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  1. Captains, What can possibly be said about the Boeing 747 that has not already been said in some form or fashion? Not much, from my perspective. After all, if you are spending time in this particular corner of the internet, chances are you have already read most of the back-story to the airplane's development and heard all of the superlatives related to it's impact on global commerce. I did read something new this week: She has carried the equivalent of 75% of the global population- which really is staggering when you stop to ponder the number. In honor of her birthday, I thought it might be appropriate to share with you another short update on our progress toward pushing an update for Prepar3D v4.4+ users who are eagerly awaiting PBR treatment of The Queen of the Skies. Today, rather than our tongue-firmly-in-cheek PBR demonstration from 29JAN, let us take a look at the original 747-400. Ship 1. Fully tricked out in what we think is our final round of changes to PBR rendering on a fully metallic 747-400. The image above shows you something that most of you probably never realized you were missing, but will completely change your appreciation of just how important reflective and scattered lighting is to the visual quality of in-game imagery. Take a look along the side of the fuselage, above the top of the doors and you will notice that you are seeing the reflection of the tops of the clouds and the faded light blue horizon line as it fades higher into a deeper blue above the opposite side horizon. This is not something you can mimic in a static reflective texture. It requires dynamic reflection to look good- and OH DOES IT LOOK GOOD in the sim. 😎 Now, looking at the above image, taken after a course reversal to put the sun on the camera-side of the airplane, take a look at the reflection of towering cumulus on the back-side of the upper deck structure where it slopes down to meet the roof line of the superstructure above the wing. Yes! You are seeing the active reflection of the clouds behind the airplane, reflected dynamically as the airplane and viewer-angle changes around the airplane. Interestingly, you can also see a difference in the reflective quality of the surfaces around the cockpit windows and the surrounding skin, which is another aspect of this rendering process that really brings the model alive. Another quick course reversal to show you how we have treated the differences in reflective quality along the lap joints and rivet lines in the skin. This has been improved slightly since the previous update and really looks the treat in the sim. Notice also the change in reflective quality right at the wing leading edge root where the hot-spot from the sun reflection is half on polished aluminum and half on painted composite fairing. These types of subtle details really make the airplane look alive in the sim- and we are excited to get them wrapped up and out to you. Now lets take a look at how it all comes together in a standard carrier livery with a mix of metal and paint: In keeping with our test flight theme, we'll use N662US, another one of the first production airframes, as she would have appeared fresh from the paint shop for her promotional photos in preparation for entry to service. You can see how the reflective quality of the gloss paint used on the fuselage has a different quality than the metallic surface when it reflects light from the sun, and you can also see a subtle difference between the fuselage painted surface and the semi-gloss and matte coats used on the wing surfaces. Below, is another rendition of an image we have shown you a few times- but it just looks so darned good, I didn't want to leave it out of the mix. 🤣 Another view, from behind this time, shows off the rivet lines and joins in the fuselage skin. Some areas of the 747 are still constructed using standard round-headed rivets and you can clearly see them, particularly around the APU exhaust duct fairing and along the major structural lines in places where they are used. I'm sure some of the enterprising livery painters will be able to make a very convincing application of grease and oil on that APU exhaust cone, playing off of the rivet heads as it does on the actual airplane. (We're looking at you, Tavendale ) Release Schedule for This Update: We think we are finished with the PBR implementation now, and are preparing to roll it to the testing team this week. While it is a major change in terms of workload, it is not difficult for them to test- so it should be a very short test period and then we will push the update to you via the PMDG Operations Center. Now- a couple of quick items for those who hung on to the end here: Happy Birthday BA! As many of you have heard, British Airways has unveiled a series of legacy liveries that will be applied to their fleet in celebration of the centenary of the airline commencing operation. Pete has created one of these, the BOAC livery to be applied to G-BYGC and we have just made it live in the PMDG Operations Center for those who wish to get a preview of what she will look like when she comes out of the paint hangar sporting her new look. (I had an image of her that I was supposed to use in this post, and <censored> if I didn't lose the darn thing... sorry!) Consolidating Prepar3D v4 Compatibility: Effective with our next update cycle we will be releasing a series of updates for the 747 across all platforms as usual. For users of Prepar3D v4, it will be important that you understand that we are only supporting Prepar3D v4.4+, and that our development and update policy moving forward will keep moving along with updates to the Prepar3D v4 product line. We will publish more information on our requirements as we push the next round of updates, but if you are a Prepar3D v4 user who is not using v4.4 or later, you will need to upgrade your simulator platform. This change has no impact on FSX or Prepar3D v3 users. That is all I have for this update- but I will be back in a few days with information on "what the heck are they up to?" That update will include some information on our new forum system, NG3, Global Flight Operations, and our view related to FSX/P3D development moving forward. I might even slide in a remark or two related to X-Plane, but you will have to come back to find out.
