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  1. Absolutely It not always about money or market share if it's in the budget to do it, its that passion they have, that motivates them to come up with many things we get to enjoy and the best part, we benefit from it.
  2. Now this is what makes me like Xplane. These type of small detail things that going into sim. Things that make it so worth while getting the experience of like flying the a real aircraft. Compass drifts and oil pressure effect when starting the props, temperatures effects on the altitudes. It makes you pay a little more attention to those fine prints on those navaid charts that now gives reason and purpose instead of just being for a desktop sim that can be ignore.
  3. Why Not: Since some don't care much for FFA320 would seem to be a nice addition in that environment. Beside, why is the inertia alway toward MSFS when it comes to porting aircraft like ex: (inibuild A310) to be consider ok but not other way around? With all the things they are putting in XP12 would good test for an aircraft such as that.
  4. It reasonable enough to consider a design concepts that has been out for over 10 years vs one that is free. And we are talking about a 737 not the airbus. Why would I want for pay for it yet again, this time for each single variant. That is still spending money in my book that is not free.
  5. What do you mean its not going to happen, LR has been at it for the last 30 years. Why didn't Microsoft stick around and stay in the game instead of going away for at least 14 of them?
  6. mmmm, I would guess when you consider what paid vs what you actually use for example, I noticed you wouldn't mention the Z word when paring that up with PMDG. Because if you consider that, that would throw you argument of "value of money" right out the window.
  7. But you didn't look down to see this comments as to why inibuilds possible would consider not doing EGLL since "Zero Dollars Payware" is rumored to already doing a version or if you don't want to wait, Aerosoft has one available. https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/5055-iniscene-development-update-june-2022/?do=findComment&comment=19977 Also in the same post just below EGLL announcement: https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/5055-iniscene-development-update-june-2022/ "We are also pleased to announce work on iniScene KBUF for X-Plane 11 has started and will provide an update on this very soon!" They are still doing scenery, maybe not as much at the moment but I won't bet on them not continue once XP12 is out the door. "So much for "inibuilds is going all in on MSFS" Nice try but it doesn't wash unless they make an official announcement and not specitive notions on discord.
  8. I had it and love it for what I use it for in its day. Best recorder for visual and HiFI sound in its time before dvd's.
  9. lol Maybe your future, but it would only take me less than a nanosecond to realize what I can do in XP today and what I can look forward to in the near future, not far. 😂
  10. Are you one of those who are lucky enough to be under a NDA for X Plane in order to know this for a fact? And if there are some capabilities that Asobo will have, how do you know if they are needed in X Plane for it to be able to shine based on what we do know. It seems to me that it would be a wait and see. There are still more things that have not been revealed to make such earlier conclusion. And IMO thinks Asobo has already shown its best hand.
  11. I am right with you on that! 😃 I just can't imagine then pulling out of the Xplane for several reasons. They were the ones that raise the bar when it came to tube line development, adding the feature that got the attention of both X Plane as wells as MSFS users. The A300 aircraft was an nice release but didn't get a lot of attention until the Beluga. It was an ugly aircraft when you look at it, at a glance. But it became a thing of beauty when you look at the unique capability of what that aircraft can do and the added loading system inibuilds was able to deliver. It was the attention to detail affair that made that aircraft stand out only to be exceeded with the a additional feature (simbrief integration, AOC, CPLDC) that were loaded in the A310. The developers seems to be vary passionate of their work where their concern for the dollar does not seem to be the highest priority over their creativity and you can see it in their work. They rank right up there with FENIX, PMDG ,Aerobesk and Hotstart in the study level category and they are the company to watch going forward.
  12. They never actually said that, this was the case and if it were true they would announce it publicly like other developers has in the past if your judging based on some indicator. Beside, it's too soon to actually assume this because of the X Plane 12 open beta to be so close at this point. Therefore a new version or an update maybe on the horizon, you just don't know. I wouldn't worry unless you don't know see any upgrades for X Plane 12 after its release. For them to not do so doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  13. And why would do that since they had a successful run with their line of Buses, mainly the A310 and they support two market segments. It will be "no brainer: for them to move it to XP-12 since most of the code can still run in the new sim without them re inventing the wheel. The jury is still out on when their first entry into MSFS with their A310 will occur and I'm sure they are not going to wait for that to happen before X-plane-12 so close to coming out. I would guess that a new version could be made specifically for XP12 to advantage of feature that are not in XP11.
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