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  1. Ian, I wasn't sure what I was going to find looking into this thread. Do you happen to have FSUIPC installed? If so, delete the config file and remap the controls... If not- it might be worth looking at whatever software/driver you use for your throttle: Disconnect the hardware (pull the plug out of the machine) and use the F2/F3 keys to move the throttle up/down... is the problem cured? If yes- then it is definitely the software connecting your throttle to the software... Hope that helps- and thanks for the snicker. (Yes- we will always be teenage boys...)
  2. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    Chris, You may want to see your doctor. Early detection is key to survival...
  3. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    Gents, We will certainly let you know when our official forum location moves. At this stage we are planning to take our time and get that site ready for the inevitable influx of new users that will arrive in the first few days of operation. I would appreciate it we could keep the nose-thumbing to a minimum with regard to people's opinions of AVSim. AVSim has been PMDG's home for nearly two decades, and it is that affiliation that has brought us all to where we are today. If you come into my home and began to tell me what a horrible host I am, I will show you the door. You should treat AVSim no differently.
  4. PMDG Forum Section

    Scott, NEVER touch the dusty buttons. EVER!
  5. PMDG Forum Section

    Gents, We don't know either. Have been trying to get someone from AVSim to communicate with us on it, but no joy thus far.
  6. Gents, You guys will be nasty to one another about literally ANYTHING. As the guy who coded the wing flex, yes- I think the impact of static droop is too much. It is something I have continued to play with and improve over time. The version of this that will roll out with the 748 release is much closer to correct, I believe. For all the know-it-alls (and since you know-it-alls know-it-all, you know I'm talking to YOU... ) One of the reasons there is too much static flex is because of our efforts to tame the COMPLETELY BOGUS turbulence effects of the variou weather engines. I spent about a month creating a process that will dynamically adjust the stiffness of the spar based on how high on the "Ridiculous Scale" the wing flex goes because of bogus weather engine turbulence. It isn't perfect and definitely has it's flaws- but I got bored and started thinking about ways to try and make our product look and behave correctly in spite of the ridiculousness of 15-20G turbulence bursts that are so favored by the weather engines. So I created a deflection scale (actually called it the Scale of Turbulence Ridiculousness) and the damping mathematics work downward from there. So stop beating one another over the head for stupid stuff, will you?
  7. Trying to purchase the DC6 for XP

    Harry, You have me a bit confused. What policy are you speaking of? I am the person who sets product policy at PMDG and I have no clue what you are talking about- so that tells me you probably don't either. Our product update policy has, if anything, become significantly more liberal to the benefit of customers over the years. In 1998, we issued new products for each new platform change. If MSFS changed from version X to version X+1, you had to purchase the product anew. We developed, advertised for, and released an XPlane product for XPL10. We then shifted development resources to other projects, as we always do when a project is released. The fact that XPL has updated to v11 in the mean time is completely and totally irrelevant to our development timeline. I hate to make you do any actual work here, Harry- but have you taken even 10 seconds to read anything I have posted in this forum on this very topic? Or are you just pulling stupid ideas out of thin air because you are upset that you aren't getting what you want, when you want it? I am sorry that you are disappointed by it, but you can rest assured that everyone else in this forum joins you in knowing more about how PMDG should be run than I do- because you guys are quite vocal in your viewpoint that "PMDG are doing it wrong." Yet somehow we survive... I'll try harder to do better for your personally next time, Harry- but if you or someone who DOES know-it-all would please make a habit of being around when we are making decisions next time- that would be helpful...
  8. Finn, This is a magnificently geeky and cool idea. I shall try it at my first opportunity!
  9. Slow slats retraction

    Gents, Another important consideration for you all to ponder: Some 747-400s (mostly UAL airplanes) have 4 pneumatically driven hydraulic demand pumps. (Called ADPs.) instead of the standard 2 ADP and 2 EDP configuration. In this case, if the load on the bleed system is extremely high and there is a deficit in production, you **could** conceivably trigger a flaps primary condition because the leading edge devices use pneumatic pressure as their normal motive power. (I would have to go back and sniff around some schematics to see if you would get it in the situation Robert created... Please forgive me for not doing so tonight...) And to those of you who immediately suspected a problem in the hydraulic system, remember that this would give you a problem on the trailing edge, not the leading edge. Not exactly germane to this discussion- but worth pointing out since a number of you immediately went for hydraulics as the source of motive power for the LEDs. Also- points to everyone for the engagement in the discussion. I love when someone stumbles into something non-normal that shows off the depth of the simulation value. Most users don't touch even 10% of the simulation value in this product- and if I constantly pointed things out- you guys would grow bored of my constant lectures. To EVERYONE: When you get EICAS messages- make sure you read them. Then go to the QRH and look at the trouble shooting process. You will learn some REALLY interesting things about your airplane!
  10. strange rudder problem

    Gents, This is why we so often recommend that folks turn off their various extras when something odd starts happening. Then turn them back on one at a time until it happens again. Then you know which of the extras is to blame for the issue.
  11. [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Hey Kyle, when you have a moment, can you get back to me on my request to know what, exactly, you do around here?
  12. Depressed that the MD11 is being left behind.

    Pat, There is no such thing as "abandonware." Our decision not to continue development of the product line, and our decision to remove it from the market DOES NOT DISSOLVE OUR OWNERSHIP OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, nor does it diminish our intent to protect same. I am already spending money defending PMDG's property from such stupidity as you have suggested. Please do not make me spend more to demonstrate to you that we are serious, and willing to do so. Further discussion of your uninformed self justification is not desired.
  13. [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    "They do not have people and skills" Oh boy. To quote Star Wars fans: The Stupid Runs Strong in This One.
  14. DC6 out of Innsbruck

    Wow. Very nice!
  15. Altimeter deviation

    Bertie, We have a case of 1,000 pairs of white, cotton gloves that we require crewmembers to wear when touching the polished aluminum propellers on the DC-3. No joke. We do. I hate fingerprints!