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  1. word not allowed is a word not allowed? ******* christ…I think I’m out
  2. word not allowed, I wasn’t going to get it as I’m mostly a 737 guy, but now I have no choice 😃 . I flew on a few red AC A 320s
  3. There should be, it was there in the P3D version.
  4. Took 5 minutes from cart to my PC. I guess I was lucky.
  5. No worries...it was just another "impersonator"
  6. Speaking of Simbrief and PMDG 737. I can't recommend enough Emmanuel's YT channel. (2) 737NG Driver - YouTube Absolutely fantastic stuff.
  7. SimBrief.com - Virtual Flight Planning Solutions Really great website.
  8. What Steve said. When I first decided that I wanted to learn to fly airliners in a more realistic way back in the fs2004 days (it was the LDS 767 that finally made me jump), it definitely was intimidating. But I followed tutorials and researched as much as I could. One book that was incredibly helpful was this one https://www.utem.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=20 Everything you need to get started is in there. Highly recommended.
  9. How the word not allowed can you be undecided? You either want a 737 or a A320 or something else.And if you don’t know, you do your research. But you sure as hell don’t go into a purchase like this undecided. Come on. This is getting ridiculous.
  10. I would still go for the one that brings me more enjoyment, which is worth a Starbucks latte 😃
  11. They made it very clear in November 2019 that your purchase of the NGXU would 100% go towards the MSFS version. Some of us will benefit (me) some of us won’t. That’s how life works. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  12. Well, if the price difference is a Starbucks Latte, I guess I’ll go with the plane that I think will bring me the most enjoyment.
  13. $5 really? I’m sorry, but the price of a Starbucks coffee has no influence on a flightsim addon purchase for me. If you can’t afford a $5 price difference between addons, you’re in the wrong hobby. How much was your GPU? edit: I will get the 737-700 and 737-800, thanks to my NGXU credit. But I’m definitely considering the Fenix 320 as well. Regardless of how they price their airplane. It’s their right to price it as they wish to get fair compensation for the work they put in.
  14. Not kind of, the only one. Flytampa has been sleeping at the wheel after a tease way more than a year ago.
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