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  1. pinlifter

    1st flight of the new year!

    Steve the "Cargo King"! :smile: Happy New Year mate. Glad to see someone's keeping the heavies in the air. It's been a year since I've flown. I think I'm probably disqualified now
  2. pinlifter

    Las Vegas to St. George, Utah

    Superb scenes HL!
  3. pinlifter


    Looks great Patrick! Those Seymour Johnson F-15E's look like their ready for battle
  4. pinlifter

    KSQL meets P3DV3.1 in SLI

    Had a great ride along Michael...thanks for sharing!
  5. pinlifter

    Longview Ranch to Seattle

    Wonderful views HL! Hopefully they weren't on a search n rescue mission B)
  6. pinlifter

    Bhutan's Big Gun

    I was wondering when the airport was going to appear myself. I probably looked like Ted Striker in the Airplane movie B) When I see you in a PIA bird at Paro Imran, I'm buying the beers
  7. pinlifter

    Sunset over Iowa

    Lovely colors Chris!
  8. pinlifter

    Duke in the Alps

    Beautiful views John!
  9. pinlifter

    Bhutan's Big Gun

    Many thanks fellas! Who would think Rick that flying a plane in FSX would make one a little nervous lol. Well this one did. I had taken a few flights at Paro using the trike and default Cessna, mostly just putzin' around, but decided it was time to take the "big gun" in there. Here's a quickie map showing runways 15/33 using Google Earth. Coming in from the southeast, I knocked autopilot and autothrottle off about 15 miles out and was paying close attention to the Nav Display with terrain on that was about 98% red. I usually keep autothrottle on until I'm near the FAF, but Paro doesn't have any navigational aids other than a VOR/DME located a few miles away so it was all up to me. VREF was 134 as I was light on weight, so I kept her about 150-155 until I could make out the airport. There's a road on Google Earth that leads up to Paro. Maybe when ORBX comes out with OpenLC Asia it will be visible, so I used the small river that ventures up to the airport to guide me in (and yes I wondered if I was ever going to get there lol). I studied Google Earth long and hard beforehand to help out (how many pilots can do that during their flight B)) Maybe someone else can chime in, but the runway 15 approach looks even more dangerous. I can only say this by looking at Google Earth, but runway 33 was a doozy for sure!!
  10. pinlifter

    Bhutan's Big Gun

    Thanks Steve! Boy I sure could have used you as the FO on the FedEx flight. Not often you get a pucker factor going in flightsim, but I had one this time I've already asked Santa for a 747v2 for Christmas...hope he "delivers" :smile:
  11. pinlifter

    Bhutan's Big Gun

    FDX1010(VVNB-VQPR) has the Panda on a freight haul to Paro Airport out of Hanoi. With VQPR's airport elevation and runway length I limited my cargo load to about 103,000lbs. I thought Aivlasoft EFB was going to be of help as finding Paro can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I was distracted too much by the TERRAIN TERRAIN, PULL UP warnings B) Once clear of the 12,000ft tops, I followed the river valley to runway 33 with full flaps and gear down well in advance for the steep descent. Although I haven't landed in Toncontin (MHTG) in a couple months, Paro has it beat. I wonder if the runway 15 approach could be any more fun :smile:
  12. pinlifter

    Climbing Out of CYYC

    Beautiful colors and sweet livery!
  13. pinlifter

    Business Service Kiwi Style!

    Nice! I don't know where you find these liveries at Aharon, but you have some great ones. Any chance of a Rich International L-1011 flying soon?
  14. pinlifter

    Sunset @ FL360

    Wow nice catch! I thought the aliens had invaded at first glance B)
  15. pinlifter

    Realistic dusk at Dubai Airport

    Beautiful Dom! Patiently awaiting the download links :smile: