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  1. Steve - these just prove that no pilot worth their salt would fly without..ample..aux tanks.. Or at least good, reliable turbulence / icing detectors.. -S.
  2. @turbomax - well aware, I visited his birthplace, one couldn't escape the Mozart references throughout the area. 🙂 A brilliant, yet troubled, composer and musician.
  3. "I wouldn't download if it was freeware". Three words: "OK, then don't". For the rest of us, having recently been in Salzburg, I look forward to some low and slow flying in the region while listening to some music from the town's favorite son. Or some Zeppelin (the lads from England, not Friedrichshafen). For those interested, LOWS to EDDM is a nice little hop, swinging by Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein on the way up. -Scott Brandenburg.
  4. I'd love to help you Steve, but I ain't seen nothin' since I stepped on that land mine in Viet Cong back in '72..
  5. The Varsity. Home of the $7.95 oil change, Orange Freeze extra.
  6. Pretty sure they mean you just get the engines. No airframe, no wing. Just the engines. In a crate. Would probably work better that way.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  7. OK Steve, I get the impression you're not a CS fan? But how about that L1011 they released for P3D? Huh? Beauty, that one. I've flown paper airplanes with better systems modeling and aerodynamics... 😉 Their version of the beloved TriTanic was the reason I sit back and enjoy the show whenever they release new generation "stuff". After turning wrenches on the real thing for years, I was baffled that such an advanced and experienced sim publisher couldn't properly code engine starts. And I know of no L1011 anywhere that has a touchdown speed at full flap setting of 78 knots. No stall warning, just a float. Definitely "as surreal as it gets". OK, my popcorn is finished. On with the show.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  8. Nope, it's only you. You're a freak of nature. Of course when I read the subject line I thought "OOOH - somebody released a C130J "Fat Albert" - gotta have!" (Yes, they're finally getting a "J") -Scott Brandenburg.
  9. "You're a funny guy, Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.." Sully, remember when I said I'd kill you last? That's right, Matrix, you did! I lied. "Commando". The movie that proved old yellow Porsches could repair themselves mid barrel-roll. 🙂 Let off some steam, Bennett.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  10. The Right Honorable Steve Drabek strikes again. For being retired, he sure is a busy one. Took his latest, a wonderful LTU A330-300, up for a quick hop at sunset. No prizes for guessing the airport. Nicely done, Steve, very nicely done. -Scott Brandenburg.
  11. Nicely done, as always. Retiring from painting must be like trying to leave the mob.. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.." - Steve "Corleone" Drabek.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  12. Herr Drabek's marvelous take on the Lufthansa 747-8i D-ABYA, "Brandenburg". I'm partial to this one.. This image shows her departing Nairobi, Kenya. On 11/20/1974, D-ABYB, "Hessen", a 747-130, crashed here on departure to Johannesburg. For that reason, there will not be another D-ABYB. Cruising over Lake Victoria. Entebbe, Uganda is seen below. Great work, as usual, Steve! -Scott Brandenburg.
  13. Beauty. Sehr Schön.. Vielen Dank, Herr Drabek! -Scott Brandenburg.
  14. Yep - when you see "Grumpy Joe" you know it's time to go flying! (He has that "disappointed dad look") Thanks Steve!! -Scott D-ABYA.
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