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  1. Interesting, I'll take a look. No, I actually did have the force feedback sidewinder years ago but for me it was more a distraction than anything. Thanks for the response!
  2. I've been using my ever-faithful MS Sidewinder since, I believe, FS2002. Needless to say, it's been a minute. After nearly 20 years of faithful service, the old girl has earned her retirement. I'm looking for recommendations for replacing the Sidewinder. I fly P3Dv4.x using Windows 10. Not needing anything more complex than the Sidewinder in terms of gadgets; just a good basic stick with similar features. Any suggestions? Thanks! Brian
  3. Hello all, I've been using the same 27" monitor for years now having kept it around for FSX, FSX Steam and finally P3D. I'm pretty happy with the performance of my fairly modest generic online-built system but I would like to get a bigger monitor just because I want a bigger picture. Something like a 32". I'm wondering, given the specs below, if a bigger monitor will impede the performance I'm getting now. Nothing fancy, just a bigger screen. Here's my system (all generic) 60Hz 27" generic monitor, 60Hz with 1920 x 1080 resolution i7 7700@3.6GHz MSI B250M Bazooka mobo (no overclocking allowed!) GTX 1070 w/8 GB 16GB RAM Windows 10 Home 64 bit. I fly ORBX and a lot of Carenado stuff with ASN weather and AIG AI. Again, pretty modest system but I'm ok with the fps by dialing back shadows and unchecking dynamic lighting, etc... Mid 20s for the most part, can't complain. Would a bigger monitor cause a performance loss or does it matter? Thanks Brian
  4. The F35 hath magical powers...that did the trick, thanks! Brian
  5. Hi all, After having flown the Falcon 50 for months, then putting it down for a couple of months, I've had the strangest problem after upgrading to v4.5. From a cold and dark cockpit, switching on the battery instantly makes all three fire handles light up and the alarm sound. Checked throttle at idle position. Even did a full uninstall/reinstall and it's still doing it. Could this be a P3Dv4.5 thing? I have flown it without this problem in v4.5 but I'm swinging at everything here. Very strange. Thanks in advance Brian
  6. Downloaded AIFP and had everything resolved in 5 minutes. An awesome piece of freeware. Thanks again!
  7. So I'm guessing AIFP is the modern day Traffic Tools...sounds straightforward enough. Thanks gents! Brian
  8. Hello all, Is it possible to edit the stock P3Dv4.5 traffic bgl in order to remove the default commercial traffic? I'm running my own AIG commercial lineup but I also want to keep the default GA traffic. I want to keep my commercial slider at 100% for the AIG traffic and not have to look at Orbit, Pacifica, etc... I can install UT Live for GA coverage but the aircraft look very FS5-ish. So unless there's another GA setup out there, I'd like to keep the default GA. Thanks! Brian
  9. I'm using the Flight1 GTN750 but have updated it with their v4.5 fix. I have the Milviz Radar also...is that the REX product? If so, there's my sign 🙂 Thanks for responding Brian
  10. Has anybody experienced CTDs with the Falcon after installing v4.5? I load the jet from a safe, clean state and it CTDs every time. Worked flawlessly with v4.4. Did a complete reinstall and no joy.
  11. I'm using it in demo mode for the time being. The first time you use ATC, a very nice British lady reminds you to purchase a license. I suppose at some point, the very nice British lady will melt my hard drive like ice cream in a microwave if I don't pony up 🙂
  12. Yeah, it does sound pretty cheesy. I ended up doing a reinstall for other reasons and, with editvoicepack installed and selecting aircraft N52WB, I make the tail number 52WB in the drop down menu. ATC now addresses me as Falcon Five Two Whiskey Bravo. Sounds much better
  13. So making the entry: atc_type=Dassault atc_model=Falcon 50 Made ATC call my tail number. Installing the latest Editvoice pack made ATC say Dassault
  14. I just purchased and installed the Falcon 50 (P3Dv4.4) and it works perfectly except that ATC only IDs the aircraft as "0". Checking the aircraft file, I found what should be the proper entry: [General] atc_type=Falcon atc_model=Falcon 50 Any suggestions? Thanks! Brian
  15. Muuuuuuch better! Thank you, Bill!
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