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  1. I am shocked at some of the long standing issues that require the move to 2024 to get fixed. With that in mind, I'm gonna need them to start talking more about 2024 ASAP if I have to get it to pan with the mouse and not have my controls get locked up. It looks like clouds will definitely look better in 2024. Ray tracing perhaps? We'll see.
  2. Got it working. I think my antivirus was the culprit
  3. Is the update live? V1 is about to stream B2 in 30 mins
  4. For sure! The same way they're halfway there with their Garmin Avionics.....................
  5. 2024 is already doing things that I consider next gen. 3D out of 2D and the improved CFD modeling come to mind. 2020 was Asobo's chance to get their feet wet and I think 2024 will be their opportunity to show us what they're really made of. Can't wait for more info!
  6. Ahhh ok thanks guys for the info. Really good to know that the plane is behaving closer to the real thing. How hard should I be hitting the brake when turning? I know I have to add power but it isn't doing much.
  7. Turning radius in the C172 still completely sucks for me. The front wheel only turns a few degrees to the left and right with full deflection on my rudder pedals
  8. Well none of the big issues introduced actually affect what I normally do in the sim so I should be fine. Will see if the ATR is one of the aircraft affected
  9. They're making their own flight simulator lol
  10. Meh, they used FSX to train and Jorg makes a cameo talking about MSFS being built from it. Transfer to the FSX forum if needs be.
  11. https://www.polygon.com/24073247/masters-air-volume-msfs-flight-sim-rig?fbclid=IwAR19K5cShxWPI8Jx-x0fjL5ZXNVoKnyfV6yqv3U-IwV3JFx_ZDwMjrN3pVQ
  12. That usually happens if you change anything about aircraft selection after selecting the destination.
  13. I've been following the videogame industry for a long time. I used to be embroiled in the console wars a lot too (funny enough, I rooted for Playstation instead of XBox lol) and spent a lot of time researching and debating which was better and so on. After a while you start to recognize certain clues when moves are about to be made. In any case, Jorg did estimate that the next info dump would happen in spring and we're not far from March.
  14. they're going to give a lot more info about 2024 soon so they're taking the steps needed to make a clear distinction between the two sims.
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