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  1. I guess what I'm wondering is if flying at night with DL on is worth $1300(including taxes and shipping)Canadian...since I'm using a 1440 monitor it seems like a hard pill to swallow. My 1070 paired with my 6700k at 4.7 is giving me 45-60 (vsync on) pretty much anywhere.
  2. I wonder if going from a 1070 to a 2080 would be worth it. Presently DL is unusable for me at 1440p with 4SSAA. This is the minimum AA I can tolerate, since for the most part it gives me a really good picture quality. I'm also running with very low settings in the reflections and shadows category. I'm also not running very high res clouds, but looks acceptable to me. I'm running a 6700k at 4.7, with 8GB of DDR4 3000 RAM. Cheers
  3. For those who are looking to enhance many airports in Canada, Simaddons is having a 33% sale on scenery packs.
  4. Darryl Sheppard was working for ACE a while ago. I'm not sure if he's still there. A couple of years ago he was planning to turn around the bad customer service....apparently that didn't work. His FB I got a 737 desktop yoke from them about 18 months ago. It's still working great. I guess I was one of the lucky few.
  5. I just wanted to post a quick message to express my high satisfaction with my experience dealing with Virtual Avionics. I had a very small issue with a recently purchased EFIS. In no time Vitor and Ricardo had the issue resolved in the most professional way. Not only they provide fantastic products, they also support them. I can definitely recommend considering them if you're in the market for an EFIS/MCP combo Richard Simoneau
  6. flytrumpet767

    Get your modules now!

    Thank you for this info. I'm definitely going to check this out. Are you also planning to have radio modules for sale at some point too? Speaking of those radios, are they allowing you to tune both Nav 1 and 2 and Com 1 and 2? Thanks
  7. flytrumpet767

    Get your modules now!

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I already ordered from dix30, and will receive the bundle Wednesday, (I'm in Canada, so it's very convenient that they carry your products) The positive thing is I will be able to once again enjoy this fantastic hardware that you built. The negative thing is that I would have really liked to get a support stand as well, since I will use it as a stand alone, and not in a MIP. Thanks again
  8. flytrumpet767

    Get your modules now!

    For those interested in getting the mcp and efis, dix30 simulations in Montreal has them in stock. Good prices too.
  9. flytrumpet767

    Get your modules now!

    Apparently nobody wants to take my money...Filled the form on Monday, haven't heard anything since. That's fine, other people make hardware.
  10. flytrumpet767

    Get your modules now!

    Definitely interested. I had this kit previously, but sold it last year. I regretted it ever since. Really nice piece of hardware,
  11. I'm contemplating that very same TV. Your comments on it are very encouraging. If only Best buy would put it on sale soon...
  12. I tend to agree. A couple of months ago I tried a Samsung Odyssey for a few weeks. I ended up returning it because of the lower resolution (I presently use a 2K 34 inch UW wide monitor), but the experience of being in a full scale cockpit can't be beat. Maybe I'll wait to see what the Pimax 8K will bring.
  13. Hi guys. Quick question. What size 4K TV/monitor should I get to see the gauges/displays of the PMDG NGX, for example,as close as possible to real life size? Thanks