  2. Captains, It has been an unfortunately long time since I had any NEW information to share with our XPlane users, but I *finally* have something new to share this evening. First, for those that have been waiting, tapping fingers on the table, lifting up the phone receiver to make sure it is still working, checking the mailbox and otherwise doing anything possible to be patient for me to have more news- thank you. I know at times it might seem like we simply ignore a subject- but... in a way that is true when we know we don't have the free resources at a particular moment in time. We have just entered a period where some resources are going to begin freeing up- so we have some pieces moving around the planning table and some of those pieces involve XPlane. PMDG DC-6 Update to XPL11 With the PMDG 747-8 (FSX/P3D) entering beta testing, we are beginning to evaluate when we will devote attention to the PMDG DC-6 for XPlane in order to move compatibility from XPL10 to XPL11. I do not have a clear answer to this question just yet, but discussion of the topic has begun, and we will be making decisions in the coming weeks and months to sort out how we are going to fill out development time for the remainder of the year. Once we get the DC-6 on the schedule, we will still have a bit of "known unknowns" to wrestle, as we determine just how much work will be required to bridge the gap between the two simulator versions. It might be minimal or it might be huge. We just don't know at this moment- but obviously we are hoping for minimal. 😎 I'll let you know once we have a clearer idea when to expect this product to be available. I anticipate it will be provided to you as an updated installer capable of managing either XPL10 or XPL11 installation as you wish. (To be clearer- this will be a service update, not requiring any further purchase from XPL customers.) Further Products Beyond DC-6: Immediately after Flight Sim Expo 2018, we had some very interesting and engaging discussions with Laminar Research. These were private discussions on numerous business and technical issues so I won't go into any detail here, but they represented the first true face-to-face exchange of thoughts and ideas between PMDG and Laminar- and we really enjoyed them. In some fashion or other, we have known Laminar for many years, but just by the very nature of our business, the only face-to-face contact has been fleeting and wasn't intended to be a hearty discussion. The best part of this discussion came when we sat down later in the day with Ben from Laminar and had a discussion about technical aspects of developing on both the Prepar3D and XPL platforms without significant negative impact to the development investment. XPL is a growing platform, and we are constantly evaluating when and how to begin the process of moving our complex airliners into that simulation environment. It is neither easy, nor quick, and we must constantly evaluate the revenue potential for investing the time required vs. investing that time in other locations. At this point there are no clear answers beyond "we are very interested in doing so" but we haven't found a way to make it happen without an unacceptable degree of risk to our development timelines and revenue position.. We are still evaluating and exploring ways to make this happen. It may simply require that we hire additional developers but this isn't a simple or guaranteed route, as there are significant technical differences between the platforms. We will be scheduling followup discussions with Ben and his team at Laminar once we get beyond the 747-8 release in order to see if we cannot compact the challenges into as small a space as possible. We love this kind of "shared decision making" because we think that our customers will benefit from wider simulation platform choices, and we also think we can capitalize on some of XPL's unique features to bring new ideas forward in our products. We will keep you posted on that as we progress- but please expect it to be slow!
