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  1. Could you give an example? Is that payware airports?
  2. Oh, you overestimate me or confuse with someone else :)))) KBUR is too big and complex for my skill (and I never land there). also considering there's already a v2 of a payware and a freeware 😉
  3. I didn't use ADE with P3D/FSx, so hard to compare. I wasn't much in the dev business back then. For now, I use ADE just to create the .XML version of the airport I want to improve. I keep only what I need and continue the work with the MSFS Scenery Editor. After creating the first .xml with ADE I never get back to ADE.
  4. There're some very specific building there that would required some blender/sketchup skills: the ATC tower, the Hiller Aviation Museum, the building of San Carlos Flight Center/West Valley Flying Club... If someone can work on these objects, I can work on the overall layout of the field!
  5. Here's my flow. I may elaborate more if it's of interest (let me know but beware I'm an amateur!): Choose an airport to build. Not that easy 😉 The airport may not be interesting but I flew there and have material (for example Lake Havazu), too complex for my skill (for example Torrance), too big, there's not enough data available, doesn't interest the community... Collect information. My own pic or videos (I record a lot when flying in real), Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google Search, Bing Map (Birds Eyes mode is awesome), Google Map, Street map... ADE: to create in a blink of an eyes the structure of the MSFS project and packages. Once generated, I clean it manually with notepad+ and re-organized folders, output folders for my own taste, create my own package structure (material, model, services...) MSFS Scenery Editor is 80% of the time spent. Modifying all apron object (the texture applied to the satellite image), setting all taxiway signs, taxiway lines, sometime terraforming (see Fallbrook which is a real challenge for me) and adding thousand of objects : replacing the AI generated buildings with more generic appropriate one but also all the fences all around the airport and hundred of small cones, trees, toolbox, opened hangars details, static aircraft... Blender to create objects. It's rather fast after 3 years for specific taxiway signs and building signs that I love to put in my scenery With my skill it's take ages to create something basic like the Cafe at Kern Valley or all the buildings of Marble Canyon "town" and Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center GIMP to deal with texture. It's one more of my weak skill. I really need to learn how to produce better quality Back and forth between MSFS loading with the build scenery and empty folder for the scenery editor. It takes hours and hours of booting MSFS (and my MSFS is on my fastest NVME's 😉 Tests in Drone mode and several flights. Public release on flightsim.to Feedback analysis and get back to step 4 😉 I consider my airport never finished as satellite imaginary can be updated, new documents can be found, new feedback of users, new technics or objects appeared. That's why also there a lot of updates and versioning (not really smart here nor really any rational ;). Small airport can be create in a matter of week. For example, Fallbrook or Bowerman took me only 1 week (3 hours during night and very early in the morning before my job day starts). Other scenery can take 3 or 4 weeks. Don't forget it's only amateur work with basic generic buildings. And a longer project is not enough attractive to feed my own interest. If it's too long... it's boring. Make sense?
  6. Believe me, it's way more easier todays than in the FSx/P3D era 😉
  7. Thanks to the incredible flight sim community for embracing my Microsoft Flight Simulator small freeware scenery addons. We've hit a milestone of 200,000 downloads! As an amateur developer, pursuing this passion outside my primary profession, which isn't connected to the world of flight simulation, this achievement means the world to me 😉 None of this would have been possible without the fantastic MSFS integrated scenery editor and, most importantly, the unwavering support from this amazing community. Your tutorials, forum posts, videos, user's feedback have been invaluable in shaping all these small projects. Thank you for soaring alongside me on this exhilarating journey. Here's to countless more flights and adventures together! ✈️🌍 #FlightSimCommunity #MSFS #Gratitude If you want to discover my addons : https://flightsim.to/profile/vbazillio
  8. Version 1.0.5 released. Clean-up Desert Jet (and the old Ross/Landmark) ramp (per user request) Start enhancing the Desert Jet public zone. Maybe further dev later.
  9. Can supplement more! Remind arriving at KLAS with a 172 and being directed to the 26R with Atlantic as my FBO. Thanks to my Foreflight 😉 One part of the solution for this fake taxiway signs is the... MSFS World Hub. That should be somewhere around SU1... hum, was that SU14? Where is the now dead Alpha process ?
  10. Version 1.2 released yesterday : Replace the ugly road texture with a new one Enhance asphalt ramp Add marking on road and at the Navajo Bridge
  11. The size of the airport? The available data? The dev/modelers have already objects for Marseille and not for CDG? The complexity? The location? One studio has claimed to work on it, is late/long road (and we're not aware)? The same for dozen of other airports around the world 😉
  12. Hopefully with the flight simulator and tool like AccuSeason, it's easy to set a date 😉
  13. Version 1.1.9 fix a frequency error and add two new static aircrafts (Tecnam P2002 and a Rutan Long EZ)
  14. No?! 😉 Depends on your point of interest, but been there so many times as a french tourist enjoying the trails. This last August:
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