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  1. Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 is in open beta compatible with 4.2 : https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/#ASP4
  2. Why the suggested tools It's all GREEN on the "iOS Update Green Light Program" from iPad Pilot News for 11.2.5. I'm not sure at all the "compatible" includes iPad to FSx/P3D tests ;)
  3. From Prepar3D, you have to install a plug-in that will sent GPS data. You can use the payware FSxFlight (.exe launch outside P3D) or the free Flight1 Plug-in. From Skydemon (PC Version), choose menu "Go Flying", then "Connect to X-Plane" FSxFlight : http://www.fsxflight.com/ Flight1 Plug-in : http://www.flight1tech.com/Products/SimulationUtilities/ForeFlightPlug-in.aspx PS : it's the first time I read somehow wanted to connect Skydemon PC with P3D ;) Connecting the tablet (iOS/Android) is so much valuable to train before seating in a plane ! ;)
  4. Any enhancement in Prepar3D is a good news. I 'm still remembered the time where we were stuck with no-more-developped FSx. Though I'm not convince, the lightning system is in my top 15 priority ;)
  5. I have create a "follow-up" (the procedure on their support forum) on my request. https://alabeo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/3675
  6. Nope. The video was online the 3rd of September and update 1.2 was released the 3rd of october.
  7. No one mentionned that the G1000 database is Navigraph upgradable ? Subscription previously mentionned are related to the update of the database. To supplement Russ, here are my personnal thoughs : I'm using my PC sim to train in the cockpit. I don't care about flight dynamic which from my perspective, is far from "my reality" whatever sim it is (FSx, P3D, A2A, RealAir, x-Plane...). I mainly look for a 3D virtual cockpit with the maximum immersive ambiance to run through checlist, handle switches, etc... Carenado, like its sister company Alabeo, does the job. I have maybe hundred of C172 G1000 real hours of flight and maybe this Carenado's addons will join my virtual fleet.
  8. Yes, you have to subscribe to the Fastlane beta programm from Orbx
  9. Jeansy's pics look far more better than the one on Simmarket!
  10. A new version has been made available yesterday. Don't ask me for versioning, it seems out of control of the developper ;) CAUTION : it's far out of issues. So, if you don't know what you do or are not able to backup/restore/manually change .CFG and other P3D files, I highly recommend to stay on stand-by mode. Monitor frequency ;) If not and for your information : FlightScene64.DLL and Animan.exe are now loaded via the add-on.cfg Prepar3D v4 features and no more via the DLL.XML and EXE.XML. Files are moved from P3D root folder to the FlightScene personal/customized folder. Unfortunately, the Automergeutility-blabla-bla is still there (I'm scare it messes my autogen and every launch). But the worst is that many customers (including me) have the ANIMAN.EXE process crash few seconds/minutes after launched, which removed the building and infrastructure in airport. Free update ? Yes. Usable ? No ! In the editor forum : http://www.flightscene.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=71
  11. Believe me, I'm an awfull painter. I have other talent but really not this one.
  12. I'm also disapointed by the lack of interest of painters. I posted the same question in the JustFlight forum... without any answer. :(
  13. So am I. That's a key question as a lot of simmer may have Orbx Trees. What's the difference ? How's performance compared with Orbx Trees... etc...