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  1. May try that HP suggestion. I have a link to HP solutions, might be something there. Thanks everyone
  2. Thanks to all for the various suggestions. Will give them a try. I did try the MS repair facility but it was beyond it's capabilities. BTW my allusion to 6 hours of phone calls was due to the fact that my system is running a ssd 250gb and a 1tb hdd. The msfs had been loaded onto the ssd for speed etc. but due to the size of the sim I ended up with 9gb left and an upgrade to install that would have overrun that. So being a bit nieve I thought perhaps I can get all the fs stuff transferred from the ssd (drive C) to the hdd (drive D) so I contacted ms and was patched through to Cairo. The guy I spoke to said it would be tricky but could be done and he started off at 5.30 our time. After almost 2 hours and having given him control of my pc he said job done. Sure enough it seemed ok. But next day I tried it and I couldn't get the fs to work at all. However he had given me a job number and said to quote that and I would be put through straight to him. I tried that and ended up speaking to a young lady in Nigeria. We went through the whole procedure again (2 hours of it) and she said it's ok now, and it was, it worked like a dream. Fs here I come. Guess what, next day back to square one. To cut a long story short I got back to ms then Nigeria again (different lady) and we did another 2 hours torture. Anyway, since then it has worked but only if I start windows, then without doing anything else I restart windows it works. But if I try to start msfs without doing a restart first it's no go. Hope I haven't bored you too much with my tale of woe but it makes you wonder how these things work.
  3. HI all. Don't know if I'm just unlucky but I've had quite a few problems with msfs 2020. My present problem, which I am sure one of you knowledgeable guys might be familiar with is that since I did the recent upgrade for msfs every time I fire up the computer I get error messages. Two are the same and they say "OmenCommandCenterBackground.exe - Application Error. Application Started Incorrectly (0xc0000135)". The third one says "Yolk_Profiler.exe - Application Error. The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000135) I'm running an Omen computer BTW . If you can help me with this one I'll tell you why I spent 6 hours on the telephone talking to Cairo and Nigeria about msfs problems! Thanks in advance. Fred
  4. Fredav


    Hi Chock Thanks for the welcome. Just going to follow your links. Cheers
  5. Fredav


    Hi Stans Thanks for the welcome. I think I'll like it here.
  6. Hi all have just joined this forum so please bear with me. I was wondering if it would be possible to alter the generic aircraft liveries of airport aircraft. I did purchase a livery addon, but that was for the aircraft you were flying, not those parked at airports. Your wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks
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