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  1. Notam From PMDG Captains, You are cleared for pushback and start on engines one, two, three and four! I will keep this brief, because I know most of you won’t even have read this far, but our flagship product, the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II is now available for purchase! Thank you to all of you for your continued support of the PMDG team, our products, our quirks and our obsession with providing you with the most detailed simulation products imaginable. If it were not for your interest in our work, this simply wouldn’t be possible. We know you will love the new 747- and we have put a tremendous amount of ourselves into this project during the past 42 months. We do this for you, so thank you! Now get out there and fly! Read through the Forum and get your copy from the PMDG 747 Product Page
  2. Notam From PMDG - Captains, Welcome to Release Week for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for FSX, FSX-Steam Edition and Prepar3D v3.x! As of this morning, we are still on track to our planned release date- and we have only a few small detail items to take care of before we push her out of the hangar for you to fly! I have been promising to give you a quick rundown on some stuff that you might find interesting about this incredible new product, and late last night I sent an email out to the team asking for their help in collecting the various features and details that spring to their minds as "stuff that will interest you!" We all agreed that this list is very short compared to what we have packed into this product, but it will serve as a reasonably good preview to give you an idea just how packed full of detail this product is! (This list isn't even close to being all-inclusive...by the way... if you like detail - this product is going to blow your mind.) Included: - 747-400, 747-400BCF, 747-400D, 747-400ER, 747-400ERF, 747-400F, 747-400M, - 62 liveries (as of tonight..still growing) available for immediate download via the PMDG Operations Center. - Paint Kit available from our site on release day. - Software Developers Kit for those who wish to develop products to interact with the 747. Things the Development Team Thought You'd Like to Know: - Unique performance models for each available engine type. - Some airframes have multiple engine types to choose from. - Accurate cockpit controls for all engine types. - Accurate cockpit displays for all engine types. - Accurate simulation of all engine start processes including duct pressures and valve operation. - Accurate application of hydraulic or pneumatic operation of thrust reverse by engine type. - Pressure blow out doors on Main Deck Cargo Door as well as forward and aft cargo doors and 2 ports just below and forward of door 2L - Cargo containers on lower deck as well as main deck (on freighters) that appear appropriately - Dynamic articulating main gear trucks, each independently animated, with independent interaction with the ground. - Body gear truck is free-hinged and will swing freely when weight is removed during takeoff. - Improved exterior light splash effects - Accurate landing light bright/dim animation based upon gear handle position. - Highly detailed exterior model with 3D modeled Leading Edge Device actuators and flap mechanisms that work like the real aircraft. - Windmilling engine fans that will turn while parked on the ramp on a breezy day. - Engine pylons that shake in severe turbulence. - APU and Engine exhaust "efflux" effects. - highly detailed exterior model with perfectly dialed in spec and bump maps, can see skin imperfections, stringers and added stress plates around the doors etc. - changeable antenna configurations - operable emergency lights along wing/fuse fairing. - 400ER/ERF modeled with improved, heavy weight landing gear assembly and larger tires, - 400ER fitted with pressure operated aux fuel tank. - 400D has significantly restricted operating weights to preserve airframe cycle life. - Stabilizer fuel tank optional, except on airframes where it is not offered, or on airframes where it is not optional. - Numerous optional configurations for the fuel system to allow simulation of the early fuel system design, all the way up to the most recent required design/operational changes. - Numerous new interactions between cockpit and ground crew, to help you manage the pre-departure process. - Accurate refueling during Ground Operations (real-time refueling.) - Accurate fuel temperature based upon aircraft wing skin heat transfer characteristics - Accurate fuel density/temperature effects during real time refueling. (including volume limitations in the event of low density levels.) - Fuel density during refueling based upon actual global/regional variations in fuel density. - Fuel density during refueling adjusted for expected fuel temperature during fueling. - Accurate fuel density/temperature mixing as fuel moves between tanks during operation and refueling. - Optional power source for System 2 and System 3 Demand Pumps. (Pneumatic Air or Electrically driven) - If you choose pneumatic power for DEM2 and DEM3, you will see the exhaust louvers on the #2/#3 engine pylons - Accurate modeling of hydraulic pump flow rates (Based on pump type and power source) - Accurate modeling of hydraulic pressure/temperature relationship. - Accurate modeling of fluid flow dynamics through system, including the potential for leaks, standpipe protections and hydraulic overheat. - Fully modeled electrical system with numerous options for standby power, battery configuration, and more. - accurate simulation of no-break-power and break-power logic for power transfers. - accurate simulation of all AC and DC power distribution systems and controls. - As in all PMDG products, every piece of equipment from pumps to valve controllers right down to light bulbs and switches is correctly connected to all AC and DC power sources. - It is possible to have AC powered equipment become uncontrollable due to DC power faults in panel . (Will you know what that looks like? hmmm) - Accurate fire detection systems modeled for all aircraft types. - multiple fire detection/suppression system manufacturers modeled and user selectable. - accurately modeled test methods for fire suppression - physics based fire simulation for all simulated fires. When operating with real time failures, some fires may not be extinguished or may flash back to life in hot/protected spaces as oxygen levels return to normal after suppression/descent. - Main deck cargo fires may spread/may not be controlled. - simulation of reduced control effectiveness with loss of various hydraulic systems. - simulation of roll/yaw imbalances if various flight