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  1. Good news, that is happening with the Fokker VII. Specifically the Southern Cross' route across the pacific.
  2. Iberia is the piece of land Spain and Portugal are on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iberian_Peninsula Edit: bobcat beat me
  3. all these new air dynamics and all that are great.
  4. it has gotten better in some aspects with every sim update They're improving propellers for aircaft as part of of the work up for Helicopters in the fall. Feathering is a lot better. The propellers are now a separate model from the plane.
  5. Nothing wrong with that. It gets them the money so they can make the sim better. The Q&A still gets a lot of time.
  6. Australia is the biggest World Update yet. 91 POIs (I think I heard that correctly), 11 photogrammetry cities, new imagery.
  7. State of AI Traffic January 2022 https://www.alpha-india.net/2022/01/24/state-of-ai-traffic-in-msfs-update-january-2022/
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