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  1. Performance seems to be unite variable. I’m getting smooth high 20’s low 30’s at payware airports and I’m currently at cruise getting 40 fps which is pretty close to normal for me with airliners. I haven’t figured out how to enable my onboard GPU so those numbers are using CPU to render the displays.
  2. I love the captions on the loading screen LOL, nice touch! Performance wise I'm currently on the tarmac at Roman Designs YOW getting high 20's low 30's for FPS...pretty typical for me in an airliner at an addon airport. I'm about to fly to Fly Tampa CYYZ so we'll see how the performance is there.
  3. Correct, current livery, star alliance, and red/white/maroon. Oddly the missing one is the icy blue livery that predated the current one.
  4. Glad I logged into the forum at 1958z lol. Purchase and download were a brezze, only small blip was that when I went to log in to the Fenix software the first time it told me my password or login were incorrect. A few minutes later I was able to log in successfully so maybe it just took a few minutes for the information to propagate. Just mentioning that in case anyone else runs into it. So excited that they included the 1980's red/white/maroon Air Canada scheme that AC's A320s wore when first delivered! EDIT: Canadian Airlines too! Awesome.
  5. One and done and now she’s a nearly ten year old that likes occasional flight simming so I think I have it made 😀
  6. This weekend is a long weekend in Canada, plus I think the US and maybe even the UK? Would be great timing for a release 😀
  7. Yes FSimStudios YVR and Simaddons YYC (until FSimStudios eventually does YYC).
  8. The Wilco Airbus was my first A320 for any flight sim (was it FSX or FS9? I can’t even remember now). The Airbus way of things all seemed so foreign then but after spending hundreds of flight hours in that one and Airbuses from FSL and before that Aerosoft it’s all brain muscle memory now.
  9. That was exactly the preview I needed to see. Short, to the point and has only made me more excited for this release!
  10. That would be the change log for 1.9 which is already available?
  11. The CG probably shifts slightly as Tyson leans over his seat to reach him lol
  12. My absolute favourite is CYYC-CYVR. Gorgeous scenery over the Canadian Rockies and just over an hour. Flown by Air Canada and WestJet often in A320s and 737s. CYEG-CYVR would provide a similar but different perspective and it’s a bit longer.
  13. Does anyone else still find the brake force a bit weak in 1.9? It seems to eat up a lot more runway on landing than I would expect for an aircraft this size.
  14. Hmmm just had my first instance of ATC going silent since installing the update. Flying in the NGX about 60nm west of Chicago heading to midway. Will send in a bug report.
  15. Wow!! i'm not sure what to say beyond that at this point but wow, sign me up!
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