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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. I still have P3d Installed.....I will keep it on as long as I'm involved with the iFly project. I suspect that I'll be getting back into painting 737s for them...this time....taking it to the MAX. 😉
  2. Great shots of the straight-line livery! I was hoping you'd be flying her....one of my favorite paints. 🙂 She'll make an appearance on the -800 too when she's released. 😉
  3. Why FSDT has not made this their #1 priority is beyond me. By far one of the most sought after super-major airports out there (along with EHAM), and proclaimed to be an insta-buy by many (including me). We just have to wait to see what dev wants to get rich on this one. I bet FeelThere made some nice cash from this one. I have it...its just OK as others have mentioned....missing many things and I have not really looked at the new default since the last US update...maybe it got some updates but the earlier version was bad IMO.
  4. Its the red paint on the tips of scimitar bottom winglets.
  5. Awesome shots! 12 and 13 almost look real if you don't look too hard for flightsim details. Great angle too.
  6. Check you inbox....But I suspect you should get some sleep 1st. 😉 sure send the sound files if you'd like, I'll check em out.
  7. Well my paint hangar is completely full...and 2 things about the retro Roo.....First, I'm gonna stop painting real 800s on the 700....I really am pretty exhausted with all the painting (and testing) lately...I still have -600s to do, then when the -800 releases....standby. 🤣 Next, my Mate Matt Tank is an Aussie painter and does a bang up job on them, and I usually let him paint his region. I'm pretty sure he's done at least one of the retro Roo's for P3d, and he's slowing bringing all his wonderful paints to MSFS. However, there is a Kiwi on the beta team, and I paited this by request on the P3D version, and did it in MSFS as well, but have not released it. Let me know if you want her and I'll send her to you. I may eventually release her to the public, but preparing a release takes time (when you do it like I do), so the paint has served its purpose as to taking care of a friend. 😉 This happened to be my favorite NZA livery to boot. 🙂 John Tavendale (aka Tavers) lent me the ANZ text as it was almost impossible to find and I had no time to make it from scratch. Here is the standard Qantas paint Matt has already pushed out https://flightsim.to/file/32463/pmdg-737-700-qantas-vh-vxm-fictional
  8. Uhh....my "weight" at PMDG carries about as much....weight....as a feather in a brick factory, LOL. And in the history of "getting the golden ticket", I don't believe that direct communication stating how much a person would be a great candidate has ever been a big contributing factor in Rob's decision on who to invite to the team. I believe he works off his own encounters with potential members as the biggest factor, and if he happens to see that other's are talking highly about a person...not directly to him but as an observation, he may reach out and have an "interview" with them....where the person doesn't necessarily know they are being 'interviewed" for a position. That is partly how I got invited. It started when I met him at the Flightsim Expo at Vegas a few years back. When I introduced myself, he said my name sounded familiar, but that was about it. After I showed him some of "his" planes I painted, he gave me his business card and told me to get in contact with him in the future. I can only imagine when he looked further into my past, he liked what he saw, and here I am. 🙂 If you're only kidding about me putting in a good word for you, then you got me. 🙂 But if you're serious, I'd say the 1st thing he'd probably frown on is you calling him Bobby R. 🙂
  9. Thanks....there are already a few good ones out there..... Here is a very nice one by Texturas Brasileiras....Gustavo Aguiar and F.Leal...both great painters https://flightsim.to/file/34768/united-states-air-force-01-0015 Yeah, I was an actual painting machine back then. A bad day was when a new project came out and I only released 1 maybe 2 paints a day, every day. Now that I'm old, my skills have gotten better, the texture maps have gotten better, the sim is way better. Wish I had the stamina I did back then. I enjoy giving to the community, and painting keeps my mind sharp....trust me I need that given my family's medical history (my Dad succumbed to Alzheimer's) 😞
  10. Artur, that is a commendable reason, and I'm sorry I've given you an itch you can't scratch. 🙂 However, if you should choose to wait and eventually give in, I'm planning on bringing all my "P-8" paints to the -800....which is at least closer to the actual airframe. If you're finding yourself at that time, giving into the "itch"....none here will fault you for "caving" hehe. She really is a marvelous plane and in MSFS, she is quite amazing. In fact, I held the same opinion as you....to remedy it...I started on a 20 year career of painting planes, in the sole hope of getting invited to the PMDG beta test team so I would no longer have to pay for my PMDG planes.....my long term plan has WORKED! 😆 Obviously kidding of course....but I understand and respect your decision.
