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  1. The top menu (with login) on the main page has been flaky for a while. Here is an alternate login-only page that I use: simMarket: Flight Simulation Add-Ons - MSFS, P3D, FSX, XPLANE
  2. A&O includes a script to accomplish this. (i'm not home so can't look it up).
  3. Addon Linker has more functionality than most folks realize. I will leave you to read the manual about the other capabilities.
  4. I use Addon Linker and DAMFOOL from @guenseli to hide the default aircraft that are not used. This does not speed up MSFS initialization unfortunately. On my MSFS install, all available content is installed but I use techniques to reduce the visual clutter. @blueshark747 is correct, the bush flights and training, for example, require their respective default aircraft to be flyable.
  5. Then you know that Prepar3d as used in commercial/military applications with custom scenery is more than adequate for the intended use case.
  6. Ever seen a Level III simulator? The use case and functionality of them is not designed to be primarily visual. The same is true of Prepar3d.
  7. The more relevant question is why doesn't DCS compete with Prepar3d. Lockheed Martin makes millions from implementing P3d simulators for the military and other government agencies. I suspect the answer lies in the respective base simulators and their intended functions. Prepar3d is a full world, space-to-ocean floor simulator. Its purpose and usage is not to be the most accurate simulator of any particular vehicle. Its purpose and usage is to simulate coordinated collaboration of multiple land-sea-air-space force units. Parenthetically, weapons systems that are classified can be created and used in the simulator without regard to the general public. And, indeed, this is one of the most common use cases for P3d. Additionally, P3d does not have to "compete" for realism. Most of its users have access and training on real world weapons that appear in the simulator. Never forget what the target market for Prepar3d is. DCS could never compete in that space.
  8. Most likely, it could be modified. For me, purchasing outside the MS Marketplace allows me access to customize the aircraft, adjusting flight model, systems, or other parameters,
  9. @senya016 and @c912039 Any good guides for setting up the Spacemouse? I am seeing similar behavior like @prolixindec. Thanks for any good pointers.
  10. @AviatorMan "Where Are My Aircraft" by @Lorby_SI will accomplish what you are looking for. I use it in a way similar to what you describe.
  11. some interesting VC technology if the terrain and A2G radars work.
  12. CAF C-47 simulator based on actual C-47 cockpit and XPlane.
  13. I bought the T-38C as well before it was pulled from public sale. It is an amazing work.
  14. Knowing what I know about the rise of desktop simulator in the USA military over the past 3 years, it seems reasonable speculation that Xplane was in the competition for the Air Force's T-38C model. If not mistaken, Milviz got this contract.
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