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  1. rsrandazzo

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    I think you two have been sniffing a bit too much of the paint.
  2. Captains, HA! I knew that title would get you to swing in here and find out what I was on about. No- they really **aren't** a dime a dozen- and in fact many of the more recognized livery painters have quietly provided us with feedback over the last two decades that have caused a continual improvement in our models and texture preparations. In fact, feedback from livery painters has changed the way we develop and package our models and the livery paint kits in order to improve workflow for the hundreds of livery painters that help to fill in the worldwide palette of airline liveries that we could never possibly cover on our own. Normally, we try to highlight a couple different livery artists with facebook posts, likes, public callouts and the like- but this year we have a completely new way to recognize, pay tribute and give livery painters an opportunity to help us shape a new, flagship PMDG product. The development team responsible for PMDG Global Flight Operations is nearing the point where, in preparation for launch of PMDG Global Flight Operations we are going to begin expanding the beta testing team from just our core cadre of under overworked, over underpaid, long term beta testers... and we see this as a great opportunity to be able to shine a bright light on the work done by livery painters, while also gaining some insight into our own product lines and some new ways that we can help increase the attention given to your work. If you are a livery painter with a demonstrable body of work, we'd like to hear from you if you are interested in joining the PMDG Global Flight Operations testing team. To qualify, you must meet all of these criteria: 1) You must have a verifiable body of work painting liveries for PMDG products. 2) You must be identifiable to us and to the community through your public profile. 3) You must be willing and able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (which means that you must be of the age-of-consent, or have a parent/guardian who is willing to accept legal/financial responsibility for your non-disclosure agreement.) 4) You must be able to interact with the PMDG development team in a positive, friendly manner. 5) You must be willing to provide us with feedback on various beta level tools and products to which we will give you access. 6) You must be willing to suffer through being as well fed, overpaid and rock-star famous the thankless task of beta testing. 7) You must be able to follow simple instructions... although the ability to follow moderately complex, two-stage instructions is preferred, and probably puts you ahead of most members of the development team. 🤣 If you feel that you meet all of the criteria above, please reach out to us by sending an email to: In this email, please provide the following bits of information: 1) Who you are in real-life. 2) If you paint under an alias, who you are under alias. 3) If you paint for an organization- which one? 4) Some links to help us verify your work. This verification **must** allow us to validate that the work being displayed is your original work because it shows your name or other verifiable brand marks. 5) If you have been painting for some time- which PMDG products have you covered and which is your favorite? 6) Approximately how many liveries have you painted, do you think? 7) Acknowledge that you have reached the age-of-consent and can sign an NDA or have a parent/guardian willing to sign an NDA for you. 9) Acknowledge in your email that you noticed we skipped item 8. We will begin to answer emails with further instructions beginning around 15OCT18. (It may take a few days to answer, but we WILL answer you...) We can't wait to open the doors and let you all see what we have created for you in PMDG Global Flight Operations. We are very close to pulling back the curtain- and it will be unlike anything you used in your simming experience prior to now.
  3. rsrandazzo

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Ken, The correct phrase here is that the airplane should be "in trim." What we mean when we say this, is that you can take your hands off the controls and the airplane won't show a strong tendency to change pitch or roll from where you have it currently. Obviously, if you are climbing, it will eventually lose a bit of airspeed and the pitch will naturally lower- but what we are talking about is that being "in trim" means the airplane is naturally going where you have it pointed currently- you do not have to hold control pressure to keep it on the desired pitch/roll. Does that help?
  4. Brian, A couple of items for you: The installer is looking to see that your registry keys show a valid and correctly structured installation of FSX-SE. Once it clears that hurdle, it goes and looks in the directory defined by the registry and version-checks the executable file to be certain you have the correct version. The error message you are getting tells me that your executable has been swapped out for one that is NOT the correct version, **or** you are using some kind of registry redirect in order to marge scenery and products from different sim platforms into multiple sim platforms, but it is misconfigured and causing the error checking to go awry. Based on your comments above i'm not able to diagnose further- but I'm betting that the registry location is misreporting and thus the EXE version check is simply failing out because it cannot find the EXE. I hope that helps you to resolve it!
  5. rsrandazzo

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Ken, There are thousands upon thousands of good folks hanging around here who can help you with any problem you might ever conceivably have. Simming is a hobby. Emotion should never play a role in it. If you are having trouble getting something to operate- simply swing through here and say: "I'm having trouble with ________" You will get a ton of help.
  6. rsrandazzo

    Your account has been locked.

