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  1. I think most devs assume we’re using addon AI traffic.
  2. Love the sounds, really looking forward to this one!
  3. Thanks for posting about the current status of the addon. I’ll jump in eventually so I appreciate knowing where it is
  4. I marked California but really I’d say from the Rockies west and and southwest specifically. Scenery is beautiful and varied, and since it’s four hours behind me I can get lots of real world time day flying in when it’s the evening at home. Also the weather is great for real weather VFR flying.
  5. Absolutely, that’s what I’ll do. I forgot how immersive it is to program the FMGC by actually using keys on the hardware unit, or how handy it is to dial in an altitude change on the hardware without having to pan your view to the FMS in the sim.
  6. I can confirm that the Fenix license I bought is still working. I have to say this latest development is disappointing, since it seemed like this was all done in collaboration with Fenix (or at least with their knowledge). Part of me thought it did seem too good to be true. Hopefully something can be worked out, but I'm not optimistic given Fenix has said in the past that hardware integration is largely outside their control. The vendor they license a lot of their code from (Prosim?) mistakenly thinks allowing someone like me to use a couple pieces of hardware is competing with their core product which is expensive and focused on those with full cockpit setups. Unless I win the lottery and can have multiple cockpit setups I'm never going to own a full flightsim cockpit and would never have a reason to be a Prosim customer. Anyway, I'll enjoy the year I have and see where it goes...glad I resisted to urge to buy additional Skalarki items.
  7. I had wondered about that. Different aircraft, it I flew the Majestic Q400 a lot and always loved how nicely it slowed down with its big propellers causing drag, I had assumed the ATR would be similar.
  8. Ugh, I hate to say I saw this coming, but... I'm heading to bed now but will check to see everything is still working in the morning. Hopefully at minimum I have a year of enjoying my hardware since I bought the license.
  9. Turning off PG is a no go for sure, especially when there’s already a reasonable Asobo version available.
  10. Just wanted to note that I got an email this morning saying my Yoko+ has shipped. So although it was listed as a pre-order I've had a very rapid turnaround from Virtual Fly.
  11. Also has the ability to fly longer missions, sounds different, etc. Looking forward to having one in the sim.
  12. It’s a great chopper and my other ones haven’t left the hanger since I bought it.
  13. I haven’t checked but the gate assignments seemed reasonable.
  14. I had already bought NFFN on sale in the marketplace but even with that the deal was too good to pass up!
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