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  1. Thanks very much Jay and Oliver - I think you're on to the root cause of my issue. Enabling the FSUIPC limiter with UTL may certainly have been the cause of the contention I was seeing...
  2. Thanks all. The reason I asked is the FSUIPC limiter has the following ini parameters to ensure local / airport traffic is preserved (which worked great with MT6); I'm finding it a bit harder to balance volume with performance with just the UTL settings... The Traffic Limiter’s behavior is controlled by these settings in the FSUIPC4.INI file. There will be a new section, probably added at the end of the file, containing, by default: [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=0 GroundPreference=50 PlannedAirportsPreference=50 AirportPreference=50 NearerPreference=50 TargetFrameRate=0 The limit set to 0 switches the facility off. The other parameters determine how to decide which ones to delete when the limit is breached. GroundPreference: This is the % probability of nearby (up to 20nm with slight bia to > 0.5nm) ground traffic being deleted provided they do not already have clearance, or are shutting down after arrival. GroundPreference value determines the probability of excess aircraft being deleted from any airports within FS's "reality bubble" EXCEPT your departure and arrival airports. PlannedAirportsPreference: This allows you to set a separate % probability for deleting excess traffic at your planned airports of Departure and Arrival. For this to operate fully you need to have a plan loaded in FSX/P3D. AirportPreference: The gives the % probability of aircraft destined for one of the six nearest airports (including the one you may be on) being deleted if it is a candidate (i.e. furthest, or as determined by the other parameters. NearerPreference: This is the probability of deleting aircraft which are not necessarily the furthest away. With it set to anything above 0 the aircraft chosen for deletion might be anything from 20nm away. The idea of this is to give newly added aircraft in flight, spawned as usual at the far reaches of that “reality bubble”, a chance to follow their plans. If they are all set to 0 (the original defaults in a pre-release) then the only criteria used when deciding which to delete is the distance – furthest only, every time. TargetFrameRate: This facility, which defaults off (= 0) makes the limiter ignore the Traffic Limit value altogether, so not deleting any traffic, when the frame rate is greater or equal to the value given here (excepting when this is 0 which turns this facility off).
  3. So it's been a while since I've switched over from MT6 to UTL - just wondering if anyone can suggest which traffic optimizer is more efficient / effective with this addon? The traffic limiter within FSUIPC, or the freeware air traffic manager tool? And any combination of traffic limit settings you'd recommend for UTL + the limiter (I understand P3D needs to be set to 0 traffic with UTL). Thanks much
  4. Thanks much!
  5. One bit of clarification needed (I know there isn't a manual yet...!). What should the traffic density be set in P3D?
  6. What are the upgrade instructions? A reinstall over top? If I open my client, it still says "latest beta version available"
  7. Are you running a weather engine? Try enabling addons one at a time to see if it narrows down the culprit. Couple of questions / suggestions. - Make sure you are running P3D and all addons as an administrator (permissions can cause "hangs") - Any p3d.cfg tweaks? - Get the latest version of Samsung magician and disable rapid mode and over provisioning - Uninstall Intel RST if you have it (the native Win 10 drivers are better) - Latest bios and drivers? - Custom windows cache size? - Background processes / applications? - Spyware check? - CPU temps at load? - Have you considered more system RAM?
  8. 6 Core with HT on, which certainly helps with terrain loading (OC'd to 4.6 day-in day-out). No AM. Frames unlimited with Vsync @ 1/2 refresh rate. VFR and IFR. Cheers!
  9. You may have to think differently as far as AA. A higher resolution, or super-resolution (DSR) greatly reduces the need for applying SGSS, and has almost no performance hit in dense overcast. And with MSAA+MFAA (layered with DSR), shimmering should be controlled as well.
  10. You can even experiment with 4XMSAA + MFAA enabled (which should get you closer to 8XMSAA without the hit)...
  11. The beefiest gaming laptop you can find. It may be more cost effective to build up a PC...
  12. On my shopping list Rob ...hoping this will also help my foray into VR
  13. This thread is pure gold...for all our sakes, I do hope you keep going, Robert, and reach Steve's enlightened plane eventually...
  14. Another good test is ESSA from Orbx (fastlane may need to be enabled) - DL can be toggled on and off from the control panel to see how performance is affected.