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  1. Fantastic, many thanks. In the release notes you mentioned that Duplicates are skipped. Would you be able to explain what entries are checked to decide if a line/record is determined to be a duplicate and therefore skipped please. I noticed that the first time I ran the updated Learner, and selected the option to log airport traffic, the airport file was not created (as the learner_files directory had not been created yet). When I quite out of Learner, it then created the directory, but did not write out an airport txt file in that directory. Next time I ran it, it did start to write out the file. The issue I observed the first time MIGHT have been because the learner_files directory did not exist.
  2. Hi, Yes I think file per airport makes very good sense. Callsign, and, flightplan to/from (which appears in the main PSXT log, so I guess its easily available) might be handy too, to help identify aircraft,, callsigns, reg etc. All aircraft types would be handy to log, There is one other detail that might help those who want to code airline schedules into their airport xml files, and that would be registering the day of the week number next to the hour when the aircraft was observed parked. I dont need this info for myself, however others might find it a great resource to help them observe and write up custom configs for their airports. Regards David
  3. HI, Ive just come back to using PSXT after a gap of a few years, and I can see fantastic enhancements have been made during this time. I would like to ask if it would be possible to add a feature into Learner.exe that would greatly help me configuring/setting up manual registrations for airports of interest. Would it be possible for Learner.exe to create a learner-rego-log.txt file, that would record the registration and aircraft type observed whilst learning at a specific airport? For example, something similar to what is logged by PSXT when connected to the sim: YKP VH-EQJ PVT DA40 VMY VH-VMY PVT C172 FD573 VH-FXJ PVT PC12 PQG VH-PQG PVT DA40 YKP VH-EQJ PVT DA40 VMY VH-VMY PVT C172 FD543 VH-FVF PVT PC12 FD573 VH-FXJ PVT PC12 One of reasons I would like this, is to assist building regcode files. The Royal Flying Doctor Service have a lot of aircraft flying around the country, with callsign of FlyDoc and IATA prefix of FD. Many years ago I asked it it was possible to add their prefix to the list of airlines, but because they only have/use a 2 char IATA code and not a 3 char ICAO, I was advised this was not possible. So, if Learner.exe could log which regos it sees in a separate log file, I could then go through the list and use the logged information to manually build up text files in data/regcodes to do the reg to model matching. We have a number of flying schools that I would like to be able to observer and record their regos (these are PVT flights) so I can build up regcode entries to model match their aircraft type as well. Regards David
  4. I have MSFS2020 and FSUIPC (plus your PD plugin). Ive yet to try using your plugin with MSFS, but I will be starting to port my Airbus PD template over to use with FBW's A320 in MSFS soon.
  5. I have 17 GoFlight modules including EFIS, and I can strongly recommend using PollyPotSoftware's GIT (GoFlight Interface Tool). It works for FSX, P3D, MSFS and XPlane. You will be able to use GIT for simple through to complex automation for all of your GF modules. The programming interface is easy to use, and there are a few of us here on AVSIM that have GF modules and use GIT. Im sure we would be able to make some suggestions if you are stuck with any configuration questions you may have. There is also a forum dedicated to GIT at the PollyPot website.