  3. Captains, For those of us encroaching on 50 years of age, the acroynm "PBR" has a completely different meaning than it does for younger simmers- which of course has become the root for many a conversation of late here at PMDG. If you listen closely, you almost hear the laughter coming from the dev team when someone posts in this forum, "hey- when are you going to give us some PBR?" Well... It is saturday. Let's throw some steak on the grill and have ourselves some PBR, shall we? Jason has been hard at work revamping the models to accommodate Lockheed Martin's new "Physics Based Rendering" capability. This has required a significant amount of work, especially since our 747 product line includes 14 different airframes that must each be adjusted to account for the new capability. Each airplane takes about two days to get right- and of course there are the inevitable tweaks and touch-ups- so we are seeing a productivity rate of about one airplane every three days or so. But the results... Quite a bit has been written about how PBR enhances the visual quality of the airplane- and I will admit to having been a bit skeptical that this was something that would really improve the visual quality- but after seeing Jason's work in the sim, I am a believer. The scattering of light and the way it plays off of surfaces of different qualities is really convincing- especially when you see it dynamically within the simulator. We chose a polished aluminum 744 as a demonstrator because in the simming world, polished aluminum has always been the "holy grail" of livery capabilities. As your viewpoint moves around the airplane, the reflection of surrounding terrain and structures plays off of the surface, even in windows and off of painted surfaces in a way that you wind up almost not noticing- because it looks so "normal" to your eye. It is this normality of reflection that really brings the shape and surface of the airplane to life- and the results are simply stunning. With any new capability- we have spent some time playing with it in order to come up with the right balance of things. For example, dealing with the various surface qualities in order to make them look correct within the simulator: The winglets on most airliners tend to be a semi-gloss after even a short time in service, and this causes them to reflect light differently than, say, the metallic surfaces on the leading edge. This had to be accounted for, along with the way flush vs. button rivets reflect light differently- and cause the structural lines of the airplane to stand out. These things (like the vapor effects so many simmers seem to love) can be easily over-blown to the point where they look ridiculous, so we had to play with these effects quite a bit before setting in with a version that we feel looks correct. We are planning to give the PBR updates to our beta team next week- and we anticipate a quick turn from testing to release for all of you. The update will cover the entire 747 product line (744/748) and will push via the PMDG Operations Center once it is available. It may take us a few days to get all of the liveries in the PMDG Operations Center updated once we are ready to release- and we will push the updated paintkits so that livery painters can add the necessary bits to their liveries as desired as well. A couple of important notes: Lockheed Martin is still tuning this technology- and while they have done a spectacular job of adding this capability without any discernible impact on performance- there are a few hiccups to be resolved still. Primary in the area of concern for us is that PBR doesn't work properly at night yet- but their fix for this is coming.. We do not anticipate it will require any further updates to our models once they do issue that fix- which is good! Anyway- thanks for hanging out and sharing some PBR. Enjoy your weekend!
  4. Captains, HA! I knew that title would get you to swing in here and find out what I was on about. No- they really **aren't** a dime a dozen- and in fact many of the more recognized livery painters have quietly provided us with feedback over the last two decades that have caused a continual improvement in our models and texture preparations. In fact, feedback from livery painters has changed the way we develop and package our models and the livery paint kits in order to improve workflow for the hundreds of livery painters that help to fill in the worldwide palette of airline liveries that we could never possibly cover on our own. Normally, we try to highlight a couple different livery artists with facebook posts, likes, public callouts and the like- but this year we have a completely new way to recognize, pay tribute and give livery painters an opportunity to help us shape a new, flagship PMDG product. The development team responsible for PMDG Global Flight Operations is nearing the point where, in preparation for launch of PMDG Global Flight Operations we are going to begin expanding the beta testing team from just our core cadre of under overworked, over underpaid, long term beta testers... and we see this as a great opportunity to be able to shine a bright light on the work done by livery painters, while also gaining some insight into our own product lines and some new ways that we can help increase the attention given to your work. If you are a livery painter with a demonstrable body of work, we'd like to hear from you if you are interested in joining the PMDG Global Flight Operations testing team. To qualify, you must meet all of these criteria: 1) You must have a verifiable body of work painting liveries for PMDG products. 2) You must be identifiable to us and to the community through your public profile. 3) You must be willing and able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (which means that you must be of the age-of-consent, or have a parent/guardian who is willing to accept legal/financial responsibility for your non-disclosure agreement.) 4) You must be able to interact with the PMDG development team in a positive, friendly manner. 5) You must be willing to provide us with feedback on various beta level tools and products to which we will give you access. 6) You must be willing to suffer through being as well fed, overpaid and rock-star famous the thankless task of beta testing. 7) You must be able to follow simple instructions... although the ability to follow moderately complex, two-stage instructions is preferred, and probably puts you ahead of most members of the development team. 🤣 If you feel that you meet all of the criteria above, please reach out to us by sending an email to: In this email, please provide the following bits of information: 1) Who you are in real-life. 2) If you paint under an alias, who you are under alias. 3) If you paint for an organization- which one? 4) Some links to help us verify your work. This verification **must** allow us to validate that the work being displayed is your original work because it shows your name or other verifiable brand marks. 5) If you have been painting for some time- which PMDG products have you covered and which is your favorite? 6) Approximately how many liveries have you painted, do you think? 7) Acknowledge that you have reached the age-of-consent and can sign an NDA or have a parent/guardian willing to sign an NDA for you. 9) Acknowledge in your email that you noticed we skipped item 8. We will begin to answer emails with further instructions beginning around 15OCT18. (It may take a few days to answer, but we WILL answer you...) We can't wait to open the doors and let you all see what we have created for you in PMDG Global Flight Operations. We are very close to pulling back the curtain- and it will be unlike anything you used in your simming experience prior to now.
