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  1. B777ER

    FSL latest update

    I have my sim capped at 30fps via NI on a 4k TV. Using a 1080Ti and a 6700k not OC. Manage to keep it pegged at 30 most of the time even in dense Orbx scenery and pmdg stuff. So too be clear, FSL A320 stutters at anything under 30fps? Is so I might go with Aerosoft.
  2. B777ER

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Well, that is not good news at all.
  3. B777ER

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    How about we dispense with arguing about what was in the water that has since passed the bridge and focus on if this update fixes the problem.
  4. B777ER

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Doesn't the Aerosoft bus have that TFDi Reallight? How does that compare with FSL cockpit lighting?
  5. B777ER

    FSLABS - A320 - Thrust Lever Position

    While we are on the topic of FSL flight controls, I have a separate tiller. I use it with my PMDG planes via fsuipc. Is this possible under FSL?
  6. B777ER

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    The live updater that they have that's been out for probably a year now that updates their whole product line. Have you not updated anything with them in that time?
  7. B777ER

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Use NI with frame limiter on a 1080Ti. Had this issue with the latest driver. Rolled back to earlier driver and problem solved. Still using NI with frame limiter.
  8. Those clouds in the first pic show we still have a long way to go in that department.
  9. B777ER

    QW787 current status?

    And if QW wants to wait months and months for their PIP in lieu of issuing a hotfix to cure some basic aircraft functionality then my money can wait in my pocket. I do a lot of long distance flights where I am not at my computer the whole time. LNAV issues are a big concern for me personally. I don't want to wind up in the South Atlantic when I thought I should be over Canada.
  10. B777ER

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Tldr. Just rollback your driver to an earlier version. Go back to anything before. 64.
  11. B777ER


    Had it with the latest two versions of Nvidia driver. Rolled back to the one from March/April and all is good now.
  12. B777ER

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    There's folks here who could be up in a real plane and complain the lights don't look right.
  13. B777ER

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    Problems or issues I had with the first generation of BM was roads during daylight stuck out like a sore thumb. They don't blend in with the terrain textures. There texture was way to light. As well, the performance hit was not good. And this was not with all roads activated. Additionally, you had to almost mandatory deactivate service roads else you have light orbs over taxiways and runways due to underground service roads. The UI was also a bit cumbersome. I went back to Orbx as it was just much easier to deal with.
  14. B777ER

    QW787 current status?

    Yikes, I thought that the VNAV was still not fixed, thanks for confirmation. Random CTD are a definite show stopper. Especially when you consider this plane is used for long haul type flying. I do my stuff in real time and not about to throw 10 hours out the window if one of these random CTD crop up. Will wait for more polish to be applied.
  15. I just got this today after updating to the latest driver. I was on an earlier version I believe from April. Plan on rolling back to then and see how it goes. Have a 1080Ti on P3D v4.3. Was fine for about 3.5hr and then got the error. My card is not OC either.