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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. Steve Dra

    Yikes: hang glider video

    And who says checklists aren't needed for every aspect of flight. Brief Hang Glider pre-departure checklist: Kite - no holes, all strings and wires attached. Pilot\Passenger - connected to harness Go-Pro on to capture epic flight. Go flying I think they forgot step 2. :)
  2. Steve Dra

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I hope the Oracle gave you some good news.
  3. Steve Dra

    Flying Tigers over San Fran

    Thanks guys!
  4. Steve Dra

    Flying Tigers over San Fran

    Thanks John! Actually, this is my best metal work: Hopefully when I get done with the Queen, all her alpha layer work, she'll look as good as this MadDog. There is so much work that goes into painting metal. Being a bare metal fan, the effort is worth it for me. 🙂
  5. Steve Dra

    Flying Tigers over San Fran

    Thanks Brian... Yeah in fact I'm painting N806FT...she wore many dresses in her life....she was even a Polar Bear! LoL
  6. Still painting this girl, but thought she needed a flight (ok...I really wanted to fly her, hehe) Climbing out, the Golden Gate peaking through the clouds In the climb....over 10,000 and climbing to cruise Letting down into Anchorage...flaps coming down and nice puffy clouds to ride through.... At the Cargo depot....DHL getting loaded next to me as I crack open the nose door for unloading. Not sure when she'll be done as there is a lot of metal and detail work to do...but she just so looks nice in flight as she is I had to take her on a trip. I know...."Spend more time painting and less time flying Steve"...Hehe....I used to do that, trying to balance my flying/painting time now.
  7. Glad the clipmode=minimum worked for you. I know what you mean when it comes to frustrating searches...sometimes you KNOW what you are looking for, but its that one obscure word that keeps you from finding the info you need. The cool thing is that now that little tidbit of info is stored away in your memory and even years from now when you see another simmer looking for that'll be able to say "I KNOW this...what was that ONE word again?", Hehe.
  8. It has nothing to do with the specific aircraft, its a phenomenon in flightsim or any 3d rendering application (FSX, P3D, 1st person shooter, doesn't matter) called view or camera clipping. Do a google search on "view clipping p3d camera" and you'll get some good hits that will explain in detail and offer suggestions to remedy (although depending on a few factors, you may not be able to get rid of all clipping).
  9. Now that would be an interesting ultralight to fly! Do you know if the wheels need to retract for water landings on this ultralight?....Based on the youtube videos floating around (hehe...just noticed that is a pun! 🤣) of Cessna amphib's nosing over on a water landing because they forgot to retract the wheels I'd say so..but maybe an ultralight lands so slow its not necessary? Great shots and hope you caught some fish on the trip!
  10. Steve Dra

    UPS 744F with EXPO 2020 logo

    Check you Avsim mailbox Dan. hint, hint. 🙂
  11. Steve Dra

    UPS 744F with EXPO 2020 logo

    Thanks David. I have not seen the logo yet on any fact ONLY I've only seen it on N574UP so far (and a whopping 2 pics on the internet that I could find). If I start to see them on the -8s I'll put the logo on it as well. In fact, I guess I'd need to move my -400F UPS paints to the -8F....have not done that just yet. It will be Dan. 😉
  12. Steve Dra

    Metal makes me happy

    Thanks guys!
  13. Steve Dra

    UPS 744F with EXPO 2020 logo

    Thanks Guys! Thanks Patrick! I consider myself lucky to have served and my military service enhanced my career opportunities afterwards,
  14. Saw that UPS added the EXPO 2020 logos to N574UP, so I decided to add them to my paint (had to re-reg her from 572 which was my original reg for this paint). 🙂 Taking her from KSDF up to PANC...then probably through Asia and then to Dubai.
  15. Steve Dra

    Happy Veterans Day

    Top notch pics as always Patrick! Proud to have served.