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  1. flytrumpet767

    Gtx 1070 to 2080

    I will. It will be paired with a 9700k, should be a decent upgrade for sure.
  2. Keep us posted 😀 My Odyssey ahould arrive tomorrow, unfortunately it doesn’t look like the last component for my new build will arrive until next Tuesday...which means a late Wednesday test is more likely. Going to be a long week.
  3. flytrumpet767

    8X SS A new Fan

    MS is multi sampling Anti Aliasing, SS is super sampling. SS gives you a much clearer image quality, but at a performance cost. The better the video card, the lesser the cost.
  4. flytrumpet767

    8X SS A new Fan

    This is very encouraging to know, with my current machine I had to resort to 8MSAA with dl on. But the shimmering was pretty annoying. I'm happy that my 2080 will allow me to use 4SSAA and not loose too much performance.
  5. flytrumpet767

    8X SS A new Fan

    My guess is with dynamic lights this AA setting would be a major fps killer.
  6. flytrumpet767

    Noctua coolers question

    Thanks! Kryonaut was on sale at Newegg, and free shipping, so I ordered a tube.Would different fans on the D14 make a big difference over the present ones?
  7. flytrumpet767

    8X SS A new Fan

    Something to look forward to when the 2080 and new components show up. But what about DL?
  8. Good call on posting on the LM forum. It should answer your questions. I wonder what changed in that respect since 4.3, as operating the switches worked perfectly, although a little tricky.
  9. I definitely share your enthusiasm about the vr experience, and I really hope to make it work. I agree with you that there has to be a way to use the white cursor to interact with the cockpit in 4.4, as it was in 4.3. For the white box in PMDG, I thought I read a post that mentioned altering some file to take care of it. Hopefully Newegg ships my stuff soon so I can start experimenting.
  10. For flyinside you definitely have to use the controllers, and like you, I would prefer using the mouse. Which is why I didn’t purchase their product, and stayed with the native P3D vr. Plus, I’m not sure, but I think flyinside hasn’t updated the product for 4.4 yet.I felt the little white cursor worked reasonably well in v4.3. That would not be good if this option wasn’t working anymore in 4.4. I guess I will have to try and see. The good thing is I have 30 days to return the Odyssey.
  11. I did try flyinside, the demo, and honestly didn’t really like it. For me the native P3D vr was better. Somewhat less awkward. I guess I will have to give it a shot when my new pc is built. That would be disappointing if v4.4 went backwards in that aspect. That being said, from what I’ve seen so far, other sims will definitely be more vr friendly than p3d. Which causes a dilemma as the PMDG planes are my go to addons. Thanks for the video
  12. flytrumpet767

    Noctua coolers question

    Thanks Martin. Better fans could definitely be a good compromise. What about thermal paste for the 9700k? I have a tube of deep cool z5, but not sure if I should use it on this cpu.
  13. I’m very interested in your findings. Could be a deal breaker as I mainly fly the PMDG planes. I seem to remember with my short time with the original Odyssey and P3D V4.3 that I was able to reset the cockpit position using a button assignment, and I was also able to interact with everything in the cockpit using the little white circle. Typing on the FMC was a bit of a pain, but still doable.
  14. flytrumpet767

    Noctua coolers question

    Merci Normand, i have come to the same conclusion regarding the cooler. As far as thermal paste, I wonder if the conductonaut would be overkill with the 9700k. Maybe artic silver would be fine.