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  1. Their own dev blog and roadmap, not out until 3/26.
  2. All current 3rd party liveries will no longer work from what I gather.
  3. It’s a Fenix weekend for me. JetBlue IAE on Saturday and Delta CFM on Sunday.
  4. Every time I fly the FBW A320NEO I am reminded how much better the freeware one is compared to theirs. And we all know it’s the 777-200LR with the freighter variant as well is what will release first. The one most want, the 777-300ER won’t see the light of day until a couple months post MS2024 release.
  5. This update was the World Hub scenery fixes update from what I gather.
  6. That’s AUD. It’s $42 in US dollars. Waiting for someone to bite and give feedback. Screenshots look good.
  7. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you from the lofty perch.
  8. Remind me again what is so good about this? Especially if someone has a 4090.
  9. V1.01 available now on iniBuilds if you bought through them.
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