  5. Jack, I know what you mean when you say that you aren't sure you can see it. When Jason started sending progress images over to the rest of the team, I sorta looked at them and made approving noises because I figured everyone else must be seeing something I wasn't... Then he sent over a live model, and I loaded it in the sim expecting to have the same experience- and instead I was blown away. If you walk outside and look at a car driving by- you are entirely unaware of how much light and reflection there is on that car- until you take all of that surface light-play away. I'm not sure I have time to put together comparison images- but when you see it "in sim" I suggest you tie your shoes on extra tight because it will knock your socks off.
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    Chewwy is My copilot ?

    Gents, Easter egg has been in there.. gosh... eleven months now. 😎 One of dozens that will occasionally appear and disappear as you fly the airplane.
  7. Captains, We spent all of last night and today researching to sort out what caused Prepar3D v4.0-4.3 users to suddenly find themselves unable to run the PMDG 747 QOTSII product line after our Saturday update to 3.00.9193. The short version of the story is that we updated our Prepar3D SDK compliance to v4.4 on Friday morning by accident- and this broke backward compatibility with the earlier minor versions in P3D v4. We have just pushed a new update (3.00.9195) which corrects this, and should restore full functionality to P3D v4.0-4.3 users. <phew!> It is important to note that this **shouldn't** have been a factor, as Lockheed Martin has indicated previously that the code-side SDKs should maintain backward compatibility. We think we just proved otherwise- and we will report this back to Lockheed Martin- but it is worth noting that in this instance it won't really matter much since our next update series to add the PBR treated models will break backward compatibility no matter what. We do not intend to maintain compatibility with anything except the current version moving forward- and we are also evaluating the retirement of support for P3D v3 in order to simplify our development process... So- our **official stance** is that all users should expect to need to keep moving forward with minor version updates in instances where advances in the simulator platform break backward compatibility. In other news: We also fixed an issue reported yesterday afternoon that was causing some EFB click spots to be unusable... Please check your PMDG Operations Center to get the very latest- and enjoy your updated 747 product line! Thank you again for those who were helping out by providing us with some data in the background. While it took a full 24hrs to sort the issue out, prove a test case, implement a fix and push it out to you- it would have taken quite a bit longer had we not had so many members of the PMDG team jump in to help- and so many users able to give us feedback in real time. We appreciate it!
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    A Word of Appreciation

    Gents, we live in a world where folks like to get upset over things that they intentionally misunderstand in order to give themselves something to be upset over. This being the case, I am going to lock this discussion.
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    HUD inoperative?

