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  1. Alright folks - let's try and get back on track to helping Tom. Tom, the Windows team also has a too to diagnose and correct programs installing or uninstalling. Can you see it it detects the issues with your P3D install? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
  2. Jazzfan and Maddog were right on the money with ASCA...
  3. Check out the FAQ: http://prepar3d.com/frequently-asked-questions/
  4. Love this addon - thanks for the heads up Michael.
  5. I'm actually surprised more folks from our forums here don't also post up issues and feature requests on the LM forums - it really is incredible getting knowledgeable and insightful feedback, sometimes straight from the devs...
  6. Apparently road and AI traffic has been significantly optimized as well.
  7. Really interesting comment from JV on performance (can't wait to test this out...): "Forget VAS and OOMs, and FPS is excellent (see the FPS counters in some shots above with all sliders maxxed). Furthermore, AI and road traffic has been super optimised without no FPS impact so you can roads and skies filled to the brim."
  8. I'm quite sure 32 of those 64 bits are pretty new from scratch...
  9. Something may be wrong with your setup Awf - better resource usage on my systems (including an older HTPC and Surface).
  10. Agreed - certainly a performance bump (with the new OS version + 381.65 driver).
  11. Would love to hear how it compares to MyTraffic in terms of performance, model quality, etc.? Does it have a built in "traffic optimizer"?
  12. Agreed. Back on topic - I really hope the folks who meet the devs post back here on their interactions (though I won't hold my breath about any leaks...!).
  13. It is great to have a second stable sim as a go-to. I'll be jumping in to V4 when it comes out, but will be using it as a "preview" until the addons I like are officially supported, and I find I have less and less pull to jump back to V3...it'll be a while!
  14. Which sim are you currently running Jim?
  15. That's likely the reason Orbx have made it publicly known that they will not be charging an upgrade fee to V4...makes it somewhat easier for us fence sitters in the interim...