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  1. I've been looking for some data about this airplane but haven't been able to find it on the manuals so if any one of you guys could help me, the data is:-max zero fuel weight mzfw.-max take off weight mtow.- max landing weight mlw.- the dry operating weight.or aps weight could be fine.thanx in advance if any one of u have them or could tell me where t find them I'll apreciate it thanx.
  2. I painted it a while ago but haven't upload it, may be is not as good as I want it to be but it flys nicely :-lol .http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/86661.jpg
  3. Exelent and what about AVIOR is it comming too?http://www.airliners.net/open.file/391507/L/
  4. it was installed ok but I did it once more again but it is still the same I'm doing everything right I'm sure but the problem still alive
  5. no solution?????????????????????????
  6. first of all thanx for your help I have done what u said and it is still the same I shoold say that the brightness knob yes it does work. as u can see in the pictures it works. and it happens all the time if fact I have nerver ever seen the cdu screen working never. I also shold say tha something strange happen durring instalation thing that I have done many times. it creates a folder into de fs2002 modules folder call like this 5367-8731-2229-7642-5713 with this 3 files inside ActiveUser.SLS CheckOut.SLS Licence.SLS thing that is really strange because I don't even have fs2002 installed well hope any one of u now can help me thank u very much and by teh way my name is Omar Sanz. thanx once again
  7. ok here I go pentium 1.6 512 ram ddr gforce mx200 64 mb win xp home edition fs2004 fsuipc 3.10 registered
  8. Thank's a lot man for trying to help me. but I have done exactly what u said and it did not work. remove it install it and the the patch and it is still the same do u have any other ideas thank's once again
  9. yes I have try uninstall it and install it again like 10 times
  10. Hi guys I just want some one to help me put with this. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/41365.jpgas u can see my fmc screen is all black, and there is no way to use the planes in that way. I have tried all check battery. apu, grn power, also I have changed my video card drivers and I have got the fsuipc registered and I have the baterry life permanent. when I took this pictures engines where on and power suply as it should be. I wish some one could help me here as u can see I also chage the contrast and brightness of the screen but nothing happened so please help me guys.
  11. well guys now that u are talking that much about gauges I have a big problem with the panel and I want do fix it but I have tried all with no succes the problem is that the fmc (cdu) is not working you can change the contrast and stuff but it is all black so I can't use the plane, with out it. does any one know why and how to fix it.I have install all the sid's and star and it is not an electrical problem everything is running but it. thanx in advance.Omar Ortega.
  12. Hello poeple I just writing here cuz' I have a big problem with 737, in the plane everything seems to be ok but the fmc(cdu) is not working the only thing I can see is a black screen in there, u can control the contrast and stuff but I can't input anything so the plane is kind of useless like that can someone help me out here how to fix this please. thank's in advance
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