    Tim, Thanks for the feedback, but I'm going to push back on the "must be the installer" conclusion. If you consider this in terms of scale, if we make so much as a spelling error in our installer related to the DLL.XML, this would cause users to pile up in our support system so fast it would make your head spin. (A quick check of activation history shows that we see multiple thousands of installs/reinstalls per week across all of our product lines, which use the same script file as the NGX for dll.xml editing. Imagine a moment that it was broken... you can see how quickly we would find out about it!) This tells me that you should probably be considering what else you have done and/or installed onto your machine that might cause such a thing to happen. The dll.xml was a flawed design on the part of Microsoft- and more than once we have seen our support team swamped with complaints when some enterprising, but poorly quality controlled product comes on the market and makes a hash out of people's dll.xml. (Last big offender was FeelThere adding corrupt characters all over the bloody file, but that was about five years ago...) So- we are glad to hear you resolved the issue- but the source most likely lies with the person responsible for installing/maintaining your machine. 🤣
  10. James, The initial implementation of RainMaker had visible rain present on the windscreen in all phases of flight without regard to speed. That made me nuts because it isn't what you expect to see in the actual airplane, so I asked Henning and Vin to update it. We figured it would trip up some simmers who have come to expect big, fat, beetle sized water drops to trickle across the window while flying through rain at 200 knots, but it just isn't that way in the real world in most cases- and this is not based on a collection of youtube videos, it is based upon thousands of hours of flying transport category airplanes, bizjets, classic airliners and warbirds- so i have had a bit of time to make the observation. Yes, yes, I know how you love to latch onto specific topics and pound them away- so it is important to note that the characteristics of the window surface, it's maintenance, along with the speed of the airplane, angle of attack, intensity of precipitation, size of the precipitation and temperature of the droplets all play a role here- but by-and-large as you accelerate you are going to see only a slight blurring effect from the motion of water impacting the windscreen and being removed by the boundary layer air. At what speed that will happen will depend **mostly** on droplet size and temperature. The larger/colder the droplet the more likely it is to be visible. These are not discriminators that we can poll for in the sim- so we settled on what we feel (based on MY actual observations in operation) are valid for most experiences- and went with those. FWIW: When you get into the high speed range of takeoff, and in MOST phases of flight, your primary indication that it is raining is a background hissing that sounds like an angry snake from a hollywood movie... If i saw water droplets running individually up my window at that speed, I would consign myself to a drug test upon landing. Simmers are often surprised to learn that windshield wipers are rarely used in jet world, except to clear the view during taxi and during extremely heavy precipitation events at low speed in flight. They are basically useless contraptions designed to allow us pilots to feel that we are doing something helpful without actually having a useful impact- not unlike bringing a Nerf sword to a joust. Heck- some jets don't even have wipers.
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    Locked out of Account

    Tom, We have arranged to have that done to you NEXT week... Will be the house the week after that. Good you got sorted out. Enjoy!
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    747-8 CTD

    Hey Rob! Can you describe the "odd DRM" issue? Be glad to help suss it out.
  13. rsrandazzo


    Jeff, Was *what* implemented? I'm not following the question. 🙄
  14. rsrandazzo

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    Jason, The fact that you have **anything** on your machine that involves COUATL puts you at risk. In thousands upon thousands of hours of CTD research last year, COUATL was implicated over and over again. In fact, our efforts to add clarity to whether the CTDs being reported by three members of our beta team were caused by PMDG or *something else* added almost 70 days to the testing time for this most recent update. Internally at PMDG, we forbid any products relying upon COUATL to be installed in our internal testing environment because it's failure rate is so high that statistically it creates problems for normal quality control processes in development. The fact that regular users have created recommendations to "disable/re-enable" the darn thing is just one indication of the fact that problems exist that aren't being addressed. Users just sit back and take the issue as "the cost of doing business" and I think this is most unfortunate. When we begin to suspect that we have a problem like this in our software, it becomes an all-hands effort to cure it. Sometimes it takes time for a problem to become statistically relevant- but if it does- we pounce. Now- on to your particular issue: Dan has given you some good advice. If you are hitting a CTD in the area of greenland/nova scotia- it is something that is plaguing users the world over. We tried to figure it out also- but were unable to. It comes from someplace outside of our product- but precisely where is hard to pinpoint. NTDLL.DLL crashes are often related to driver issues and/or issues related to overclocking. Those might be areas to explore as well. No matter what: Keep us posted. You WILL solve this- and when you do we would like to hear what you found- especially if it turns out to be something related to the 747. (Currently we aren't seeing any statistical activity that has us concerned something is out there... but stay close by in case that changes. We will always let you know if we are researching something like that.)
  15. Rodney, Man we are all sorry to hear that you are having trouble. From our end, there was **no** indication to cause us concern that Lochkeed's updated SDK would have problems with backward compatibility. In fact, there was quite a bit of confusion as to whether this could possibly be the issue and it took a concerted 10 hour research effort to nail it to that cause and prove the problem was P3D v4.4 SDK related to start with. I understand you are frustrated- but given that half the dev team locked themselves into research/fix mode on behalf of customers- I find it a bit hard to swallow that your anger is directed at us when we made it pretty clear you could update to 4.4 to fix the problem or wait for us to come back with further information and a fix. Honestly, I find that minor version updates in Prepar3D are about the easiest updates you can make- and I rarely have any hitches. I have Prepar3D running on multiple machines, in multiple versions around the office and the sim center- and the only time I have had an issue is when I wasn't paying attention and screwed the uninstall process up by running the updater over-top of the older version rather than uninstalling and updating, as Lockheed Martin recommends. At any rate- I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated- and if you follow our posts around here you will know that I am not shy about admitting when we make mistakes- but I just can't own responsibility when it isn't ours.
