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  1. I am not on the beta and it is working for me. Make sure you start Simbridge before going flying. There is an option to auto start with Windows which is off by default. So before flying, start up the FBW updater and there is a button to manually start Simbridge.
  2. When I err.... play MSFS it is definitely a SIMULATOR. When I watch my kids playing it... most defintely a GAME. 🙂 It's how you use it that makes the difference.
  3. The FBW team have just released an image on their Discord Channel of their new custom terrain map display saying it is nearing completion. Hopefully it will appear very soon in the Experimental version of A32NX.
  4. My bad, it might have been their Iceland Mesh.
  5. Africa is poorly served by quality payware dev’s in MSFS. Take one of the largest (if not the largest) international airport on the entire African continent, FAOR (Johannesburg). It is a poorly represented Asobo default and there has been no payware or freeware alternative of any acceptable standard. Just some old FSX port over being sold at a premium price for what it offers. Someone has created an impressive looking 3D creation of FAOR as per this link below but it seems to be dead. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/faor-or-tambo-international-airport-johannesburg.447866/ For other options in South Africa, have a look at Caelus Aerial on SimMarket, they have an OK rendition of FALA (Lanseria, north of Johannesburg) and FABL (Bloemfontein). Gaffer Simulations has done FALE (Durban) and while more or less accurate, still looks very much like a FSX port over. Their Port Elizabeth scenery is ok (FAPE) though. Some good freeware on flightsim.to, search for Kimberley (FAKM), George (FAGG) and East London (FAEL). They can all be served by the B737 and A320 class and make for good flights to Asobo’s hand crafted Cape Town (might only be available in the premium deluxe version, not sure) which is also well done. Another option is a nice rendition of FASZ (Skukuza, Kruger National Park), but that’s limited to corporate and GA sized aircraft.
  6. It’s been updated. I checked the ORBX site today and it offered an update to Alaska Mesh.
  7. Thanks for the great explanation @Cpt_Piett. When checking that folder I have two files, trafficAircraft.bgl and trafficAircraft.bgl.aigoff The one that is not “off” is dated 14 Jun (41,395,021 bytes) and the “off one is dated 27 Apr (40,551,029 KB). So I am guessing I can simply delete the off one and leave the trafficAircraft.bgl that is already there? Going to try that and test… will save a copy of the off file just in case. Maybe this file was replaced after a recent sim update, hence I have these two? Update: After loading up AI Manager, got the message that the traffic file is active and asked if I want to disable it. So I guess AIG specifically looks for the aigoff file, as with both the bgl and bgl.off files in that folder, the AIG message does not pop up on launching the manager.
  8. I recall that I may have accepted the option to disable the traffic file, although AIG appears to be working perfectly. How can I confirm this and if so, reactivate it?
  9. I think @Kaiii3 has recently noted on here that AIG no longer uses any assets from flightsim.com All files that were located there have now been relocated.
  10. FBW have this map that shows all A32NX aircraft currently online around the world. At least that what I understand this map to show. Found here: https://flybywiresim.com/map/ I don’t however see my flight, either by using the search function or looking on the map itself. What is required to get a flight to show up on this map? Transponder is on. Is it VATSIM only?
  11. I tried the Darkstar challenge and flew all the way to a successful landing but received no score. Obviously I did something wrong for it not to register. As far as I know, the ghost plane is your highest scoring previous attempt. So don’t follow it too closely if you are attempting to get a higher score.
  12. Try this. This is a copy paste off a post on the official MSFS forum. Try this as even though you are not using the Google mod anymore, it can make some changes /add some entries into Windows config files which cause connection issues. Reverting to Bing does not revert these settings. You need to manually delete entries described below. For anyone that has downloaded the Google maps mod and is having issues, try doing this: Use the windows search bar and search Notepad. Right click on it and run as Administrator. In Notepad, go File, Open and then navigate to Windows (C:), Windows, System32, drivers, etc and open the host file. Get rid of: kh.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net and kh.store live.azureedge.net Save and exit
  13. Given that you have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the sim and confirmed a 100% empty Community folder, the issue is possibly in Windows itself. Have you by any chance previously run the Google mod to replace the Bing imagery in the sim? There is a known issue and an easy fix for that. Unfortunately, uninstalling software very seldom removes every trace of it from a PC. You have been struggling for three weeks with this. Some here would disagree and everyone’s circumstances are different but I would pull the plug - that is to say I would backup everything on the PC, format the PC, reinstall Windows on a fresh partition and reinstall the sim. You will be back up and running in a couple hours (internet speed permitting), mostly unattended as you wait for the sim to download. Windows takes less than 30 minutes to install vs three weeks (and counting) of frustrated trouble shooting that has brought you no results.
  14. Same here. Initially I tried to install but it still showed partially installed, so I rebooted and tried again. Now it shows installed and I presume it is ok…
  15. Here you go, this post above by @Phantomsshould explain it.
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