controls fail in flight. - Accurate flight models for all body types. - Accurate LNAV, VNAV and autoflight modes. - Accurate operation of FMS systems, including degraded performance due to failures. - Polar operations - Inertial position drift - accurate operation of landing gear and position detection. - accurate operation of alternate landing gear systems, including electrical and hydraulic processes up-to-and-including gear door operation - Free fall of landing gear (and the resulting door impact) in alternate mode. - correct operation of all external doors, including power sources for nose/main deck cargo doors. (this will trip some folks up, mark m words!) - Catering, fueling, ground handling, lavatory services, maintenance, cabin service and cargo loaders all respond in sync with Ground Operations for realistic traffic and servicing around the airplane during ground turns. - Alternate EFIS source option - APU start source power option - numerous selectable locations for the Autobrake switch - Multiple Autostart options based upon engine manufacturer. - Optional System #1 Auxiliary hydraulic pump - Optional cockpit lavatory - Electrical or hydro-mechanical scavenge pump operation - Selectable displays in CRT or LCD format. - Accurate color representation on CRT display type and separate, also accurate color representation on LCD format. (They are different!) - Accurate surface glass/projection surface model for both CRT and LCD displays. (CRTs are a curved projection surface...) - EEC Maintenance Options - EVAC panel options - Multiple Fuel panel layouts depending upon installed equipment - Optional Interphone - Optional analog or digital autopilot mode control panel - accurate bouncing digits on analog mode control panel. - Optional Integrated Standby display or analog alternates. - Various wing/nacelle anti-ice system options with optional ice detection systems - Various radio options - Optional RMIs - Optional Taxi Lights - Multiple window frame styles - Optional yoke checklists and counting devices - airline specific touches throughout the cockpit - random "clutter" placement throughout the cockpit (cans, pens, etc) - Numerous cockpit animations - Customized reflective surfaces such as windows, crt and lcd surfaces - random delamination artifacts in the cockpit windscreens. A few new, big items we are bringing you as well: - Fully customized sound production model that allows us to enhance the cockpit sound experience to accurately match that you would have if you were sitting on the flight deck of a 747-400 in flight. This includes accurate implementation of fan noise, slipstream, cockpit environmental sounds, engine sound fading with speed and/or altitude, shaking, vibration and other environmental sounds you experience during the operation of the flight. - Fully customized sound cones and projection models created using movie studio quality engineering equipment and software to reproduce the internal and external engine sounds for all engine types.This implementation includes multiple bass layers, seamless blending, customized sound cone stitching to eliminate distortion and reproduce the unique sound signature of each engine type. - Significant support for sub-woofer use. - Did we mention a fully customized sound engine with enhanced memory management to that allows us to provide an incredibly feature rich sound environment without negatively impacting VAS. In this product, we are also introducing a new, fully customized physics model that becomes pervasive throughout the simulation: - Realistic ground interface between the surface of the airplane tires and the ground surface. - Accurate rolling resistance model between the aircraft tires and the ground surface. (variation between surface types is right around the corner, too!) - accurate thermal energy transfer model for autobrake and manual brake use, including thermal soaking of brake/tire/landing gear elements. - accurate thermal energy transfer model for cooling - wing flex model based upon accurate rigidity, stiffness and oscillation model of the 747-400 wing structure. - accurate thrust and energy model simulation for all engine types. - accurate mixing and blending of air temperatures and pressures from engine bleed tap to cabin outflow valve, including thermal changes and pressurization. - accurate control effectiveness based upon airspeed, angle of attack, control operation and deflection. - parking brake, chocking position and increased rolling after tire loss based upon physics. - engine pylon shaking based upon turbulence induced acceleration moment, wing motion and rotational inertia of engine components. - cockpit viewpoint shaking based upon the airplane's physical interaction with the world, including taxi ground roll, takeoff, touch down, engine excessive vibration transmitted through the airframe, turbulence, stall conditions disrupting airflow, high speed buffet, speedbrake use, excessive G force, and more. - transfer of heat between fluids (fuel mixing, hydraulic fluid returning to reservoirs, etc.) - transfer of heat through heat exchangers in the bleed system, fuel and hydraulic systems. - accurate modeling of fuel temperature based upon the thermal exchange of heat through the wing surface, radiant heating by the sun, etc. - accurate modeling of cabin temperatures based upon a complete airflow model. - cabin temperature modeling based upon electrical equipment operation, internal lighting operation, supplementary heating sources (foot/shoulder/windshield air use) the number of passengers onboard and their relative distribution throughout the cabin, solar heating of areas such as windows and exposure to direct or indirect sunlight, the state of cabin doors. Okay... that list barely scratches the surface, if you can believe it... There is a TON of stuff, options and details that you will discover as you explore and use the airplane, including pages and pages of options to allow you to customize the cockpit to match your favorite options or airline configuration. We are also providing a bunch of "verified" cockpit configurations for various airlines and airframes that will allow you to fly a specific airplane from a specific line, with the correct cockpit options selected. The are just a few of the things that give the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II an incredible level of authenticity all around. All of this, and a ton of VAS management to keep you flying and enjoying the simulation. We are incredibly proud of this product and we think it stands as an incredible achievement for the community to enjoy. We are very close to rolling her out of the hangar you- so don't wander too far off! A second post with Further Details is available , Read On !