  16. Thanks, Dave. We appreciate the comment.
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    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Gents, I pinned this post to make sure it gets a chance to be seen. We have been working with Mark toward this goal for a while now- and he has been a great sport about the flood/drought cycle of our attention span as we ran into and out of build cycles during testing of the 747 and Global Flight Operations concurrently with his work. Thanks, Mark. A few have asked him questions that should really be directed to PMDG- so i'll jump on those: 1) NG3 will have an EFB. 2) 777 will be getting one also. 3) Once we accomplish the above two items, we hope we will be able to convince Mark to do the same in those aircraft...
  18. Gents, This notam is no longer valid. Disregard any guidance provided here and please see the following:
  19. Captains, We have had a few reports tonight from Prepar3D 4.0-4.3 users that updating their PMDG 747 QOTSII product to build 3.00.9193 causes the 747 to "load up dead" in the sim. (Meaning: No screens, no gear and no countdown timer to signal that the airplane is initializing.) Interestingly, Kyle had this same thing happen to him tonight when testing for our rainmaker update, and we have been investigating ever since. We have been investigating all night- and haven't reached any conclusions yet. What we know, is that for Kyle, and for a few other users, upgrading to Prepar3D v4.4 cured the problem and returned them to normal operation. This is curious, given that many of us on the development team have been using v4.2 and v4.3 throughout testing. (I upgraded my installation to 4.4 only last night when we knew we were closing development on this update, and I never had any issues with the 747 at all.) Currently I am looking for input from two members of the development team who I don't expect to see until Monday- so it might take a few days for us to sort this out. The good news is that simply updating from 4.x to 4.4 appears to cure the issue and should put you on your way. It will also put you a bit ahead of the game because the pending update to include PBR in Prepar3D v4 will require you to be on 4.4 or newer anyway... (I know some folks want to remain on outdated versions- but please understand that we won't be maintaining compatibility backward within v4- and also please accept my apology for apparently breaking the darn thing without giving you some warning first. We had intended to give you a warning before doing that- but apparently **something** got inserted into this update that is linked to the 4.4 SDK and we are still trying to identify precisely what it was... ) Once I know more, I'll let you know- and if it turns out to be something easily resolved we will push it to you via update ASAP, I promise.
  20. Captains, A few moments ago we published a large, broad-based update for all of the PMDG 747 QOTSII product lines on all platforms. This update provides a series of comprehensive updates, some of which have been under development since February of 2018, and are just being added to the product line now, such as PMDG RainMaker for Prepared v4 users of the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII. Additional features in the 747-8's electronic flight bag, performance improvements, bug fixes and general improvements. For Prepar3D v4 users, we are still working through adding PBR to all of the 747 models, and this is taking some time as there are so many models that must be updated. (The down-side to such a change when your product line includes 14 models for users to choose from... If we had just given you a single airframe- this would be easy! 🤣) Beta testing this update cycle was quite a bit slower than previous cycles due in large part to a significant time investment we made into diagnostic capabilities for this product package. This effort was driven by our concern that a number of our beta testers were experiencing CTD events that we were unable to reproduce in the debugging environment, even after deliberate attempts to do so. What we determined was that with the proliferation of expansion packages that do everything from create water vapor to animating self-loading baggage (passengers, for those who don't get that joke!) there is quite a bit going on inside your sim- and the more addons you have loaded the more likely you are to run into a scenario in which two developers products might conflict and a CTD or unexpected sim termination results. Since we felt that it was important to be sure **we** don't deliver you a package that was going to interrupt your simming experience, we took the time to integrate some core windows reporting logic into the 747 product line in order to help us diagnose and resolve CTD events within our beta team. It took some time to get it running, but it proved to be highly effective and assisted us in resolving a couple of CTD events that were risks within our own software- as well as identifying a handful of CTD events being caused by factors outside of the PMDG product line. With this new capability, we will be able to work with our testing teams in order to hook in some diagnostic tools that will be able to provide us with data to show what the machine was doing at the time the abnormal event occurred- and this **may** help to save us time that is currently being spent investigating CTDs caused by non-PMDG factors. The change list for this update is included below, and you can obtain the update via the PMDG Operations Center. (Simply run the PMDG Operations Center and click on the gear at the top right of the application to be taken to the update page.) In addition to this change list, we have also added a number of new features and changes throughout the airplane that you will stumble into as you fly. PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **CHANGE LIST** - BUILD 3.00.9193 (Released 2019-01-05) [ View Issues ] =========================================================================== - 0007423: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] STB