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  1. They haven't set the bar since FSX. Just like the real Boeing Co., stopped innovating. FSL was leaps ahead of them in P3D and now Fenix in MSFS. Facts.
  2. This all day and twice on Sunday. Makes PMDG an absolute non-starter, more money and way less for it compared to Fenix.
  3. They can fully debug it in P3D and export to MSFS but have chosen not to.
  4. I asked about the years long promised LNAV update about a month ago on their forum. RSR took offense amd his drink the kool-aid followers piled on. I'm done with him. Will buy the Fenix amd eventually the FSL stuff. PMDG still using 2002 LNAV code, what an utter joke.
  5. I assume I would need to setup a Steam account? Also, do you have to download some sort of Steam app on your computer? Never had to deal with this as I only ever ran P3D. Thank you
  6. Anyway you can tell us if the A330 is coming to P3D? Lefteris did not mention that?
  7. If it's the only game in town, I'll have to.
  8. The only big hole I see still and it is really not on Asobo to fix, lack of an easy way to get AI models in the sim for Vatsim, offline flying, etc... The AIG OIC is way to long of a process. I wish for something like FLAI we had for P3D.
  9. Thanks, will take a look at that one as well.
  10. Thanks. Hopefully now that some airliners are being released, more modules will be forthcoming from those that know how to do that sort if stuff.
  11. I have used the Boeing MCP2 from VRInsight for many years with P3D in combination with the paid version of fsuipc. I have all of @guenseli profiles for LINDA as well. I understand he no longer does LINDA and has moved on to Axis and Ohs which I understand is similar to LINDA? My question is, can one use the VRInsight MCP2 in MSFS with fsuipc and I guess now Axis amd Ohs in a similar fashion as my MCP2/fsuipc/LINDA configuration in P3D? Thank you
  12. Wow.... that's odd of them but whatever. Not to derail but I think their P3D Concorde will not sell well at all. I'm still on P3D 100% (though Fenix likely to change that) and I'm not buying the Concorde.
  13. People in here be like... Plane is garbage, no 8k textures! Same people a week later after getting 8k textures.... Plane is garbage, has low frame rates! 🤷‍♂️
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