  3. NOTAM From Robert S. Randazzo Precision Manuals Development Group Captains, This is a big weekend for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, as we begin the process of moving her from Tech Testing to beta testing at long last! We have been working with our tech team since we assembled them back in late January, and they have been an incredibly valuable resource in making this product better, more accurate, and of course- more complete. I know our beta team tends to get all of the glory, because they are usually folks who also participate here in the forum and thus you get to know them personally- but I'd like to take a moment to thank all of our tech team members who have played an incredibly valuable role in helping us to move this simulation further and further along. Our tech teams always surprise us with their knowledge and enthusiasm- and the team that has assembled to help us re-launch our flagship 747 product line is no exception. From obscure trivia to nuances to operationally based testing- no stone is going unturned and the results are really very good. In fact- the tech team has caused us to evaluate replacing some key components in our simulation engine that will have long term benefits not only to the 747, but to the 777 and NGX as well. Some of these changes are already in place, and others are so major we elected not to include them in the initial release because of the risks to the release timeline- so we will be slipstreaming some fairly major updates into the usual post release update process. I am excited to tell you more about those changes- but I'm going to hold off a bit, just in case we pull a rabbit out of a hat and have them completed prior to release! Ultimately though, this means that the product will grow and expand in the post release phase- even more than the hundreds and hundreds of changes we have made to the NGX and 777 in their post release life cycles. Okay- so with all of that said- we are currently in the process of preparing the airplane to enter beta testing during the week ahead. Our beta team has been chomping at the bit for more than a year to have access to this product- but we have held off because we just didn't feel we were ready for their input- given how much feedback we were receiving from our Tech team. We are ready now- and all of us are excited to see and hear what they think! Wow. Wall-O'-Text. How about some imagery to liven the mood? Let's start off with a nice, evening departure, fading daylight, illuminated runway and 747-400 mood shot, shall we? We have a put a huge amount of effort into animations on the outside of the model in order to please even the sharpest aircraft spotter. As with the 777, we are using an active fluid-flow and pressure model for hydraulics in the 747, and this has been expanded to include many of the flow-limiting devices that are used to control things such as gear doors and landing gear and occasionally flight controls as they near their range limits. By adding these features to the simulation, you will notice a greater fluidity, and natural motion with animations than is normally achieved with external part animations. No abrupt or instantaneous motion here- it is fluid and organic- which leads to a very convincing external model view. We are also using some new techniques for external lighting that allow us to capture details such as the variable brightness landing lights that are a unique feature of the 747-400. Most users will never notice them- but those who really appreciate detail will see them for what they are: Another example of just how deeply into the simulation we take you! Sticking with our moody, evening departure for a moment- here is a great shot of the flight deck as the ship is pivoting into position on the departure runway. What I cannot relay for you in this image is the sound the airplane makes as you conduct the turn. From the normal airframe shifting sounds to unique sounds emanating from the body gear steering or the nose gear if you abuse the turn rates, to the vibration of the nose gear slipping under tension, once again we are very focused on the use of sound in conjunction with animation to give you a very real sense of "being there" on the flight deck. Lighting as usual, is a big part of immersing you in the sense of feel, and once again we have put an incredible amount of effort into making sure the lighting matches the actual airplane. From studying the wash and panel lighting, to making certain (as we have for more than a decade) that the various lights, indicators, annunciators and such are properly powered by the correct sources- to ensuring that the mix of lighting choices accurately interplays to give you the correct response to the dimmers and panel back lighting. All of it is there- just as always- with the advantage of continual subtle improvements in techniques and form. With the base package, we are giving you three unique engine models, each with its own core engine simulation and sound package. Aficionados of the 747-400 will appreciate how accurate each ship sounds when compared to her real-world engine mates. In this image you can also see the old style MCP, with the (to me