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  1. I am talking about everywhere. My scenery has a heavy green tint everywhere, particularly the roads. Just flew around Chicago as an example. thanks
  2. Still having a problem with extreme green scenery, especially the roads. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? Thanks
  3. I removed everything from my Community folder, rebooted the computer and started MSFS with the Cessna 172, so I have a vanilla MSFS. Just completed a three hour test flight with no CTD. I will start to add back in all my stuff I had in the Community folder one by one and test flight after every added mod until I get a CDT and then will hopefully know which one is causing the problem.
  4. I am getting it too, occasionally. The sim crashes and I have to start over. Usually happens after about an hour or so into the flight. Does not happen all the time though.
  5. Is there a place in the sim that lists the Photogrammetry (?) detailed cities/areas in the sim so we can start at some of those airports. I know major cities like New York and London, I think, are in that category, but there are supposed to be many others. If not in the sim itself, maybe an addon mod? Thanks
  6. Well I fixed it myself. Seems this only happens if you are flying in the DEV MODE. I was. While flying in DEV MODE, there is a menu bar at the very top of the screen. On the left side of this bar are tabs like Help; Windows; etc. If you put your cursor on any of those tabs, and then go back to flying and you use the cursor to, say, change radio frequencies, you will find that for some unknown reason, your cursor arrow will not change into the hand or curved arrow. It will just stay the same straight arrow. If you put the cursor on a switch, again it will not change into the hand with the finger. It will just stay the same straight arrow. So for now I don't fly in DEV MODE
  7. Since this week's update, my cursor is behaving strangely. When I start the sim and start flying, the cursor is shown as an arrow as it should, and when I put it on a clickable spot it changes to the hand with one finger up, as it should, and when I put it on a rotating dial, it changes to the circle arrow, as it should. But, about 15 to 20 minutes into the flight it somehow changes. It stays as an arrow when I put it on a clickable spot and when I put it on a rotating dial. No more changing to the hand with the finger or showing the curved arrow for rotating dials, it just remains an arrow. I can't tell if I am on the right spot to click or rotate. The only way to get it back to normal is to shut down the sim and start all over. But then it changes again about 20 minutes into the flight again. I have tried it on several aircraft, and it does the same thing with all planes. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  8. I tried searching, but got no results. The Cessna 172 with the glass panel has been updated with a lot of changes to make it more like real life, but nothing was said about those same flight changes to the 172 with steam gauges. Anyone know if that model got those same updates? Thanks
  9. What a neat trick. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. I just installed the free Google Maps replacement for the Bing maps, and everything looks better to me, so I think I will keep using it. Does anyone know what happens when an update comes from MSFS? Do I have to re install the Google Maps? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply. You were right. I don't remember doing it, but the mouse was not set on default. I reset it to default, and it now works. Thanks
  12. All of sudden I can't select a starting point from the other side of the world. I start the sim, click on WORLD MAP and the world shows up with the Western Hemisphere in view. I can't rotate the World to show Europe, for example. I was able to do this by left click and hold on my mouse and move the mouse and the world would turn. All of a sudden this does not work. I can't make it move no matter what I do. The mouse works properly in other programs like Little Nav Map for instance. This is the only program that is affected. Any hints?
  13. I am using the Logitech M705 wireless mouse. It has two additional small buttons on the left side buttons that you can push in with your thumb. They are used to go forward or backward one page when looking at a website like this one for example. Does anyone else use this mouse and have figured out what we could use those buttons for in the sim? Thanks
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