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  1. You are right on that one though Lake Michigan does have the looks of an ocean when you see it up high. I spent a lot of vacation out there California visiting family and also got married out there. So I am looking forward to start the download process and try this in VR and take that run from Monterey along the coast of Big Sur to LA. I did it once on FSX using the NA Southern California and came to a slide show in LA before it crashed. Thanks goodness does days of dealing with a 32 bit sim is over.
  2. Joby Thanks for that tip. I tried it on mine it seems to work. I need to make some adjustments on my system to stabilize things but I try this out on X-plane. Bob
  3. Hi Joby How is the resolution on the Oculus Rift CV1 when reading the instruments vs the Rift S. I am wondering if that is the better choice. Thanks Bob
  4. I tried beta 6 and once I first started, I notices the response was very smooth and setting at KDCA I was averaging 50 to 60 FPS where was wasn’t before. Although I am able to test Vulkan because of my recent move to Win 10 being force by LR, kicking and screaming I was able to do the upgraded and kept my setup. My over clocking was change from overclock to cpu only on to base clock overclocking due to something I did. The performance is similar to what I had before at a lower clock speed at 4.1 vs (what I had at 4.6 cpu only) if not better. I am still testing however I am pretty impress with the results so far. In VR the experience has been phenomenal. I can see why once you go VR you don’t want to go back. It is much different experience from the desktop method. Although I am going to need to upgraded to the Rift S once they become available but experience is still great. I forgot to mention. my 3930k is feeding a GTX Titan Pascal.
  5. I don't mind answer the question: I enjoy flying the following: IXEG 737 Zebo mod 737-800 FF320, Jar A320 NEO Toliss 319 A ) FlyJSim Q4XP As a side note: I would like to add 2 not on the list is the recent announce Jar A340 and future development of the Magknight 787 I only was aware of their development activities was from new on FSElite Bob
  6. Geeze I still have the original box to both the F19 and 117 stealth bomber in the Dos days. What a return. Bob
  7. That's incorrect, as it DX11 is the highest support graphic api that Win 7 runs on. It does not support DX12 if that's needed and what your referring to. Bob
  8. The way I see it, these surveys are done for market research use by the flight sim industry as well as the community at large. Anyone can take the survey and you don’t have to be a subscriber to participate because its purpose is to conduct the survey on use of flight sims and not just about who uses Navigraph. Navigraph don’t sell aircraft, scenery or provide virtual airline services which lead them to not have a business interest that could lend themselves to favor one sim over the other. Their business is to provides services whether its charts or FMC data across all platforms. That would make them more suitable in this regard to conducting such surveys since they have a thorough understanding of the industry and is less likely to slant any data in their questioning. You certainly wouldn’t want LR or Aerosoft or Microsoft to conduct what you expect an unbiased survey of the industry because the questioning maybe suspect if ones finds it design to be done in their business interest.
  9. A tragic loss, very sad day. Hearts go out to all the families.
  10. I understand how you them. However I am not going to give up on them so fast since we are so close and I understand the circumstance surround this weather engine. I too have been there from the beginning and I like the feature that they brought to xplane. I just think they should have waited until the new api was out and run those feature against it and then show it off. It may have been a nice selling point or keep some peoples interest. However when I suggest that in the community, some where against that idea of them waiting and would rather have those feature now although they have make some adjustments in their settings. I am just hopefully that it will work out.
  11. I am a big fan of xEnviro. They have always have been a trailblazer when it comes to implementing advance feature in to the X-plane environment. But the trouble you may be referring IMOP maybe of xEnviro own making. Its what happens when you try to implement feature ahead of the graphic engine, you’re going to need to run it for its best performance. The reason is obvious and confirm based on the interview that LR were not finish with the 3D draw calls in Vulkan in order to submit a proper SDK that will not fail for 3P in the future while they are making changes. xEnviro implement accumulating snow, volumetric clouds and season with multilevel winds beyond x-plane, most of all the things we wanted but is release in the present environment we are in. They had to struggle with performance issue from users with high settings or 4K monitors at which may not get resolve now that are we so close to Vulkan being rolled out. Which is also why LR wouldn't deal with weather and season and other performance impacting function until the api was finish. So, I think the performance issue will be resolve for xEnviro in the new api. Once that happens, the performance issue will be more satisfactory and probably do a lot more than what it is doing now. So that will be something to look forward to.
  12. sanh All of that is coming, he just can't can do it on an instant while they were moving X plane to an new api. They had to first get it to work before he can see how he can use it.
  13. Where did they say that? From what I heard, he said as far as the default weather and all the effect "will just work" at before, it will still "look the same", but it "will use less cpu power" which means higher frames rates. Hifi uses default clouds so I don't see it being a problem but more of a benefit if anything. For reference At 24:34 he start talking about what it wants to do to weather once Vulkan is out that is related to 3D drawing in Vulkan. At 27:04 he starts discussing how the present weather will run in Vulkan. Bob
  14. I saw the announcement on FSelite earlier and I say this is indeed good news!!!!
  15. Well said While LR continue working, they'll are better off keeping a cool head and not letting their emotions get in the way rather than jumping every time Microsoft wants to show off another video only to get the reaction they want which is IMOP is what they are doing. LR with there small team has stayed true to their road map. Because as you said in your post "has a good plan" for their size, the whole time. That's how they are able to be consistent through there history of releases instead of going on a 13 year hiatus only to come back something with challenges that could potentially send them into uncharted territory with an uncertain future.
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