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  1. Does anyone know how long the launch price will stay at $ 54,99? Thinking of getting it but not in a major rush and prefer to wait for this first patch/fix anyway.
  2. This is one for Asobo to fix. File to Zendesk.
  3. Pretty much yes. The sim, once running , is less dependent on drive speed. It’s the initial loading times that have most effect.
  4. True, maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. Using Addon Linker to load fewer add one at a time for the area you are flying will speed things up and is a primary purpose of using it. However if Addon Linker is linking to files on a HDD, it will be much slower than if it is linking to files on a SSD.
  5. This won't have an affect on sim loading speed though. Whether you use Addon Linker or not, if your addons are located on a HDD, it is going to slow the sim loading time down equally as it still has to read the files on the slower drive. So to the OP, yes, your sim loading times will slow down considerably, especially if, as you imply, you are planning to have a lot of add ons. Consider purchasing a new NVMe or SSD drive (they don't break the bank these days) and add it to your system and use that for your add-on's.
  6. I was also on the fence with their Central - yet another app. I had it with P3D on my previous install but had held off with MSFS. But for Iceland Mesh I am off the fence and have downloaded it.... seems to work well and I see the value in an app like this managing add on's. I went ahead and purchased Cape Town City Pack while I was about it. Will probably use Orbx more now. Offering a few freebies will play in their favour, as has been the case with me...
  7. Definitely does, including SID's and STAR's, if you select them in the planner.
  8. Probably explains the SA flag on the side of the aircraft then too.
  9. The Flight Engineer is a South African. No doubt about that accent.
  10. I flew the latest Dev version several hours ago and it was working ok. As you suggest, try deleting the mod in Community and redownloading.the complete mod. If that still does not work, good chance you have an incompatible add on in your Community folder that is interfering.
  11. I think the liquor store was selling everything at half price on the day they came up with this folder name/structure. Do yourself a favour and set a custom path. Something simple like D:\MSFS.
  12. Not had a single day of trouble shooting personally. Sim runs better that it has a right to do on my ageing system. So much so that I am in no rush to upgrade my PC.
  13. Initial update on Steam for me is 238,6 MB. Then in sim, another 5,25GB. No doubt Content Manager will have more to download once this is done…
  14. There is a small app called CPU-Z. If you install and run this, it will let you see exactly what your RAM speed and voltage is from inside Windows. Try different XMP settings too. I don’t think the w!t!f! dll is the problem so ignore that dll warning. Let your RAM run at native speed to test system stability. 1.35v should be ok but you will be ok going a little higher. Are you using a XMP profile though or are you adjusting speed and timings manually?
  15. You need to go into your PC BIOS. There will be settings there to set the frequency that your RAM runs at. With 4000Mhz (that is fast) you would have to make the setting in the BIOS to get that speed. Often referred to as XMP setting. If the PC keeps tripping, choose a lesser option, maybe 3600 MHz. Your motherboard manual should guide you on your specific set up. Of course, I am not saying it is 100% a RAM issue but the Exception code is pointing to RAM. Maybe at 4000Mhz it needs more voltage, or slow it down a bit to 3600 or 3200 using those XMP options. Don’t play with voltage unless you know what to do as you can damage RAM and motherboard.
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