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  1. AIG OCI all the way. No need to spend money on AI traffic anymore - aside from a donation to AIG which is highly recommended.
  2. Thanks, to confirm, it compares what is actually installed vs what is showing up as installed in Programs & Features and removes it from the installed program list if it is not actually installed? I have some orphaned programs on that list I’d love to get rid of that never uninstalled properly...
  3. Thanks for the early impressions for those who have been able to get one. I’ll be interested to see what kind of performance is possible with an off the shelf AIO (or even air, though I’m likely going AIO) setup as these get more prevalent in the community.
  4. There are some overpriced addons out there but PacSim is certainly not one of them in my opinion. I’ve always felt that I get good value for my money and have never regretted a purchase. Looking forward to the v5 updates and thanks for the sale opportunities.
  5. So for my next test flight I did the following: - disabled CPU and RAM overclock - limited FPS to 30 using P3D limiter - deleted shaders - did not use Active Sky - reduced settings slightly So far I am happily enroute to KIAD from KATL, well past the point that I CTD’d last night. If the remainder of the flight goes well I’ll try adding Active Sky back in and see what happens. EDIT: Flight completed successfully.
  6. Thanks for all of the responses and great information, I have no shortage of things to try out over the next few nights. First up will be disabling my CPU and RAM overclock...my GPU runs on the factory settings. Thanks again, it’s a great community we have here.
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a shot, can never have too many options to try.
  8. I do...it will stay at least until FSLabs moves over to v5 (and I have a more stable v5 experience.) I'm curious, where I'm getting high, fluid FPS and VRAM well below my capacity, which settings/cause are you suspecting are leading to my CTDs?
  9. Weather 😁 Just kidding of course, you're right, that's my next step for a few flights to see what happens.
  10. I find myself in a tough place. In my experience flying v5 I have FPS beyond what I could imagine in v4, nice and smooth in and out of major airports, to the point where it's hard to go back to v4. However, the FPS are only nice and smooth until it seemingly inevitably crashes on me. My record of flying airliners in v5 so far is as follows: PMDG 747 with Active Sky beta 2, SDF-HNL, great flight until CTD nearing the pacific coast, ntdll.dll. Maddog with Active Sky beta 3, SFO-PDX, CTD at on the ground, kernalbase.dll Maddog with Active Sky beta 3, SFO-PDX, CTD just past TOC, kernalbase.dll Maddog with default weather, SFO-PDX, enabled Active Sky after the previous CTD location, successfully completed flight. Maddog with Active Sky beta 3, ATL-IAD, CTD just after takeoff, ntdll.dll. At this point with airliners I'm 1/5, a bad average even for a major league baseball player. I have completed a few short GA flights without issues, but I've also had a few crashes with those. Probably what I need to do is leave Active Sky off for a few more flights and see if I can consistently complete flights without it to try and narrow this down, or at least wait for the next beta. I'm not really convinced there's only one issue at play here though which makes figuring it out that much more difficult. I don't expect VRAM is an issue, I haven't seen it climb above 6.5 on any of these flights. The performance in v5 is so tantalizingly good (I was generally around 40-50fps taxiing around imaginesim ATL tonight!), but is it worth rolling the dice on actually completing a flight (or even reaching TOC?) At least we're finally starting to get some warm weather here so I'm spending less time with the sim and more time outside...maybe when fall hits and I start spending a lot more time simming some of this will be straightened out.
  11. Ahh my mistake, all of my comment were in regards to v3, my apologizes.
  12. I posted a somewhat lengthy opinion on the current state of these in another topic here a month or so ago. Summary was that there are some things that annoy me (particularly for the price point) but overall I enjoy flying them.
  13. Ugh, I wish I did have that file there so I'd have a solution to my frequent CTD's (just stopped by the forum after CTDing in the Maddog). Thanks for sharing in any event though Rob.
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