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  1. Hi, during installation my AV pops up a message about file encryption. Is this a false positive or are they any files that will be encrypted? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VQDQ1nnnyXykoX02UtNO2QDs_776c93j Regards, Stephan
  2. You're welcome :) But you can just deleted it unless you're using the Aerosoft AIrbus ;) As @jabloomf1230 has mentioned, the d3d11.dll file is not part of the P3D installation. I'm using the FSL A320 now, so for me it's not an issue anymore.
  3. You're welcome :smile: But keep in mind that I had to copy the d3d11.dll file back to my P3D folder because of Aerosoft AIrbus A320/321. For some reason that add-on is looking up the file from the C:WIndows\System32 folder and not C:\Windows\SysWOW64 If you search the forums @ Aerosoft you'll see that workaround has been suggested since november 2015
  4. I don't know why. Could be an add-on that has placed it there maybe? I also have more DirectX files, d3dcompiler_47.dll & d3dcsx_47.dll. But I usually don't copy/paste .dll files around in Windows I guess I could just delete the files as well, I know Prepar3d will look for .dll's in the system folders when it's not finding anything in the main folder. Took a closer look at my files (creation dates). The time stamps (april 25th) on the DX files are the same as all other (12343) files. That was time I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2 if I recall correctly. So I might think those DirectX files actually came from the 3.2 installation. Maybe someone who is still running 3.2 can confirm :smile:
  5. Problem solved, for me at least. :smile: Replaced the d3d11.dll (Directx 11 Runtime) file from SysWOW64 to my Prepar3D v3 installation folder. The file version from SysWOW64 is 10.0.14393.0 and Prepar3d had an older version, 10.0.10586.122. DarrianCZE, you might want to check your friends setup. Could be the same issue as I had.
  6. I have deleted the Prepar3D.cfg, a new one is generated, but with only with this contents: [GRAPHICS] HDR_BRIGHTNESS=1.100000 HDR_BLOOM_THRESHOLD=3.000000 HDR_BLOOM_MAGNITUDE=1.000000 HDR_BLOOM_BLUR_SIGMA=0.800000 TONEMAP_DAY_EXPOSURE_KEY=0.280000 TONEMAP_NIGHT_EXPOSURE_KEY=0.130000 HDR_SATURATION=0.800000 [WEATHER] CLOUD_FACING_MODE=0
  7. Well, I guess I had to much faith in Microsoft this time since I already deleted the old Windows installation So a rollback to v1511 is not possible for me anymore. :(
  8. Hi, I have the exact same problem after updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Had no problems before the update. I am running the following versions: Client & Content - 3.3.5 Scenery - 3.1.2 Tried with a reinstall of client and content and deleted files/folders as suggested above. No go. :( I have read that the 1607 (Anniversary Update) has caused lots issues for many users, I also had a problem with my sound drivers/software (Realtek on Asus Maximus VIII Gene), but I have managed to resolve that one. All of my other games and applications are running fine. Any other suggestions? :-| Regards, Stephan
  9. Hi!I recently purchased the BBJ from Ariane and got everything up and running, expect the FMC.From Ariane
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