at least) incredibly annoying flutter digits making up the displays. When flying the airplane, there are few things more annoying when you are managing a complex maneuver than to have to wait around while the digits settle in from their energetic dance so that you can see if you got that ATC heading dialed in correctly or not. This version of the flight deck is using the original style CRT displays mixed with an integrated standby flight display- and although you cannot see it in this image the autobrake selector is in the original position on the center pedestal. (You will see it in the alternate position a few images down...) As always- we are cramming a HUGE number of options and configurations into the product so that you can match the equipment to a specific operator or tail number, thus increasing the level of realism in your simulation. Moving back a bit toward the perspective of the jumpseat, and swapping the night mood for a low-visibility mood, we have a bunch more detail for you. Here you can see the digital MCP (YES! No bouncing digits! Oops. Sorry I shouldn't complain...) and the autobrake selector on this airframe has been moved to just ahead of the captain's right knee. (The astute observer will note that Jason clearly did not enforce checklist use adequately- since it is still in the OFF position... Counseling session is pending...) Also visible in this image is the Para-Visual Display, an interesting little techno device that uses input from the ILS and the FMS in order to increase the crew's awareness of runway centerline tracking during low visibility conditions. We just got this operable this week, and I have been playing around with it some during my testing. For those who love gadgetry- this one will tickle the funny bone for sure- especially since you can run it through the self-test and dimming functions just like you would on the airplane in operation. Now properly lined up, you get a good sense of the mood just prior to the start of business in earnest. The low visibility, diffuse lighting in the flight deck offset slightly by Jason's turning up some of the panel flood lighting slightly in order to increase visibility of items on the panel a bit. All of it gives a very good sense of just how beautiful this product is when used with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. OH... Did I say Prepar3D? Why yes, I did. All of the images in this preview were taken using Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v3.4. While our technical testing has been taking place, we have been quietly prepping the Prepar3d version of the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII for testing simultaneously in P3D by both our Tech and Beta teams starting (we hope) this week. The plan, as of today, is to release both platforms side by side... but there are some interesting challenges to accomplishing that goal- so it is still entirely possible that we might hold the Prepar3D version back while we complete updates that are unique to the v3.4 platform. We are hoping that this won't happen- but if it does- the time delta between the two releases should be relatively short. (He says... now... Hoping nothing crops up to make him eat his words...) Okay- that is our update for this evening... Now that we are pushing her out to the beta team- I expect you will begin to see far more information from us and from them... as we start winding up development and moving her toward release! Oh- and surprises... yes... surprises... they told me i'm not allowed to tell you about the.... . Dangit. That is precisely why we needed a . sigh. Read More in the PMDG Forum here at Avsim
  4. Gents, The purpose of SID/STAR procedures is to help both sides of the equation understand what the expected plan will be. In the real world, at least in the USA, SID/STAR use has dramatically increased as high performance airplanes become largely FMS equipped. It is a RARE moment not to be given a SID or a STAR leaving congested terminal airspace in the USA. I have seen a couple of comments about pilots "declining vectors" and the like- and all I can say about that topic is: Not on my flight deck. The controller is our partner in the outcome of the flight. He sees a bigger picture than we do- and if he wants us to fly the whole SID/STAR, we will and we are prepared to do so. If he wants to vector us off the procedure for simplicity or convenience- so be it. We comply convivially. (Okay- sometimes I gripe to my copilot... but that is more just to hear myself talk... LOL) As for VATSIM: I'm betting most VATSIM controllers will vector you because it allows them to interact with traffic in their space. The traffic load isn't as high or as continuous as many real world sectors- so why lump everyone into a SID/STAR and just sit and watch them? Either way- as a pilot- you should be prepared for both!
  5. Gents- We got the issues resolved back on Wednesday, but I have been a bit too busy to update this thread. If you are having trouble- please reach out to support and obtain their help- but as for the server issue that plagued us the past two weeks, it is resolved. Thanks again for your patience- it wasn't much fun for us either!
