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  1. Umberto, I have not heard that joke before but I hope you don't mind I'm stealing it. LOL
  2. Don't know what all the hub bub is about. Did PHNL-KORD-KSFO yesterday in the B789 and only issue was the checklist (still) does not reset for leg 2. Doing KSFO-KIAD in the B78X right now and no issues. Heck, at least I can keep my Terrain Mesh at 1m with this plane and not get slammed into the runway on short final unlike the PMDG 747 which, if not set to 5m, will slam you into the ground at 700 or 800fpm at many airports (DD KJFK and FSDT KORD to name a couple).
  3. Yep, those waiting on the A320 update from FSL that are still using v4.5 are getting hosed if the dev's have now decided to hold the release for v5 HF2. I seriously doubt they will release now if they will have to create all new V5 installers in a few weeks after they see what HF2 is about, build a RC, send to beta team for testing, etc.... Looks like yet another multiple week delay. Meanwhile AS, PMDG and QW are now v5 ready. Good old FSL 🙄
  4. For those wondering, zero info was given as to what it will entail fix-wise.
  5. Developer stated in their forum that they improved it. Go to their forum and search for yourself.
  6. I am a long time user of PFPX. Thing I like about it is I can edit aircraft profiles (as well as duplicate already existing ones so I have one for every aircraft registration in my sim library) to include adding or subtracting fuel bias percentages. Two questions about SimBrief, does it allow you to have personalized aircraft profiles that are editable? Is there any easy way anyone has found to import the pfpx profiles into SimBrief?
  7. Rob, do you think we are weeks or a month or more for 5.1?
  8. TBH Vic, TS was the only compelling reason for me to leave v4.5 which is very stable and I dare say with ENVTEX and ENVSHADE, Activesky runnings looks really fantastic. Maybe once TS is more polished with developers having access to the API and SDK it will be worthwhile buy for sure I am staying put on v4.5.
  9. Ya, everything is one gigantic beta festival, the sim, the weather add-ons, etc..... Much like an EDM festival, not going unless you want to purchase VRAM OOM, CTD'S, and the always non-pleasurable DGXI hung devices. 🙄
  10. Which A320 model? Contrary to my previous post, using just FLAI, a couple weeks ago going into BIKF , which had many other online pilots in the ground I got this ntdll crash on very short final. Landing on rwy 28, the FLAI textures we're starting to load on the FLAI models when the CTD occurred. Very disappointing. I don't use UTL so for sure it was FLAI. Can you give me the offending model name?
  11. With Envshade after a client update I always delete shaders, load up P3D to let it load default shaders, shut down P3D, reinstall Envshade settings via EnvDir.
  12. Excellent, then I have one less thing to do when it is released. I'm getting in some flying with the PMDG 747 now as I know when the sharklets are released I will be on that for weeks to come.
  13. Ya, i'm not going anywhere near v5.0, maybe 5.1 whenever that is but by then MSFS might almost be here so who knows..... Once the sharkets are out for FSL, I will go from v4.5hf2 to v4.5hf3. That's it for now.
  14. Mark was last here on April 22nd. Hopefully he is back soon and sees this thread.
  15. The ground steering, above 10kts is almost non-existent. Even a real-world 747 pilot chimed in on their forums and said its not realistic at all.
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