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  1. I'm finally in a position to start over on a new rig after several years of struggling with my "modest" system (see below). This is the new system I'm looking at and would like your critical opinion. And yes, it's a pre-built...SkyTech Gaming Legacy 4. Out the door approx $3500 USD (incl monitor). Thoughts? CPU: Intel i7 14700K Case: Legacy 4 (Antec P1 Performance) CPU Cooler: 420mm AIO Fans: 4 Motherboard: Z790 DDR5 RAM: 64G DDR5 5600MHZ RGB Graphics: Nvidia RTX 4080 Super Primary Hard Drive: 2 TB NVMe Gen4 Power Supply: 1000W GOLD ATX 3.0 Networking: 802.11 ac Operating System: Windows 11 Home Monitor: Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD Monitor 3440 x 1440 R1500 up to 165Hz
  2. Silly but I involuntarily cringe when I start taxiing the King Air knowing I'm going to mutilate someone with my prop. As real as it gets? 😎
  3. So far I'm loving this plane. Love me some old school. I'm struggling a bit with the "FMC" in terms of discontinuities, etc... I'm pretty well versed on Boeing FMCs but that only carries me so far. Does anyone know of a tutorial that addresses the correct procedures for route programming?
  4. JayDee on flightsim.to has a config to integrate the PMS into the panel. Not perfect by a long shot but a definite improvement.
  5. I'm going to put my foot down as the man of the house and simply remind her who the boss is. Which is her, of course. And then I'll grovel for her forgiveness when I buy all three late at night when she's asleep but then she sees the activity on the card the next day. But...I'll have them 🤓
  6. Honestly, a good ol' plain file tree with thumbnails and a search function would suffice. I just come for the downloads; all the graphics, confusing menus and floating clickbait are a needless distraction. I loved the Avsim Library. Simple and to the point. Click, click, done.
  7. Yessir...my 1070 is sweating quite a bit! 🙂. For a new system I'd probably go no larger than a 32" display when the time comes due to space limitations. But with a 4000 series card and a current generation CPU, I'd hope to achieve that sharpness/fluidity balance. Just wasn't sure, all other things being equal, what 1440 would look like vs 4K.
  8. Can any of you give me a third grader's explanation of 1440 vs 4K resolution? I'm gathering info for a new system and this seems to be the fork in the road for me. Yes, I want the amazing sharpness and clarity but I also want smooth fps. I'm not an fps counter so I'm not looking for that number; just fluidity. Assuming a current generation rig and a healthy budget ($3.5K-$4K), what would be the best bet be? No VR, just single monitor. Thanks! Brian
  9. My Dad flew the A-models and I worked the B's in the engine shop and flightline for years. My beloved Tube of Pain! I have time on fighters up to and including the F/A-22...but they don't have the soul of an old steam jet.
  10. True that! I just need to make sure my Commodore 64 is up to the job of processing all the vending machines in the passenger terminals... 🙂
  11. I'm ready to deploy plastic but will wait to see of there are any performance issues regarding the eye candy.
  12. I built a system many moons ago (2000-ish) and enjoyed the process very much but at this stage the convenience factor kind of outweighs the DIY vibe. Once I lock in a budget, I'm comfortable with spending the money...just want to get the most value out of the deal. I've had some pretty subpar pre-builts and that's on me but times and technology change. The warranty angle is a factor, though. Thanks
  13. Is there another dev working on a KMCO? This is a $10 product maybe...
  14. Is there such a thing as an off the rack pre-built that doesn't trade off performance for the convenience of having someone else building a new system for you?
  15. I can't offer a very detailed answer but here's an article describing a failure resulting in an in-flight emergency caused by the TLU. It gives a pretty good description of the system. I've not had a problem on MSFS as far as TO Config test is concerned but the TLU Lo Speed message is green which tells me it's a normal function at a given airspeed. If I'm not mistaken (and I am quite often) a given message would illuminate red if an imminent danger is present or amber as a caution for an impending or possible failure. In other words, I'd say it's normal other than your TO Config light. Flaps, trim, open crew doors and parking brakes set would be among the conditions that would trigger the config warning. ATR 72 Rudder Travel Limitation Unit Incident: Latent Potential for Misassembly Meets Commercial Pressure - Aerossurance
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