  6. Gents, To follow up on Kyle's post: This type of service outage is taking place in a system that was updated in order to prevent service outages. It has been a near constant focus of my attention for almost two weeks, working with our vendor to determine **why** the manual license return function that our support team uses so regularly has magically ceased working. On Sunday, it appears one of the engineers investigating that issue did **something** that knocked the activation system offline and he was unaware of it until I started barking about it when Kyle brought it to my attention during the day, Sunday. (Yes- I do have a pretty good bark...) NOTE: Activation SHOULD be working now... We have a forensic analysis taking place to determine why activation was allowed to fall offline without notifying us (it should have) and we have been advised to expect a fix for the license return issue on Tuesday. (I am moderately hopeful that this will indeed be the case.) In the mean time, if you are going to unintall/reinstall FSX, upgrade hardware, build a new computer, etc- we STRONGLY encourage you to go into to the FMS and select the license return function. Using that function you should be able to return your license and then check it back out when you are ready to install on your new setup. (This of course, is the recommended method and is documented in the manuals... you read those right? RIGHT?!?!?!) In the mean time- we do have a small stack of folks who are waiting for this to be fixed- and I am making quite regular noise to keep the pressure on our licensing vendor to make sure they get us up and running ASAP. I apologize- and your patience is appreciated!
  7. Dan, I'd just let him sit here and scream his head off. He isn't actually interested in help or a solution, else he would have realized the system has been working since the weekend, as I detailed in my post. He wants attention. He wants to yell at someone because it makes him feel empowered. Imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with him, drinking coffee with friends in a crowded coffee shop with mediocre service? Can you picture the embarrassment as he wedges off like that to the poor server in front of everyone? Of course you can't... because most cowards only act like he does in front of an internet audience.
  8. Gents- As of a few hours ago, we successfully identified the point of failure and corrected the problem. Anyone with a valid license key should be able to activate without any further problems. THANK YOU for your patience as we worked through this issue. It is always uncomfortable when we conduct system upgrades, but it is especially uncomfortable when we find that there are problems on a weekend because it is often hard to get adequate support from vendors even though weekends are the busiest time for simmers! Internally we are still working through some cleanup items, so the support team is a bit behind on a few tasks, including license returns/resets. We hope to have those issues resolved late tonight or during the day sunday, for those impacted. Need to get through all of these hiccups so I can get back to resolving squawks from the Tech team!
  9. Gents- For reasons that are still unclear, it appears that any user attempting to activate a key for the FIRST time is being rejected by the activation system. We are not sure why this is happening, but our vendor has been notified and we are continuing to research the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience- we will get it resolved just as quickly as possible!
  10. Captains, Late thursday night, our activation service was brought back online after a comprehensive server side upgrade. We had been conducting a bunch of testing to make sure everything was working, but it appears our testing missed something and we are in the process of researching. Right now- it seems that any products with a previous activation history are able to activate and maintain status, but any activation keys that have not previously been activated are being rejected. We are working on it... I apologize for the inconvenience, and we will keep you updated here in this thread.
  11. Gents- We are now mostly back to normal operation. Might be a few reboots here and there or short outages as we tweak and tune things a bit- but the major work is done. I'll be back to code now, fortunately! The tech team has been keeping us extremely busy!
  12. Gents, Jim summarizes the major points very well in his post above. Steam restricts addon sales in such a way that the sales process is effectively anti-competitive for third party developers such as PMDG. Not only must we pay Valve a sizeable sum for the honor, but we then must also pay Dovetail Games for the access rights to being on their channel. Taken independently, either of these costs is extremely high, but taken together they are prohibitive unless we want to raise the price of products sold through steam to significantly higher levels than regular distribution channels in order to recoup the losses. The advantages that Steam distribution brings in terms of market exposure, customer simplicity and a wider potential revenue pool simply don't offset the costs of doing business via that channel at this time. It might change in the future- but for now it just doesn't add up for us.
  13. Thomas, Check my post up at the top of the forum- we are causing your problem at the moment (Sorry!) but we will have activation back online ASAP...
  14. Captains! Those of you who were active in this forum during the leadup to the NGX release and the 777 release will recall that we typically make an investment in updated technology for our servers and systems during the last phases of development of a major product. We are in the midst of completing some pretty comprehensive system updates and upgrades that were planned for today. We anticipated the outage lasting about 12hrs, but some of the changes are taking a bit longer to test and get squared away for operational use. The KEY hiccup right now involves our license activation servers and requires input from the vendor in order to be certain the hiccup is resolved properly. This being the case, both activation servers are currently offline having updates accomplished, and that means we are unable to conduct activations for customers needing them. We took the eCommerce system offline to prevent anyone from being able to make a purchase during a period of time when we know they won't be able to install, activate and go flying- as it seems rather cynical to take the customer's payment and then tell them "you have to wait until tomorrow." We anticipate having everything back online during the day Thursday, but we don't have a specific time just yet. I apologize profusely for any inconvenience this causes. I recognize it can be frustrating to being doing an installation only to find out something unexpected prevents you from getting flying- but I hope you know we are making some changes to improve our ability to support you, and our products for many years to come! Thanks- I'll be back here to let you know we are operating again once we have the whole shebang back online! (And yes... this is a good sign, for those who are trying to find some way to link it to progress on hte 747. )
  15. Gents, A few folks have asked about Prepar3D. We do not yet know if the P3D version will release concurrent to the FSX/FSX-SE release, or if there might be schedule lag between them. It is simply too early to tell. We will let you know as the Prepar3D version begins to move through testing, so you won't have to guess. We use FSX as our primary development platform for this product, but we have already made changes to allow the product to work in Prepar3D, using many of the new P3D tools that have been developed. In a perfect world we would release both at the same time- but we shall have to wait and see if perfection is reality.
