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  1. Great shots! I’m working my way up there with ortho tiles from Banff, I think I’m one tile away.
  2. Thanks Vital, I've had mixed success getting the overlays to work, some do and some don't, often on adjacent tiles. I'll send you a PM.
  3. I spoke too soon, I went to fly in the area I had generated with google and got a few error messages followed by xplane shutting down...looks like google is in fact not working. I’m trying to recompile the area now.
  4. Thanks Jude! I read about that, will have to check it out.
  5. regis9

    Drzewiecki Moscow ATC fix?

    I'd love to know if there's a fix also.
  6. Thanks! I used Bing as the source. It seems for most areas I'm switching between Bing or Arc...up around the Athabasca Glacier I used google as it was the clearest.
  7. Hi all, after decades of flying P3D, FSX and many of their predecessors, I decided to take the plunge and give X-Plane 11 a shot. With the base sim around the same price as a single quality P3D addon, and with lots of good freeware available I decided "why not?". After getting past the initial "ugh, this is different, I don't like different" phase, I'm starting to settle right in with X-Plane. I'll still spend a lot of time in P3D flying heavy iron, but I'm loving GA flying in X-Plane (I have to admit the FlyJSim 737 and 727 look very maybe not only GA flying LOL). I picked up the wonderful Aerobask DA62 to cruise around in, spent some time playing around with ortho4xp, and voila, the Bow River Valley is now available in beautiful detail in my sim. This blew me away...this area is probably my favorite place on earth, I've visited 6-7 times, and flying through it in X-Plane brought back a wealth of memories. Enough blabbing, here's a few quick screens: Flying over the Banff townsite with distinctive Mount Rundle in the background: Norquay Ski Hill: Heading west toward Lake Louise: I can't say enough how amazing ortho4xp is...I've spent more time so far creating scenery than I have actually flying! I'm about 2/3 done my home province of Nova Scotia. My next screenshots will be a flight through the Cape Breton Highlands. I'm glad I decide to give X-Plane a shot, wish I had done it sooner.
  8. regis9

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    The FSL A319/A320 is my favourite P3D airliner by far, and it has a lot of competition. I initially choked on the price a bit but it is an absolutely sublime simulation...well worth the dollars to me. The sounds are second to none IMHO and really set the bar for audio immersion. I don’t own the latest Aerosoft A32X as after buying the FSL I have no interest.
  9. regis9

    Weather at arrival

    Check that it is in live weather mode not static mode. Sometimes if it loses connectivity, it switches to static mode then doesn’t switch back. Happened to me last night.
  10. regis9

    QW787 worth it w/o FS2Crew?

    I wouldn’t let a lack of fs2crew hold you back, it’s a great aircraft.
  11. regis9

    P3Dv4 AI upgrade

    If all of your AI aircraft are FSX models then no issue. However, FS9 ai models, while they won’t give you trouble in P3Dv3, will risk crashing P3Dv4 (and likely won’t look right). Lorby’s Thumbnail Report Generator can be used to scan your AI and report what aircraft uses what model type. Once you know what you have for FS9 models, you can look for replacement v4 compatible model files over at Alpha India Group. They have v4 model files for many (but not all) AI aircraft. Thanks to the work by many people at AIG this is much less a nightmare job than it was when v4 first came out! 😀 Hope that helps.
  12. regis9

    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    Maybe if you include both 744 and 748, but even then I think you'd be hard pressed to find as many currently active city pairings as you would for the combined 788 and 789. As a proxy example, currently Flightaware is tracking 186 789s and 146 788s for a total of 332 787's. Flightaware is tracking 93 744s and 32 748s for a total of 125 747's. If we're talking 748 only (as I think the OP was) the difference is even larger than the combined 747 numbers. Me too. The obvious answer to the OP's question is "both", that's what I did. I have pretty much every payware airliner out there and I tend to circulate through them over time just depending on what mood I'm in. I fly some more than others, but generally they all get into the rotation at some point.
  13. Wow, this is great news!
  14. regis9

    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    I would choose 787 simply because they are both good and the 787 gives you far more real world flight options - if that’s your thing (I only fly real world routes/aircraft other than subbing in historical aircraft sometimes).
  15. A new AI system that would allow for improved ATC (or at least make it easier for third party developera to develop ATC solutions that actually control AI) and would also allow AI to use sloped runways. (that’s my way of sneaking my two biggest wants into one 😀 )