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  1. Mat, Thank looks absolutely stunning.
  2. Gents, We have done this for... gosh... twenty years or so now. It is a little inside joke between us and our long-time customers. You would be amazed how many people reach out to the support team to let us know that the price is too high. We often joke that "we only need to sell just one" but this did indeed happen a while back. (not on the 747-8...) Fellow working from his mobile thought he saw a product go live and hit the purchase button. He had sufficient funds... It took some deft work on our part to get the transaction unwound without any service fees from the financial institution- but fortunately everyone involved had a sense of humor about it and was none-the-worse for the wear afterward. So if anyone ever tries to tell you that PMDG has never given a refund- we have. Once. And oh what a refund it was.
  3. James, Generally, fleet guidance is to hold the START switch in the START position for 3 seconds before letting it go. This will be sure to get the electrical signals to all of the proper receivers. It does take a bit of time to get the APU spooled up, you can watch this process on the STAT page on the lower EICAS. It will start after the APU inlet door is fully open.
  4. Marc, Previous posters have it right. You CAN contort your head into a position from which you can see the outboard engine/winglet, but it is a bit rough on the leaning muscles and doesn't really serve a practical purpose in this regard within the sim. We added those parts of the model to give the model a shadow so that in Prepar3D when the sun gets low and behind you, you will see it's shadow on the ground rather than just the shadow of a suspended cockpit in mid air. If you actually move the view outside the VC, you will see we wrote "INTENTIONALLY UNTEXTURED SHADOW MODEL" on the side. You just can't see that from where you are sitting.
  5. Pawel, Thanks.
  6. Rob, We do not display this information anywhere- as it isn't something a crewmember would normally be concerned with at an airline operator. I think it will be interesting for users to see this information, however. Give me some time to figure out a place to display this information and make it available to you. Probably someplace in the ACARS system, which I am working with currently. I'll roll it into a future update once I have the concept fleshed out a bit.
  7. Joseph, Good to hear. We like easy fixes.
  8. Riccardo, None of my comments were directed to you. I was replying to the OP- who did NOT sign his post. (See? one of the many reasons we like people to sign their posts... then we can direct our comments to individuals without risking anyone else misconstruing the reply!) I do have space on the spinning office chair, however- if you'd like to partake. It makes holding the localizer a bit of a challenge.
  9. Carl, There is no need to create multiple accounts- as this simply clutters things and makes for busy-work for the support team in order to de-clutter your licenses. The support system is unrelated to the shopping cart. We chose this approach specifically for instances such as yours. Simply go to the support page, create an account using your new email address, create a ticket identifying yourself and your account information- and we can reconnect you to your existing account from there.
  10. Anthony, Generally speaking, I do not recommend disabling the updates. They (MS) have made a few errors of late- but the updates do bring value and added security I have hurled my share of epithets at the ceiling and wished horrible things on Steve Balmer (I blame him for most everything at MS, as he set much of it in motion) but the updates do provide needed fixes.
  11. Robert, AH! I know precisely what is happening, because I did this a few times while trying to test something on a keyboard-flown installation last week. Presume for a moment that you are using the Up/Down arrows to control the elevator. When you rotate to take off, you click the Down arrow a few times to raise the elevator and increase the pitch... The airplane leaves the ground as you would expect. If you then click the autopilot ON- your simulator is seeing the autopilot ON, but the elevator is being deflected... So it presumes you want control of the pitch channel and it disengages from controlling that axis and draws the amber line through the pitch mode to signal "hey dummy- this one is for YOU to worry about." On a keyboard flown installation, you have to make DOUBLE sure that you trim the elevator to neutral before engaging the autopilot. You can do this by bringing up the STAT page and looking at the elevator deflection indication- then trim until it is "pretty much" centered. THEN give it over to the A/P and you should be good to go. I hope that helps- but i would definitely look into getting yourself even a basic joystick to enhance your control of the simulator.
  12. Wilhelm, You admit to reading the manuals too many more times, we may have to ban you for setting a bad example.
  13. <Nameless>, Please sign your posts when in the PMDG forum so that we don't have to launch squads of black-ops thugs to roll you out of bed and force you to doo V1 cuts while hog-tied to a spinning office chair in the middle of the night. Like most in this thread I suspect FSUIPC is triggering the SAVE mechanism over and over again- and that your machine may not be able to digest the huge amount of data saved with the 747 at each iteration. Go through the FSUIPC instructions and sort out how to turn that function off, or dial it down to an acceptable level and you should be fine. It is easy to criticize FSUIPC for the disruptions it can create- but that is a bit like blaming Porsche engineering for the fact that you can go so fast that you skid off the road in a turn. If you are going to drive a Porsche- you should take the time to learn the limitations of the car AND the driver... So with that in mind, just remember that FSUIPC is a horrible tool in the hands of someone who refuses to read the instructions- or doesn't understand that it does occasionally need to be tweaked with a screwdriver in order to keep it from having unwanted side effects. I generally recommend that you suspect FSIUPC **first** any time your sim starts to act up. Work backward from there and you will probably have much greater success with FSUIPC overall! Let us all know if you got things working again!
  14. John, They increased the dosage via the IV drip.
  15. Anthony, I had a similar experience when the Fall Creator's Update was installed on all of the machines in the PMDG Sim Center last month. (Incidentally, this is the most poorly named piece of software in history... it has destroyed more progress than it has created- but I digress.... ) To resolve the issue, I had to uninstall and reinstall the PMDG software. I suspect that when the creators update gets installed, it destroys the records within the Windows Trusted Storage arena, and thus the hooks that allow the validation and verification process to run. Doing a complete un/reinstall seemed to get the proper bits reinstalled to their proper place- and then activation ran normally and "stuck." I hope that helps- (Dan: Stop telling people Paul is qualified... We are supposed to keep Paul beaten down, remember?! )