  16. Captains, A short note to let you know that tonight we have officially moved the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II base package for FSX and FSX-SE past an important milestone. She is now being flown and tested by our team of Technical Advisors. For those who haven't been with us through this cycle in the past, or those who didn't really notice it taking place last time, we operate with two independent testing teams: Team 1: Technical Advisory Team is made up of industry experts to include engineers, technicians, operators, flight crew and others with intimate experience in the operation of the airplane. These individuals conduct the first wave of testing on any new product because they have a tremendous reservoir of operational experience from which they can provide us with feedback on nearly all aspects of the airplane being modeled. Team 2: Beta Test Team is made predominantly of simmers who have worked with us as testers for many years, along with a mixed bag of Tech Advisors from other products such as the 777 and the NGX. There is no specific timeline for how long each of these teams will have with the product before it reaches release readiness. Such decisions are made largely by feel and through our experience having created a number of products during the past twenty years. The only thing that determines when the product moves from Tech to Beta and Beta to Release is the product itself. When it is ready- then it is ready! We have asked our Tech Advisors not to share any images of the product just yet- but I suspect we will remove that gag order pretty quickly. Okay- I must get a few hours of sleep before the testing starts to fill my days with schematics, logic charts and reference materials...
  17. Captains, A few moments ago we made live the MacOS compatible version of the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster for X-Plane and simultaneously dropped an update to the Windows compatible version so as to bring them both to the most current cycle: v1.11.0045. The MacOS version is available for sale immediately- and the Windows updated version can be had by simply accessing your account in our eCommerce system, navigating to your purchase history and redownloading from there... Once you have the updated installer, simply run it over top of your existing installation and you will be all set to go with the very latest version of the DC-6! The change list for the DC-6 going all the way back to initial release follows: ================================================================ Version 1.11.0045, 27 June 2016 INTERNAL MODEL - Blurry VOR needles and gauge glass sharpened - Mild texture adjustments SYSTEMS - Refined yellow ADF needles' behavior - Allow transmitting on Com1 or Com2 - AFE only activates main tank boost pumps Before Takeoff DOCUMENTATION - POH refinements - Pilot Intro refinements - Refined PFPX profiles, including one for the A model MISC - Flipped the headshake realism slider direction - Mac OS X version is available - Removed version strings from graphics Version 1.10.0043, 10 June 2016 AUDIO - 3D positioning of all engine sounds - Open windows/forward right door now admit exterior sounds to cockpit, fade in/out with aperture - Exterior sounds are doppler-shifted when the airplane is viewed externally - Exterior sound volume fades appropriately with camera distance from aircraft - Engine sounds no longer 'pop' when switching views - Stall horn is silenced - Stock fire warning bell overwritten with our own correct one - Aspect ratio is included in exterior volumes (a bit louder in front of the plane) EXTERNAL MODEL - All light leaks hunted down and killed - Geometry and coloring tweaks INTERNAL MODEL - Increased texture resolutions: ceiling, sidewalls, glareshield, fuel dump, etc. - Bolts, bolts everywhere! - Improved gauge reflections - Vibration of the whiskey compass - Other vibrations added to various cockpit parts - Artificial horizon corrected for level - Ball corrected for level - Little texture anomaly fixes and light leak fixes - Gust lock housing tweak SYSTEMS - Modeled fuel volume within the lines so that switching to/thru an empty tank won't immediately kill engine (oops!) - Engine fire correctly causes engine damage - Fire warning lights turn off when fire extinguishes - Increased concentration of CO2 to slightly increase effectiveness as a suppressant - ADF/RMI needle motion is smooth rather than sudden - Cold&dark behavior of certain instruments is corrected - Engines will still turn when mags are off - BMEP gauges no longer 'go crazy' when cold&dark - Inactive transponder won't force off-side transponder to deactivate - Carburetor damage no longer occurs when engine not running, more forgiving of high-OAT climates - Cabin heater core temp is cooler and POH-compliant DOCUMENTATION - Tutorial revised with feedback from users - Graphical livery installation instructions in Pilot Intro - POH updates including aux blower SCENARIOS - Autopilot logic corrections - Mixture levers restore correctly in saved scenarios - Scenario no longer loads with incorrect control deflections - Gust lock is unlocked before anything else happens, when loading a scenario MISC - Additional key commands - Tweaked 'fall-in compensation' logic that applies to turns - Tweaked 'artificial dihedral' logic that applies to banks Version 1.00.40, 1 June 2016 - Initial release ================================================================ Conversion to FSX/FSX-SE and Prepar3D is taking place and we will have more information on that process for you a bit later in the summer. Alright- clear those props and get going!
