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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. May all your traps be OK 3-wires Patrick! I pre-ordered it too but I'm only qualified to swab the deck on the carrier, certainly not qualified to land a multi-million dollar fighter on her deck. 😪 Maybe one day I'll get more time to get my carrier quals done and be able to say that most sacred of Naval Aviator phrases..."Roger Ball". 😁 Trust me...if I tried to land a Hornet on the carrier now ...the only words you'd hear over the 1MC would be "Clear the flightdeck, nugget making his 1st trap....stand-by to receive a flaming wreck on deck!" 🤣
  2. True....will be interesting to see if there is any model optimization that can be done to existing v4 models before they are ported to v5, or if building a net-new model with the v5 SDK goodies (if there are any for modeling...I'm woefully uneducated in that area) will be required to have good performance with a "modest" 8gb GPU. Interesting times for sure for our community. Talk about feast or famine. A few years back with MS dropping FSX we didn't even know if we'd have a sim...now we have v5, XP11 with Vulkan, and MSFS on the short horizon! Good times for simmers!!!!! 🙂
  3. From a painter's perspective, we've been using 4096 (4k) textures for a while on aircraft, and as long as the texture maps are laid out logically and efficiently, and the use of 4k is used only on the main areas of the aircraft's surface (primarily the fuse and sometimes the wings but the wings are not really needed at 4k most of the time) there should be no problems. All the other texture maps that makeup the rest of the plane (that are typically common to the model and never painted differently, like the tires, landing gear cargo holds, gear wells, etc)....should always be 2k or even 1k in certain circumstances. Most devs stick to this methodology when producing an exterior texture set that any GPU with 6GB+ should have no issues with...after all...who wants a plane that looks pretty on the ground but turns into a framerate destroyer when you get her in the air and start panning around the exterior? However...one dev recently released a model with 4k textures for every map...including the landing gear, interior of the engine cowling, the 3d modeled wires in the APU bay, hidden behind the APU...literally every texture on the airplane at 4K. In addition, the 3d model of their aircraft (the .mdl file) is an astronomically huge 275mb! Here is info to put that number in perspective: highly detailed models from other devs are typically less than 40mbs! Why is this dev's model so gigantic you ask? Because that model has a fully modeled 3d radar, opening nosecone, fully modeled 3d opening engine nacelles, engines, every wire, hose, etc..., a fully modeled 3d APU, with 3d wires and hydraulic lines throughout the plane that can only been seen when access doors are opened. Is it a wonder that some of their customers are having performance issues when panning around the exterior? ...so much so that the dev took all the common-parts texture maps and reduced them to 2k as a solution. Helpful for sure, but any GPU card not up to snuff is going to choke on that 275mb .mdl file regardless of the texture sizes! At least you get a fully modeled 3d stewardess. They have not released it for V5 yet...its still in beta in fact. It should be interesting to see how folks flying it now with no frame issues (with monster GPUs maybe) will fare in V5?
  4. LOL...I knew CP AIr would break into the conversation when we started mentioning Canadian airlines. (And somehow I knew you'd be the one who asked) 🙂 I had a screen all ready for your post.... I actually started a CPair fictional 777 at the time I was working on the Evergreen. I was never satisfied with the metal method I was using back then on the 777, so retired it. When the new PBR version of 777 comes out I may revisit the paint...in the mean time even though a CP Air MD-11 would be fictional...I'd probably see if my and @thibodba57 's metal would bring her to life (if they release a PBR model). 😉
  5. Cool! Would like to see your Arrow Air paint! Yes its PTP format for PMDG paints and simple to do...just go to the PMDG OC, click Livery Management under 1. Aircraft and Liveries, 2. pick the livery you want to export, 3. click Export. I've painted dozens of PMDG planes and the process to export is ridiculously easy. 🙂
  6. LOL...yeah....to me....I'm like that actress who kept winning the football pool in some show I can't recall. When asked how she kept doing it she replied "I pick the one with the prettiest helmet".😂 I'm the same way with paints....don't care how horrible the company is in real life...If I like the livery I'll paint it. Really like yellow and green liveries...speaking of green...this is as green as it gets (even putting "Green" in their company name) LoL (painted this ages ago)
  7. LOL...you'll get the same response from @thibodba57 as he flies for a competitor and has no love for this freight company 🙂 I still get grief about a fictional Centurion I did on the 777F Arrow air looks cool (big green livery fan)...many liveries to cover, but thankfully there are many fellow simmers out there who've picked up the brush...they'll be painting the MD-11 as well I'm sure. 😉
  8. Ugh...The Signature livery would be really hard to do knowing there is probably not enough good reference material. I really like Martinair....painted her on the iFly 744 BCF... But guys....there will be a lot of painters cranking out paints for this bird I'm sure. I can't paint 'em all (but in my younger years I sure tried! LoL....probably explains why I'm as deranged as I am now....inhaled too many paint fumes back then).🤣
  9. I know what you're taking about when you finally get a plane you've been waiting for and it's an insta-buy...Unless of course that plane is only being released by a certain dev and you've made a philosophic decision to never support them again no matter how much you're craving that plane. 🙄
  10. Don't worry my old simming friends....I'm sure we're pretty far away from paints at this point, but I was mainly ribbing you about what I will and won't paint. I always try to take care of the community, and while I don't really do general requests anymore...(retired painter you know)...I'll always paint and share the liveries I expect to fly personally (No doubt I'll push out a UPS, FedEx and Lufty Cargo MD-11). As for separate requests my friends may have....well....you know. 😉 (begging and groveling may produce superior results vs relying on just the fact you're my virtual friend) 🤣
  11. Why of course....along with the other 9 A333's I painted...here: Steve's AS A333 repaints....
  12. I agree....and you could apply this same philosophy in the dog-breeding community where we have Min-pins, Labradoodles, Chaweenies, etc. 🙂
  13. Hey Rick and others....I guess its a good thing us painters don't apply the same methodology of "only current liveries" with our paints...but in retrospect...It'd make our job much more easier (but boring to the point I'd probably just stop painting).😉 To me, Flightsim is a gateway to any flight realm, and while flying real-world, current flight schedules is a "part" of simming, I wouldn't discount everything that else is available to us for simming because, for example, Lufthansa Cargo never flew this: But that doesn't stop me from enjoying flights in her (or painting her for that matter) Or and AA A330-300 with RRs (they only flew RRs on their -200s) Or this KLM for the same reason.... Hehe.....OK....you guys get my point...I'm just "Piling on" now. 🙄
  14. UPS, FedEx, Lufthansa Cargo...if I can get early access we'll be flying them on release. 🙂 I'll never paint World, Canadian or Western Global though! (hehe....let's see if anyone who's fond of those liveries is watching.) 🤣 American would be in the pant hangar as well and if the model releases with PBR textures, I'd be painting it with Brian T's and my custom set we threw on another AA bird now gone from the skies: 😞 We'll see how this one develops.
  15. Now only if you could pic out a farm truck taking their season's bunch of pigs to the slaughterhouse...this would really be "when pigs fly" 🙂 🤣
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