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  1. I wonder if they'll do tutorial videos like they did with the A310.
  2. They showed some footage of it last year, it seems to be a simplified version of the already existing in-sim airport editor.
  3. If you want ground services, try turning off extra ground clutter in the GSX updater settings
  4. I'm at FL380 and the outside temperature is reading -13c Yeah something is wrong. Winds appear to be fine though.
  5. COVID didn't hit Australia until 2020, like the rest of the world outside of China.
  6. I had odd temperatures too at some points. Other places I was missing clouds, but ground visibility, wind and temperatures were fine.
  7. no need to believe, look at what I posted last page. They're using a Garmin GPS in place of the system that was actually on the AN-225. I imagine recreating the original system was not a viable option.
  8. I had retroactive Orbs from some products I bought years ago, had enough for Key West. I still haven't flown to it haha.
  9. Jorg said in the Dev Q&A yesterday that he wasn't sure they were going to hit the March 14th release either way.
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