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  1. This thread stinks of like a dairy farm. The amount of cow waste I see being slung left and right. The funny thing about it is that the folks who consider themselves the hardest of the hardcore and hold the sim to the highest standard, are the ones displaying the highest levels of ignorance. I haven't been on Avsim very long but those of you familiar with me know that I love a good argument but I'm tired and bored of this. Some people just want to see the sim burn. Makes no sense wasting the energy on folks like that because they hardly ever admit it when they're wrong. Asobo is doing a fantastic job especially considering this is their first crack at creating a sim that is bringing us into the modern era.
  2. Yeah they should be saying the sim is doomed and all is lost
  3. Sigh. Listen the stall speed of a 747 with full flaps is 100 kts. In the video the nosed up, bled a lot of speed and started to fall like a rock below 100 kts. It had just enough momentum to take it over the rocks. The plane did not fly for 10 seconds at 90 kts. I'm pretty sure you know how to count so I don't know how you came up with that.
  4. I think that response lets everyone know how much they should value your opinion on these matters. It also lets me know that you are anything but genuine when you say you're "just asking questions"
  5. MSFS is the first sim that has really made me take the weather into consideration when planning flights. Ignore the dangers and you can have a really bad day. But hey, reduce it to "just a game" if you want to....
  6. People in this tread who think they're experts are saying the 747 was FLYING at 90 kts lol. Were we watching the same vid? The guy pulled up at the last second to bleed off a ton of speed and the callout sounded like it was conducting an auction just before touchdown haha!
  7. I'll tell you what, you can keep those horrific oversized trees from the launch version. My country has never looked so beautiful/accurate in a sim and at default no less!
  8. Personally, I like the new METAR system because my part of the world finally feels like it matters. I've mentioned this before but before SU7 I would start my flight in St. Lucia and there would barely be any clouds in the sky 9 times out of 10. In reality we almost always have scattered clouds at the very least. The only time the sim would look like real world conditions was when there was a significant weather system over us. Things are flipped now with the sim looking like the real deal 9 times out of 10. I trust Asobo will get the kinks out and make it even better for most users.
  9. Or maybe, just maybe this is the first implementation of the new hybrid weather system and they will be taking feedback from us to make it better? That never occurred to you? This tinfoil hat nonsense is getting really boring but threads like this drive a lot of traffic....that I'm also contributing to lol. And guys, stop worrying about MS asking us to pay for online services. The sim is selling better than any that came before it, They have a thriving marketplace (which after some improvements will make it even more profitable) they're dropping more paid content than they ever did before and even 3PDs are making more money than they ever imagined on the platform. Bing is theirs. The Azure servers belong to them. Phil Spencer already said he's just using infrastructure that already exists so the operational cost of their online services is "cheap". Nothing wrong with speculating sometimes but we need to get our heads out of the past and get used to the realities of the present.
  10. Actually, I'd love for him to tell me about all the hours he's logged the real heaviest of airliners........
  11. So you're knocking the sim because you have some skill? Have you visited the Kodiak threads recently? Because I see a lot of folks in there asking for help with flying the thing since it's characteristics are so realistic.
  12. I noticed this flying over the Philippines last night
  13. Live weather suddenly popped back on during my flight lol
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