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  1. I can’t imagine those textures being much of a performance hit, but I will be the first to say that I’m no expert, so that could very well be true! If it was an option, though, whether you wanted to have them or not then there is a potential problem solved. The PMDG 777 has them since those are the kind of seats that are seen on the 777. With the EFB planned to being imported over there, I’m sure PMDG will find a way for performance to be just fine.
  2. Interesting. Ive sat in a sheepskin seat and it was quite comfy! Maybe it is an optional thing, but I just haven't seen any pictures yet of a 747-8 without them.
  3. Dear PMDG staff, I love the new Boeing 747-8. It is a visual wonder and it has been very exciting learning all the new features such as the EFB! I do have one observation, though. It seems that the seats in the flight deck are still carried from the 747-400 and are not the "newer" style, sheep skin seats that seem to be installed on this plane. All the pictures that I have seen of a Boeing 747-8 flight deck seem to have these kind of seats. It's nit-picky I know, and in the grand scheme of things not a huge deal, but if visual accuracy is the end goal then I was wondering if this could be something incorporated in an update? The seats look very similar to what is on the Boeing 777, so I am not sure how hard it would be, or if it would be even possible, to migrate those seat textures from the 777 to the 747-8. Would it be possible to create an option to switch between these newer style seats and the old style, non-sheep skin seats in the PMDG options? If this is all not feasible then that's fine too, but it was just something that I noticed. Again, thank you all for the hard work in bringing this plane to life! Joel
  4. Interesting. I was definitely surprised for it not to be on this plane. PMDG can you confirm this? Yea I love chaseplane but never thought about using it to help me taxi! Might have to give it a go if I start having too many problems with the mains cutting into the grass, but so far so good!
  5. I always assumed that the Boeing 747-8 had taxi cameras like the Boeing 777-300ER. Is this the case? I haven't been able to find it with the PMDG 747-8 so I'm thinking this was very likely my misunderstanding. I'm surprised that Boeing didn't offer it, being that this is such a large, and very long, airplane. In any case, I'm up to the challenge of learning to taxi this beast without the aid of one if need be 😉
  6. All I can say is this is going to be another absolute winner from the PMDG team. Thank you for all you do guys!! Robert, just wondering, will there be an option to switch the seats to a newer style with sheepskin? It looks like at least Lufthansa has them on their 747-8s per pictures online. As a dispatcher and having ridden up front in the flight deck, I can say those sheepskin seats are quite comfy 😉 I am really looking forward to this release! Joel
  7. Hello, Just wondering will we be able to get an assumed temperature for reduced thrust on the performance page section of the EFB?
  8. Hello, New to P3D and noticed that with the "Enable Force Feedback" option checked I am still not getting any of those effects on my joystick such as feeling the bumps when taxiing. I have a Logitech Force3dPro and the force is still there, just not any of the effects. The joystick is from circa 2005 so it is older software as far as the installer goes, so do not know if that could be an issue (it works fine in p3d in every other way though). Did my forces checks when installing the joystick and everything worked. Any thought? Anyone else having the same issue? (if so maybe its a software issue that needs to be fixed in P3D). Thanks, Joel
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