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  1. CYOD scenery for P3Dv4

    Only one I know of is ORBX freeware.
  2. Sounds like a great sound pack, thanks
  3. At one point they were going to release two config files, one for realistic cockpit sounds and one with louder sounds, did they end up doing that?
  4. Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    They do recommend against it but I’ve never had an issue with it.
  5. Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    Exactly this. There's more advanced stuff you can do with FSUIPC if you're so inclined, but being able to set and forget custom control schemes is worth the price of admission alone.
  6. Dial A Flap and FLEX

    Thanks, I thought that a Vr of 169 seemed very high.
  7. A380, A350, Cseries Addons

    No other rumours I’m aware of, hopefully they get onto someone’s radar.
  8. Dial A Flap and FLEX

    Thanks again Rick, looking back I didn't set the dial a flap to 0, so that would explain it. Topcat gave me: D-TO: +50C V1: 148 Vr: 169 V2: 173 The aircraft nose was actually pulling up off of the runway before I reached Vr...trim was set correctly (I think...I'm still learning a lot about this aircraft :) )
  9. Dial A Flap and FLEX

    So tonight topcat gave me a flap setting of 0...this was at KORD rwy 28R which clocks in at 13,000’. I assumed this meant a slats only take off, so I set the flaps handle to the 0 detent. On take off I got a flaps warning. Googling this i came across a Spanair flight that crashed due to forgetting to set any takeoff flaps. So did I miss something with this one or is topcat trying to virtually kill me? 😀
  10. ORBX Photoreal UK/IRELAND This year.

    Wow photo real Ireland...that will be beautiful. Gonna need a bigger hard drive!
  11. Navigraph

    Do you mean the navdata that the core sim itself is using? Navigraph will only update specific addons you install it into, you need something like fsAerodata to update the navdata in the core sim. The default data in the core sim will be out of sync with any addons updated by navigraph.
  12. These quiet releases sure are making for some nice surprises!
  13. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Awesome guys, I feel like we’re getting somewhere in nailing this down
  14. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Interesting, I too have upgraded to 16gb from 8..I’ll have to give it a try
  15. How do you fly the Legacy? (perf numbers)

    Generally fast and sometimes upside down Sorry, I’m sure that’s not helpful.