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  1. BobFS88

    makerunways.exe for xp11 ?

    MindYerBeak You might want to try here. It is use for Radar Contact but it also can be use for PF3. The process for generating a new database for PF3 is a bit tricky and I have been meaning to post a new procedure. You follow the instructions in PF3 to generate the files, except that your going to run "MakeRwys for Xplane" in the Xplane 11 main directory. The one file you will need for PF3 is "Runways.csv", that will be created in Xplane 11 by the MakeRwys for Xplane Utility. Once the file is the generate, there are problems reading the file from X plane 11 directory into PF3 to generate the database. How I got PF3 the read "Runways.csv" file to generate the new database was to copy that file "Runways.csv" into the either FSX or Prepaid3d (although I don't have Prepaid3d) main directory folder. Before copying you what to backup the original "Runways.csv" if your still using FSX or Prepaird3d, and restore the original file when your done. Then you begin the process of generate the new database for PF3. You will select the file "Runways.csv" from the FSX main directory that you just copy over from Xplane 11 and it will generate the new database to its completions. I don't know why that there is some dependency in PF3 that still needs FSX or Prepaid3d in order for some utilities to work. However the data in :Runways.csv" is Xplane 11 data. I hope that help. Bob
  2. John >>No worries, as Forrest Gump said happens, lol. I know lol. When you find something, sometimes your get excited for finding it and forget the details. When I disable the Flywithlua plugin, I totally forgot about the individual scripts where you have to separate them manually. But I am glad there is a quick solution. >> One outstanding but says the particle system does not work in a recording playback, but I've seen it work in mine for some reason, and >>I have a lot of recordings.... Too many really, lol... That's interesting, I will have to keep a look out for that. One thing I want to do is check is the raw performance without the 3jFPS for now and see if its needed. I am getting some rather nice FPS frames right now. Bob
  3. Peroni Your right, I stand corrected. What I did is just remove it for the time being. John I confirm that as well Sorry for for mix-up. Bob
  4. @kfd First turn off flywithlua. If the problem goes away then replace your flywithLua to the latest version will fix that problem. Bob
  5. BobFS88

    Radar Contact Now Freeware

    Radar Contact is like an old friend and have gone a long way throughout the years. I really enjoyed your product and am glad I can keep a little longer. Thanks for produce this software for me to enjoy and best of luck to you. Bob
  6. Now that is the game changer. Texture base solution is the thing of the past. Why anyone think that texture base solution is something to be desired where you have snow on the ground before the snow comes and no accumulation after the storms leaves. It was good solution in its day of limited resources but now particle system is the future of seasonal changes and what everybody should want. Bob
  7. BobFS88

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    rjfry There is a link as a reference of this topic in the X plane forum, it was put there by the moderator. I all fairness, this topic needs to move to the Hanger forum. IMO. Bob
  8. BobFS88

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    Milviz It depends on where your looking. Are you looking at the Flight sim traditional supply chain or have you looked to the more specific suppliers of X plane products where most go to; store or X-Aviation. Also the momentum of product is starting to pick up this year with Orbx and HiFI entry into the market. Also, the more traditional X plane users, still make use of the freeware more than payware but I think that is slowly changing . It is the one's whom migrate from FSX and or PD3 whom most likely make purchases the payware content right off the bat. Bob
  9. BobFS88

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    rjfry Someone decided to open this particular topic in the PD3 forum. Someone else tried to open a similar topic in the X plane forum but the moderator felt it was better to keep everyone in this topic as to not duplicate it. However this topic is more suited in the Hanger's forum since Navagraph covers a wide range of simulators and aircraft that interest everyone and has nothing to do with the desire to "wind some user up". Bob
  10. BobFS88

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    beechcaptain I am not sure if you saw it but there is a link midway down from the top of the result web page with final report link to a pdf file that you download or look at it online that has the break down of all the question of all the category. It also has the results from the previous survey and how they rank from 2017 to 2018. It doesn't have exact numbers, except the numbers who participated, which from the previous year has grown considerable in terms of the number of participant in the survey. Bob
  11. BobFS88

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    GC Braun It is very interesting indeed. I think with VR being the case along with the zibo mod and FF320, in X plane those where the first to make wide use of the in cockpit tablets which may have drove the subscription of navagraph chart. Navagraph by default is part of the X plane ecosystem, and as far as tube-liners, most of the major X-plane tuber-liners have navagraph support in their FMC. It also confirms how much interest X plane receives from You tubes. Maybe some reluctant developers may start paying attention. Bob
  12. Mister X amazes us everything time he put something out there and this for free? What an amazing gentlemen. Hats off to him. Bob
  13. jt8d9a With the limited time I had with it, I was able to install on the my network pc and it work like charm. The installation process was smooth where it will ask you to locate your X plane installation that would me on from you network drive relative to the network client machine your installing on. Then install all ASXP connect files into the X plane 11 plugin folder. With Active Sky running you start up X plane and then you will see the connection. No need for any other utility like XPWideClient for it to work. The only thing I have to figure out is to get the AS Wx Web companion to work on the machine where X Plane install. It install on my network client side with Active sky. I will it need for ipad inside the aircraft for the zebo and ffA320. When I get some time I will have to work through that issue. Performance wise it works great as expected. I get radar information and even WT3 traffic when I turn it on. But this is with 11.26. Bob
  14. BobFS88

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    lol I may have to pass. I ending up buy a new car on wife demanded in exchange for getting the Titan Pascal 😉 Getting that beast of a card may require a new house. I saw the info on that card, 24 gig VRAM tells you where things are going. I wonder if Rob A is up for the challenge. Bob