Pump Switches alignment is off slightly (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007274: [External Model - Geometry] Landing Gear tire shows through the door & doors sequence valve gets out of sequence in certain instances (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007397: [External Model - Geometry] Missing window in 748F (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007398: [External Model - Geometry] Missing window in some BCF (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007287: [Systems - Fuel] Tank to Engine messaging errors with Auto Tank to Engine enabled on long flights on 748 type (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007267: [EFB - General] EFB Background colour should be darker (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007396: [External Model - Geometry] Cargo animation not changing with individual cargo compartments load entries in PAYLOAD page (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007395: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Navigraph Charts cause CTD in case a slow internet connection results in server requests timeout (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007346: [External Model - Geometry] 400M no pallets shown on the main cabin. (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007394: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Minor inaccuracies in EFB OPT N1, V-Speeds and Takeoff Trim calculations (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007368: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS PREFLIGHT UTC DATE (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007366: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] INBOARD CRT KNOB SILKSCREEN ISSUE (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007232: [General - Unsure] Paint kit amendments (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007361: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] Potential CTD if uninitialized ACARS page is requested during load state (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007355: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Passenger oxygen supply cover wrong colour (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007356: [EFB - Performance and Computational] EFB derate thrust and assumed temperature take-off calculations (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007302: [General - SDK] SDK update to allow output of EFB screen contents and EFBs touchscreen input communication (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007326: [Systems - Lighting - Exterior] Stobe and Taxi Lights doe not synchronize with SimConnect (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007307: [EFB - General] EFB bottom bezel keys produce click sound while held down (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007292: [FMS - Performance Pages] TAKEOFF REF page refresh after RTO (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007246: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] ALT INTV and AT HOLD->IDLE->HOLD logic enhanced in VNAV DES (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007291: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] After early DES on path capture AT should go back to IDLE then HOLD on 400 but allow modulation on 748 (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007301: [Systems - Fuel] Stab Fuel tank behavior -8i (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007299: [Systems - Electrical] EFIS Transfer switch fails to transfer to F/O (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007290: [Main Panel - ND] Fix radials drawn on 747-8 ND are not extending beyond 700 NM (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007288: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Fix Info page for the 747-8 should accept distances up to 2150NM (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007289: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Navigraph Charts authentication shouldn't be required every time (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007284: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] CTD during Navigarpah authentication (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0000000: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Clickspots] added RainMaker to 400 fleet (Prepared v4 only) - scimone. - 0007277: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] APU TR Start Option (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007276: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Chart light panel lighting (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007270: [External Model - Geometry] Report of geometry issue from Customer (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007269: [General - Unsure] Changin the "Pilots In Ext View" simulation option also changes the "Ground Service Objects" option (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007258: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Spot lights inop on -8 (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007257: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] Seatbelts On and Off At Same Time (abashkatov) - resolved. - 0007259: [External Model - Geometry] Landing gear in -8 visible throught the gear doors and also going through the doors in retraction/extention (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007262: [External Model - Geometry] Engine 2 and 3 Positioning 747-8 (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007263: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Unneccesary click spot (vscimone) - resolved. - 0006197: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] RAD vs BARO Mins displayed with RA over ADI Option (abashkatov) - resolved. - 0007253: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] CTD with UKBB Afcad (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007345: [Main Panel - EFIS Controls] Partial text on the STD button on EFIS Control Panel (vscimone) - closed. - 