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  1. Funny, I have a 3090 and it gave me issues until I turned it off.
  2. Caused vsync issues for me. Turned it off.
  3. He is correct, even the latest version, while toned down just a very little from previous version, is still awful. It's unfortunate that Maxim and his product, Envshade, don't have competition. He has lost his way with development.
  4. No, it's not that. If OP went to pmdg forum, others see the same thing. It's a bug they have failed to fix. Further to this, there is another bug whereby you use GSX for a second leg, regardless of pushback or not and the pmdg 777/747 will not move. They are sort of stuck in place. Only a sim restart resolves. PMDG and FSDT don't like each other so there is zero communication btw them to fix it. Bloody joke....
  5. This. I asked him a specific question and he said it was released weeks ago. No it wasn't. Maxim has lost his way and I cannot recommend Envshade for P3D 5.1 unless you stick to daylight only. His program cannot get anything right with the night textures or shaders.
  6. You think that is dark? Try 5.1 with Envshade, terrible and highly unrealistic.
  7. You can't really see a difference because they are so bloody dim as to be almost useless when using Envshade. The dev was contacted via email and said he is using P3Dv4 with Envshade and sees no issues. Well of course you're not seeing the issues then! The lighting was changed in v5 and the nightlighting is way darker than in v4. I told him as far as I was concerned, his product is useless in v5, especially when running Envshade. He said he would be releasing brighter bit maps at some point.
  8. Not sure what you mean by copy and paste where appropriate. If using the Inibuilds DL file they say to shut off about 5 or 6 texture files in the texture folder for LFPG. Having done that and installing the Inibuild files, the airport looks like garbage at night with it being way to dark. Are you saying we need to move the effects files somewhere? Your post is lacking in any sort of detail.
  9. Even with Inibuilds DL file the airport around the gate areas is way too dark and unrealistic. Shame....
  10. That doesn't sound like the updated version to me.
  11. I see no update at the bottom where they usually are in my Simmarket account.
  12. Installer is still be the one from 2018. Simmarket does not have the update.
  13. Are you getting emails from Simmarket when a product you bought is updated? I used to but for some reason that has stopped?
  14. As I apparently have a more robust system then you, I didn't have 3D grass unchecked so I did not notice this.
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