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  1. I just checked again, and I do not have any mods for Cardiff or EGFF. I have the following mods installed for England but do not think any of them could cause that effect at EGFF: EGNC EGNV EGSU
  2. I just took off from EGFF and flew around the area at 4,000 feet and did not see what you are showing. The line of separation in your screen shot seems to follow a series of roadways and waterways North, then East and out to the sea that you can easily see if you are using Little Navmap or similar program as you fly around the area. I do not have any scenery mods added for this area, so I think you must have something added causing this effect.
  3. I agree it is confusing. Sometimes it is in Content Manager, sometimes in Market Place, sometimes in my library files at the MS Store. I look at each place now after each upgrade.
  4. My problem is with the auto pilot on the Retrofit panel. No matter what heading I dial in, when I hit the HEADING button on the auto pilot panel, the DC-3 turns to North and maintains that heading. It only happens on the DC-3. The same panel is used on other aircraft, and they all work properly. I have tried two different addon mods for the DC-3, but they do not solve the problem.
  5. I am a native South Jersey guy and flew out of KPHL about twice a month when I was in business there for over 40 years. I watched the real thing grow from a wetlands area to what it is today. Matter of fact, I just flew in and out of there last week. I now live in central PA and use American Airlines to get to KACY to visit a daughter. Fly out of KSCE , or KUNV in MSFS, on AA on an Embraer 145 into Philly. AA has luxury bus there and drives to KACY where my daughter picks me up. Saves her driving all the way to Philly and back. They use Terminal F for these small planes that feed in from other small airports. Coming back home the trip is in reverse. You go through TSA at Terminal F which is almost no time as there are very few pax there waiting. All in all, not to bad a deal. AA is using this method at other small airports such as Allentown, PA, and a couple of areas around Denver.
  6. Solved. I checked my cache option and it is off. I have never created one or use the automatic one in the Options settings. I changed the name of my Common package name, shut down the sim, re started the sin and it built a new blank Common file with nothing in it. Re started the sim and vola. Everything is back to normal. There must be some scenery in my addon mods that the last update from MS last week does not like. I will add things back is one at a time and see if I can find the culprit. Thanks
  7. I started MSFS today and it did a short update. When the sim started I noticed it looks like I have lost a lot of ground textures. Everything is varying shades of gray. I shut down the sim, shut down the computer and re started it, went to the Microsoft store and checked my files and there were no upgrades to do there. I re started the sim and the same ground textures are missing. There are no taxiway or runway painted outline markers, the runway numbers and markings are gray. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks
  8. Have installed the v3 of Gaist Global Ships. The installation instructions says to set ships in the MSFS traffic settings to 10%, so the default ships do not interfere with the added mod. What about Leisure boats, etc. Are there any of these in the added mod? If there are not, can I set my default for Leisure boats to say 50% Thanks
  9. You think that may be a bargain? Here is the dumbest offer by an airline, and consequentially, the best offer ever for rich people in the history of the airlines. https://simpleflying.com/american-airlines-aairpass/#:~:text=In an attempt to raise some badly needed,airline posted a US%2476 million loss in 1980.
  10. Thanks, Guys. You are right. It is on the tablet along with the Auto Pilot and other stuff. Thanks
  11. I have installed the WBSIM_JPI_152_2.04_sql51 mod in the Cessna 152 with steam gauges and love it. But I think there is one thing missing. I do not have any DME in the panel. There is a blank panel where it is supposed to be. Anyone else see this? Thanks
  12. I asked for a poem about the Douglas DC-3. Here is what I got. The Douglas DC-3, a plane so grand, A sight to behold, across the land. With two engines strong, it took to the sky, Transporting folks, with a graceful sigh. Through war and peace, it served with pride, A workhorse of the aviation tide. With a range so vast, it could fly for hours, Crossing oceans, and towering towers. Its legacy lives on, in the hearts of many, A true icon, of aviation history. Though retired from service, it still holds a charm, A reminder of the golden age of aviation arm.
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