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  1. Hey Allan, I think you'll find a good mix of all types here. And some that have switched back and forth as the years roll by. There is a certain excitement about any new release, and some relish the thought of tweaking the heck outt'a it to be on the bleeding edge, if only to report here they've managed to to it. Others on the other hand (pun intended), absolutely dread an update and what it may mean in terms of diving back into modifiying/reinstalling/tweaking a now fine-turned system they enjoy flying in. I've been back and forth in my flightsim tenure (right there with ya at 25+ years, Sublogic ATP yellow 767 senior captain here, still have the brown ATP manual somewhere in a box), but mostly opt for a stable system that I enjoy flying with today. For example, I have not even downloaded the the 4.2 update nor the latest FSL bus. To busy with a rock-stable 4.1 release and all the planes/scenery I need installed/tweaked/working beautifully. In my flightsim youth, I'd be 1st in line to grab that update and hit the ini or dos batch loading files for a major tweaking session (way back when we used such files)...anyone remember the himem.sys file? LOL
  2. Check your mail here at Avsim Eric.
  3. Hey 238932, Lefteris was probably purposely careful about not using the T word...and on close inspection of his post, this is indeed true. I mentioned this yesterday: So many devs have been burned and burned badly (we all know who if you watch all the forums) by "thinking" they'll be releasing within a week, day, etc....only to come up on THE DAY and realize its not quite ready. Kudos to Lefteris and other devs to at least keep the communication flowing, but this has got to be extremely frustrating on their side as it seems no matter how confident that they're ready to little thing comes up in the end to bite them in butt! Hence the trend (well standard practice now) to not even mention a specific release date or even a time frame (like "Very early 2018") as we've seen that blow up too. You just can't nail down a date when you're dealing with software were the platform is constantly changing.
  4. I'm thinking after about the 50th post over at FSL regarding what time it is UTC and if it's officially "tomorrow" based on FSL's time scale, I hope someone quotes Lefteris' message ...noting he said NOTHING about a release tomorrow. It could be days or weeks (again) before they figure out what's wrong and will be ready for release. It's happened before and it always amazes me when simmers just assume it'll be one day before the release vs many...and keep the "Is it FSL tomorrow time yet?, I keep refreshing my screen and I don't see any posts from Lefteris saying its released....its already past both UTC and local time tomorrow by ten minutes...where is the update!!!!" posts going.
  5. Let the moaning begin! Hehe. Look forward to reading all the ways the FSL team will be chastised for not releasing it many fake "call in sick" days they ruined for so many simmers so wrapped up with this bus that they feel life is over if they have to delay their plans to fly it by a few days or so. If I taught a psych class, I'd tell my students to read the FSL forum specifically posts from Lefteris and the subsequent replies for a good example of how people react to changes in how they "expect" life should run.
  6. I have TWO TRS-80s hooked up via serial cable thru a 300 baud modem and I'm mining 5 coins a setup rocks! (Just kidding.....nobody can afford 2 Trash 80s!) EDIT: I forgot to mention that is a dedicated 300 baud line! I took my AOL and Compuserve bot accounts offline while I mine with this system.
  7. Is it just me, or is everyone thinking we should we register Pete with the likes of Punxsutawney Phil for predicting P3d updates based on his vacation schedule? As far as accuracy goes, Pete is WAAAY ahead of Phil in this regard!
  8. Ahhh....out of ideas then Pete. I was hoping in you're excitement you forgot that small step and I would be your hero! Only other thing I did not see you mention is if your Anti Virus software was disabled during the install? It can isolate critical files without the courtesy of telling you sometimes because some of them can be that invasive...ugh. I think this post is going to break Avsim. Its been slow as heck (again) recently and this post takes forever to update on a dedicated fiber line!
  9. And you threw in a complete system shutdown and reboot as well? I've had items hang on updates until a fresh, complete shutdown and restart fixed 'em.
