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  1. Fixing the mess of an update I was dished up yesterday….. 🫤
  2. I see mine also takes a while to populate now. Also thought I had lost my logbook. Maybe 10 seconds later everything appears. Nothing is really working properly right now. Their servers (or something) need a proper reboot, and while they are doing that, an upgrade.
  3. Yep, this is the last time I rush in to update on update day. Between MS and Asobo, they really fluffed this update. Pretty sure it is all [totally inadequate] server related.
  4. You cannot fly it IFR for one. It is a VFR only machine.
  5. Right now, UK2000 is definitely the better one. The airport has changed a lot since OrbX did this. UK2000 is a current rendition. OrbX V2 might trump it if you want to wait for who knows how long….
  6. Doing this would not make much sense… you suspect something is wrong with your installation and all you would be doing here is copying the bulk of your “old” and potentially bugged/faulty installation. That is not reinstalling: you are then retaining the bulk of your potentially “faulty” files. If you are going to try a reinstall, do it properly or you will be wasting your time and as Bobsk8 says, that would be a recipe for disaster.
  7. Ray, when World and Sim updates arrive, don’t just click install. Make sure these are being installed into the right location that your sim is installed to. There is a bar at the bottom of the screen showing you where the update will be installed. Installing an update to the wrong directory is likely to trash things. Other than that, it is possibly an internet stability issue, either on your end or your ISP, leading to corrupt downloads. If internet speed and data is not an issue, I suggest removing the sim entirely and reinstalling from scratch to a new custom directory.
  8. I know several pilots that use the sim. Even a senior CRJ captain that uses the Aerosoft CRJ (which is apparently not even that good according to most accounts on Avsim) to practice ahead of real life sim training. It is way more common than you might think. Absolutely no reason to be terrified.
  9. LOL, give the FBW team more credit. The A32NX is miles ahead of most payware. No way will Aerosoft match the A32NX study level systems depth with their A330 payware… especially when they upfront state that this won’t be study level because they don’t understand the term…..
  10. Are you running AIG. If so, close that out and try again. Something in AIG recently made my PC a stuttering mess after a short time flying. It needs an update to fix it.
  11. And yet, my lowly 6GB GTX 980Ti has never thrown this error. I also don’t get CTD. I run a mix of High and Ultra settings, LOD 160. I must be stressing my old GPU (and overclocked CPU) to the max. The sim runs locked at 30 FPS 95% of the time with mostly payware stuff. Up to 6 hour flights. Something not adding up…. Even worse for those affected, a simple wording change to the message is the planned fix…
  12. Ran the update and it seemed to work fine for me…. except for a bunch of warnings about some B787 liveries/ models. I just clicked thru those and seems to be ok……
  13. Check if you have the B787X mod in your Community Folder. This mod prevents the tablet from working, giving you a white screen. If not, probably another mod that is conflicting with it. I removed the 787 mod as I would rather have the excellent C152 with mod than the still not-very-good 787 with mod.
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