  6. I reckon that this is, by far, the best SD plugin for flightsims!!!. I do have one suggestion for an additional button type, but Im not sure if the SD API will allow this. A 3 position switch. Given that the SD push buttons are primarily 'binary', Ive thought about how a user might be able to operate a 3 position switch in the plugin. A normal press can be associated with any of the existing actions avail, a long press can be set up for an alternative action. IE a normal push might 'increase' the switch position, and a long press would 'decrease' the switch position. The button would need 3 states, where for each, the value of an LVAR can be checked. Each state would have its own graphic/icon. This would be useful in many cockpits where lights, such as Landing lights or nav lights have 3 stages. Ive tried using the existing button types in this plugin, but I couldn't work out how to use any of the existing for this type of operation. If possible, some generic switch icons for the 3 positions (down, midway, up), easily selected from the menu options like some of the other PD buttons has, would be fantastic. Regards David
  7. I use Addon Linker, and I have 2 presets that help me with community add-on folders. 1. - EMPY I have one profile I call EMPTY, that has everything deselected. I choose this profile before running MSFS updates. As mentioned above, this allows me to run MSFS without any add-ons to ensure that MSFS starts and operates as expected. Once I have confirmed MSFS update WITHOUT any CF add-ons works as expected, I then choose another saved profile to match the area/airctaft I intend to fly, and test with that set. 2. - ALL I use this profile to select EVERY addon. I use this profile prior to running any add-on update checkers for Scenery, Aircraft, Utils etc ( especially for those installers/updaters that dont allow you to point to a folder OTHER than the CF when checking for updates. I then have a number of other presets defined to only include common utils, and scenery/aircraft that I will be flying with in that session.
  8. Would it be possible to add a function to this utility to optionally flag a profile as 'default' and have that profile automatically load (and start) on program load?
  9. Does FFTF Dynamic from FFPS need a new release to work with 5.3?
  10. Yes I get these long freezes as well. Ive removed all comm folders, stopped using fsuipc or any other usb interface into MSFS, disabled multiplayer and AI. Just sitting on the apron will eventually see these long pauses. I'm running a factory AIO water cooled 1080ti with GPU temps around 55C. CPU has stable OC, but CPU is not being hit at all, and CPU temps are around the 55C as well.
  11. I'm not experiencing many CTD, but instead, I get MSFS freezing, for up to 1 minute, with GPU down to 0% busy, and some CPU activity, and then comes good again. I have nothing in the comm folder, no add-on exes started or running, turned off all traffic, no multiplayer. I start my a/c (DA40TDI) engine, and just leave it idling on the apron, and I get these long freezes. My CPU (8700k@%GHz) is overclocked, but running on water AIO. My GPU is factory and on factory water AIO. Ive limited frames inside MSFS to 30 (I can easily push up to 47 on my triple screen setup with SU5), and GPU temps never get above 50C @ 99% busy and CPU cores are never really busy and are setting around 65C. I run another sim that stresses the CPU cores out to the max (hence OC) and Ive never had a CTD with the other sim. I never had any pauses or CTD's in MSFS prior to SU5. Ive run OCCT stress tests without getting any errors, and even run the POWER test without any failures. I raised a ticket via zendesk, stating I had nothing in my comm folder, and explained all the above, but it looks like they just sent a form reply telling me to remove all the comm folder stuff, and to remove all OC. I'm very confident, given all the OCCT tests Ive run and completed, that my OC is good and stable and not the cause of these SU5 issues I now face. I run 2 GPUs, a total of 7 screens, and have a very large number of USB hardware devices, none of which have their MSFS->USB interfaces running (so I can exclude that as a possible cause as well.)
  12. Has anyone heard if/when FFTF Dynamic will be updated to work with P3Dv5.2?
  13. @GoranM, I can empathize with you for asking a user or users on this forum to stop tagging you, if tagging you is something that is highly distracting for you, but to ask people to stop quoting a post, that you have made on this public forum site, doesnt make any logical sense. Anything that we post here in public, should be and is fair game to be quoted, at the very least, elsewhere on this forum site. If you wrote something that you didnt want quoted by anyone else, then perhaps it shouldnt have been written in public in the first place. If you write something on this forums, you should be able to justify your reasons for making those comments, instead of trying to shut down someone quoting your text in a reply. A forum is, in its very nature, a place where we can read and respond/converse with others about their ideas. Can we all please get back to a civil discussion about the merits of each sim's flight model - I have learned so much from 'some' replies in this discussion, compared with other comments that just seem to be posted to trash or spite a mew product and/or its users.
  14. REMOVED ... Incorrect answer posted by me
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