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  1. I'll admit it...I'm always going to buy Carenado aircraft because I'm powerless to deny the siren song of their outstanding visuals despite knowing there'll be the inevitable hangover of limited functionality. There. I said it. But the 337 is proving to be the most enjoyable (i.e. least disappointing) of my Carenado purchases. Perhaps Carenado's niche is the VFR-centric environment of MSFS. By-the-numbers PMDG/A2A accuracy will never be Carenado's forte but I think the 337 has found the sweet spot of amazing visuals (pretty much a requirement for MSFS) and an enjoyable daily flyer vibe that doesn't make me regret another 25 bucks I'll never see again.
  2. The updates giveth, the updates taketh away...
  3. I'd rather have an honest, accurate update as to PMDG's progress than having sunshine pumped up where the sun don't shine. When you consider some of the half-a***d semi-functional dreck that's being peddled for MSFS right now, it's good to know that at least one of the big players in the game is taking their time and being honest about their progress and the issues they face. When the time comes for me to shell out top dollar for a top dollar product, it'll be worth the wait.
  4. That was the fix, thank you! I figured it was a detail I was overlooking
  5. I was at first reluctant to let go of P3D with my 8.7 million dollars worth of add ons <sarcasm added for effect> especially since I was giving up the technical immersion of my PMDG fleet, etc... But once it was gone, I jumped in with both feet, stuck with the updates, the hot fixes after the updates and have really not regretted doing so. Working Title, Salty, PMS50 and others have stepped up in a huge way to nudge the technical aspect up to an enjoyable level with more advancements coming on a regular basis. The visual aspect of MSFS is a huge step up from P3D and that's hard to ignore. The add ons are coming -very excited about the arrival of AIG- and it seems as though the progress is steady on most fronts. PMDG 737 by 2022 Q1 hopefully, maybe the Mad Dog in the not too distant future.
  6. Very, very appreciative of the tremendous amount of hard work for a free AI program that I've used extensively in P3D. Alas, no joy here generating any traffic. Here's my setup: MSFS: A/C Traffic Type: Off AI Traffic Density: 0 Airport Vehicle Density: 0 Ground A/C Density:0 Generic Planes Models: Off, both Start sim, load flight on ramp AIGTC: Use AIGFP: Unchecked OCI Directory: Verified correct path Auto inject: Unchecked AIG_Databases: deleted Manually inject: Nothing Am I missing something? Thanks!
  7. The updates are like an open ended Christmas list. I think I'm pragmatic enough at this point that I don't expect one update to deliver the holy grail of immersion and performance. Eating the elephant one bite at a time is going to have to be good enough for me and so far the net results have been positive. Always looking for certain things and I remain hopeful that Asobo and 3rd party developers will eventually deliver the goods: -Continued improvement of weather -Further tweaking of code to improve fps for a given system -Expanded SDK to facilitate more sophisticated 3rd party development -Real time, realistic AI from AIG (I know they're doing their best) -Release of the PMDG big iron (I know they're doing their best) And the big daddy of all improvements: -Eliminate the freakin' "generic" ATC call sign. Seriously...
  8. I will enjoy the world peace it will bring and watching all my dreams come true. Or not, we'll see...
  9. That's my problem in a nutshell...a payware subscription service (PMS) to use with another payware subscription service (Navigraph) to use on a payware aircraft (JF Arrow). I'd rather they just charge me a fair one-time purchase price and be done with it. I'm not afraid to spend money...it just needs to make more sense to me than that. Love the Arrow and it's very reasonably priced, have been using Navigraph for years and it's pretty cheap for what you get. But adding another subscription layer on top of those is frankly ridiculous. Another developer will doubtless drop a GTN into the market without making you pay rent for it. Brian
  10. Yeah, that's me. P3D with a full suite of PMDG, Orbx, Carenado, etc...and enough tweaks to hack NASA. But once I settled into MSFS, it was all over. I went back a few times to revel in the immersion of the PMDG stuff and enjoy the AIG AI world but the world was just too bland, too flat compared to the new sim. Asobo has a long way to go to work out the inherent kinks and weirdnesses of MSFS but I feel confident it'll happen (although progress in a sim you fly every day is never fast enough). The melting apocalypse scenery is a turn off for me as an example so I just keep photogrammetry turned off. For me, the big moment will be when we can get full scale real world AI which makes flying the heavies worth the time and money. For now, I'll be happy with the TBM and Working Title mods and the JF Arrow. Also was never much of a VFR guy in P3D but it's really worth the learning curve on MSFS because everything just looks dang nice at low altitude. 🤠 Brian
  11. Is this how the WT G1000 WX Radar is supposed to look? I can't find any images that look like this. Puzzled... https://imgur.com/gallery/6wsYAnS
  12. Evening folks, May be a silly question but the wx radar display in the TBM using the Working Title 3000 v5 appears to be quite small compared to the default which fills the MFD screen. It works great and zero problems...just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the installation or setup. Also have G3000 roaddata installed if that matters. Otherwise default TBM, no other mods. Thanks! Brian
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