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  1. I see I'll if there is anymore test video coming out to know if there are anymore tweaks to the FM.
  2. The latest Zibo at 4.00 rc6.3 * Announcement, a Zibo mod update for XP12 is available now ** B738X XP12 4.00 rc6.3: - retuned flight spoilers - fixed bugs and corrected systems (LPV, VNAV, AP trim servo...) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/271942-zibo-b737-800-modified-in-x-plane-12/&do=findComment&comment=2638438
  3. Skymatix reported in is latest video that controls feel better now, he said he can feel it heavier. There were sensitive until his latest release. Do you have the lastest?
  4. It maybe depended on what version you are using. I my case I am still on version 536.23 and have not the needed to upgrade until things got more stable since that release or feature needed. So that procedure does not work in my case. What version nvidia driver are you using?
  5. Q8 as a tutorial for an enabling a feature that allow image sharpening.
  6. Most do but not all of them. Some follow their passion as a hobby where dallors is not the determining factor where their livelihood is not depended on it. It is also where you can find some really compelling aircraft being developed as well.
  7. First of all, it seem to me that if anyone wants to the make comment here to someone else that does not agree with your rhetoric, yet you feel the need to jump in and speak on the notion of insecurity when you are demonstrating the best case for being insecure yourself. I have a right to an opinion whether you agree with it or not. Whether or not you have yours is immaterial because I was speaking to someone else. You are free to disagree with it and move on.
  8. I am pretty much aware of the MSFS Addons list that had. It is possible that they have ask the Org or Threshold and didn't get a reply, but this isn't Navigraph first rodeo at this. They should know how get data with so much of it out there and the fact the they are neutral entity in this genre. I was little this disappointed to see how this year survey was conducted. If one provides a list and the other don't then that method shouldn't be use and make everyone fill in the blanks, if that is the case. Survey should be on a level playing field advantaging no one so it's fair for all. IMO.
  9. And you all have predicted the death of X Plane and P3D and yet we are still alive and well, for over 30 year straight. That's no assertion, that's a fact. Believe your own assertion ( "best default aircraft with the deepest systems.....") as you what to call it and hope your sim turns out the way you want it to be, because we know our's is doing.
  10. Subject of discuss is within the context of my statement " It is you who should worry about what those whom out number you, who don't care about such things like flight modeling or other things pertaining to flight navigation and planning, who just want to fly around and put in that survey that would undermined the things that you want or care about" It was one example of a statement I found that fit this narrative, unless now want to deny that it no longer at true that you said publicly? However you are not the only who made such statement. It has nothing against the sim itself, it just speculation on how some perceive their use of the sim. I am not the one auguring for the sake of it.
  11. Here is your answer, You don't have to take my word as gospel but from your own cohoat who tell on themselves with the truth that you love to deny every time someone post one of these so called assertions. He said 3 million out what, 10 million that you guys liked to bragg about? When you have people making these statements, what else can you conclude from that and if what I said bother you that much, then it must be true. As I told Krakin, we are going to be just fine, it is your sim that has to show the long lasting impression among your users in 2024, not what I have to say about. 😁
  12. That's the new name of the feature that runs the script the automatics the cleaning and ground services as well as boarding of the passengers with its correct loads, taking that role away from the pilot so you can focus on pilot duties only. The one thing I like to see is if we can get this to developer for Self load Cargo so that he can see if he find the triggers to make it work with his software. His does the same thing but the timings are much better and has better interacting between the pilot and crew as well coordinating the door closer. The nice things about software is it can talk in different languages and is voice activated. The only thing is he prioritising his focus on the Fenix lately. But he does work with Xplane quite extensively as well. Going back to zibo, the other things that where fix where the AP for the flight modeling. When ever get a chance to fly the zibo, I would to set it up according to what Twkster recommended with the controller setting to the left instead of the right and practice flying that way. Use the response curve instead to get the right feel.
  13. OK I will explain it too you this one time and then I am done. People don"t have the time or the desire to be bothered with surveys, because we live in a survey driven world where everyone wants your feedback on how well they are doing their job. If you have to do one, people desire is to be as short and as quick as possible. (Did I loose you or are still with me). So the question is, how to you make a survey quick and easy? By providing the choices with selected answers so they that people don't have think or type out their answers, keeping it simple which makes it quick and fast because typing takes time. So if one sim is get their add-ons listed provided while the other have be type out by those taken the survey, who sim is advantaging? The evidence is already seen here with people complaining on all the typing they had to do.
  14. It doesn't take much thought to understand what you're are implying " we feel sorry for us". After all, are you kidding? What's the difference, it still benefiting one sim, it doesn't do anything for anyone else who were not given the luxury of having addons from a selected drop down menu. Of course you won't see a problem with that since it benefits your sim. But I'm done discussing this, let move on.
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