sn't any new alternative in the flight sim hardware market. I need an all-in-one and small device that fit in my desk : com/nav, xponder, obs, auto-pilot, gear and flaps and more. I fly 99% GA small airclub planes. Anyone with a suggestion?
  9. So far, the only app that I know that can display weather data is FSPM VFR Map that display wind direction and strength (https://flightsim.to/file/3181/fspm-vfr-map)
  10. Same here (I fly with Skydemon or Foreflight). Previously used Xmapsy 3.1 but after acquiring a new PC, Xmapsy didn't want to work anymore. Switch to FS2FF since 3 months and it works like a charm. Recommended to several friends with success 😉 Maybe for some specific usage XMapSY has extra settings...
  11. Now ? Just wait... I don't have heard of any development from RXP or F1 porting their Gauge+Garmin Trainer in MSFS. It seems MSFS architecture doesn't fit at all this logic 😉
  12. I have the MS Store version and installed MSFS in another SSD (H:\FS2020 and my Community is H:\FS2020\Community), then I have no encryption issue.
  13. Love it! I'm a parisian that even didn't notice on the video 😉
  14. Source : https://www.facebook.com/justflight/posts/10161141243683499 Source : https://www.justflight.com/product/pa-28r-arrow-iii-microsoft-flight-simulator
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