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  1. Good people Ken and Greg are. I've had some support issues and they have taken care of me. Will always buy/upgrade with them.
  2. Was using them. They ate good for the 777 and 737. For the GE and PW 744 they are terrible. Fuel calculations way off when using these. There is another chap goes by "inlovewithboeing" or something similar and his are more accurate than that websites for the 747.
  3. Go to the PFPX forum over at Aerosoft and download the fuel profile that is listed there. I use that and usually within 5k lbs on arrival. I also found that using PFPX aloft wind data for planning and ASP4 for wx engine results in very close aloft winds encountered. My EET at each WP is within 2 min of planned.
  4. JFK is an unmitigated disaster. The FAA is owned investigating the snow storm disaster from a couple weeks ago. See, the problem is each terminal is run like it's own little airport. T5 has no clue what T4 is doing, same for the rest. Tons of empty buildings sitting unused all over the field, hangars that have not been used in decades, etc... So lack of hard stands and busing people is impossible during IROPs. PANYNJ spent 4.1 billion on the subway under the new Freedom Tower while JFK rots. Needs to go private as PANYNJ is utterly inept. Nothing will change.
  5. Known issue. LM needs to fix on their end. Don't hold breath.
  6. Waiting for the February update before buying.
  7. I wonder if they are doing any nav light work with the models so they have beacons, strobes, etc... or does that come already from the freeware authors and whether they have them or not?
  8. Fire, aim, ready. Well done. Read before posting.
  9. Looking forward to your 2018 release. ?
  10. They did pretty darn good with this one. A few issues that maybe we will see addressed with the Fly Tampa version: 1. Lack of terrain elevation. The whole airport is flat. The runways are higher than the surrounding terrain/buildings. Flightbeam accomplished this with Denver and hope FT does with ATL. 2. Lights at the gates are more orange sodium in color whereas it's white in the scenery. I sent them an email on this and supposedly was passed on to the team. Guess they didn't care or it was too late in the process. 3. Even with DL on I am not seeing the aircraft lit up by the overhead lights at the gate. Parked at F6 last night and plane was not lit up at all. Not sure what they got going on with that.
  11. RKSI was started a couple of months ago by Pacsim. Scheduled for release after Reno.
  12. I've done 5 flights, 3 of which involved heavy overcast. Tried with 512 dxt and 32 bit. Also with and without enhanced overcast. Losing 10 to 12 frames in the overcast. Not a penalty I'm willing to pay. Gone back to ASCA only with Envtex skies. Performance, even at 32 bit 1024 is not an issue. Run 512 dxt overcast on the ASCA slider.
  13. Think I'm going to wait for the Just Flight Global Traffic release. In their screenshots they show show some UPS models. https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global
  14. Do you run UTL while online with Vatsim? Or do you use the models only for other Vatsim traffic? That is what I am doing currently.
  15. Interested in how DL works with PMDG type planes.