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  1. I absolutely agree that 3PDs can make more detailed aircraft......As long as Asobo chooses to do nothing for a few years lol. Asobo can do much more in a lot less time.
  2. Wait...wait. I mean it's not like they haven't done quite a lot to prove otherwise...
  3. That guy never ceases to entertain. I don't even get annoyed anymore I just laugh at what's said 😂
  4. How do you know for sure that he's lying? There's a possibility that he is but perhaps he did it the way he did so that there wouldn't be hard proof that he wasn't violating the NDA
  5. I second this bigup. He was not invited to the preview event but he does produce good content. I think he would have gone if he made more videos on his channel but he's probably too busy developing add-ons.
  6. If this is real, we have nothing to worry about.
  7. I hope not because that wouldn't make any sense. Let's just drop the mentality of thinking things are the way they used to be. The old sims are really old and things have changed.
  8. You aren't surprised that their lack of flight sim experience in general didn't prevent them from doing what we've seen so far?
  9. I think when Asobo said third party devs can do it better they were referring more to the amount of work that can be done. They can't make every plane out there but I agree with @domkle's post 100%. You just can't compare flight sim 3pds to the ability of a AAA level studio putting out projects nominated for game of the year. They have far more resources at their disposal, not to mention the fact that aircraft manufacturers are even more willing to work with them. This is not a knock on 3PDs. In fact it's actually amazing what they've done over the years with what they have. But the line of thinking that says Asobo would need the same amount of time to make a PMDG level plane is straight up misguided. The average DLC expansion for modern games cost about $30 and they often feel like stand-alone games. I'm fully confident Asobo could put out a top of the line 737 and charge far less than what PMDG will. Just look at the amount of work they've accomplished from concept to what we have now in a few years.
  10. I've given up at this point. Such is the fate of a 16 GB pleb
  11. Should you? That depends on how much you want to enjoy flying in the here and now. For me personally, I was about to give X-Plane a shot in June and then the E3 reveal happened and I lost taste for everything else. I even uninstalled FSX later on because i just lost the taste for it. I installed it again when when the telemetry beta was released. Spending more money on FSX just doesn't make sense at this point. I've seen a glimpse of the future and I'm waiting on that.
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