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  1. Source : https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/open-beta-4-b7459-posted.11960/#post-56314
  2. Damian Clark from HifiSim shared that the Beta Active Sky for Prepar3D may end the 18 of June. Source : https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/open-beta-4-b7459-posted.11960/post-56317 Rob McCarthy from Lockheed Martin posted the 20th of May that HF2 should be released in "the next couple of weeks". Should be close to this point, no ? Source : https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=219259#p219259
  3. Hello all, I tried to post this message on the SODE forum but didn't succeed ;( So,here is my SOS bootle sent here 😉 Everytime I load launch SODE Platform Manager 1.7.0 I receive this two error windows. All Simconnect distribution have been installed by launching all SimConnet.msi from \redist\ESPv1, FSx-RTM, FSX-RTM-JPN, FSX-SP1, FSX-SP1-RUS, FSX-SP2-XPACK. Sode is registered and active : I don't have any errors in Prepar3D v5; SODE is visible on the Add-ons P3D menu, gates are moving with FlightBeam KSFO for example. For your information : Fresh Prepar3D v5 Profesionnal HF1 (Version When I choose on Add-ons > SODE 1.7.0 >Test DLL connection : nothing happened. I have nothing related to SODE in my DLL.XML If it lights some lights for someone, let me know.
  4. Cross fingers. Just ran a 2.5 hours flight above True Earth Washington without a issue. Launch Active Sky and forget it. I really appreciate the weather depiction : broken skies west of Seattle, scattered heading south and few clouds approaching Bowerman. I really love that weather condition changed when I look around me. So far so good ! "Floating" mountain I have to found something better than the REX 4 Texture Direct + Soft Clouds for this low clouds. Was using previously TOGA EnvTex. Along the coastline southbound, approaching Bowerman, the weather is is better down there
  5. Sorry, I don't have any microstutters, even in your scenario. But as others said, my fps are locked at 30 (in P3Dv5). I have a ultra-wide. And the rest of my PC setup is far less powerful than your.
  6. The way to have something unrealistic with graphical artefacts... So why using a weather injector (AS) with a Beta weather generator (EA). Considering the position of HifiSim, (ActiveSky P3D User's guide page 23) :
  7. Nop, I didn't find a planned release notes. To collect first ideas of content, you have to browse the Prepar3D forum and see where Rob McCarthy reacted like this one :
  8. At least one there : https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=219221#p219234
  9. I tried "AILANDINGBRAKINGSCALAR=30", with FLAi (injected by UTL), and just saw a A320 making a great landing, long rolling (cool !) then raising the nose, leave the ground 10 meters and land again on 28L of KSFO 😉 Will continue to experiment. Thanks to Rolland and this community. EDIT : add the youtube video for AILANDINGBRAKESCALAR=30 and after 2 more tests : 20 is a little bit too long so far... a little ibt Currently testing AILANDINGBRAKESCALAR=17 I suspect the impact of AILANDINGBRAKESCALAR could be dependent of the AI model configuration as well. Most of my AI are injected by UTL but models and liveries come from FLAi
  10. That a cool news ! Thanks, you make my day.... Actually, it's the magic with the sim. community, there are tons of things to discover every day !
  11. After seeing two windsocks (and the extra grass effect on my previous screen shot), I remembered I should remove the FTX Global freeware Airports which includes its own rendition of CNV9. I renamed (.OFF) these 3 files : FTX_FTXG_CNV9_objects.bgl ADE_FTX_FTXG_CNV9_CVX.bgl ADE_FTX_FTXG_CNV9.bgl Thank you again !
  12. Wonderfull ! Thank you very much for finally demonstrate one of the most important features of the release 5 ! PS : the only time I wanted to go to Neuville (20112 in real life), the weather diverted me to Montmagny. With this freeware, you offer me to land there finally.
  13. Ok. I did a quick test. I can add whatever numbers of cloud layers in the user interface, but the cloud layer are not depicted. Obviously, with the v5 weather engine legacy system, I can see these multiple layers of cloud. I suspect Hifisim has run more cerdible tests and benchmark than I can. Page 24 of the Beta Active Sky P3D : No misunderstanding, I love Enhanced Mode in P3Dv5 during certain weather conditions. For example, in California with high floor cloud, CAVOK condition, the ambiance is unbelievable. But for some cloudy and rainy condition like in the west of France, I'm not confident in what P3Dv5 is able to generate.
  14. Good reminder. Here are (at least) one direct link to the thread on IVAO MTL excessive loading time in P3Dv5 compared to P3Dv4 : http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137863&p=217799&hilit=ivao+loading+time#p217682 If there's any other, feel free to share.
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