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    USN AT1, served on several ships on the east coast. Avionics Tech on the SH-3 Seaking

    Aircraft painter for Flightsim.

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  1. Steve Dra

    D-ABYA "Brandenburg"

    Great shots Scott! She was fun to paint. Hope you enjoy many flights with her.
  2. Steve Dra

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    I have no clue as to why you'd like this one Scott. She's in the library now guys!
  3. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    In the library now guys!
  4. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Hehe....I tell ya....when you stare at the paint for so long like most painters do, you start to see things you can tweak just a bit to make it look much more realistic. For example...while I was in the paintkit making that adjustment to the in the rear...I did these things as "polish her off" as it were. NOW I'm satisfied with it...packaging and uploading as I type. I also did a final color correction for the gray, and its as close as I hope to ever get. Folks who don't paint LH regularly have no clue how hard it is to get right. Pictures on the internet skew the color so can't go by them, and even if you put the exact RGB code for the gray into your pallet, the sim lighting engine can whack it in more ways you can imagine LOL. HDR settings alone will have folks swearing the color is either too light or the best I can do is adjust it with no HDR, date set to the exact middle of the solar year at the airport I check for color, at 12:00 noon, with no 3rd party shaders or color correction on my monitor. Of course, what layer you put it on in the paintkit will also effect it. There are 2 layers that skew all colors under it, the weather and shadow layers. Sadly you have to put the gray layer under them so they merge correctly with the effects those layers give over the whole fuselage. Just setting the layer to multiply, darken or overlay won't quite do it, as much as I'd like to do that (its easier). So you have to adjust the exact RGB value to compensate for their effects. Anyway...enough rambling about painter's guys just want the plane! 🤣
  5. I do too....Eastern from JFK to Orlando...I too was blown away with its interior dimensions after just a few days before spending 10 hours on an Arrow Air DC-8 from Rota, Spain to Philly. Narrow body to a wide body for the 1st time is quite an experience. Loved the sound of those RB-211's spooling up for takeoff...more of a growling whine than a roar made by the JT8s on the DC-8. I couldn't get over how many wing surfaces were moving when she was correcting for gusty conditions on liftoff. Memorable stuff. Great series and Lockheed tribute P_7878!
  6. Great series Tok! Nice angles and lighting. Bet those wings were flexing!
  7. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Thanks guys! I was just about to upload but when I was QA'ing it one more time, the text in the back was just bugging me. Looking more closely I saw most of the letters were ok, but the "a" is quite unique to the Lufthansa font and not replicated well in any commercially available font. You can see the font I found (garmond I think) was close...but not good enough looking at the inside hole shape of it (for those that even can notice it) 🙂 So I replaced it with a scaled down version from the raster-type main LH text in the front. Since the rest of the was created as a vector font, a trick painters can use to control the thickness of the font precisely is using the "Stroke" parameter as needed (the bold version of the font is a fixed thickness and rarely the right thickness for the job). In the screens below, you can see the font with the stroke off, then set at 8, which is perfect for this text. The "Stroke" of a vector is the outline of the shape, and in a good painting app you can control its thickness (obviously, hehe). I also made the text a bit taller and realigned it to more closely match the real thing. Took a bit of work but I think the finished product is much better than the 1st go at it (was it too nit picky? maybe, but like I was bugging me)
  8. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Hey guys who replied to this post...check you inbox here at Avsim. (If you posted AFTER this post, you'll be able to get the paint by clicking the link in my sig when she's posted to the library...getting that done soon) And for those who've been following my paints for the last 17 years, you should know what a screenshot like this indicates. 🙂
  9. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Thanks guys! Yeah that is more or less freeware painter currency, LOL. Decided to tinker just a bit more and add the white strips you see on the rudder edges...
  10. Steve Dra

    Embraer 190E2

    Hey Ulrik, It seems there is long way to go before you're at a stage where folks here would show interest in your project. You mention that you're not new to 3d design, just in P3d. Perhaps showing some of your previous work would let the community know that your EMB E2 project is something we'd want put on our radar and follow its progress. Also, since it will be payware, do you have a business plan to determine (among a variety of things) what market you want to bring it to? For example, would you target the very casual simmer who's happy flying default aircraft, and would just like an EMB E2 to fly around, the intermediate simmer that wants "some" cockpit/systems/flight model fidelity, or the hard core simmer looking for products at the PMDG level? (for example). Knowing that would also help the community here know if they would be a potential customer for your product when it gets closer to release. Seeing this is your 1st post here, welcome to the Avsim forum, and I wish you luck in your project!
  11. Steve Dra

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Thanks guys....packing her up for release. Not sure if I'll do the new Lufthansa colors...they changed my favorite livery of all time after all. 🙄 Lol Scott. If I had a good photo of your mug you know you'd be in the pilot's seat. Will send you an advanced copy to check out while I get her ready for release. Check your PM soon.
  12. Releasing this one tomorrow. Added a lot of details, gave her some wear in the tail and APU area. Here she is on a dawn test flight...tail again, with the logo light on. Here is the nose....landing light splashes of course Airborne....just love this angle and lighting A view from the wing... And the other side.... I added grime around the cargo doors where ground crew would be handling the access panel and such.... And the ring the jetways leave on the L1 and L2 doors. I also used a paint method to enhance the 3d look of the blanked windows...I think it looks better than just the bump map kick in. Finally, when looking close up on this bird, I noticed that the top of the "h" is painted over the wear plate, but under the door frame...I painted this detail. Should be uploading her tomorrow (Saturday).
  13. Not yet...still working on this:
  14. Steve Dra

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    Thanks Franky! Working on @psbrandenburg now....noticed that the "h" in Lufthansa actually goes in front of the wear plate, but behind the door frame. Didn't notice that until closer inspection. (Notice the 3d window plugs too....really easy to do and enhances the look) 😉