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  1. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Gotcha. What do you suggest? 2 or 3% cruise bias for a approx 10 to 14k difference?
  2. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    I just did an almost 10hr flight using this new profile. Was 14,000lbs under estimated arrival fuel. The winds were pretty much spot on with the forecast and followed along with the flightplan. Think there needs to be work done on this one. For those using this profile, the weights for MLW and Empty weight are different than what PMDG has in their aircraft.cfg as well. If I keep coming in under I will have to add a percentage increase in the cruise fuel bias. EDIT: This was the pax version profile.
  3. There is a silver faux vent on the captains side of the VC down by the faux speaker. To the left and above of that and running all the way down past the left side of the EFB to the oxygen there is a seam that you can see the ground through. This is in the -8. Very noticeable at night when you are say around 8 to 10k and the Orbx (or Black Marble) night lights are showing (the 3D ones). Anytime you look at the EFB you can see the twinkling lights through the seam. I was in the DLH newest livery if that matters.
  4. B777ER

    Elapsed Time?

    Thanks guys
  5. With the UTC time on the ND, where is the Elapsed Time (ET) at? On the 777 it starts automatically upon the wheels leaving the ground and shows on the ND.
  6. B777ER

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Go downstairs to Theismann's and have a beer. Well deserved!
  7. Install it and try and run it. I uninstalled and reinstall same as you.
  8. Got my link and d/l with no issues. You all were logged in to your PMDG account's on their website right? My d/l link was right there inside my account. Well, off to fly....
  9. B777ER

    GSX Library (1.2)

    Removed file for now due to the Simconnect message window. I re downloaded it and it still won't bloody close. Can you fix the SimConnect Message Window not closing!
  10. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    How does the export to the PMDG/Flightplans/747 folder work? And can you export to the Vatsim Prefile website?
  11. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Can you please share this with us?
  12. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    That's a big difference. Imagine the spread difference on a 12hr flight. Something wrong there.....
  13. B777ER

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Kyle has mentioned elsewhere that he has used the Simbrief one and it seems to be pretty good. I too am waiting on a accurate pax and cargo version for PFPX.
  14. B777ER

    PFPX file for 747-8

    Did he release this yet?