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  1. C'mon Steve, everyone knows that backwards firing missile was developed by the US Navy (I think it was even while you were serving!) The French just stole it😂 I was hoping the Eurofighter would hold up to one of those wonderful Drabek Industries' paint jobs, but that would probably just stress and crack the aircraft's skin even further, making it unflyable. We must have this thing in the air as there's bandits to shoot down...all flying on this jet's six o'clock😂😆
  2. Maybe these guys will jump on board... https://www.thresholdx.net/news/lvlup1
  3. Appreciate the info Todd. Maybe something will get done down the line whether by Asobo, payware or freeware? At least Miyako airport got an upgrade which has a nice long runway just shy of 10,000ft
  4. Does the update have the new runway in place in Naha? It should be 18R/36L which opened up in April
  5. nexusmods.com has a freeware version of Meigs Field on there if you search for it. As for Kai Tak, we’ll have to play the waiting game
  6. Smashing shot Steve-O! Hope you’re hauling a little cargo in that bird😎
  7. Hi speed sailor!!! We had the phosphorus green monitors and dot matrix printers on the railroad up until about 8-9 years ago. Printer 1...cleared hot🤣
  8. Bravo Zulu Steve-o!! Whoops, ANOTHER Navy acronym 😎
  9. 😆 That and can you hear the ATC coming from the left window sim...AMAZING 🤫
  10. I was actually thinking FS98 Steve...you had me fooled😜 Smashing shots!!
  11. Well both actually. Thought this side by side comparison approach to San Francisco in the Airbus was way cool😎 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BgSjTE71Y2g
  12. I just saw this posted over at Reddit similar to what you had asked and here’s their answer from MSFS support: >Hi, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator support today. We are planning to have discreet World Updates that focus on a specific region of Earth. The current plan is to do this every 2-3 months. In order to really celebrate that particular part of the planet we are updating, we are also planning on creating some new hand-crafted airports, some new POIs and we will also attempt to provide some more activities … like landing challenges. We are very excited about this as it will – over time - spotlight all regions of Earth, which we hope will bring focus to areas that might not be a current aviation hub.
  13. I’m right there with ya Steve-O! I sense the Drabek Industries paint lab firing up soon. Who knows, we may see a big green machine Titan 777F or an Atlas Air jumbo freighter fly in there somewhere down the road😎
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