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  1. Ultra is just a pre-set, it doesn't max everything, you do need to change some settings manually. Looks fine to me.
  2. Joy for some people here. It never bothered me much, sure it was weird, but not enough to turn me off from flying, and I rarely saw any where I was flying, mostly because I fly the airliners, so I'm usually too high to seem them.
  3. They aren't, it just helps them see which bugs are the most common.
  4. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/read-first-dev-q-a-guidelines/350841 Thought people might want to know. You can submit questions in that sub forum (not the linked thread)
  5. It's no where near false advertising. You can see the distortion in the video. It's not vaporware, it's in high demand (and low supply) because of covid. Also that's not what vaporware means, If it was vaporware there would be zero cards in existence.
  6. You have to grab the alpha/beta liveries from the content manager if they didn't automatically install.
  7. The official forums would be a better place to be kept up to date https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/
  8. the Devs have said it generates AI flight plans based on the FA data, it’s not literally live tracking like that other addon does, whose name I’m blanking on now. You can see the live traffic use ground services before departure and after arrival (if they actually make it to a gate) The planes vanishing after landing is probably because they can’t find appropriate parking. Heres a shot of Wellington I took a week or so ago, all ‘live traffic’, not players or offline traffic. The NZL flight closest to me is departing the airport. You can see it connected to the jetway, the baggage is heading for it, and I think the GPU is connected. The catering truck I think is also on the move, its lights are on.
  9. They were still on vacation when the new cycle started I believe. They said yesterday it would probably be a few days before a fix. So expecting it today is a bit premature. What the hell are you going on about? All they did was update the AIRIC cycle, they've done this the last 3 months. Calm down, god.
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