0007420: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Missing Screws on IFSD Panel (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007425: [EFB - General] Allow external keyboard repeat functionality in EFB scratchpad utility (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007424: [EFB - General] EFB XFR mode should be cancelled when any of the two EFBs is restarted from the SYSTEM page (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007417: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] center tank switches protruding from panel (vscimone) - resolved. - 0000000: [EFB - General] updated performance computations. - 0007300: [General - Flight Model] 747-400 Rotates before VR with no control input (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007404: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Center/Aux tank switches overlapping (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007294: [AFDS - General] for both 400 and -8 floating too much (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007403: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 747-400F Placards (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007387: [Systems - Hydraulic] Alternate extension on the ground (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007388: [Systems - Lighting - Exterior] RWY TURNOFF and TAXI LIGHTS (jbrown) - resolved. - 0007323: [General - Flight Model] Over pressure valves open after loading plane (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007370: [Systems - Electrical] APU No.2 Gen AVAIL Light is Still Faulty (rsrandazzo) - resolved. - 0007386: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] FLAP/GEAR/TERR OVRD and ALT GEAR EXT NOSE/BODY switch covers clickspots missing (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007383: [FMS - Initialization] FMC should change the entered SEL temperature entry if it exceeds the maximum Assumed Temperature limit (emvaos) - resolved. - 0007369: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Battery Switch guard should not close if switch is in OFF position (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007384: [EFB - Performance and Computational] EFB "COPY FMC DATA" and "INITIALIZE FLIGHT" functions don't use TAKEOFF REF page TOGW entry (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved. - 0007378: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Panel options (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007336: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] APU START SOURCE SWITCH option in the 747-8 (vscimone) - resolved. - 0007278: [General - Unsure] -8i - pax oxy switch animation inop (vscimone) - resolved. - 0006827: [Apps - Display Unit] Display Unit "loses awareness" (abashkatov) - resolved. - 0000000: [General - Unsure] -8i Optimized for SSD - 0007202: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] BARO display on PFD (abashkatov) - resolved. - 0007261: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] Seat belt sign status (abashkatov) - resolved. - 0007390: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Charts and Perf Calculations Still Present after a Cold and Dark Shutdown (mfrantzeskakis) - closed. - 0007332: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS ETE Input not working correctly (Build 9093) (rsrandazzo) - closed. - 0007381: [Systems - Lighting - VC/2D] V9105 G-GSSD EMER Lights Switch in Wrong Position (vscimone) - closed. - 0007371: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS ETE Still Not Accepting Times <1 Hour (rsrandazzo) - closed. [69 Items] Enjoy- and happy new year from all of us to all of you!
  21. rsrandazzo

    Locked out of Account

    Tom, I'm happy that we were able to help you out, and while I certainly understand your frustration at being locked out of your account, I wish to offer two points as gently as I can: 1) We didn't randomly select your account for modification. If you forgot your password or entered the credentials inaccurately- the system will lock down the account in order to prevent unauthorized access. This is pretty industry standard stuff, and not difficult to resolve. 2) We are here to help you. From your original post it seems you are pretty intent in having a good-old-fashioned dust up with one of our team. I'd just remind you that before you kick anyone in the shins, we replied to you here and in your ticket within minutes in order to help you resolve a problem you created accidentally. We're all on the same team here, Tom- all **we** want is for you to enjoy your 747 and that is why we dove in to help you the moment you indicated you needed assistance. No need to be swinging at the shins of the folks trying to help you.
  22. Wilhelm, Unfortunately you are victim to the fact that we had TOO much ground effect in the previous version. By about 300%. It will require you to adjust your technique- but if flown properly it will land correctly now. Also: Your initial post seemed to indicate that your technique was to not flare, but to let ground effect cushion the landing. I hope I misunderstood that because that is NOT a good technique in this (or really any) airplane. Hope that helps- and please do create your own thread for items that you are interested in. This thread is not about landing, but is about folks having trouble updating to the new version.
  23. Gents, A gentle nudge about "hijacking" a thread. This thread is not a general discussion of any issue you can think of. If you have something to ask or say that is unrelated to the topic in this thread, please start a thread of your own. It will allow others to benefit from the general discourse.
  24. Gents, A gentle nudge about "hijacking" a thread. This thread is not a general discussion of any issue you can think of. If you have something to ask or say that is unrelated to the topic in this thread, please start a thread of your own. It will allow others to benefit from the general discourse.
  25. Patrick, Thanks for this post. Very classy of you- we appreciate it. We are starting a GoFundMe to raise the $22M required to clone Chris...