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  1. https://kb.fenixsim.com/cabin-announcements Official guide
  2. Well the Fenix discord and flightsimto won't allow real Cabin announcement packs. Where will we find them?
  3. I remember a couple people suggesting that the ini A320N would quietly be swept under the rug and never be released because of the alleged copying from FBW. Well they were wrong.
  4. AP is working fine for me on the newest beta.
  5. The Fenix has always done this. It's to prevent the assistance options from breaking the aircraft.
  6. My download speeds did not drop below 100 at all for this update. Mind you I only updated right now, so there's probably less load on the server than when it dropped a few hours ago.
  7. Does TCAS work? I've flown within 2000 feet of an AI aircraft and nothing.
  8. There's no snow coverage improvements coming with SU15 Only thing they touched was water ice.
  9. did they remove the ability to link the pilot and co-pilot barometers or am I just blind.
  10. for those using Navigraph, don't forget to update your Fenix nav data from the Navigraph Hub app.
  11. They moved the 4K livery option to the Settings menu of the livery manager if anyone is wondering.
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