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  1. Thanks, I'll try again, maybe it was a one off issue. In my case it was at CYXU.
  2. Me too, but still puzzling why it wouldn’t intercept. I manually dialed in the ILS frequency and course. The aircraft registered the existence of the localizer and glideslope but didn’t grab them.
  3. I’m currently flying the Headwind version across the Atlantic FRA-YHZ. The only issue I’ve come across so far is the Lat/long waypoints on the NAT track didn’t make it from Simbrief to the MCDU but it’s flying perfectly fine.
  4. My whole setup is pretty much a right seat setup. The origin is my thrustmaster warthog which is right handed, and my setup evolved around that. Now throttles are always on the left. Maybe someday I’ll make Captain! 🙂
  5. Thanks, I’ll try leaving it in GPS next time. I’m in the habit of switching to NAV from GPS for ILS approaches and I thought VLOc was the same thing but maybe I’m misunderstanding.
  6. Yes, there may be occasional issues (it’s in early access) but it has done a great job for my flights so far. I have no reason to use default ATC for IFR flights now.
  7. I tried my first ILS approach in the Turbine Duke tonight using the TDS GTN750 and also could not get it to couple to the approach using APR mode in VLOC. Is it supposed to be able to couple to the approach?
  8. I'm a relatively young 43 so let's see if I can help 🙂 Unfortunately the default ATC is not very good (or at least consistent) at descending you in time to make your airport. I've recently moved to using Beyond ATC for IFR flights, but prior to that I would always make a point of knowing roughly how far out I need to descend and if ATC did not tell me to descend I would start down anyway. Multiplying your altitude in thousands of feet by 3 is a good rule of thumb. ie if you're at FL300 you'd want to start down roughly 90 nm away from your airport.
  9. When would the server issue become apparent? I just loaded the program and it checked for updates etc successfully. Just wondering before I plan to do a flight if this means I'm good to go or does the issue appear once you're actually doing a flight? Thanks, Dave
  10. Yes you can hit the VS button to maintain the current VS but you can’t dial in a VS like in more modern aircraft.
  11. Could be a good companion for the OV10 in the firefighting livery.
  12. The challenge with purely wind based runways is that it doesn’t take into account operational thresholds that airports may have to change runways. As an example, CYYZ Toronto will always use east/west runways as much as possible, up to a pretty high crosswind component because there are three E-W runways and only two N-S runways. So even if the winds favour the N-S runways, it has to be a pretty strong wind before they make that switch. Just one case out of many but it illustrates why some kind of flexibility is needed.
  13. I flew with the Fenix last night and didn’t see the issue
  14. @Fiorentoni basically answered for me. I’m seeing 5k-6k characters per flight by changing to basic in cruise when I’m not there. A shorter EGNX-EGAA flight last night where I stayed the whole time was around 7k I think. So in the neighbourhood of 100-150 flights with the $30 pack. I probably average 2 airliner flight per week, sometimes more sometimes less. I wouldn’t be using this for VFR GA yet. This could all change of course when it starts talking to traffic, I’ll re-evaluate then.
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