  18. The following never cease to amaze me: 1) You guys will argue with one another over ANYTHING. ("Oh look- lint!" "No- it is fuzz." "NO I SAID IT WAS LINT!" etc.) 2) Some folks just make NO effort to educate themselves prior to offering completely uninformed conjecture. We post our development agenda and thought process over and over... Thank you to those who read it and try to disabuse the non-readers of their ignorance... 3) Some folks think our decision making is binary. We are fairly sizable team- we don't work on a single project at a time... There are other points- but i'm making myself grumpy just recounting them.
  19. Steve- PMDG's new revenue strategy. micro purchases. You have to send us $5 every three years to keep your license.
  20. Gents- A quick note of thanks for some of the kind things that have been said here. I also just want to be sure that nobody goes bashing after the poor bloke who made the video. We don't know him- and I'd hate for anyone to put him down just because he voiced an opinion, factual or otherwise. I know that it is sport to bang on us for various reasons- some perceived, some valid, some completely imaginary... We are big boys and we DO read what folks say and continually evaluate the feedback in order to make sure we don't become one of those companies so convinced of it's own capabilities that it goes off a cliff made of it's own arrogance. Sometimes we read things that sting- but we don't ever want the community to devolve to shouting. That takes the fun out of it. When you come here- you are talking to US... not some volunteer or a clerk or a surrogate. If you don't like something, you can tell us and we will listen. But as Ryan pointed out- you have to accept that we might not agree or that our expertise exceeds yours. Just as we accept that you might not agree with our feedback. (We really don't make this stuff up- it takes HARD work and research...) That happens in two way communication. It doesn't make either of us wrong, or bad. It simply means we disagree. Sometimes that little point gets forgotten on the internet. At the end of the day we are glad you are all here- and don't mind a bit of back and forth if it ultimately improves the product line!
  21. Gents, Seems there is some community knowledge of a flaw within X-Plane that causes this? Or am I not correctly understanding the replies? If you guys can get me information on what causes it- I can certainly pass it along to Laminar... They are very receptive to such reports.
  22. Katrin- Actually- I quite strongly disagree with your characterization here. I have not offered an evaluation of the user's opinions, nor do I intend to. Pinning "credit" to a particular person simply because he stated something that others also stated is really an insult to the members of this community who participate and provide feedback in a positive, useful manner- as well as being an insult to the developers who spend so much time evaluating customer feedback, consulting with our tech advisors and implementing solutions. What you have done is along the same vein as me taking credit for Apple increasing the size of the iPhone 6 because I wrote in a blog that my iPhone 5 was too small. Of course- I recognize that the primary purpose of your post was to come here and insult us with the same tired "PMDG doesn't like feedback" BS trope that axe-grinders have thrown at us for years. I will give you some credit for having the moxxy to at least do it HERE... in the very forum we maintain in order that our customers can... <gasp> provide us with feedback on our products!!!! The irony just kills me. At any rate- don't assign credit for feedback. You don't know enough about the process to provide value to the conversation- and I would hate for someone to think you speak with any knowledge because you clearly do not.
  23. Captains- Just wanted to be sure your attention was directed to this update release announcement in the GENERAL forum.... (http://www.avsim.com/topic/490048-11jun16-pmdg-dc-6-cloudmaster-updated-other-goodies/?p=3436240) Enjoy!
  24. Gents, The fellow who created it very strongly believes his views- which is great. I'm not going to take the bait on offering my opinion of him, his opinions or their validity. They are his opinions and he is as welcome to them as anyone else here. We get a TON of feedback on every product we release. Some of it comes to us directly in the form of questions, or forum posts. Some of it comes from our efforts to read and educate ourselves as to what customers are experiencing with the new product. We have become quite used to vacuuming all of this information up into our internal evaluation process where we have a number of experienced experts assist us in evaluating and verifying reported problems and recommending changes. Sometimes customer feedback is right... sometimes it is wrong... Sometimes our tech team picks up an issue and says, "oh, yes- you need to change this" and other times they just laugh uncontrollably and tell us to trust them. I always trust our experts. We collect them for a reason - experience!
