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  1. Which mod are you referring to? The prop discs drive me crazy too so I'd be happy to have them fixed.
  2. Really hoping it's Dubai. FlyTampa confirmed that Dubai was never planned for MSFS, and that "no one has touched it in 11 years".
  3. Just to be clear, we aren't. I apologize if the earlier messages came across as combative, but as he's quite sick at the moment (as he alluded to) some leeway would be appreciated. We're definitely behind on our original schedule, but such is software development. I'll admit that we need to be better on communication going forward, which I'll bring up to the team next week to discuss. New previews have been posted to our Facebook. They are highly work-in-progress and subject to change before release, but they show that we are, in fact, working in earnest on getting this out the door sooner than later. More information will be shared during the "State of the Sim" Twitch stream, whenever that get's rescheduled to. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm greatly.
  4. What was the issue? I'll see if we can replicate it and get it fixed before the official release.
  5. By popular request, we have delayed the rollout of SP1 to add a second CDI source. https://imgur.com/a/sOlthLE
  6. Putting it on the forums for a few days is merely a precaution against something like a CTD that only affects users with a certain system config making it out to the wider user base. We've had it in testing for the past month internally, it's ready to go - we like to err on the side of caution, though.
  7. Not quite, we just want to roll it out incrementally in case something major slipped past our beta team. Once bitten, twice shy. Should nothing come up, it'll go out to everyone else at the end of the week.
  8. The decision to delay it was only made at the tail end of this past week, and we ran out of time before the weekend to make an official announcement. We'll be putting out an update to our social media early next week explaining the situation.
  9. At the time, we were hopeful that the situation would have allowed our team to come back online in a relatively timely manner, but that's obviously proven to not be the case; some of them have been able to return to work, but we're still only at maybe 1/3 of our previous capacity. Thankfully, our coworkers and their families have managed to remain safe and healthy to date, but a warzone isn't exactly conducive to a productive work environment. We deeply apologize for having to delay the product, but we're doing the best that we can with the cards that we (and quite a few other devs) have been dealt.
  10. We're still shooting for a Q2 release; we'll be starting to show it off in the coming weeks if all goes to plan.
  11. Reported internally, thanks! And what about the NAV1/NAV2 behavior in VLOC mode?
  12. Hi Bert, If you could elaborate on those two issues, we'll make sure to get them resolved for the service pack. Thanks!
  13. Same issue here, I thought I was the only one.
  14. Same issue here using the last official update. Metars were reporting heavy rain and strong winds aloft, yet it was clear skies and variable winds out to the horizon.
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