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  1. Apparently the new driver has DX12 enhancements for big performance improvements in previous gen cards as well: https://www.neowin.net/news/nvidia-52225-whql-driver-has-rtx-4090-support-dx12-improvements-and-more/ Worth a test...
  2. Noticed this as well - much faster load than with AIG. And the soundet is phenomenal.
  3. Two things to try. In Windows Disk Cleanup, select and delete the DirectX Shader Cache. And inside the sim, delete any existing rolling cache (if you have it set).
  4. Open up the MS Store and update your apps. That triggered it for me.
  5. There was a new driver just released for Windows 11 yesterday under optional updates - you can see if that helps. Also update the Tobii Experience app in the MS Store.
  6. This reminded me...to the OP, take a look on YouTube or Twitch for the developer Q&As - lots of detailed and fascinating info on the inner working of the engine, as well as work on upcoming features.
  7. Make sure the sim is using the GTX and not the onboard iGPU. Also important to set the audio device to the correct one.
  8. All I’d say is you should make up your own mind rather than opinions in a thread. If it truly isn’t your cup of tea or if space is an issue, fair enough. As far as depth and difficulty, it is intended to be a fun tie-in but the challenges (particularly the low level flights) take skill to actually hit the mission completion goal of scoring an “A”. And the 30 minute cross-continent Darkstar mission feels like a Chuck Yeager experience if you get into it.
  9. Just tried the low level flight challenges - they work and are fun but sure aren’t easy to score high on the first few go arounds.
  10. have you tried deleting and rebuilding your rolling cache?
  11. Did you by chance install the latest Windows Update? Microsoft messed up the the setup and it uninstalls .NET 3.5 on some systems - run the Windows Features app and make sure .NET 3.5 is checked off.
  12. Agreed it does - only things to note that this only works in DX11 mode, and that it may not work as well in VR (as noted in the video).
  13. Love the atmospherics and your scores are always spot on...
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