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  1. Got it, addons on LP's 5 and 7 (Core 5 and 7 in task manager are the only thing left ticked for addons) with AM=245 or 85. AM=85=01,01,01,01 sounds better to me as the addons will be on LP5 and LP7 which P3D is not touching whereas AM=245=11,11,01,01 means P3D has to share LP5 and LP7 with the addons. But I'm inclined to think that no AM=AM255=11,11,11,11. So if I still put all addons running along with P3D on LP5 and LP7 may still be better option. Yes they are sharing with P3D but P3D gets use of LP1 and LP3 which they don't with 85 or 245. Is there an AM for 01,01,11,11?
  2. My apologies for rubbing you the wrong way Steve. Some of us don't quite grasp the binary language hence wanting to clear up my "misunderstanding". I appreciate you answering my question; still don't understand what you said unfortunately. Hence why I just asked simply which ones do I uncheck via task manager/affinitymask setting. No worries, I shall not bother you any more.
  3. Sorry to thread bump this and sound daft but currently I have a 4 core 6700k @ 4.0Ghz, HT on with a 1080Ti. I just used the AM=245 in P3D v4.1 and had a ton of blurries when I arrived along with the building autogen taking forever to catch up. I have the autogen draw distance set to the medium setting which is "high" and scenery complexity set to max. I have Global Vector (most settings off) and Black Marble for roads (most but not all roads activated) I just changed the MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 from =4. Hoping that helps. I am getting confused on the "keep addons to 10,10,00,00" and this might as well be in a foreign language to me. I start up Activesky/ASCA, simserver (for Remote CDU), acars and TrackIR before starting P3D and then use the task manager to set their affinity mask. I have CPU 0 through CPU 7. So which CPU # check boxes do I uncheck to keep them on 10,10,00,00 which is I assume is off the first two cores? Thank you (or anyone else that may render assistance)
  4. Awesome news! RKSI from PacSim is very exciting! Will be my new Asian hub airport.
  5. This always messes with my brain, what do you mean by "below" Orbx entries?
  6. He is not doing KSEA. Edit: disregard, he is
  7. Worth 5 bucks. I'll enjoy this for a lot longer than a 5 dollar hamburger.
  8. Specific to Autogen Draw Distance from Beau Hollis: Our default draw distance of medium is equivalent to v3's max draw distance which is 12km. At this setting, P3D must load about 450 square km of buildings and trees. At the highest v4 UI setting for draw distance, you get a 30km radius which translates to about 2800 square km of autogen data. (roughly 6x the work done in v3). Similarly the high resolution terrain texture option increases the native resolution from 256 to 512 which translates to 4x the work and 4x the memory usage related to terrain textures.
  9. They are default for sure. Must be a file somewhere in P3D that we can turn off. Finding it not very easy.
  10. I have installed KMCO by copy/paste the file structure from my old install including the files that go into the main Effects and Texture folders. Only issue I am seeing is what looks like default taxiway signs in the middle of the taxiways. Anyone know a fix for this?
  11. For those that fly online with say Vatsim, when that Justflight product releases, just take all the aircraft folders and out them outside ofP3D v4 somewhere if your choosing. Then just go to your simobjects.cfg file and add an entry pointing to that location. vPilot will then recognize those aircraft and Bam, you have excellent online traffic models.
  12. I just wish FT would release v4 installers.
  13. Does this need to have FXAA activated?
  14. 8xMSAA, 16xAF, 4k TV on a 1080Ti does the trick for me. I use 1024DXT clouds in AS16 and 512DXT overcast. I can run 7 layers of clouds at minimum draw distance of 100nm and max draw at 135nm and lose zero performance or frames. Shimmering is minimal with 4k.
  15. This ranks right even with me giving money to some chap in Nigeria. Not going to happen.