  10. OMG...the patch has been out for well over an hour and all the vendors haven't made their software compatible yet? Preposterous! I'm at work so I still have several hours before I can even start with the patch...all my 3rd party software better work by then or they'll be heII to pay! EDIT: Thanks for the likes guys. I'm glad you all know it was a lighthearted stab at ALL of us crazy simmers that want all our stuff to work the second LM releases a patch or upgrade....knowing, like Simbol mentioned, that a good majority of devs don't see the patch until us lowly simmers do. Kudos to the devs who took advantage of their status and had the update in their hands for a while and not only did the testing to ensure compatibility, but also pre-staged their updates, probably pre-loading them to a ghost page, ready to just flip the switch when the OK was given by LM. Good stuff all around...and LM....they are LISTENING to our Devs! Anyone that worked with the MS teams in the late stages can appreciate how important this is to the future of our hobby. I know MS ACES had their hands (budgets) tied by big brother, but it was frustrating to see all our great ideas fall on paralyzed (by budgets) hands. The empathized with our cause, but could do nothing...YEA LM for listening....AND implementing!!
  11. Hey Lars, I'm not counting out a version of her just to have the livery available. I may coincide it with PMDGs 747-8 roll out as I have not seen the livery on the -400 yet...if we see a -400 in real life before we see PMDG's -8 in our hangars, I'll probably kick one out. I'll just have to either get a good shot of the tail for a photo conversion, or just modify the Atlas paint since it is so similar in the tail region and I've already done the hard part of matching the lines where they break across the texture maps and wrap around the belly. If they only kept the yellow for the logo, and made it a bit thicker, I may have eventually grown to like this livery...but with no yellow except for that little sticker, I'm not liking it.
  12. Hey guys, Being fond of Lufthansa's now "old" livery (Just look at my downloads to get a hint of how fond, hehe), I'm holding back the feelings that the new livery brings until I give it some time. Initially I feel they completely missed the mark, and had financial undertones when choosing a new livery (2 less colors to mask off and paint, unless you want to count that little yellow sticker as a color in the theme). Personally, I loved the yellow and how it worked with their very nice blue. And the gray underside and engines were a great offset color that brought the whole livery together. Now, with the gray and yellow gone, and that blue band that continues from the vertical stab, they look like so many other airlines it makes me ill (not to mention its more difficult for us sim painters to paint...matching the lines and wrapping it under the belly). I think this livery may flop like Delta's wavy gravy (or Deltaflot) or Iberia's hideous idea of a fresh new livery, or the New Coke....some stupid marketing firm's idea to "inject new interest and excitement" in the brand. Hoping to hear your thoughts while keeping it civil, hehe (As I know there are a LOT of Lufthansa fans here).
  13. Hehe...only in flightsim is this statement not "inflammatory" Just finished my new PC update after a complete Windows 10 "update" meltdown. (well still adding some addons). Went from a 4790k which I loved, to an 8700k...which screams! Anyway, did a flight in my CJ2 and the trusty RXP GTN keeping me from getting lost...and thought I'd post my 1st screen with the new rig. After I passed the the WAZZU waypoint outside of Juneau, my wife asked where my plane was. I told her to look at the screen, just up from she quips back....."oh so you're up the WAZZU?" It got a laugh so I had to share it! So in the future you can fly there to say you've been up the WAZZU in Juneau!
  14. Stunning pics! Hey Scott....are you saying the the ship in the pic is a cruiser....or you're looking for a cruiser? Maybe you're used to seeing them from below the waterline?
  15. Hey Rhett, Welcome back to simming and has had exponential advancements just in the past few years. I've been at Avsim since it started and moved in and out of simming over the years, but these past few years have been better for simming than all the previous years combined. Not only do we have one 64bit sim, we have many (don't want to give a number because it depends on what you count). The future only looks bright for our hobby, and when VR matures to 4k or better and we have fully articulated hands within the VR world, we're in for quite a ride! (pun fully intended)