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  1. DylanM

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    You keep up the pressure for us Bert! 😊
  2. DylanM

    Canadian Airports

    Agreed - their bundle-only model is asinine. I can just imagine the increase in revenue they'd get if they offered individual airports.
  3. DylanM

    Uh oh. I just joined the P3D club. ;)

    Fantastic that you're having a blast! If you're trying to squeeze out performance in any specific scenarios, try playing with the dynamic lighting, dynamic reflections and SSAA options as they are some of the heavy hitters...
  4. DylanM

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    Love the post Stan. You're right - sometimes you do have to get out and smell the ATF...😊
  5. DylanM

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Couldn't agree more. Going to my single 43" 4K panel has been transformative, and I'm kicking myself I didn't do it sooner (a multi-monitor setup would be just as amazing though...)
  6. THAT is just unbelievable! Wow - engines sure have come a long way.
  7. As above ^^ ... allowing for a new terrain engine where mountain textures aren't stretched across the mesh.
  8. Hi Harry, I'm currently on 411.63 but was using 399.24. I use 4XMSAA + MFAA (which equates to 8XMSAA at roughly the hit of 4X) on a 43" 4K panel running 3840x2160.
  9. The new drivers improve MFAA+MSAA as well...
  10. DylanM


    lol! I can just imagine their market research sessions, Ron! It does sound like a bit of a gimmick but if there's ever a use case for one of these, it'd be a flight sim...
  11. Anyone try this with P3D / XP? 😉 https://www.whirlwindfx.com/pages/about-html
  12. DylanM

    Made the Switch from FSX, now What?

    None here...so YMMV...
  13. DylanM

    How I fixed my Stutters... A theory

    Memory bandwidth and timings can have a significant impact on sim smoothness. The trick is to try and get them as fast / tight as possible with a solid overclock. It is fairly easy to test the impact as you can downclock the settings to see how much worse the sim can run based on these two variables...
  14. DylanM

    Switch of SLI 970 for GTX1080TI (driver)

    Don't forget to clear your shaders after the card and driver install!
  15. DylanM

    New GeForce RTX DLSS AA and P3D

    Or comment on how terrible our approach angles were...😅