    Steven, There are a couple of ways your account might get put on pause or lock: 1) You entered incorrect information and your card issuer refused to authorize the transaction, and you did this a couple of times in a row. 2) You goofed up on your username/password while attempting to log into your account and you did this too many times. Both of these events are completely automated and designed to protect you and PMDG from brute force methods to gain access to user accounts. #1 above will clear after a period of time (hours) and #2 requires input from our tech support team. You will notice I am intentionally vague about the number of times you can goof up, and how long the locks last. That is intentionally on my part. I hope that helps you!
  7. Gents, The pylon flex model got a pretty significant overhaul between 3.00.9008 and 3.00.9019, in order to reduce the potential impact of FPS surges triggering problems in the physics modeling. (Even though you can't see it, occasionally users would get a couple of hyper-update cycles with a REALLLLY small time deltas and this would cause the math to get completely out of wonk since it is based on a differential equation based on time.) The new equation is running in 9019 and **should** be more robust. DANGER HERE THO: Some of you may notice the airplane "tremble" while parked at idle power with the parking break off. This is characterized as a gentle rocking side to side at fairly high frequency. This is a Prepar3D problem and has nothing to do with the 747. You can see it in nearly all of the default P3D aircraft also... Please don't confuse the two.
  8. rsrandazzo

    seatbelts on ? / Off ?

    Gents, This **should** have been fixed in the latest update- but from reports it seems it broke something else inside this logic. We have a half dozen people coding in this general area, some using a bit more robust methods to deconflict 744 and 748 specific messages than others- and it has turned into a morass of issues. Something as simple as a sign... not so simple, apparently.
  9. Captains, (Sorry for all the acronyms in the header... Someone at AVSim decided to crimp the title character allowance so you can't relay enough information to make it relevant unless you condense everything.) A few moments ago we released an update for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II and PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II Expansion products for both the FSX and Prepar3D platforms. This update is primarily targeted at smoothing a few items that came up in the days post-release, with a bit of performance enhancement and some other detail cleanup as well. You can get this update by running the PMDG Operations Center, then clicking on the settings wheel. You should see a flag there to alert you of the present of the updates, and you can install from there. Note that if you have FSX and FSX/SE, or if you have Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4 installed side-by-side, you may see multiple flags. We recommend you just click through all of them to install the available updates, and then close the operations center, and re-open it. Then you will likely see some flags to alert you that your liveries may need repair in the 747-8. Once you have done this, you are all set and can head off to fly! If you ever wonder whether you are up-do-date with the latest, simply run the PMDG Operations Center, select your product, and then click on VERSIONS. This will tell you the most current version available and the version you have installed for each product and expansion. Thank you for your support of this (and all!) PMDG products- you guys have really been incredibly kind and supportive of this one. She is simply a magnificent airplane and it makes us very happy to see how much you are enjoying this new expansion to the PMDG 747 product line! The change list for this update is as follows: PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **WIDE BETA** - BUILD 3.00.9019 (Released 2018-09-27) [ View Issues ] =========================================================================== - 0007249: [Systems - Lighting - VC/2D] Panel lighting (backlight) too low during daylight (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007229: [External Model - Geometry] Main gear hydraulick piston not placed correctly (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007238: [External Model - Geometry] Possible hole in -8f model (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007215: [External Model - Geometry] Side Cargo door opening speed (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007214: [External Model - Geometry] No lights in the main deck cargo (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007231: [External Model - Geometry] Landing lights no reflection on fuselage in FSX (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007222: [Systems - Hydraulic] RAT line missing from HYD3 in HYD synoptics page (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007247: [EFB - General] EFB touchscreen does not register correctly the mouse position (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007239: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] CANC RJCT button fonts (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007245: [EFB - General] EFB Passenger numbers incorrect when KG option is selected (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007244: [General - Unsure] Number of passengers in PAYLOAD page change when fuel is set (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007233: [Virtual Cockpit - View Presets] CDUs and ECL view preset is not zoomable (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007242: [FMS - Initialization] 8F Ident page not correct (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007243: [Systems - Lighting - VC/2D] FLOOD/PANEL LTS DEFAULT LVL options on SIMULATION page reversed (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007241: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Wrong min/max takeoff weight values in EFB OPT calculation error message with OPTIMUM flaps (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007237: [General - Unsure] ET/CHR digits displayed when loading default panel state (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007236: [Main Panel - EFIS Controls] INBOARD DSPL selectors in wrong position when loading the default panel states (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007235: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] TCAS mode switch in wrong position when loading the default panel state (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007219: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Source Select Switches incorrect position during panel state load (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007234: [EFB - General] CTD when scanning EFB airports (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007216: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] ELEC GEN OFF IS (CAUTION <-> ADVISORY) not saving (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007228: [External Model - Geometry] Rapid change in FPS disrupts stability of engine pylon flex computation. (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007224: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Visible Seam (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007218: [External Model - Geometry] Several reports of missing landing gear on load (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007217: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Reset engine EGT after shutdown to ambient temperature (aids quick ignition for -8) (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007221: [FREEZES - All Types] Several users reporting non responsive aircraft and frozen displays on departure (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007220: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] SEATBELTS OFF (748 only EICAS message) does not clear when panel state loaded into 744 (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007248: [General - 2D Panels] Background panel lighting for the Radio tuning panel in 2D pop up Inop (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007250: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] INOP light in 8F cockpit (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007251: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Wrong mouse pointer symbol on STB power switch on 8 passenger (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007201: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] FIX Page distance limit (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. [31 Items]
  10. Captains, We have just about all of the bits in place for this weekend's update for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II and PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II products. We are sitting on what we hope is a minor technical snag that delayed the release from this afternoon to, **probably** Saturday afternoon. (Stress is on **probably** because we cannot say for certain when the issue will clear.) The reason it is hard to say precisely when the problem will clear is that we are trying to solve a problem that involves cloud distribution, but I **can** tell you that the moment we have it resolved- the update will appear for you in the Operations Center. I'l have more information for you at that time, but for now I need to find the bullwhip with the brass knob on the end... stay tuned.
  11. rsrandazzo

