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  1. I had to answer YES once to each of my ORBX products when I went to P3Dv5.1. Once I said YES to each one, I never was asked again. It is just like if you add a new ORBX airport that you just now purchased and the first time you start P3D, you are asked if you want to add that product. You say YES and you are never asked again.
  2. Well, since the 17 had upwards of 12 50"s in some models, and you are using cocktail sticks, I hope you are not drinking all of them at one sitting to speed up the completion of the model.
  3. spilok, Can you please post some "after" shots so we can see the difference? In your original shots the entire panel looks very dark to me. Thanks
  4. I have been searching for any freeware Cessna airplanes for P3Dv5 but can't find any. Has anyone found one? Thanks
  5. The uniforms look like New Jersey State Troopers from the 1940's and 50's.
  6. We have way too much time on our hands now.
  7. I posted the above cure I found with my system and has been working since with no problem.
  8. Microsoft just released the list of minimum, medium, and high end computer specs needed to run the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.https://www.flightsimulator.com/save-th ... y8nyyKy7Jw
  9. When I try to download it, Windows Protector says it has a virus.
  10. CW- Tried your hint, No Joy. Lawy - Do you mean when I deleted P3Dv4.5, or v5? I deleted 4.5, have not deleted v5. There are no data files from v45 left in C/name?APP DATA, just the new ones for v5. I removed the FSUIPC6 and did a new install of it. I ran the repair selection of P3Dv5 with no luck.
  11. I had a bad install with FSUIPC into P3Dv5 that caused several problems with my install of my ORBX addons. I deleted it and all the ORBX products, reinstalled FSUIPC6, but not any of the ORBX products. Now every time I go to any of the top menu bar tabs in P3D and make any changes to say, OPTIONS, or even just to look at something in any of the tabs, then close the tab window, I get this message. "Prepar 3D has detected non sequential layer ordering with the scenery library list. Would you like Prepar 3D to attempt to repair this issue? Yes No" I say yes every time, but it does not get fixed. Any suggestions?
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