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  1. I'm with the OP on this one - beyond just an amazing sim, this is absolutely a technology demonstrator for Microsoft (the amount of press this is getting outside of sim community is astounding). As others have noted, the tech to generate realistic intonations and even accents is already there, and owned by Microsoft, so it would be much better if integrated into the core. It would be a real shame if every youtube video showcasing the sim was jarringly brought back to 2006 once the ATC kicked in... Why this discussion is great is because we know Asobo is listening - so it's a pretty unique time to get long-standing wishlist items addressed, be it ATC voices, or the realistic size of a Japanese maple...🙃
  2. There may be moaning about some of the varietals though...😄
  3. Just wait for the exact polar opposite (and hyperbolic) posts from the same user once the sim releases...
  4. He sounds like a know-it-all "guru" trying to get clicks for his YouTube link...
  5. The google version has color correction applied to it and looks terribly artificial. The MSFS data also looks to be sourced from late-spring / summer satellite imagery and is pretty accurate (been there many / many times).
  6. That's a pretty cool idea actually! Or forest fire smoke also affected by wind direction...
  7. Ah the infamously supportive Avsim community...hope you're able to get in for the sneak peek Mr. Boeing.
  8. Great post Paul - I'm sure your sentiment and excitement mirrors that of many others on here. p.s. just make sure you upgrade your ram to 32GB 😉
  9. Perhaps you should have stuck to Flight...
  10. What we're seeing is two diverging paths - P3D being evolutionary, with backward compatibility (which many asked for) and where "ways of doing things" remain the same. The other is obviously evolutionary which breaks from the past, and that's the way it should be. That said, neither are mutually exclusive and there should be plenty of room on a hard drive until we're spending more time in one than the other...
  11. Anyone bashing the LM developers has obviously never directly interacted with them on their forums...the Asobo crew are absolutely doing the right thing with engagement, but they weren't the first.
  12. The Logitech G940 is brilliant as well...great thread as we absolutely could use a fresh injection of next-gen FF products on the market.
  13. I'm actually all-in for first-party high quality DLCs...
  14. Apologies if this has already been posted https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-flight-simulator-tech-alpha-2-in-final-testing-phase-feedback-snapshot-revealed
  15. This is a huge one for me. Getting the ambient sound environment right at a busy airport would be incredible.
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