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  1. We're still shooting for a Q2 release; we'll be starting to show it off in the coming weeks if all goes to plan.
  2. Reported internally, thanks! And what about the NAV1/NAV2 behavior in VLOC mode?
  3. Hi Bert, If you could elaborate on those two issues, we'll make sure to get them resolved for the service pack. Thanks!
  4. Same issue here, I thought I was the only one.
  5. Getting quite close. We're in a pretty advanced beta stage and we're working to get it as close as possible to the real bird before release.
  6. A Sled Driver (with whom we're consulting with on this project, by the way) was able to push the jet to Mach 3.5 over Libya. Depending on atmospheric conditions and CIT (as well as how clever you are at managing the inlets), you'll be able to go that fast too.
  7. Like the real world, no 2 flights are going to be the same. Trust me when I say that there will be more than enough to keep even the most diehard Blackbird-enthusiast busy on every flight 😉
  8. The ATR is coming along nicely, though most of the progress of late has been in code which is hard to properly showcase while in development. The model and texture set has also been receiving some love, and we think the results will be worth the wait when we start to showcase it.
  9. We've shared some new pics of our upcoming Blackbird, along with a brief status update on the project. https://www.facebook.com/Milviz/posts/4835606076483729
  10. 1. We didn't test it at all on Windows 7, so I'm not too sure honestly. If the King Air from us works in your installation then the P180E should as well, but we make no promises. Officially, the only supported OS is Windows 10. 2. It will find the correct path for 4.5 on its own, no extra input required.
  11. I've used it extensively in 4.5 with no issues. It works fine, there just isn't any official support for it.
  12. An F-117 would actually be somewhat feasible. The -1 and the -1-1 (OCIP Supplement) have already been declassified (leaked..) and are freely available on the web, along with a surprising amount of pilot's references and handbooks. Really, the only thing still classified that would be really helpful to have is the -34-1 which spells out the weapons systems, delivery profiles, MPD pages, IRADS, etc etc. Everything else about the aircraft's overall systems and flight characteristics are already available, though an F-117 without accurately simulated weapons and delivery systems would be pretty pointless, to be honest. A B-2 is simply not going to happen. The USAF only just recently released a video of the aircraft's cockpit in-flight, and really the only thing you could gather from the video is that it's pretty primitive for something so capable and expensive.
  13. Did you uninstall it via the Windows 'Add or Remove Programs' tool? That, along with deleting the KA-specific files in AppData\Local\MVAMS and AppData\Roaming\Military Visualizations Inc, has always worked for me.
  14. It's very close to a final build and a release, just fixing the last couple of open items and out it goes.
  15. Quite a sad story indeed. It has so much potential, it's just...lacking in a few areas. It sounded like there was a major update supposed to be released sometime in January of 2019, but obviously nothing came of that.
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