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  1. I used P3D v5.4. I used the AMD driver overlay to see the enhanced frame rates which was roughly doiuble the Shift+Z frame counter. It was enabled in whatever P3D full screen was by pressing Alt+Enter. Because I prefer to fly windowed I didn't test it out too much. I didn't immediately notice any graphical glitches. I've also used this a bit with MSFS and also haven't found any significant glitches.
  2. Don't know if it's random but this seemed to help a bit for me
  3. it should be pointed out that the AMD AFMF will work with DX11
  4. seems to work ok for me! AMD users should definitely try this out! get about double the frames from before, although they suggest the base frames should be 60+, it looked pretty smooth to me when i was under that.
  5. I agree, manual throttle with SPD mode would be a strong part of the appeal of flying such a plane 😬
  6. Anyone with an AMD card try out the new stable release Smooth Motion Frame driver? Theoretically this should work with P3D V4/5/6 too given it's a DX11/12/12 game. Requires full screen and disabling VSYNC though. I'll try it a bit later and report back 😛 https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-24-1-1
  7. Agree the MAX is more resource heavy and the PMDG artwork is more polislhed
  8. If we are being honest FSL are not known for their graphical prowess
  9. Wow I didn't know the Herve who had all the Navaid updates also had so many interesting tools. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for sharing this Ray - have downloaded too
  11. Maybe not so much of a big deal that I initially made it to be 😛 maybe it was in previous versions as well. @Ray Proudfoot are you flying the V4? How do you find it?
  12. Uh oh might be a problem The manual for the V4 plane describes a few areas where autothrottle modes come into play. In the documentation it says many of their users prefer having this feature. https://www.xtremeprototypes.com/xp-manuals-en/XP_GLJ25-28_v4_P3D_MANUAL_En_01.pdf
  13. Huh they added an autothrottle to the plane even though it doesn't have one? And doesn't seem to be an option to disable that's a bit of a turnoff...
  14. What's the verdict on P3D 6.1 + AS weather? I think that's one of the selling points for using P3D V6.
  15. any newer comments on this bird? looks very interesting and nice to have a P3D V5+ native plane
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