  11. If I can manage to stay in the good graces of PMDG, I suspect they'd invite me to the 777 beta as well. My current NDA restricts me from saying how much I've contributed to the 737 beta test project, but every member on the beta team brings knowledge that is useful when trying to wrangle issues that only seem to pop up occasionally and only if you're working in the area that may cause them. So you can speculate that with my knowledge of livery painting, and working extensively with the Ops Center, I may (or may not...I'm not allow to say either way) have caught a few things in the process of testing those things.... build after build. 😉 I'll also take this moment to say to anyone who thinks that beta testing is just a way to get free airplanes (hehe...it is, no denying that)....but its also actual, hard, meticulous, time consuming work (should you choose to take it seriously). I certainly do take it seriously , as do all on the team. I actually have it easy compared to the Dev team though....we find and report issues...THEY have to validate, fix them, then get us to verify they've fixed it. When Rob says he and the team are exhausted...that is really not a virtual signal to get folks to empathize with the entire PMDG team....its an actual fact. 😉
  12. In fact I did paint FSL....only 19 though before we parted ways due to certain software they chose to add to their packages (and don't think the comment I made about including code in my paints deleting my liveries was said without me realizing the irony of the matter. 🙂) Not sure they are even compatible with the latest release....but as far as I know they are still available on FSL's site. I chose not to remove them because all that would do is penalize the community for FSL's questionable actions...some FSL'ers actually replied that they enjoyed my paints. 🙂 However....you can rest assured that even my FSL paints contain ONLY the files necessary to properly display my paint in the sim. 🤣
  13. Actually.....with the advent of MSFS...the painters literally came crawling out of the virtual woodwork! I'm just one in a small list of painters out there. 🙂 My 26th paint will be number 904th MSFS 737 livery at flightsim.to (unless more get uploaded while I'm packaging the paint for release....a task I dread because there is a LOT of work involved, but you gotta' do the admin part too...you can't just "paint"). I'm probably the only painter left of the "old guard" here that routinely participates in these discussions. Trust me...you have to step away from a paint every once in a while....I insanely think that posting here is a distraction from that, LoL. I'm in therapy for it though. 🤣
  14. Agreed (virtual handshake).....I have to ask though...do you fly any of my paints? 🙂 If you did I was going to trigger the software hidden in all my paints to automatically erase all my paints on your drive.🤣 Speaking of paints....(you know I can't resist spamming ONE more...consider this a release announcement)....packaging this one up now. RAF P-8 wannabe up on flightsim.to in a few mins And BTW, I imagine your Country of origin is Australia or New Zealand based on your name? Either way...my next P-8 wannabe paint is for you folks "Down Under". 😉 (if you're not from there....well, I'm painting her anyway, and I think at that point I'm done painting the P-8 for every Country that flies her.)
  15. Thanks....In reality when we look at the big picture, we're all just passionate simmers in one form or another. Our opinions can vary as much as the the type of simming we like to do, be it GA, Airliners, Bush, etc. I know some here will find it hard to believe, but I actually admire simmer's commitment to their opinion, and respect their right to voice it. It can be "Spirited" to say the least. 🙂 But when you find yourself on one side, and your side gets a "win", in this case in the form of PMDG taking action and doing something positive for the entire community, you'd hope those on the other side would just say, like our Aussie friends "Good on ya' Mate!" Since some here like to state how PMDG should communicate...literally typing What PMDG should have written:, I'll do the same for them and really wish, in the spirit of camaraderie, they would have just replied "This is encouraging news. I still have reservations and opinions on other PMDG fallacies, but this is a positive step in the right direction." See.....not fun when someone on the "other" side puts words in your mouth, huh? 🙂
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