  25. Captains, A few moments ago we uploaded a major update to the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster that we think you will appreciate! This new version is 1.10.0044, and comprises some pretty significant changes that fix issues we received in post-release feedback, as well as to add some functionality that was requested after the product hit the market last week. The master change list for this new update includes the following: AUDIO - 3D positioning of all engine sounds - Open windows/forward right door now admit exterior sounds to cockpit, fade in/out with aperture - Exterior sounds are doppler-shifted when the airplane is viewed externally - Exterior sound volume fades appropriately with camera distance from aircraft - Engine sounds no longer 'pop' when switching views - Stall horn is silenced - Stock fire warning bell overwritten with our own correct one - Aspect ratio is included in exterior volumes (a bit louder in front of the plane) EXTERNAL MODEL - All light leaks hunted down and killed - Geometry and coloring tweaks INTERNAL MODEL - Increased texture resolutions: ceiling, sidewalls, glareshield, fuel dump, etc. - Bolts, bolts everywhere! - Improved gauge reflections - Vibration of the whiskey compass - Other vibrations added to various cockpit parts - Artificial horizon corrected for level - Ball corrected for level - Little texture anomaly fixes and light leak fixes - Gust lock housing tweak SYSTEMS - Modeled fuel volume within the lines so that switching to/thru an empty tank won't immediately kill engine (oops!) - Engine fire correctly causes engine damage - Fire warning lights turn off when fire extinguishes - Increased concentration of CO2 to slightly increase effectiveness as a suppressant - ADF/RMI needle motion is smooth rather than sudden - Cold&dark behavior of certain instruments is corrected - Engines will still turn when mags are off - BMEP gauges no longer 'go crazy' when cold&dark - Inactive transponder won't force off-side transponder to deactivate - Carburetor damage no longer occurs when engine not running, more forgiving of high-OAT climates - Cabin heater core temp is cooler and POH-compliant DOCUMENTATION - Tutorial revised with feedback from users - Graphical livery installation instructions in Pilot Intro - POH updates including aux blower SCENARIOS - Autopilot logic corrections - Mixture levers restore correctly in saved scenarios - Scenario no longer loads with incorrect control deflections - Gust lock is unlocked before anything else happens, when loading a scenario MISC - Additional key commands - Tweaked 'fall-in compensation' logic that applies to turns - Tweaked 'artificial dihedral' logic that applies to banks Not a bad update for the week after initial release, eh? I recognize that many DC-6 customers may be new to PMDG- so it is worth pointing out that we are firm believers in standing behind our product quality, adding functionality as we go, and continually improving the simulation value over time. This represents just the first update to the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster product line- and I imagine more will follow as we continue to evaluate feedback from users and from our Technical team. I think it is worth pointing out just how much we enjoy working with members of the community who come to us with expert opinions and information, especially when backed by experience operating the airplane. Our technical team has a number of active DC-6 pilots and flight engineers- and it has been fun for us to pass back customer questions and feedback in order to "double check" our work and iron the kinks out of v1.0. One of the greatest experiences we get to have during the development of our products is to interact with some folks who are out there in the real world "getting it done" with airplanes like the DC-6, and it is fun to watch the development team and the experts compare notes, exchange ideas, teach and learn. I would also like to throw out a general thank-you to those who have taken the time to offer constructive feedback to help us improve this, our first product on the X-Plane platform. Since 1999, PMDG has maintained an active presence in this forum for the primary purpose of interacting with you, our customers- and I have said many many times that our products keep getting better because you guys come here and develop relationships and bonds with all of us. As always- you have our deepest gratitude- and we hope you enjoy this update! How do I get it?: Easy! Log in to your account in our eCommerce system, go to your order history, navigate to the download link and pull a brand new copy. You can run this installer and it will update the installation for you. You can always uninstall your original installation and then install this new v1.10.0044 too, if you like. Either method will get you to the same place. Some Other Goodies!: We have released the paint kit to allow users to create their own DC-6 liveries. You can find it on the downloads page on our site. If you take the time to create a new livery- make sure you come back here and show it off! MAC Updates: The MacOS version of the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster is over the final approach fix. We expect to have her available for you shortly! (Note for our new customers who don't know our forum traditions: If I say "soon" to something, it is generally recognized as being a kiss-of-death for the schedule... so I was careful to say "shortly" rather than "soon.") Okay- that is all I have for you this evening- we hope you like the changes! Alright... Turn four. Get out there and get it done.
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