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  1. Tom, Kevin is probably correct in guessing what is holding you up. Our support ticket system intentionally requires you to set up an account specific to support- so that if a customer is having account access issues, they can still obtain support in order to get those issues resolved. I'm guessing this is how you wound up needing help? So head on over to the support portal, create a user account and submit a ticket with as much detail as you can give us on how we can help you. One of the team will get back to you pretty quickly.
  2. Gents, The following two points will likely kill all discussion in this thread, but I'll make them anyway. What we are doing has nothing whatever to do with an MD-11 and even less to do with XPlane... Okay that is a run-on point... but you get my point(s).
  3. Alan, Stop talking about it. They might catch on!
  4. Gents, A gentle reminder that FSUIPC is not required, nor is it recommended by PMDG for any of our products. Using FSUIPC is a sure fire way to introduce behaviors that are undesired... Sure, it works for some folks- but it is easily one of the most common, easily resolvable problems we see in tech support. I wish we could collect a dollar for every customer that comes to use with a problem that is resolved by taking FSUIPC out of the equation. We could probably give Paul an extra vacation day next year.
  5. I know! I know! I know! I know! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  6. Captains, A few moments ago we pushed a very small update for the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster for FSX/P3D users. This update gives you a couple of cleanup details that the development team thought you would like to have since they were "sitting around collecting dust." You can obtain the update via the Operations Center, and you can see the change list items in the same location as well, but I have included it for you here for simplicity: PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster - BUILD 1.20.8430 (Released 15NOV17) [ View Issues ] ========================================================================== - 0006465: [Virtual Cockpit - Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] FO side trim indicator doesn't move - 0006474: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] CHT during TO is getting higher with colder OAT - 0006519: [Documentation] Unlock PDF documents NOTAM #1: Monday Server Updates: On 13NOV17, we updated our eCommerce system, and with this update newer, enhanced privacy measures have been put into place. The next time you sign in, you may be asked to reset your password and an email confirmation will be sent to your registered email account in order to confirm the change. If you do not receive the email, we have a few recommendations for you to follow: Make certain to check the email that you registered as your PMDG eCommerce account email. This is the email to which the confirmation link will go. Check your junkmail/spam filter Exempt from your spam filter. If have trouble, please contact us here at support - but please try these recommendations first. NOTAM #2: Legacy Product Activation Offline On 13NOV17, we implemented a significant upgrade to our eCommerce system which modernized the encryption methods used by our internal systems. Shortly after this update we became aware of the fact that the older activation method employed by our legacy (Pre 2009 Publication Date) products was incompatible with the new levels of security. While we officially ended support for the last of these legacy products in January of 2015, we do feel it is important that you should be able to install the product and operate it if you have a legitimate license to do so. As such, we are dedicating development time to updating the activation method used by these older products in order to ensure customer access to them for years to come. In the mean time, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we promise to keep working on a solution. NOTAM #3: Man, oh MAN do you need to see what we are working on. :-) We have been holding back on you a bit, as we want to keep a few things close to the vest, but we are rapidly nearing the time when we can start to talk with you about what is coming. Some stuff you have never imagined, some stuff you probably never expected, and some stuff that will leave you wondering whether we were reading your mind... I am excited to be able to begin showing off the 747-8, which is rapidly nearing testing. Flying a 747 around with the use of an electronic checklist is simply a fantastic experience, and some of the other goodies packed into this product will really be fun to show you. Don't wander too far off...
