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  1. Just had the same issue over the last few hours. After looking through the forums, found a suggestion to try launching the sim through the xbox app (rather than the shortcut on the start bar I had created) - that seems to have worked, but I no longer get the "launching game" splash screen before the Asobo one...strange.
  2. Awesome - glad to hear! Wonder what the root cause is, but at least there is a workaround...
  3. This had worked in the past for me when an update was stalling (the file will be in the flight sim "Official" subdirectory): https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/discussion-poll-sim-update-iv-1-16-2-0/404645#what-should-i-do-if-the-update-seems-to-stall-or-stop-downloading-10
  4. One important note abut Dev mode is that your flight hours aren't logged...just something you should know if you're a completionist 🙂
  5. Any word on when this will finally be available on the Marketplace?
  6. You do know that Asobo contract Orbx directly for internal work...
  7. What are your exact hardware specs (including controllers and any other USB devices). What overclock are you running? Apart from Navigraph, what other addons are installed? Windows Event Viewer stores a log of crashes.
  8. It's more like one drunk yelling at the bartender and everyone else rolling their eyes...
  9. There's a reason most of the productive chats on development work and new freeware is over on the official forums...
  10. yes the rudder inputs on the ground are "questionable"...if that's how the real aircraft behaved, the Luftwaffe would have had the skies to themselves...
  11. If Aerosoft gave us their OV10, it would be an amazing platform for sightseeing...
  12. Godspeed Mr. Cheese. Not my my machine, but KPDK Dekalb-Peachtree is another performance black-hole (has been prior to SU/WU3 and seems to be a repeatable use-case). Could you please give that a try?
  13. INCREDIBLE work Steve and team...every single build almost feels like a new major version! Thanks so much again 🍻
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