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  1. The target page is Asobo hiring page : https://www.asobostudio.com/careers/sdk-qa-tester-flight-sim-254
  2. Anyone suffer from total freeze or CTD sith when connected on IVAO ? I flew two times (after reboot) connected at 2 differences places, connected on IVAO and… total freeze or CTD 😞 Obviously, didn’t have issue with the previous version.
  3. Didn't have the problem, but nice tips. Thanks for sharing. Got very cool clouds yesterday at Brest (LFRB)
  4. I share the same position as Sniper31! Didn't even know about Tobii before seeing it in an MSFS release notes. The 6DOF lacking feature in a no-go on Tobii for me as well.
  5. I found disparate impact due to the airport's parking assignment. I'm not sure how the "AI Offline" traffic works even at 100%. I look mostly for small GA and on my own scenery. GA_SMALL parking at LFAT GA_SMALL at LFPN A lot of traffic at KMYF on GA_SMALL
  6. This workaround is really a partial solution untill it fixed. The sound reduction - when headphone simulation is ON - is way more important than with a good ANR real headset seated in a real C172 cockpit. The sound engine is way too much reduce.
  7. Yep. I'm french (but fly in US as much as possible) and can't stop repeating here and here that there's SERA, ICAO... and the reality of US 😉 The best situation I met was just before vacating the runway at KLAS, receiving the ATC message "Contact ground point niner" 😉
  8. Nope. But did you tried to extract the .ZIP manually? As you maybe, I was monitoring the folder content of AIG Manager and the download is stop (so the ZIP file corrupted) if you accidentally stop AIG Manager before it ends its own update process. Maybe should you just relaunch AIG Manager and wait it downloads the update .zip file fully. Anyway, AIG Manager will update itself once the .zip file fully downloaded (around 8 MB as far as I remember).
  9. It's been explained and certainly lost in this long thread. Never mind. Download the two .ZIP files (links are in Kaiii3's message) for the Manager (AIM) and the Traffic Controller (AITC). Replace all files of your respective AIM and AITC with the respective zip content. Launch the Manager (AIM) and be very patient. You may believe the program is frozen. You'll certainly have another new update after the first launch... then wait again. Once AIM has started, go to Settings, "OCI Setup", and click on "Verify Setup" and wait again (a pop up opens asking if you want to install missing liveries, click YES). This process will correct anything wrong (like .cfg files) and download liveries/models updates. I suggest you then go to "FlightPlan" and update any of your already downloaded flightplan, models and liveries. As suggested before in this thread, check that you're still connected to flightsim.com in case OCI needs it All these steps written here from my memory. Correct me if there's anything wrong or typos.
  10. I love to be sure that everything is up to date on my sim. As a lot of extra content could be responsible for whatever-crash. That's why I launch AIG Manager and run a verification setup often. Not to mention the airlines flighplans to be updated. Am I wrong to think that the only way to keep AIG, models, liveries and flight plans is to launch it which takes ages? PS : I'm already dring to much coffee launching MSFS, the scenery editor, bulding package, testing in community, re-launching MSFS.. etc.. etc 😉
  11. Same here. Use it for capture screen shots and videos. Plain simple.
  12. I had this question when discovering first AIG Manager. My strategy at that very moment was to select the airlines that fly in my favorite airports.I found the list at the web site of these airports and patiently pick each of these from AIG Manager. I second the previous post. AIG Manager took ages to start and update... and it's getting worst with the number of airlines/models installed.
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