  7. Gents, Don't feed the trolls, and don't forget to think critically.
  8. Jay- I'm not sure if this helps, but: There is no such thing as "the download links from my account may be bad." There is a single common source file that feeds the entire global distribution network so if there was a problem with the source file, we would have many many thousands of users reporting trouble. The issue is most likely that you are running some kind of A/V (intentionally, or otherwise) that is trying to sniff and reassemble the file in real time, and leaving you with corruption. The fact that this happened on two different source files alsobacks the suspicion that the issue is occurring during the download. Another item to be careful of: Extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary directory manually. Don't let windows do it. Under normal circumstances it shouldn't matter- but given that you are having trouble- it is worth taking extra precautions. For anyone else reading this: I've said many times over the past few months- If you have a third party A/V suite on your machine- you are wasting money and creating headaches. Putting something like Norton on a computer is a bit like pouring water into the case while it is running. Except that the water is transparent in how it damages your machine.
  9. Jean-Pierre, No worries- that log contains lots of information that is not of value to the average reader- so you have to hunt for the line that tells you what is wrong. One of our long-term plans is to make that notification more obvious so you don't have to hunt for it.
  10. John, There is no compelling reason to fail to update to the latest version. I understand that some users might hang back a week or so in order to make certain that nothing horrendous sneaks through the quality control process, but once the community sees an update is stable (as the 4.1 udpate is) then you are really only putting yourself at a disadvantage by waiting. Performance continues to improve and the platform continues to grow more stable. Both of those are positive attributes.
  11. Steve, What Claude is referring to is slightly different. He isn't talking about the initial load of the scenario, he is talking about using some of the new, advanced capabilities embedded in Prepar3D that allow you to "slew and do" repeatedly by use of rapid reposition of the airplane. There is a product that some users are installing that provides this functionality in a nice "Sim-Like" fashion, but it doesn't play well with our products because we aren't using the default simulator processes underneath. This causes the airplane to get out of sync with the platform and causes software faults/ctds. Figuring that out can be done through a massive research investment, or dumbing down our products to make them use only the default platform's data...
  12. Alan, I'm going to close this topic so as not to invite any further discord. On your end- believe me, I appreciate the frustration. Few things bother me more as a user than having a favored software package cease working for reasons that are beyond my control. I understand and appreciate your frustration- but you are beating up the very people who are on your side- and I in doing so essentially defaming our team in the process. Take a deep breath- and remember that we are on the same side of this issue.
  13. Alan, Generally speaking, I try not to find myself in a position in which it is necessary to make a forum user look foolish- but I'm afraid I must in this case. The issue that you are crying to the heavens about is not PMDG's, it is Microsoft's issue with a bug in their OS update. I realize you are frustrated at the interruption, but you are essentially blaming the manufacturer of an automobile for the fact that a gas station sold you petrol with water in it. You sent a rather self important message to tech support with a bunch of uninformed rhetoric about future-proofing and the like- which seemed to ignore the fact that we have spent the past decade adapting our product lines to ensure their compatibility through two OS changes and four simulation platform changes. Please, do tell us again what we aren't doing? In your message above you mention PMDG as "they won't say what the exact problem is." You might consider that we have been running about all over the place collecting information, working the support team around the clock to collect logs and information in order to keep the pressure on Microsoft to fix THEIR problem. I realize that someone of such self importance prefers to have others snap to orders when you have desires- but in this case we are a bit at the mercy of the OS developer- **WHO HAS ACKNOWLEDGED THAT THE PROBLEM IS A RESULT OF AN ERROR IN THEIR UPDATE.** So yes- by all means please peddle the paranoid conspiracy that "they" have something to do with it- and do take that pesky automobile back the manufacturer to complain that they should make immediate changes to the design on account of water in the fuel line. It will certainly be for the betterment of all involved...
  14. Claude, If I knew what it was- we would have solved it quite some time ago- and I am not prone to have a technical discussion with someone not on our team and not involved in our development process. I'm sorry that it impacts your ability to use other products- but that doesn't weigh into my workflow even remotely. This limitation has been present in our products since 2005, and if I have to choose between what is already on my agenda or trying to rebuild the entire core structure of our product lines in order to interface with something we don't even support... Well... The hard truth is that I'm going to stick to our agenda as it is.
  15. Chris, Aw man... you missed the line...