    [25SEP18] We are cooking an update for you...

    Sergio, I have made about 75 posts in the past week. What have you done? Nothing of substance or value except to be a cankar sore.
  12. rsrandazzo

    747-8 ETOPS procedures

    I dunno Glenn. Did you see the engine wobble animation we have in the 747 right now? Is a bug.. but it sure looks LOOSE to me. 🤣
  13. rsrandazzo

    PMDG 748 LN:1 ERR AT

    Erik, For sanity- lets back you up to a know quantity. Go into your <root sim>/PMDG/ directory and look at these two directories: Delete their contents ENTIRELY, then reinstall your navdata. This SHOULD clear things up for you. If it does not, I may take a more drastic step and have you manually delete the directories, then uninstall the 748/744 completely and reinstall to check and be sure you are reaching the default navdata load provided with those products. (If you aren't- then you are probably having corruption from some other application running alongside- and we will need to narrow down which one...)
  14. Captains, Just a quick drive-by to let you know that our support team has been collecting reports from users on various and sundry items that need development team attention, from the serious (a control freeze) to the mundane (an equipment option that doesn't save state) and everything in between. As is normal during this period post initial release, we are doing a bit of triage on significant items that have potential to ruin your day, and also nipping off quite a bit of the low-hanging-fruit that is easy to clean up with an interim release. Some items will take a bit longer (negative interaction between our implementation of the navigraph login and certain reshade applications) because they require detailed research and/or the fixes are high risk and merit significant time with our beta team to make sure we don't create more problems than we solve. The plan for now is to push an interim update to you via micro-update sometime before the weekend- with the goal of smoothing out some rough edges and generally improving things in time for you weekend long haulers! DANGER: I am absolutely allergic to folks who jump up and down and ask if the bug that they reported has been addressed- so do not do this or we may mail you an invoice for the $324,999,930.01 price difference you paid from our original list-price. That being said- a couple of BIG items that we have captured and killed (list is not complete- these are just the ones i can think off of the top of my head...): Loading a flight plan that includes certain types of LOC approaches leads to a rapid consumption of FPS and eventual sim lockup. (Recommend you avoid LOC only approaches for a few days, please) Engine pylons begin flexing at random intervals when such motion is unexpected. a handful of panel state loading related reports. a handful of panel state saving related reports. IMPORTANT NOTAM: Some users of certain reshade programs have reported that when they bring up the login screen for the Navigraph chart interface, the login screen is blacked out and unusable. We have been coordinating with Navigraph and they have recommended a solution that we are in the process of implementing. This is a high risk modification to the software and will require some testing to be certain the fix is actually a fix. In the mean time, if you disable the shader, you can log in via the Navigraph screen. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible for our customers who do use experience this negative interaction. Okay- i think that covers things... If you are having trouble with anything specific we are here to help- and of course our tech support team is available as well. Thanks again for your support of our product line- we really are happy to see how much you guys like this product.
  15. rsrandazzo

    PMDG 747-8 Engine

    Gents, I **think** I was finally able to nail this down. The issue was the bane of game coders everwhere: Unstable FPS disrupting a computational process that is heavily dependent upon dT. (differential equations are heavily involved in the computation of a flexing engine mount with thousands of pounds bolted to the end of it.) I just spent the afternoon working through a change in the method in order to make the dT process a bit more robust and resistant to sudden, instantaneous hiccups in the refresh rate of the sim. It'll need the wide data scatter of a real world test to be sure we have it nailed down. It is hard to test locally because you guys load more stuff into your sim than I do- since I don't want all manner of things interfering with baseline testing during code development. Stay tuned. (I'm going to lock this thread, as such threads tend to attract lots of "OH ME TOO!" that actually is unrelated and clouds the data points... Lets reconvene after we get the update to you guys!