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  1. OFT - this one used to live at Hoxton Park and then later Camden. Flew once or twice IRL myself. As for XP12 this is an XP11 model yet to be upgraded to functionality in XP12 . That is XP's greatest issue to my mind! That and the need to revamp the drag/weight couple (the lift calcs are fine but there is no corresponding drag curve, so as to get inertia response correct for all aircraft so the flight model is very very good but still a WIP (That would be a whole thread on its own).
  2. Well it was an impressive screenshot of XP12. Model, Sky and Scenery almost picture perfect and the light-shading balanced and correct. Yep Alas a bit longer for some still a curates egg - good in parts bad in others! So no super screen gloss for me yet or have not found it overall more like this for me. Goran would appreciate this one he's been there!
  3. Well curious to see how it goes. Not such a big fan of the Dash8 Q400 either. Still waiting for promised XP12 updates for some of their other wares - so till they are done it is a hold for me! That's all I can about support!
  4. Me too interested how you go with it. Be aware we all struggle with control sensitivity and hence hardware-software connectivity with this sim. So is it realistic yes but getting the right 'feel' especially with yaw and hence rudder is difficult in this sim, there are some built in tricks re differential braking and rudder as well which make life challenging with a tail drager. In RL Rudder does not do much except move and really work as a control until it gets a good amount of airflow over it compounded now by slipstream effect. Of course it provides lateral directional balance as lifiting surface in its own right! I find it rudder overly sensitive with only a stick controller with a yaw twist ring! and very difficult to tune down so basically do nothing and then a little bit and maybe more when on the ground and not dance about once the tail comes up for flight! Same old same old though dont slam the throttle open on take off and expect to stay straight - you wont' gotta balance it it smoothly. Trickier in a cross wind too!
  5. It is an honest replica (more right rudder?) Bonus lot of nice paints about for it as well
  6. Yep there are a few about. The default Piper Cub is ok but there is a mod about to give it small wheels not tundras - flies realistically and well built default model as well. Default wise there is also the Stinson (bit of a truck on the ground and in the air really). I get into the Piper Cub a lot just for the fun of it simple aeroplane, good taildragger and well no AP so you have to hand fly it - no dramas. There is a freeware Cessna 170 that is very nicely done as well. Nice moderate size taildragger. Few biplanes about as well, mostly old Bellancas, There is a Citabria Decathalon as a freeware not bad either. Might even be Sukhoi aerobatic about as well not seen the Pitts Special or similar. If your into the oldies there is the AWX Tiger Moth which is first class, no brakes and skids on the ground (be warned) even seen some WW1 types like the Sopwith Camel. If you want STOL there is a very good Fiesler Storch as freeware, not to mention the RV10s etc which are about and well done as well. And of the course the veteran DHC-2 Beaver, free ware and payware for XP12 both are great. So all up really quite a few and all are fine in XPlane12. Reasonable amount of heavier metal available to, such as the Lockheed L10, the DC-3 and C-47.
  7. That seems to happen frequently with XPlane - modellers or artists. Seen quite a few (MetroLiner or the L188 Electra are two other examples not the only ones) that have just stopped altogether or no more updates or fixes or whatever. I can understand to a point - but if you put it out there as a public offering, then you have to expect someone else will have a suggestion to do something better or make an improvement. I recall being remonstrated against for suggestion that some data on something was inaccurate and the change was minimal which offset a diatribe of lessons from history about people taking over projects etc etc etc. Another temperamental one I guess!
  8. So you get - 720 and the 720B The paints are numerous at XPlane.org
  9. There was a little interest after some recent screenshots in xplane n me (now in the screehshots slot. So why this aeroplane or xplane model? what is fascinating is that it is freeware available to the XPlane user community. It was built for XP12 so has transistioned along to 12.09 without issues. It has all the XP12 features - rain etc. Yet - this is a very high quality simulation model. High. The systems are all modelled and controllable via the 3D Flight Engineers panel and controls. Radio navaids are representative of the era - VOR ADF ILS. A neatly hidden subpanel gives you access to ground systems, doors etc. The reproduction of the handling, feel and control of this large 4 engined aeroplane is accurate. Engine starts can be tricky! No explanations for the fuel or electrical systems - need some Boeing guff for that! Takeoff and climb is smooth and it climbs well on high power . Handles smoothly and responds nicely. Aerodynamic stability of the swept wing and empennage is accurate. The model executes a very gentle slow dutch roll oscillation in the cruise. So did the real thing! Speed reduction for approach and landing is per the book and descent profile required. Speed brakes (spoilers) work well as do flap extensions and gear deployment. Reverse capable and handles nicely on the ground. Just remarkable this came from a complete unknown and it seems singular piece of work for XP12. Any thoughts or suggestions on the mods appreciated.
  10. This model arrived without fanfare in XPlane 12 over a year ago. It seems to be a singular effort perhaps by Shensee (Japan?), he appears to have not done anything else. It is a carefully crafted rendition of the B720 and B720B not the 707 so it is very much the same as a Boeing 707-138 series (short body - big engines). There were a couple of mods and improvements that are available - namely a PBR package, some Navitab additions and a mod to put in a basic INS/GPS on the pedestal. The AP is reasonable and there is an improved FMOD package also done for this. It is remarkably good, flight characteristics, textures etc and a lot of work went into the lighting cockpit and cabin that gives this model a very immersive touch. So the base model by Shensee is very good but the PBR mods etc take it to payware level. So if you want a 707 this would be it for XPlane. The only other 707 was done by Mike Wilson for XP11, 707 300 and 420 and they have since been withdrawn from sale nor was ever updated for XP12 (It appears Mr Wilson may have sadly passed on!).
  11. If your wondering about the front end where it all works all the lighting is ajustable, dimmable and can be set to suit your tastes this was pre-departure:
  12. Nothing wrong with out the window look And inbound for visual RWY 11 Beiria Done and dusted All done with default everything, simple ground services provides the necessary. The Shensee 707 is a delight and a great effort and captures the 707 well down to the slow dutch roll in cruise.
  13. Back to a little old fashioned heavy metal. The Boeing 707, in this case the Shensee B720 in disquise. Luanda in Angola to Beiria in Mozambique ala TAP. A pleasant run and nice to see both night, dawn and day. Interestingly timing was spot on for lighting etc and forecast or planned BOD for Beiria was 3.20am local and that was spot about 2/3rds of the way across what is a 1200 nm run. Welcome onboard (Nice cabin and lighting in the Shensee) Dawn on time and weather is fine
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