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  1. psbrandenburg

    AA Maddog update.....with GLAM shots!

    Rockwell, sure. If you ever do the Braniff Calder paintjob - then we could call you the Dali of the aircraft painting world.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  2. psbrandenburg

    More wing work...Showing you what it takes.

    Christie isn't returning my calls. Cindy said she's a bit of a snob. Nope, the DL machines didn't have red stripes. One thing they did have, in the old/original livery, was a difference in how the white paint died out at the nose. (All fleet types had the same 'evolution') Originally, the white below the blue cheatline would extend around and under the nose just forward of the NLG doors. Later, to save 2-3 lb of paint, the white would taper off or die out at the base of the black in the radome/nose. A subtle difference, but very noticeable when they came out of paint after having that reduction - back in the days when the fleet was only painted in ATL. N905DL lost the "Wally Bird" decal (only worn on the left) sometime in the mid 90's. Then there were the olympic stickers, two styles - the originals were worn only on the engines (I have a complete unused sticker for an RB-211), then the later ones were worn on the fuselages. We found that skydrol and oil did funny things to the decals.. Sorry - I don't know how to attach pics. And, IMO, N995DL looked best in the old/original livery.. -Scott Brandenburg.
  3. psbrandenburg

    More wing work...Showing you what it takes.

    Outstanding work as usual. Elle said this morning that she's busy, but will call you when she has the time.. :) -Scott Brandenburg.
  4. psbrandenburg

    DELTASSSSS dogs (23 4K images)

    It truly was a pleasure. A lot of good memories, and a few not-so-good. My first jumpseat ride was on an MD-88, N995DL back in 1993 to Memphis to see a certain student eye doctor who is now president of the Georgia Optometric Association. Then a few days later I was probably pulling toilet tanks and grinding corrosion out of an L-1011. Good and not-so good. :) Look forward to seeing all of your creations - you're the best in the biz. -Scott Brandenburg.
  5. psbrandenburg

    DELTASSSSS dogs (23 4K images)

    Of course, what you saw, Steve, were immaculately maintained and cleaned MD-88s that were well-loved and respected by their crews and maintainers alike. HUGE eye-roll.. Look forward to your DL-88s. -Scott Brandenburg.
  6. psbrandenburg

    Just to lighten the mood at PMDG HQ...

    That should just about support some of the senior f/a's US carriers have.. ;) -Scott Brandenburg.
  7. psbrandenburg

    Just to lighten the mood at PMDG HQ...

    An airline Captain dies and winds-up in line to see St Peter at the pearly gates. Of course, he's sharply dressed in his full uniform, Rolex on display. He keeps checking his watch and decides to investigate the delay by rushing up to the front of the line. CPT - Sir, what is the reason for this delay, I have a schedule to keep. PTR - I hear you, please return to your spot in line. After waiting another 20-30 minutes, the Captain repeats the process. CPT - Sir, I am an AIRLINE CAPTAIN, and I insist that I go ahead on schedule PTR - Right, return to position and hold. Incensed, the Captain waits in line. Suddenly, an immaculately-dressed Captain walks by, goes straight to St Peter, who lets him right in. The Captain rushes forward and demands an explanation CPT - Why did you let HIM in here, didn't you see that I have seniority? Who does he think he is? PTR - Oh, him? That was God, he just likes to pretend he's an airline captain. And another classic. The aircraft of the future is being designed now, the cockpit will only have two occupants, a pilot and a dog. The pilot will be there to feed the dog, the dog will be there to bite the pilot if he tries to touch anything. -Scott Brandenburg.
  8. psbrandenburg


    Yeah, Steve, you would be. An aircraft designed by a guy named "Tank" does sound tougher than one designed by "Willy". :) (Kurt Tank / Willy Messerschmitt) -Scott Brandenburg.
  9. psbrandenburg


    Fantastic stuff! What would Erich Hartmann (350+ confirmed kills in the Bf-109) have done with that GPS?? :) Where did you find the airplane? -Scott Brandenburg.
  10. psbrandenburg

    Approach into KDFW

    Oh, I'm back in, baby. :) Just upgraded equipment - new Digital Storm rig that took "maxed-out" frame rates in P3Dv4 from upper teens to over 120-140 in some areas.. I normally shy away from GA stuff, but your recent shots have me thinking. I still like playing with the big iron, but it's fun buzzing around in smaller stuff too. I even joined my "Virtual Alma Mater", and am having great fun flying routes. Need to get together somehow and catch-up. A lot has happened since we simmed together - these new color monitors are amazing.. :) -Scott Brandenburg.
  11. psbrandenburg

    Approach into KDFW

    Fantastic stuff, Steve! I'm reminded of Jack Nicholson's line from "Batman": "WHERE DOES HE GET THESE WONDERFUL TOYS". :) I've found all the other stuff, but what are you using for traffic? And to your other post, have a look at waypoints around KATL.. :) -Scott Brandenburg.
  12. psbrandenburg

    I'm simply blown away...

    Not so much after me.. My gate maybe, but not me.. :) Great post as always -Scott Lufthansa D-ABTB
  13. psbrandenburg

    Holding pattern....NY Weather

    You may be a baaaad pilot, but at least you were flying ein gutes Flugzeug..
  14. psbrandenburg

    PMDG HSI not enlarging

    Noticed a strange thing today: on Prepar3d v4, the PMDG 737, 747, 777 HSIs won't expand when clicked on. Normally the little magnifier icon appears over the center, then you can enlarge the view. Works on all other displays, not the HSI. Anyone got any ideas? Other than getting a 32" HD monitor? :) Thanks, -S.Brandenburg.
  15. psbrandenburg

    Some shots of the new CRJ

    Yeah, that was fun. I checked the calendar, that was 2.5 lifetimes ago.. :) I'd love to get back into the repaint thing, but can't see doing that now. So I look for the hired gun - you're the fastest in the (now really) west. I know the family has a trip to SAT next year, a bit south, but the boys and I go home early (wife has professional meetings, and I'm not a professional), so maybe we can hook through DFW on the way back. Take care, my friend, see you in the sky! -Scott.