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  1. rsrandazzo

    Lost licences to my PMDG's

    XyQu, No need to worry- we are here to help. Our activation process is dynamic, and looks at a number of factors before it "tells you no." When it DOES tell you no, just reach out to tech support and let them know you need help. No need to worry about "having a valid story." We are simmers too- so we know how reinstalls and hardware upgrades can go. We also have quite a bit of data in the system and the abusers/hackers stand out to us- so it is normally a pretty effortless process for regular users like you who just need a reset!
  2. rsrandazzo

    Prepayment suggestion

    Yeah, I'm with Raymond. I try really hard not to be the first one to buy a new PMDG release. 😎
  3. Captains, Late this evening, we issued new updates for the PMDG 737NGX and PMDG 777 product lines. With the NGX, we found that an error made it through quality checking the build and this was causing some users to experience corruption in any panel state files created using the version released during the weekend. We felt this was a critical failure that required an additional fix. In addition, for both the 777 and 737, we made a later-breaking discovery (as part of our beta testing in the 747) for a scenario that could cause a really ugly problem if the user loaded an approach in the FMS, then loaded a STAR that shared the same initial fix. (Yes- believe it or not, such a thing exists!) It was a simple thing to issue the fix and we felt it would save some headaches for users who run into it- so we pushed updates to both product lines. While I have your attention- In the morning we will be pushing another major update on the 747-8 to our beta testers- and we think this will be the update that brings good solid stability to the product line. It has been our experience that each product goes through a period of chaos during testing- then all of a sudden everything clicks into place. This update is likely to be that update- and then we can start to pivot toward release, finally! Stay tuned- we will have more information shortly! I hope you are all having a good start to the week.
  4. rsrandazzo

    Prepayment suggestion

    Mikael, During the NGX release, our servers were subject to a Denial of Service attack that originated predominantly in China and Romania. That isn't something that is going to be affected or changed by accepting prepayments. During the 777 release, our servers were subject to exceptionally high demand during the first few hours of release, and this caused some headaches. As a result, we took that utilization data and invested heavily in systems to bolster our delivery capability while under loads of that level. We had no such issues with the 744 release- even though demand was about 25% higher during the 744 release than it was during the 777 release. So- thank you for the suggestion- but we run an old-fashioned business model at PMDG. We will take your money when we have something to hand to you in return. We think that provides the best overall value equation- and we will do our best to ensure a trouble free rollout because that, too, is our job.
  5. Captains, A couple of quick, important items for you on this Friday evening. Updates pushed for 737 and 777 base packages: A few hours ago, we pushed updates via the PMDG Operations Center for the PMDG 737NGX and PMDG 777-200LRF base packages. These updates were pushed for FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 versions. These updates are important in that we have been able to find a few rare instances in the 737 and 777 that might cause the airplane to stop responding to user input, and we also eliminated a few CTD issues that appeared in both products. You can get these updates by launching the PMDG Operations Center, and clicking on the settings wheel. PMDG 747-8 Beta Testing Update: I am happy to say that we are beginning to feel that the 747-8 is "through the bow wave" of beta testing- and is looking more and more like a product that we can start polishing, rather than still doing major construction work. We have a few areas that we are still fitting into place properly- but overall she is beginning to behave well. We did not gag the beta team, so they have been showing you quite a bit of the airplane, and no doubt will continue to do so as we wend our way toward release. I am not in a position to begin talking release timeline yet, as we still have some things to do- but we are closer than we were yesterday. 😎 PMDG 747-400 Update Pending: While we are on the topic of 747s: We have a massive update coming to you for the 744. As part of the normal beta process for the 748, we continue to find/resolve issues from forum reports, beta testing and technical support. Normally we would push these changes to you in a more industrious rate, but some of the core changes that we had to make in order for the 748 to be inserted into this product line will break a ton of functionality unless we do the entire update at one time- so this update will come to you right before the 748 releases. In Other News... In other news, we have a TON of activity going on with the new PMDG Operations Center, which is still being tested internally. We are hoping to get our beta team involved in finalizing it's fitness for duty over the coming weeks. PMDG Global Flight Operations is also becoming very active with internal testing, and our beta team should be seeing this in the coming weeks as well. Things are busy around here- and the results of all of this activity are soon to be landing at an airport near you- so don't wander off!
  6. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Jon, I haven't laughed that hard in MONTHS. Thank you! How you doing, btw?
  7. rsrandazzo

    PMDG Simulation Center

    Bertie, I anticipate users will be able to connect "just about anything" to our new connectivity product. I am using the word "anticipate" because it hasn't been tested as such up to this point. The likelihood is that when we get it to beta testing- we will select a few users who are NOT on FDS hardware just to see how it goes.
  8. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Mark, Thank you, I appreciate it. It is always surprising to me the depth of sincerity that I find on those rare occasions when I attend a show like FSExpo. I wish I could find some way to bottle it and hand it back to the team.
  9. rsrandazzo

    747 PMDG Aircraft or Bird ???

    Dom, While I am absolutely certain that you read the introduction we wrote for your benefit, it does have quite a bit of information so you must have forgotten the part where we recommend dialing it WAY down, along with an explanation of why this is so. The turbulence effect within FSX/P3D is ridiculously hyperactive and doesn't represent anything the airplane would experience in real life, which is why you see it react the way it does. In an effort to try and outfox the weather engine makers, we are experimenting with an adaptive model that tries to determine whether you have followed our instructions on the settings and will try to adapt the flex accordingly. It does operate to the detriment of other aspects of the sim- but since so many people failed to read and follow the instructions... i mean... read all of that information and then forgot... we decided to force the issue.
  10. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Gents, There are always a few prosthletizers who feel that it is important to drag every thread into "XPL" vs "any other sim. If you feel emotional about the fact that a business doesn't see the value that you see in your sim, it is time to walk away from your keyboard a bit until you can have a conversation without evangelizing. You like your sim, we get it. But we have data and we are a business. We do not make business decisions based upon wishes we make them based upon facts. We have always taken the position that we don't tolerate X vs. Y stupidity in this forum. Do not do so here, or we will remove your posts without comment and possibly remove you as well.
  11. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Anubhav, The DC-6 was designed to give us a technical study, not a market study. We already know that the XPL community of high-end sim users is very much smaller than it is in the FSX/P3D world. We have plenty of data from other sources to show buying habits, etc.
  12. rsrandazzo

    SkyForce 3D and The PMDG B747-400

    Oscar, I expect that we will be putting some developer time toward interfacing with REX over the next few months.
  13. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Dhruv, That conversation was sort of impromptu. Ben came over and started off with words to the effect of, "how can we work together to make this easier?" From one dev to another, that was really a great conversation opener, and i think we really had a great dialogue. Ben is a pro, and we got to know him during the DC-6 development cycle, and we put faith in his word and his sincerity. Chris and I spent quite a bit of time chatting with Ben, right up until the venue managers asked us to leave so that they could close the place down. So much made-up drama in the FS community. I love when devs work toward common goals.
  14. Jim, Not just yet- but don't wander off!
  15. rsrandazzo

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, I see what you did there. 😎 Please sign your posts in this forum, but thanks for the laugh.