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  1. We'll take a look and address in a future update. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention again. We'll be sure to address it in a future update.
  3. The answers here are correct: This is, surprisingly to some, one of the many cockpit options that Boeing offers. If you really miss the taxi light, you can find the option in the FMS. Navigate to PMDG SETUP>AIRCRAFT>EQUIPMENT and then navigate to Page 18. You will find the option there.
  4. Hi Alex, sorry if you saw this as me being on my high horse. It really is/was not the case. I apologize and I assure you that this will be corrected in an update pretty soon. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it
  5. Simple answer: it doesn't. It will however, appear and disappear (and sometimes look different too) on different flights. An airline maintenance crew never rests.
  6. We will address this humanitarian crisis immediately.
  7. The finger prints won't always show up. It really depends on how the outside/ambient light hits the display. At some times of day or aircraft headings, depending on where the sun is, you may not see any dirt/finger prints at all. Also, if you have LCD instead of CRT displays selected, there are far fewer smudges and marks on those.
  8. Thanks Frederik. We'll see what we can figure out. Appreciate you pointing it out to us. Happy flying!
  9. Thank you for pointing out these small issues (the light leaks and EICAS label issue). We'll be sure to address them in a future update. As for the small white bar: We are trying to ascertain out the origin of this. What is the dpi and screen size/resolution you are using? Are you applying any windows scaling (windows option) in your display properties? Finally, the pitot/static portion of the check list: There are no pitot/static system checks conducted by a 400 flight crew. It MIGHT be something that LH keeps on the 400 checklist for consistency with other fleet types where there IS a check made...airlines do that sometimes.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. Sometimes little things like this slip through. We'll be sure to address it in a future update.
  11. This is true Thomas. There is such a remarkable number of options that it was just impossible to add them all, as much as we would have liked. We did include a fairly healthy amount though, and I hope you have fun discovering all of them.
  12. The picture you are showing is of a 747-8i, not a 747-400, which has different hardware, and different colors. It's easy to miss the differences, but be rest assured that once we bring the 8i to you, we'll bring it to you with different colors where appropriate. Thank you for your purchase and we hope you continue to enjoy the airplane!
  13. The option is selectable using the FMC. Using the CDU, navigate to: PMDG SETUP>AIRCRAFT>DISPLAYS>Display Unit Type (page 1). This will change the housing of each display, as well as the graphic style of some of the diplays.
  14. Yes, there is some shaking, but it is isolated to the VC view. Any camera you use is not directly affected, and the effect will be present regardless of what camera addon you use.
  15. Just adding one more thing. Sometimes our watchful forum goers catch something, sometimes it's an issue of perspective or lens correction, and other times it's way out in left field. That being said, we take a close look at every suggestion made on the forum to make sure we're not making any glaring mistakes (on rare occasion that has been known to happen and proper discipline is harshly and mercilessly administered ). For the vast majority of cases however, measurements have been made, drop lines have been dropped, scans have been scanned and we are confident with the results.