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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. I think it was a mod at flightsim.to....but the latest USA default may just as good now. Been ages since I've been there.
  2. Actually the DC-6 is still in commercial service...Everts Air in Alaska still operates them daily. The PMDG DC-6 has a virtual FE (Flight Engineer) that handles most of the non-flying tasks in the aircraft if you decide to turn it on (suggested for new pilots until they get comfortable with the complex procedures in her)
  3. Not that the members of this forum represent the entire FlightSim community....but a quick show of hands here at Avsim (and who reads this) of who's buying the FSL Concorde for P3d. I'll start: No (Ray, I think you may be one of the very few who's gonna' check yes here... I don't think the numbers will be better even if this post was in the P3d forum) I just don't see the numbers and if I were to guess...I think the price is going to be north of $130 for sure. And at that price it will only attract the most hardcore simmers (who also want to learn to fly her)...who most, like many mention here, have moved from P3d completely. If they sell more than a thousand copies I'd be surprised. That's $130k for what has to be much more in labor costs to develop it over the years. Anyway...for those hoping to see if for MSFS...unless they have been developing it in secret since MSFS released with zero announcements, I don't expect any chance of a MSFS release this decade...maybe 2030 at the earliest? I cite empirical evidence if you recall how long it took to release sharklets for the A320 from when it was announced to when it was released.🤔 Rapid development is not an FSL trademark. 😄
  4. Make sure Monument National Park is on your list when you start touring the U.S. Fly as sun is just rising and you'll get breathtaking views as you watch the sun crawl up the rock formations.
  5. 4.3.2 confirmed. Bizzare....I had a pending Windows update. Ran it, tried the install again with Defender off....worked this time. Gotta' love software and esp AV apps!🤔
  6. Got the latest update from today (May 12)...hoping that would fix the issue. Same issue., Disabled Windows defender, tried the install again....now I get this I need some help fixing this....is there a support ticket system at Flysimware I can use to get support? I'm running Win 10. Thanks
  7. Confirmed here also. Standard windows antivirus. can't install. Please let us know if they provide a solution @flyingpauls
  8. The opening ceremony and product reveals will be at the DoubleTree at KHOU on Friday. The vendor booths and seminars will commence on Saturday morning at the museum about 15 mins south of KHOU. (I'll be one of the guest speakers on Saturday. 😉 )
  9. LOL...I screenshot most of my posts as they tend to vanish like a Jedi Knight's body when they die. 🤣 For this one...I only got the forum overview screenshot, because before I could go back into the forum and look at the post, it vanished. Vanishing posts are very popular at CS...I highly suggest anytime you post something that you suspect CS won't like, you screenshot it. 😉 Yeah, sadly agree that the C&D was all that was needed to end this little copyright infringement. I find it hilarious that they thought Disney would not catch wind of it...and to almost confirm how arrogant they are, they put it up for sale anyway, probably made a few hundred bucks before the C&D, and called it a day. I just hope Disney also made them refund the simmers who bought it. Based on how fast my post vanished, I think Disney may have them on the 5nm radar setting for a while, and they will nuke anything that relates to the Tie Fighter®. I'm thinking of poking a little more fun with them and post something like: "Hey CS, I've heard the Star Trek franchise is not as protective of their property as that other space movie company...maybe you should see how many NCC-1701's you can sell before they get wise to you?" 🤣 That post may get me banned, LOL
  10. LOL....So I asked about it over in their General Forum with the title "What happened to the Tie Fighter®? ...noting that I saw it on the eCommerce page and they also created a "Support" page for it and now they were both gone... You guessed it...they nuked my post before any replies came in! I guess they are a little touchy about the subject and thought the ® I tacked onto "Tie Fighter" was a bit sarcastic.🤣 I wonder if Disney forced them refund the few sad soles that may have bought it and if they deactivated the licenses? Hope anyone here who actually bought it chimes in and lets us know what happened to their CS Tie Fighter® software. Anyone with an account over there should see how long their post lasts if they inquire about the Tie Fighter®... I'm sure they're in full nuke mode with anything related to it....just like when they hyped the P3d 767 freighter for months, then cancelled it, or when they tried to force flightsim.to to remove all the P3D 767 liveries, or when they bugged the MSFS 767 model so freeware painter's liveries had ugly model issues (so you'd be forced to buy their liveries), or when they removed the P3d 767 paintkit because they saw freeware painters painting the MSFS version anyway....you get the idea...a long history of deceitful moves by them. They spend more time clearing angry posts these days than they do creating products. 😂 I hope they get the full Mickey treatment from Disney's lawyers and Disney also sues to recover any Tie Fighter® sales (there couldn't have been too many), plus levies fines for copyright infringement...if we're lucky it'll put them out of business and out of our community for good.
  11. Hehe.....one more quote from the Star Wars® series....CS when they get an email from Disney: "I've got a bad feeling about this®". Can't believe they thought they could get away with this....but then again, with all the other stunts they've pulled in the past...this is par for the course.
  12. Necro post it seems. @gruberst Welcome to the forums...and FYI, when you post a reply, its a good process to check the date of the last post to see how old it is before replying to it. When you reply to an old post (in this case almost 2 years ago), it brings it to the top of the forum where others may think this is a "NEW" Easter Egg in MSFS all the people are talking about. The best thing to do if the post is this old and you want to comment about a new Easter Egg you may have found....its better just to start a new post. 😉
  13. Are you "The" Sherv from the Project OpenSky (POSKY) days? If so its fantastic to see you picking up the 757 and returning to the community! I painted many of the excellent models POSKY released in the day, and can't wait to throw some paint at the Bluebird 757! Hope to bring these old girls to the community when she's released: (not POSKY models below but from that era)
  14. I'm not painting the CS 767 for MSFS. You could reach out to mjv at flightsim.to and he may be doing FedEx....he as already done UP and many others. here is a link to his UPS 767 https://flightsim.to/file/50071/ups-cs-767-300er
  15. Same. Flew more hours in it I think I did in all of the other aircraft I owned at the time combined. Also was one of the 1st I ever painted. I have to say for FS2004, this UPS I painted looks pretty good for its day. 😉 And of course...the AA that I converted Ed's stunning metal textures from the POSKY 767, to the LDS 767. Still my highest downloaded livery of all time with over 17,000 downloads here at Avsim alone (she was reuploaded to several other sites back in the day...last time I cared to count she was over 30,000 downloads at the combined sites I could find)
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