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  1. Has anyone heard if/when FFTF Dynamic will be updated to work with P3Dv5.2?
  2. @GoranM, I can empathize with you for asking a user or users on this forum to stop tagging you, if tagging you is something that is highly distracting for you, but to ask people to stop quoting a post, that you have made on this public forum site, doesnt make any logical sense. Anything that we post here in public, should be and is fair game to be quoted, at the very least, elsewhere on this forum site. If you wrote something that you didnt want quoted by anyone else, then perhaps it shouldnt have been written in public in the first place. If you write something on this forums, you should be able to justify your reasons for making those comments, instead of trying to shut down someone quoting your text in a reply. A forum is, in its very nature, a place where we can read and respond/converse with others about their ideas. Can we all please get back to a civil discussion about the merits of each sim's flight model - I have learned so much from 'some' replies in this discussion, compared with other comments that just seem to be posted to trash or spite a mew product and/or its users.
  3. REMOVED ... Incorrect answer posted by me
  4. Ive used this website: https://edi-gla.co.uk/fpl
  5. HI, This might be old news, but I've noticed that MSFS now supports EXE.xml, a mechanism to auto-load utilities that operate outside of the sim platform, in the same manner as EXE.xml does in P3D. I noticed this recently, when an update of the RealSimGear util for my GNS530 is now auto-started with MSFS. Im hoping I can add in the other EXE utils into this config, so they will also auto-start. The exe.xml file needs to be stored in your AppData/Local/Packages/<MSFS>/LocalCache dir.
  6. An alternative is this: http://bffsimulation.com/BFF_Shaker_Driver.php Hardware to drive your butt-shaker, and has its own comprehensive software driver. it can be driven from sim params, instead of just using using the sim audio.
  7. I live in the South Pacific region, and woke up to read about the new patch drop, and all the issues everyone was having. Feeling brave, I started up my FlightSim PC, and launched MSFS, fully expecting to receive an update notice. Instead, it sails through and I end up at the menu in and runs as expected, albeit on the 'previous' version. I have since rebooted, the PC, checked to make sure MS Store was able to update any other components needing updates, even tried running wsreset as Admin, and still I do not get any warning about a pending update. Could it be that MS have blocked the update for my region until such time as they find a quick fix for the USB caused CTD?
  8. I have the RSG GNS530. The aircraft 'Im flying at the moment in MSFS is equipped with the 430. I know that RSG sell a GNS430 as well, but do you think that I should be able to get the MSFS430 working on the RSG530 hardware? I've tried, and very few buttons work. The config INI file that is supplied is now encrypted, so I cant even check to see if there would be a way to map so that I could use my 530 hardware as a 430.
  9. Is that sort of comment REALLY necessary or relevant on Avsim? 😞
  10. Yes, It looks like it creates a file the same size as the cache size you have specified. It then writes within that file. So if you set the size to 200GB, it will create a 200GB file when you first set it up, and it will then write within that file, and manage the content of that file. It wont grow or shrink in size automatically. I created a 500GB cache on a 1 TB SSD, and it took quite some time to complete.
  11. I have the same issue, stuck around 30GB to go, and only downloading a kbs speed. MSFS help page regarding download speed suggested a netsh command to run. I restarted the installer after I ran the command, and instead of continuing to download, it thought that the package was complete and started offering me menu options, even tough 30% of the content was still missing. After wading through all of the forced options, I quit the program and restarted again. This time it recognised that not all packages had been downloaded, and recommenced. However this time its telling me it has downloaded 50 Gig (I was up to 60 gig in the previous install) out of a total of 14.7 Gig. Clearly to calculations regarding how much left to download are incorrect.
  12. I have upgraded AIG, have Notepad++ installed, and did not notice any of the observed issues other uses have had, so Im wondering if I have other underlying issues. Having said that, I am using AIG Manager in a different setup to most, where I am using AIG manager to download aircraft and flight plan BGLs, which I then convert to UTL XML Schedules, disable the in house UTL schedule for that airline, and let UTL insert the traffic. I disable the IAG traffic BGLs from being loaded into the sim, to make sure I dont have duplicate traffic. I have configured real complex flight plans in UTL for my traffic to follow (which isnt really possible with BGL traffic) I prefer to have an engine like UTL inject traffic, rather than using BGLs. Ive been keeping an eye on AIG TC posts, as this seems like a new engine that will allow me to control traffic like UTL does (no BGLs), program complex flightplans for that traffic, and hopefully overcome some of the ongoing issues with UTL. So I downloaded a test AIGFP file and aircraft to test, and I was quite impressed at AIGTC. What I would like to know is if, and how, I might be able to start converting some data sets I am using in UTL (converted AIG BGL schedules, manually created flight plans) into AIGFP format, so I can do further testing. I was not able to find any references here or on AIG forum if its possible at this stage and how? Has anyone else experimented with AIGTC? PS I have a long list of ideas Id like to see implemented in AIGTC, which is sorely missing from UTL. Regards David
  13. Imagine if Microsoft/Bing released a program that avid users would be willing to purchase (for, say, $60, $90, or $120), and allow those users to roam around a Bing generated world, and provide free feedback back to Microsoft/Bing to advise where their 3D data or imagery needs correcting.... 🙂
  14. Check the properties of your Speaker device via control panel. One some sound cards, there is a setting on the Advanced tab, called "Allow applications to take exclusive control" I have always turned this off. I think it means that if you start up another program, it may well take control of your audio device, and possibly stop or block other pre-exisitng apps from broadcasting audio data. Given that some add ons might send audio direct to your default audio device, instead of via P3D's audio routines, it could be that these other apps external to P3D are controlling the audio, at the exclusion of P3D. There is something similar for audio in/microphone settings as well, which might impact add ons such as vatsim client etc. Regards David
  15. You seem to have a short memory - the release of X-Plane 11 saw many XPlane devotees, openly wish that P3D would die a sudden death, constantly calling out 'XPlane IS the FUTURE', and encouraging 3rd party developers to ditch P3D as fast as possible to hasten it's death. There are zealots in every camp, and as others have mentioned, its hard to believe the carry-on of some are from adults who SHOULD know better :-(. Some users, using demeaning names about other sims, other OS platforms, and other users seems counter-productive and certainly not a way to carry on a mature discussion. Ive lived through exactly the same debacle when the topic was the desktop platform 'wars' in the early 2000's; its sad to see this has evolved into, previous to that it was 'Server OS' wars, 8 bit gaming platform wars etc. Each platform has its positives and negatives, each have their fans, but lets please try to keep a civil, educated, mature discussion.
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