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  1. DJJose I read the article and nowhere in the article did he mention about pd3 sales tanking except on the very last line. Which I take it as his assessment on his sales, not the whole market, due to the time it will take for him to develop his aircraft. The whole article was based on his view on his ability and difficulties in bringing his aircraft to MSFS and given his caveat that this will take time so be patient. And still the OP somehow wants to drag X-plane in to this. The article was about his develop of his aircraft for MSFS. What does X-plane sales have to do with any of this?
  2. X-plane relies on user experience with the sim. You have a lot of users who will fly X-plane and or PD3 or MSFS, so I don’t see how you find brand loyalty to only substance of X Plane attraction. If you want an example of brand loyalty, there was a time when there were a number of users who refuse to go the X-plane unless PMDG aircraft move to that platform. Its not an either or with them in spite of Zibo mod being a freeware for their 737-800 and how it handles when it flies when feature are not the point. Or their eagerness to wait for another year or two for their first version anything PMDG to appear on MSFS even if it cost them. That’s brand loyalty. I like flying the Zibo mod who was once a PMDG users and nothing has made me go back to them. However, that would make me somewhat loyal to the platform due to the my understanding and appreciation I have for the modeling of the sim. But that just me, not the entire community. What happen is there will other gaps that will be created that MSFS have not consider where a simple patch will not be able to close. Just because you can't see what LR is doing and are not talking about it doesn’t meaning they are not working on something.
  3. Well at lease you got it going and hopefully it will continue to work out for you.
  4. So that other's can express their opposing view to prove that it can be made to look as good or better. That's great but we would never know that if you only allow this thread to be locked.
  5. Bob I wanted to go back where your were able to fly and after awhile that it would not allow you to complete a flight. Also when you try to load up a aircraft, it seem to CTD a lot sooner. It like the problem seem to progress at certain times or failure changes depending on where your going or how soon after the previous crash you try to restart. Have you try open the side of the computer and look at your system to see if its loaded dusk inside? Usually problems like this could be matter if heat due to the system resources that are being taxes by the sim. On the first case, your where able to fly a particular route before the patch with out a problem. After the patch, somehow you can't or your experiencing issue. That update not have been optimize enough to allow your system to run as efficient and any amount of heat would push it over the edge cause to become unstable. JRBarrent comments is also something to consider when it comes to memory resources and I would seriously consider add more memory to the system at some point in the near future. I you haven't, check an see if your system is dusty inside and blow it out with can air (with the computer off). Then see if it will start up the sim, load up the aircraft and if you make there, re run that same flight (that crash previously) with the side cover off and see if it would let you complete that same flight. Edit PS Bob I just saw the latest message that your last flight was success when I wrote this.
  6. No I didn't, I was just observing and monitoring the reports of beta from those who was participating and was wanting for the release. I first learning about ATP from a ad, I believe in PC Computing magazine in Jan 91. I never understood why it was not being release until I found out that it was tied up in court 6 months later.
  7. That brings back memories. I remember the conversations on Prodigy during the beta testing in ATP and I recall it have some of the feature strip out before it was release, it might have been air traffic but I am not sure. Even then it had a very good instrument flying and the Airbus in ATP at that time. It was really a great simulator. I think MS took full control of development on the version 5.1 release.
  8. This is great news indeed. The Embraer Phenom 300 was one of the last aircraft I bought from Carenado when I was still using FSX. I am glad Aerobask is bringing this to X-plane.
  9. Orbx has an expansive team and has be planning for this. So I don't them going away anytime soon.
  10. Where are getting that I "don't like Navagraph" from? I am the one who thinks they are the best one for conduction these surveys. Read some of my recent post. I said content provider, magazine may likely depend on advertising dollars like the one you mention PC gamer. Navigraph is subscription service (not a content provider, magazine) provides a service of charts and fms data the entire FS market. Since they provide service to all the sims, they are less likely to favor any one sim over the other.
  11. I always worry about content providers, magazine driver polls, because they can be depended on advertising dollars and reflect it in the results.
  12. If not Navigraph than who? Who has the best understanding of this industry that is not driven by any direct sales of any sim, aircraft or scenary? Who has their finger on the pulse in these industry who knows the user and has historical data, present it in which you can compare and benchmark trends? I feel the same way and I think your right. However, that information will only come in real time from online services that can display users, use over time. I would not expect to see that in a survey since is its mostly collecting users input through a Q and A. There should be margin of error that you would find in any survey no matter who does it. None of them are going to be 100%. You have previous surveys to compare to and if you compare them with the events (e.g. Release of MSFS, PD3 ver 5, X-plane 11.50, Vulkan, VR uses,) that took place over the year, then you can feel with some confidence that the data is some what a refection of those trends that you would expect to see.
  13. How is that when they don't sell any sim which makes them independent and more suitable to conduct such a survey? Any of the ones you would suggest could bias their surveys and findings to suit business interest. You think they would be more fair?
  14. lol lol lol This is what flight simming has come down to. The truth has finally come out. Bob
  15. abrams_tank I don't know about P3D but how fo you lump X Plane into this equation when it comes to" Throwing more money and manpower at a dying platform" when they have not made anything for X Plane 11, choose to build an aircraft very few wanted while abandon support for the DC6 in Xplane 10? The only money (if they use any) that they threw was on market studies, whether or not they were going to make any money. Which IMO was a guaranteed loss since they didn't developing anything to sale.
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