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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. Hehe thanks Patrick....wish I could take the credit but that's Brain's work. 😉 I'm about to enter the dark world of DCS with the purchase of the F/A18 and the Persian Gulf map. Based on your avatar I'm thinking you're either eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Hornet and/or you're one of the lucky few with pre-access. Either way if you see someone online in the Hornet that flies and looks clueless, that would be me. LOL. I actually should be an expert as I did get a few hours of stick time in the Hornet simulator at El Toro many years ago when my brother-in-law took me for a ride in it...he flew them for the Marines . I only got to shoot guns and rockets as the other weapons were classified as to their real use and capabilities. Tons of fun though as you can imagine. Two things I vividly remember about the event was that it was cramped in the cockpit (as opposed to a 747 let's say LOL), and at the end of a dogfight with a MIG29 my right forearm was sore from constantly pulling on the stick. (Sadly they programmed the MIG to just try to stay in trail vs any real ACM since what the US really knew about the capabilities of the MIG at that time guessed it...HIGHLY classified. 🙂 )
  2. Thanks guys! Brian has come a long way in a very short time...picked it up way faster than I did....but then again he had an excellent teacher. Yeah Dan check out Brian's Northwest paints and the Hughes Airwest...good stuff! @Wise87UPS is making a little progress...just need to figure out why my ailerons stopped working on the Dash all of a sudden. 😞 (Gust locks NOT in)
  3. Hey Guys, Here is an excellent paint from a new painter in our community, Brian Neuman! His skills are improving at an exponential rate, and he's painted the beloved Widget livery on the Maddog. 🙂 You can find it in the library here:
  4. Yeah amazing man and life. He was a pretty good fighter pilot too. Medal of Honor recipient as well....overall a great, driven and successful man.
  5. Thanks guys! Actually the one I'll release next is by request from a friend and not even on this list. 😀 I'll post pics when she's close. (Yet another metal bird in fact)
  6. Steve Dra

    Skagit Regional to Jackson Hole

    Can't get a better compliment that is both uplifting and a play on words.....great shots HL and very witty reply Patrick!🙂
  7. Thanks guys! I agree! That Brian is an awesome painter! I'm pretty sure all painters named Brian are good with a brush! 😁
  8. Released her late last night and headed to bed...1st time I've been able to post the release announcement (with pic) She's already in the library...just click the link in my sig to get her. What's next from Steve's paint hangar? Trying to finish this one and push her out... Heck this AirCal is pretty close too..... And to be honest, I only have a few more tweaks on this Tylenol TWA one too Pretty sure this TWA-AA merger is 99% done...just need that 1% push and upload her (which is a chore in itself)...most folks would probably not even notice the 1% I'm missing. 🙂 And I WAS doing Wings of Pride before corruption took my master for her 😞 Kinda' lost interest in her. And another painter is doing her as well. So that's all I've been doing...not much at all....LOL...and as usual...there are a few more on the books that I have not even started yet. Its a sickness...I'm in therapy. 🙄 And I've been helping our own Avsim Library Manager Brian Neuman get his brushes wet in this sub-hobby of our simming hobby...this is his work: You can grab it here: If you like the Maddog and vintage airline liveries....there are a lot of other painting her for all Maddog fans!
  9. Steve Dra

    Release candidate

    Thanks guys! Enjoy her Tok! Hope to see some screens of where you take her. 🙂
  10. Steve Dra

    Release candidate

    Just released her late last night! Click the link in my sig to get her. 😁
  11. I think she's close....
  12. Steve Dra


    Thanks Todd! Yeah I think my last 727 ride was either a Delta or United....If it was the was in the livery before the battleship colors into Denver. I recall that one because the pilot seriously messed up the approach and got too slow and we're almost at full power when we touched down.....errr....slammed down. I was looking out the window and the sun angle was such that I could see the plane's shadow getting bigger and merging with us at an ALARMING rate! I had just enough time to tell the passenger next to me to hold on....the 4th landing half-way down the runway was about at the velocity you'd expect for a firm landing...the other 3 I almost expected to see the main struts pop up through the top of the wing.😡 No witty comments were made over the PA, and I got off last to see if the flightcrew greeted the passengers as we deplaned...they never opened the cockpit door, LOL...they know they messed up big time. Thanks Dave! Yeah the term "Loud" is relative. For example in the 70s when the Blue Angles were flying the F4 and I saw them in an airshow in Rota, Spain (when my Dad was stationed there and it was an accompanied tour base (gotta love that as a kid growing up)...the formation takeoff at full AB was at a sound level you just can't describe with words. I think my ears are STILL ringing from that airshow!
  13. It a "Whisperjet" 🤣 LOL....I just had to add the "Whisperjet" logo. I think it's hilarious how back in those days they thought a JTD8 was quiet enough to be called a "Whisperjet". Maybe from the inside in 1st class...but not on the outside and inside at the seats near the engines. Link to full size photo.
  14. Steve Dra

    Any Eastern fans out there?

    Thanks HL! We've probably flown on her once or twice long ago in an era far far past that was without a doubt a better time for airline passengers.😪 Flying today is the biggest hassle and if it weren't for the thrill of the takeoff and seeing the ground rush away from you, and the panoramic views at 35,000 feet, I wouldn't even bother flying anymore. With AA quickly moving the remaining MDs out of her fleet, sadly it won't be long until the last of the metal passenger planes are no more.
  15. I'm working on another metal paint for the Leonardo MD....I know EAL sadly went under before she could start flying the MD, but she had the long DC's (-50s I believe) that are close enough if you're a fan of the airline. Personally it is one of my all time favorites and I'm trying to do her justice in our simming world. 😊 Still a work in progress (obviously), but I just got done laying on the initial alpha layer to bring the shine out on her, and these pics just took my breath away when I panned around her in the sim and the morning sun hit her juuuuuuuuuuuuust right. 🙂 I'll post a release announcement when I get her done and uploaded. Hmmmm....been too long since I've posted here but I thought the images used to also preserve the link to the original photo. Click these links to see the pics in their original size and not destroyed by the filtered compression here: