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  1. I have to say I’m loving flying with Active Sky in’s the weather engine I’ve used for longer than i can remember in P3D, FSX (and maybe FS2004?). Great job to the hifi team, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes next. Two suggestions/thoughts: - In AS for P3D we can get weather information for current location, arrival and departure airports from an in-sim menu. Hopefully we’ll see that in ASXP as well, it’s quite a useful feature. - would it be possible to have a shared location for the weather snapshot file between the P3D and X-Plane versions? This way, regardless of which sim/Active Sky version I’m using, I can use the weather snapshot with PFPX, Pilot2ATC etc without having to change the location within those programs each time. Dave
  2. regis9

    LVFR Key West (KEYW) Update in the Works.

    No better place to try and squeeze a 737 into!
  3. Hello, I'm contemplating a purchase of the J Rollen CRJ200 and the BSS soundpack to go with it. I've read about a few issues, specifically the engines sounding like they are shutting down when the throttle are reduced, and also that there is an issue with the ground rolling sounds. The latest I could read about this were from posts earlier this year (~April). I've never been able to find anything to say these issues have been addressed. However, looking at the BSS facebook page I see they issued a patch in August for the CRJ200 pack, although there is no mention of a changelog that I can find. Did this patch fix these issues? Is the soundpack currently working well in X-Plane 11? Thanks
  4. If you’re looking for a decent payware airport in Quebec, CYUL was released by Fly Global Art within the last month or so. Also, there is a ton of great Canadian freeware out there, you should spend some time looking around the download library.
  5. I noticed this too at a freeware airport, I’m wondering if it’s GSX 2 related? Just a guess as something has happened with jet bridges.
  6. Yes the terrain clarity is excellent, and to me reason enough to upgrade right now. I’m just finishing up a flight PSP-YYC and it has been an gorgeous flight. The photo scenery around PSP and TNP payware airports looks better than ever, and flying over ORBX region terrain most of the way up was great, very clear textures well off into the distance.
  7. regis9

    PFPX 2.0 OUT

    Two things for me is generate random cargo loads (not really sure why it doesn’t do that) and export directly to topcat. Having said that, Simbrief is an amazing free tool (though I’ve donated).
  8. regis9

    Carenado in X-Plane

    I bought the B1900 tonight and went for a short hop, definitely quite a difference from p3d! Great flight, going to buy the C208 tomorrow.
  9. regis9

    Carenado in X-Plane

    Thanks very much for the fast and full responses, that’s really exciting to read as it sounds like my gripes about the aircraft in P3D have been largely dealt with. Definitely going to pick up one if not both tonight.
  10. Hi all, with some Carenado aircraft 50% off right now I’m contemplating picking some up for X-Plane 11, particularly the B1900 and C208. As a reformed P3D’er, my experience with Carenado has been....ok. They look nice, but systems and flight dynamics are sometimes a bit questionable etc. From what I’m reading Carenado seems to be better regarded in the X-Plane community than P3D. So for anyone who has flown their products in both, is it a better experience in Xplane? Are there any Carenado aircraft that are particular gems in Xplane? Thanks
  11. Caused by FsLabs not being compatible with v4.4, I just had the same issue. Fix is here:
  12. regis9

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    The 717 is a great addon, a nice change from flying the usual Airbus or Boeing aircraft. I haven’t experienced the CTD’s mention (still flying in v4.3). Biggest thing to keep in mind is that although it is a Boeing, it is not a Boeing. It’s a McDonnell Douglas aircraft design and that is reflected in the systems, flows etc. I don’t think it’s any More difficult than other high detail aircraft, just different. Again, I find it to be a nice change from the usual. It’s kind of a blend of MD-11 and MD-80 systems.
  13. Yeah I have no interest in flying online with few controllers and aircraft, kind of defeats the benefits of flying online. I also use time acceleration in cruise usually so that’s an issue for VATSIM too.
  14. I recently jumped into pilot2atc and love it. There’s a free 10 day demo you can try.