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  1. That might be the most out of balance aircraft I’ve seen in flightsim history lol I’m guessing with the external flight model that number doesn’t have an effect hence why it’s flying well. Looking forward to trying out the patched version tonight.
  2. Yeah it’s bizarre as I don’t know what it’s bundled with. I searched under Asobo as the developer to find it.
  3. Alright, I was going to pass on this one having bought the Asobo ultralight and the flyinside Bell 47 this weekend but you’ve all convinced me. I really enjoy the Seminole so based on the feedback here I expect I’ll enjoy the Seneca too.
  4. The sad thing for me is I wasn’t even coming in for a landing lol. I was doing some turning, getting a feel for how far I could bank it in a turn and I think the answer was “not that far” 😄
  5. Yeah basically as above. Love to do some short hops and high speed sightseeing, generally under 3000 feet.
  6. It's certainly not easy to fly, it takes some concentration and finesse, and I've only flown it on the medium FM settings! Once I got the feel for it I could generally point it where I wanted to go and it would go there, but I have much to learn to be proficient with this aircraft. Tons of fun though and will be great for practicing helo flying and doing some slow touring. My last flight ended with a death spiral into the ground so more practice to be done on my part.
  7. Strange, I paid around $12 Canadian for it. I’m on steam so the payment would have been processed through steam instead of the Microsoft store, maybe that’s the difference?
  8. I haven’t bought this yet but I’d be surprised if it didn’t work with the various GPS mods. I don’t think the files being locked has any bearing on that. I haven’t come across an aircraft yet where the mods wouldn’t work.
  9. Thanks! I did end up buying the upgrade for the A-10C back when it was released as it was a cheap upgrade, time to get back into it. Huey is definitely good fun too, even just flying around in it is a fun challenge.
  10. Great shots! I’m feeling the urge to get back into flying a bit of DCS...just need to focus on learning one aircraft instead of jumping around. Unfortunately my attention span doesn’t always support that approach! My brain just doesn’t seem to jive with learning complex military addons, though I can fly the most complex civilian airliners without referring to a checklist. But, YouTube has been showing me a lot of A-10 brrrrt videos lately so perhaps I’lll jump into a few A-10C training missions and try to create some ground shrapnel 🙂
  11. I was wondering what that is? I assume you’re referring to the square thing on the windscreen. I’m not sure about buying this. I quite enjoy the Seminole so if this is of similar quality but faster I’ll probably be satisfied. The other thing is that a pretty good looking helicopter has just been released for a similar price so that may be where my money goes for something completely different...
  12. Bought it tonight and spent a while putting around my hometown of Halifax. First thing I did was land on the softball field behind my house. Close but I made it. Then I landed on my street and parked in my driveway. Landed in a few more parks, flew under the two bridges spanning our Harbour, then landed inside one of Halifax's best known landmarks: Not something I'd fly every day, and certainly not a cross country cruiser (I was trying to chase an AI ship leaving the harbour and it took a very long time lol), but a ton of fun when used for the right things and a great low speed, low altitude sightseer that be landed in some interesting places. Especially for the low cost well worth it in my view.
  13. Yeah I think that’s the big attraction of this, being able to slowly check out your neighbourhood or wherever else you’re touring around. I feel like when I’m showing off the sim to people and doing the obligatory flight over their houses, even using one of the slower default aircraft I end up having to pause to take a good look around. With This thing I’ll be looking to land in some MLB stadiums!
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