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  1. I will be publishing all of my code for FSX which could be interesting maybe for someone. Here is the code to read the active camera position at any time (XYZ in meters) for FSXA-SP2-SE. Also it reads the 6DOF of the active camera. There are 4 Libs (MT, MD, MTd, MDd), you just need to link it to your project (there are VS2005 Libs). Other VS20XX Lib versions please PM me! To use it, include "camera.h" in your project and link the Lib. You need to call the InitCameras function, passing 2 float pointers which will be written every frame with the camera position and the current 6DOF. #include "stdafx.h" #include "camera.h" float XYZ[3]; float _6DOF[6]; void DLLStart(void) { InitCameras(XYZ, _6DOF); } void DLLStop(void) { DeInitCameras(); } When done, do not forget to call DeInitCameras. You can download the code here Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi All, Just to follow the announcement, we are posting a quick example (6 Step setup only!) on how to use the SimIn SDK to query facility data. Save the SimIn (x32 or x64) DLL in the same path of where your project DLL will be deployed. Step 1 Set Up the Project Preprocessor defines. Right click on your project. Select Properties. You should see the below menu where you can navigate to Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Preprocessor. In this case we need to define SIMINDLL to tell the .h header we will be loading a DLL. Step 2 Include the .h files, in this case the ISimInSDK.h is necessary for all the services and we are going to include the IFacilitiesService.h in this example Then define a Global ISimInSDK *pointer, and a facilities IFacilitiesServiceV1 *pointer as well. These two are the only ones you need to retrieve facility data. Step 3 In you void __stdcall module_init(void) (or DLLStart or gauge init function) function, define our GetSimInSDK function typedef and define a function pointer with this type so as to load dynamically the GetSimInSDK function: typedef SIMINCALL SIMINSDKHANDLE(WINAPI *GetSimInSDKPtr)(VOID); GetSimInSDKPtr GetSimInSDKCall; Then go ahead and use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress so load it. Call GetSimInSDKCall() and the result assign it to the ISimSDK pointer: sdk = GetSimInSDKCall(); Then query the SERVICE_IFacilitiesServiceV1, and assign it to your IFacilitiesServiceV1 pointer: sdk->GetService(SERVICE_IFacilitiesServiceV1, reinterpret_cast<void**>(&facilities)); In this case (and you don't need to), we are using here a function from the core service to create a callback from the sim so we can go ahead and do our calls while the sim is running. You can use your regular gauge or SimConnect callbacks to call this code. Step 4 We are going to query facilities in the KJFK area, with the grid/rectangle function call. You can do: facilities->QueryFacilitiesRectangleAsync(41, -74, 40, -72, &facilitiesCallback); This will process your query and call your callback routine to query all facilities in the the KJFK area defined in the the Lat/Lon grid: Lat 41, Lon -74, Lat 40, Lon -72. Step 5 We are defining a callback function called facilitiesCallback, which has the following prototype: HRESULT SIMINAPI facilitiesCallback(FacilityData* data) This function will be hit async, when query is done. Step 6 Don’t forget to release our pointer once we are done. In module_deinit(void) (or DLLStop or whatever terminate function), call sdk->Release(); Step 7 So let’s Go! Let’s do our request call and expect an Async callback to our function Step 8 We receive the callback and loop through the results. To see what objects are retrieved refer to the SimIn SDK. All objects and the object count are retrieved in the FacilityData* data object - you will need to loop through them to get all the data. After processing all data call facilities->ReleaseFacilityData(&data); to free all data. The source code for this example is available here Thanks
  3. We need to ask Sean as well if he has some Italian ancestry. thanks for your words, and let me know how it goes and feedback
  4. Thanks. At the moment we are supporting P3D, but we we will be updating some of the services for FSXA-SE Let us know your feedback. Thanks!
  5. fs1

    FSSI SimIn SDK Open Beta Launched

    Thanks Rob. Let me know how it goes. Federico
  6. fs1

    P3D Native ATC

    Thanks @simbol for the link. I know what can be done, but I would like to hear from a customer experience what is missing. My question is: I guess the AI addons that do a reasonable work put the AI aircrafts on slew and control them, or some type of similar technique. Does this workaround do the job? Or also falls short? If not, let's say I will be working on the ATC/AI Engine internals. What would you like to see working ? If you could provide me some pointers I am happy to work on narrowing this gap. thanks
  7. fs1

    P3D Native ATC

    I am working on a research project, in order to improve all default functionalities. I am not very familiar with the default SDK/PDK not FSUIPC. Could someone detail what are the shotfalss in regards to the SDK? What can't be done at the moment ?
  8. I solved this by deleting all Roaming FSX files (cfg, xml, etc.). Thanks!
  9. Yes, if dx10 is installed FSXA D3D10 works fine. If unistalled, FSXA D3D10 does not. It used to work before. D3D9 mode works fine regardless.
  10. I have bought and installed DXFixer 3.1. Working in FSXA, Win 10 64. When fixer installed, FSXA works fine.When I uninstall it via the DX Controller, D3D10 does not work - FSXA is broken when loaded with D3D10 option with the DXFixer uninstalled via the DX Controller (however it works with D3D9). It loads the sim until 100% progress bar is reached, and then it freezes (does not start the simulation). The weird part is that there is no Shader10 Folder in the Local Folder, so this means that while the sim loads no shaders are compiled. Any clues? Thanks UPDATE: I also uninstalled DXFixer from the Control Panel and problems persists. FSXA D3D10 is broken.
  11. fs1

    Installation stuck DirectX (Win10)

    Solved. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=115497
  12. fs1

    Installation stuck DirectX (Win10)

    Same here. Any clues ? This happened with Windows 8 and then the same when upgraded to Windows 10. The installation remains unchanged at the MS DirectX processing Thanks
  13. fs1

    Taxi Cam

    Kyle, I am researching into this, making the cameras in the VC and 2D gauges work without performance issues. I will be able to share the results when ready for the benefit of all fsx developers.
  14. fs1

    Taxi Cam

    Getting a texture from DirectX does not cause any stability at all - maybe there is a misconception here. The only complexity and delicate part is to code it, which if done correctly it's safe and works without any problem. This is true, 3 cameras = 4 times repeated rendering (3 cams and the main view).