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  1. Hi Mike, New update of REX went and deleted my entire Community folder (I had selected the custom Community folder option when installing). I entered by REX Axis details for registration, and the app seemed to accept this and I was able to go through settings. I opted to download one of the extra sets during this session, but then though better of it and clicked the option to remove the extra set. Given the app probably didnt think the authentication was correct (but failed to advise me on this first run) its likely the delete/removal action for the extra scenery set actually deleted the entire community folder.I'm guessing its a bug as the app was probably in an inconsistent state.
  2. I came across this problem quite a while ago. When I posted a question about this, I was told that I had to raise my trust level, and that is based on how many posts you make in the forum. So I set about asking new questions, posting responses to existing threads to boost my trust level up enough so I could vote without restriction.
  3. I use a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse (Wireless or Compact version) which provides so many useful axis that are just perfect for controlling camera views. The only downside is that they arent cheap.
  4. Thats really bad jibe to make! I was an early adopter of Xplane, and back in the day with either XP5 or XP6, there were some major bugs, that went untouched for at least 6 or 9 months, and Austin was missing in action. Why? Because he had just obtained data for the surface of Mars and thought it was way cooler to build a Mars surface to fly around in XPlane instead of fixing some really annoying bugs. It was at this point that I decided to ditch Xplane, because it was evident that bug fixes/improvements etc were the sole discretion of one guy and what peaked his interest at that time. It wasnt until many years later when more people eventually got involved with assisting Austin, that I gained interest again.
  5. I often use this resource for my flightplans: https://edi-gla.co.uk/
  6. I would like to see Asobo use AI to monitor all real world controlled airports, the metar weather and the traffic patterns of real aircraft (from the source they use to inject 'real traffic' into the sim) and start to build up some 'smart' rules for each controlled airport as to which runway is used based on weather conditions, and for airports such as EGLL, learn when they switch landing/takeoff runways at certain hours . Using those learnt rules (which can be enhanced and added to as more observations are made without requiring new sim updates) , have MSFS sim query the back-end servers to know which direction the in-sim ATC and AI should be directing traffic and which duty runways should be used.
  7. Apparently Elgato (who make StreamDeck equipment) will be releasing a new update for the software based StreamDeck iPhone/iPad software at the end of this month. This means that you would be able to set up a 64 button software based Streamdeck on your ipad, instead of having to buy the hardware based Streamdeck units. And with the June release they will also be selling a lifetime license for this software, as a different option to the existing monthly subscription pricing. Given that there are many prebuild Streamdeck profiles on flightsim.to, the iPhone/iPad software version of Streamdeck hardware might be something to look at. NOTE: The streamdeck aircraft profiles on flightsim.to will require some sort of additional plugin (like AxisAndOohs) but at least with this combination, someone will have done the hard yards detecting all the lVars and designing the button interface for SD for you.
  8. I have 2 StreamDeck XLs and a SD mini, and I'm seriously considering adding more (XL and maybe a SD+)! Up until recently, I was using a bank of GoFlight pushbutton (GF-P8's), GoFlight toggle (GF-T8's) and GoFlight button/rotary (GF-RP48's) hardware devices to interface to my sims. Whilst the GF modules have been useful up until now, the fact that I would have to manually change the magnetic labels on the front of each GF module, when changing aircraft, was a pain. The great thing about the SD devices is that the button function AND the label change when you load in a new config.
  9. "If you could have any rudder pedals..."i would buy the Brunner CLS-E MK II RUDDER with Toe Brakes. I currently use the VirtualFly Ruddo pedals.
  10. I'm using the GF MCP-PRO & EFIS with GIT with the FBW A320. Obviously, there are differences between the Boeing and Airbus FCU, and you will have to remember which buttons actions on the MCP-PRO you allocate to the different functions with the Airbus FCU. Secondly, it will need some serious custom programming to try to map Boeing to Airbus functionality to get it to work. It CAN be done, just don't expect it to be easy. Out of the 2 devices, the EFIS is easier to program/configure , so you might want to make a start with that module to gain experience in customizing GIT.
  11. I used to program a lot of if/next/else nextskip routines in GIT until Steve added the commands switch/case/case/endswitch which makes programming so much easier and simpler, and is perfect for 'TOGGLE' actions. So, to rewrite your function using switch/case it would look like: switch SALTY_FPV_ON case 0 SALTY_FPV_ON = 1 case 1 SALTY_FPV_ON = 0 endswitch You can add multiple lines of code after each case test, as many as you need for that condition, and you dont have to use goto and labels which makes it much easier to read. The switch statement examines the contents of the LVAR. Each case statement checks for a match of the LVAR against the value for each case, and only executes the commands under that case UNTIL the next case check command or endswitch is found. Regards David
  12. Automation Is there any chance you could add a flag when called by command line, something like "-autoquit" perhaps, so that when called via scheduler, for example, Accuseason will load, download the data, and then automatically quit? Currently, when called via scheduler, it automatically downloads latest data, but then remains open, so I have to click OK and then exit.
  13. The Buttkicker cable only has 2 wires. The minimum XLR plug and inline socket combo has support for 3 pins. So I just used the 2 outside pins in the 3 pin XLR. The other thing about the XLR plug is that the pins are shrouded by a cover so you will never have problems of a pin breaking off in future.
  14. I replaced the plug and socket on my cables with XLR inline plug/sockets. These are heavy duty 3 pin plugs/sockets usually used for audio purposes. Most XLR inline plugs/sockets have a hard metal shell. To reduce the weight of the plug/socket combo, I chose plastic shell XLR components. You will need to cut and strip both ends of your existing cables, and solder the 4 wires onto the pins of the XLR's. The pins in XLR are protected, and the plugs and sockets are robust.
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