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  1. The one man show that T2G is, is not the savvy to say the least. I think he is French chap so he may not realize he missed his opportunity to maximize release day profit by waiting until after the first big US summer holiday period by releasing on a Tuesday. Absolute marketing fail.
  2. Years of famine, now a feast. Flightsim never changes....lol
  3. Technically, that is an announcement that is celebrating the release of MCO, not necessarily the release date for it. I was hoping it would be out Sunday or Monday. Makes zero sense for the developer to release it the day everyone in the US goes back to work or school after a 3-day holiday weekend. Not very bright of him tbh.
  4. Expect Taxi2Gate KMCO for MSFS very shortly as well.
  5. I would very much like to see a Weather & Atmospheric dedicated update.
  6. NVIDIA Drivers + MSFS + DX12 are three things that go as well together as Gas + Fire + Explosives. It continues to baffle me that Nividia and Asobo cannot sort this out now after multiple driver releases since 531.41 when the problem started.
  7. Never seen lightning in the sim or thunder. Storms are currently not good.
  8. So set DLSS-DLAA instead of the standalone TAA is what you’re saying? And you won’t get ghosting on glass panels? TAA doesn’t have the ghosting on glass panels. I hope you’re correct as I would assume DLSS-DLAA would be easier on the GPU.
  9. That BMWorld-AMSim KSEA is not optimized very well at all.
  10. Quick question Aamir, do you recommend DX11 or DX12 with the Fenix A320?
  11. Ya, GSync works really good on non OLED screens. Assuming you don’t use an OLED GSync compatible TV? I’m on a LG C1 OLED and the flickering at night is not sustainable for my mental health!
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