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  1. I have basically the same question, please. And I don't want to steal this discussion, but allow me to ask perhaps even more basic question: How does lack of VRAM demonstrate itself? What shall I look for? Some people mention stutters. I believe that but stutters can be caused by multiple things, right? I believe VRAM is important, but failed to recognize the issue. I have just 8GB and took other precautions to eliminate stutters (method @Noel). I do admit I fly just default scenery at 1440p. Some people here are warning against 12GB and some mention surprisingly high utilisation with 16GB.... I remember the initial reviews of msfs 2020 saying all graphical memory is always used. But what's the real problem with the lack of VRAM??
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I am currently on 8GB VRAM. Not really having any issues, but flying just default scenery. I was daydreaming about 4070Ti for Christmas because of FG. Isn't a resolution a parameter here? I mean, if aiming at 1440p, isn't 12GB good enough?
  3. To OP: Just an idea, but how about that you would fly the Sydney landing challenge (from cockpit only) and tell us what fps you get? You could use your normal settings, LODs, etc. and no frame limiter, if needed. It is the dafault A320, there's some complexity to the city and there is some serious cloud cover. The challenge has been used for benchmarking in the past. Someone with similar hardware and resolution could then compare to his/her results. Just to get a rough idea, where you are. I have almost the same pc (10700K, RTX 3070, 1440p, ultrai) and to be honest, considered your latest performance a bit too slow. Unfortunately, I am on holidays and can't do the test now. I am also almost always main thread limited (10700k is actually very close to 9900k), unless inside dense semi-transparent ultra clouds (only then GPU limited), but once again, your latest fps feel low. Your previous performance was good, the 9900k was coping, albeit sweating. It is difficult to believe for me that the SU/WU degradation could be so severe.
  4. Thank you very much for your investigation. Very interesting results so far! I am now high in the mountains on holidays, far away from the flightsim PC. Therefore I can't look at my end.
  5. See also here, the posts starting on 29 April 2021: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/msi-ab-rtss-development-news-thread.412822/page-157
  6. Thank you very much for your reply in the other thread (thread on giving lower settings a chance). Allow me one additional question: - Passive Waiting is default On in RTSS (and your guide). - But don't we want to have it Off? When I read the pop-up help in RTSS, I understand it they recommend to have it Off to get the most even frame times. I always thought to have it On was a typo in your guide. I tried both options but so far didn't have enough time for proper testing. I fly with the setting in Off mode and all is fine.
  7. Dear Noel, just asking: Is your FTV chart generated from the complete 2 hour flight? Including departure and arrival from/to relevant airports? BTW I am following your posts with recommendations for "modest" systems very closely already for a few months. Your method was very close to my optimised approach, but yours was a bit better. I learned from you: - to go down from capping at 60 fps (on 3070) to 50 or 45 fps to create the headroom -> such a big effect on FTV and fluidity!, - to use your settings in Rivatuner for true G-sync monitors. Since then, the stutters are forever gone! Thank you very much for that! Many readers of your posts focused on using the (now obsolete) Lasso, but as you write, it wasn't the main point. Yes, I could go and buy 4090 or 4070 Ti tomorrow. I could. But it somehow doesn't feel right. I bought my 3070 at the peak of the pandemic. It was difficult to get, I felt very happy owing it. Then I spent a great time tuning it with the Afterburner and got emotionally attached to it. It always served me so well, it simply doesn't deserve to go. At least not yet... And 50 or 45 fps on a real G-sync with virtually zero stutters simply feels amazing!
  8. Thank you very much for your analysis. It again overlaps exactly with my experience, for example around LOWI Innsbruck in Europe. Like fighting of older and newer tiles, sometimes photographed in a different season. It looks like that even more LODs are now used at some places, but the system is not tuned... As if not controlled at all. And actually, when flying at 500 or 800 feet AGL, nobody wants to get any swapping of textures (despite showing even higher detail), because one is so close that the immersion gets totally lost...
  9. Do we have any idea or suspicion why this issue is worse now? Several people noticed degradation of landscape tile textures and their behavior especially lately...
  10. I fully agree. All of this is fully reproducible already in the World map. As we know, the same textures used in the Map are used later when flying. Varying altitude (and hence varying LOD of the textures) corresponds to zooming in and out of the Map and can be easily simulated. I tried at different times and on different days, but got the same results. Concerning the question why I see generic textures now at locations where I saw real aerials just a few weeks ago (and took screenshots!), my theory is that the team from time to time replaces older satellite textures with new ones. The new ones are processed only by AI due to sheer volume of them, not by real people. If the new aerial tile contains e.g. a white cloud blocking its part, AI then blindly smashes generic textures over the cloud covered area. It doesn't look at the older tile, where the depiction was actually good enough and could be happily used... I do agree that it feels worse now then let's say a year ago. Including texture popping between the old ones and new ones. Finally, I do have to admit that WU14 brought new aerials (satellite textures) to some areas, e.g. Czech Republic, and those areas are now suddenly 3x better concerning all ground texture issues described above. But, I am afraid, the WUs are not curing the basic wish of most of us: To have consistent and up-to-date satellite imagery wherever available and possible.
  11. Hello, I would like to have my sim complete and up to date even incl. planes I currently don't fly. May I ask, please: I have AAU1 & AAU2 installed. I understood the first one includes the updated Garmins by Working Title, When I check the planes, I can recognize the updated versions. But the Marketplace still keeps offering me the separate versions of Working Title: Garmin GNS 430/530, Garmin G1000 NXI. Shall I download those to have the latest equipment? What would it add? And wouldn't it interfere with the AAU1? I have the DeLuxe version of MSFS.Thank you.
  12. Has anyone noticed any improvement over time of quality of satellite tiles from Bing? Is there s place anywhere, where a generic texture tile was later replaced by the real satellite image? Would like to try it on my system.... Thank you.
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