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  1. That's also going to be my challenge when the 777 releases. Can't stand that flightsim.to does not give established contributors a faster way to upload content. I think there used to be a ways to pre-load them and unlink the "on-line" option so you could upload them prior to a release then just activate them when the release happens.
  2. Here is a kind suggestion: If you're the spokesperson for a major publisher that is very close to a major release that simmers are crazy for...it is not wise to post the word "published" (or any form of the word) in any of your comms until that word is directly referring to the airplane. πŸ™‚ I bet if you look at your web stats....there was a huge spike from thousands of IPs shortly after your post here. Sure...we "read" the post....but mostly up to that word...then ALT-Tab'd to a new window and hit the Duke site. 😁 Simmers.....we're an impatient bunch (and interpret what we want from official posts....just ask anyone who's been in a PMDG thread here)πŸ€”.
  3. Very true. The issue with MS/Asobo's "Beta" where they invite the entire community to opt-in to get a beta copy of the current beta build... is anything but an actual beta program. They certainly have an actual beta team (let's hope so anyway) where testers are methodically testing issues using both industry-accepted workflows and dedicated bug-tracking software to properly inform the development team of verified, validated and actual bugs. The public beta we all refer to is just a marketing ploy mostly to push out a pre-release to the masses and let sheer numbers determine if a bug, that only manifests in such conditions (thousands of simmers all hitting it at once)..will pop up so they can pull it back and say "Oopsi...we made a boo boo, we're delaying it now until xx/xx/xxxx." It is not an end-to-end beta program by any means...just one component of it (the last one as it were). Generally speaking this is actually a good thing, with the sheer size of the whole simming environment...to have as your final pre-release "beta test" before actually putting it out, and discovering that you royally messed up afterwards.
  4. Wow....classic 1 step forward and 2 steps back scenario. I'm pretty sure that they won't release it with this performance degradation and scenery tile problem (amazing how they can't seem to reliably nail that down). At least, let's hope they just don't throw up their hands and say "Here it is, take it or leave it.....you'll be getting 2024 soonβ„’ anyway." 😐 Trust me....I know how frustrating beta testing can be when you have a big set back from one build to the next. πŸ€”
  5. I'll pass....great plane, but prefer the Spit. Now....throw a Typhoon my way and I'm all over it. Love the big radiator up front...makes it look...menacing.
  6. One reason I turn it off is when I fly into/out of KDFW in Dallas. If you don't...besides the scenery looking terrible, you're in for a big surprise on the runway... where you'll be flipped on your back when you hit it. Shocks me that they have not fixed this yet. I generally leave it on other places.
  7. I hear the 777F will be after the initial 777-300ER release, but not 100% sure. And If I was, I don't have official authority to confirm that (If RSR mentioned it publicly in the past, then that is the word for now)
  8. For me...one of the last MAJORS to grace our sims....Now if we could get someone to do KDFW, KATL, and FlightBeam would release KSFO...I'm outta' MAJORS that I'll need for simming nirvana. πŸ™‚ Looks stunning and is a day one purchase for me...Maybe I'll be able to do Lufthansa Cargo flights out of her....with the MD-11F....and 777F?
  9. There, there. If fact...we can go everywhere in MSFS. πŸ™‚ I've visited all my childhood homes in MSFS and the level of detail in each of them is astounding for as obscure some of them are. Best time to be a simmer no doubt.
  10. I'm pretty sure its related to the tight grip the Empire has on all the system's throats. We're all uptight because you guys area bunch of meanies and won't let us buy cool virtual planes in MSFS without your incredibly high Empire tax. If you'd just tap that down a bit, Fenix could sell the A320 for $3.26 and all your puny subjects wouldn't bicker so much between them. I understand the cost of rebuilding the Death Star was enormous, but you should really blame Darth's snot-nosed little brat for that. Had he not bulls-eyed Womp Rats on Tatooine as a rebellious youth...with no real father to guide him in the ways of the Dark Side...we'd not be in this mess, right? But Nooooooo...Aitkin was too busy dominating the universe to stop by Tatooine every so often to check in with his kid. Seems all of the hate and discontent could have been avoided if you're boss had just been there for his boy, me 'tinks. Da' Empire is mui mui bad Juju, fo' shoooo
  11. Yeah I think we are all under the consensus that FSL will be laughed out of the MSFS market if they want to hold on to their old P3d pricing structure. The $49 I paid for the Fenix on day one is probably one of the best Flightsim purchases I've ever made. Will gladly hand over the price they ask for the 319/321....getting the major majority of the A320 series for way less I think FSL may charge for the equivalent content, if they ever bring the A320 to the MSFS market (which even if they do, I think its years out at minimum)
  12. Doing 1st flight now after update. No issues so far...just out of Seattle. Seems very smooth. Don't particularly like the airline, but appreciate the artwork by @Jviation. Been flying N604NK a while around the USA doing its real schedule. Flown on this bird IRL a few times, even painted it in Skittles a few years back....when I was actually sitting in 23F on the actual plane. πŸ™‚
  13. Ugh...I feel your pain when trying to hold onto P3D and FSL posts this about V6: ..."While we understand and acknowledge the potential of P3Dv6, at this point in time, our resources and attention are devoted to maximizing the features and compatibility of our products with MSFS." and then go on to say ..."P3Dv6 remains a vital element in our long-term platform strategy, and we look forward to exploring its potential in due course." Realistically (let's be honest)...if they are holding resources to P3DV6 until AFTER MSFS development... P3D, if even it continues development and updates of its product, will be on version 10 by the time FSL gets around to "exploring its potential in due course". I'll make a deal with you (because I'm sure it will never happen in my lifetime)...if FSL does go back and update their a320 product line for whatever version of P3D happens to be around in 2030 (a conservative estimate for sure), you contact me and point me to this post and I will happily buy that update for you. πŸ˜‰ If you contact me and I've passed into that great flight simulator in the sky, you'll sadly have to update it yourself. As far as updating P3D...you'll have to cover that, and that I fear, would be more expensive than the whole Fenix A320/330/350/380 line in MSFS. πŸ€”
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