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  1. Didn't one of the developers say his work machine was on a 10XX series Nvidia card? Also not running at 4k.
  2. Yeah, as others have said, it's still an Alpha, they haven't started optimization. I imagine the ram requires will go down as development goes on.
  3. Clearly you haven’t been following the sim.
  4. For Halo on Steam, it’s just a login screen when you boot into the game. It doesn’t have an external client/launcher like with Rockstar or Ubisoft. You can also link your Microsoft account to your steam account so it automatically logs you in.
  5. I also imagine that there might be data that Bing has that isn’t public yet, but Developers have access to. So I wouldn’t take everything you see on bing maps to be representative of what the game would have.
  6. I wonder if this will be consistent, that any one who gets into one test gets into all future ones.
  7. They said in an interview, I don't remember where, that they're going to be using a package system.
  8. People really need to stop responding to m_sparks
  9. I doubt snow is in the current alpha, as it was probably a recent development. Maybe Alpha 2 will have it if it's ready.
  10. I'll be flying from Halifax , NS to the airport near my home town.
  11. That could just be the LOD making it look lower quality.
  12. Yeah when I bought XP11 I was severely disappointed at the default (non-airport) scenery when compared to FSX/P3D.
  13. A modern Xbox isn’t that much different in architecture from a Windows PC. For example Fallout 4 on XB1 (and PS4) supports mods, which are made using the PC SDK set to XB1 mode. Then they’re uploaded to Bethesda’s service, and you can then download them from in game. If MSFS2020 on Xbox is going to support addons, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a similar process. Though I imagine any Xbox addons would have to work with only the base game, you wouldn’t have any third party programs the Xbox.
  14. You can still see photogrammetic trees in the other cities shown in the video. They haven't removed them completely. Also as mentioned above, they've already said the entire world won't have photogrammetic trees, only certain cities in the world will have them. 99% of the rest of the world will be autogen.
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