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  1. I've had this once. Could it be either the sound file (wheel screech) or visual effect (tire puff) missing or not pre-rendered/cached? Only once for me has this happened. Good luck on sorting it out.
  2. I have to disagree here. To say it doesn't come up to A2A standards or even PMDG's own standards is not something I'm seeing. I have the A2A Connie and the other (all) PMDG aircraft. So, I'm not just blowing smoke. The only thing that 'doesn't work' is the legacy radio stack. This has been explained above. Everything else is modeled; down to the icing protection systems, hydraulics and fuel system. In fact, it's greatly pleasing to see that all the systems are modeled. No modern autopilot strapped on. No fuel levers that don't really do anything. You know what I mean... I believe it is right on par with the best A2A and PMDG have to offer. Are there things I'd like to see improved in the future? Sure. We always have a wishlist. Personally, I think the model is beautiful inside and out. I'm having a lot of fun learning an archaic and, from a modern point of view, quirky aircraft. It handles just as I expected it might. I have real time in DC-3 and Convair aircraft. These are similar to the DC-6 in terms of the wing and empennage. I love it. I understand that PMDG doesn't need me to defend or explain for them; they do a fine job there. We're all entitled to voicing our opinion. And they're all valid within reason. I just couldn't let such statements go unchallenged.
  3. Goodness, what have we come to? Anyway..awesome pics Kyle. That's a beauty.
  4. I re-read this section today, so I'm slightly informed. So, I'll try. 1st, the diagram (figure 20) on page 57 is missing some red on some lines. This makes it confusing. Same thing with figure 21 on page 58, but only on the top example. The crossfeed lines are not red even though they are active. With that out of the way, if you're flying longer flights, you'll want to adjust fuel feeds. Normally, it shouldn't be necessary to use crossfeed. See the paragraph on page 57 Normal and Cross-Ship Fuel Cross-Feed Operation. On long to moderate flights, you'll need to use up the Alternate tank fuel. To use up the fuel in the alternate tanks, simply move the fuel select lever to Alt On and monitor the fuel gauge to determine when to switch back to the mains. Turn on the fuel pumps to low when switching. Happy flying.

    Thanks for the info. Great aircraft there at A2A.
  6. very nice. i've been thinking about which routes i should use the dc-6 on. this looks like a good one.
  7. Nice article. It really rings true, for me.
  8. I reloaded and all went well. I'll do as you suggest and turn on notifications. I wonder if I was idling at too low of an RPM and had poor oil pressure... It's really nice to have realistic modeling. A2A has this too, as you know. I set the engine on fire on my first flight in the Comanche.
  9. I've had 1 CTD right at touchdown. And, about the realistic engine starts: After the CTD, I tried again to do a quick ILS approach. I started on the runway cold and dark. #2 started at first. Then as I was getting ready for takeoff, I noticed #2 was dead. #2 engine won't start again. I tried over and over. I tried the 'ready for taxi' option. I've looked at the maintenance page. Nothing there. I repaired the engine too. Still, no dice. Is this by design? Vapor lock? It wasn't hot or high altitude. Wierd.
  10. Another nice thing, they seem to be releasing updates too. No to mention updating for P3Dv4. Good on them and Carenado.
  11. I have some information on this. I too was having the same issue: my texture resolution setting wouldn't stick. Would always get 'demoted to one notch lower. Now, this is with P3Dv4, but it sounds the same. I can't take credit other than using Google. Here's the thread in the P3D forums. What it boils down to is having a/some A2A aircraft selected in the default flight. Doing this messes with your graphics settings. Who knew? Since I changed the default aircraft back to a stock aircraft, the problem, for me, is gone. Hope this helps anyone having this issue.
  12. I have both. As others have said: too early to give a definitive view. I'd say they are similar in a number of ways. These are my top 2 developers and I think all their products are great. I'd say, if you like one, you'll like the other. The Captain of the sky feature is a lot of fun, in the Connie. I love the banter and grunting from the FO and flight attendant. The career mode is cool too. Yeah. They're both great. If you can live without going 385 knots, they should be in your hanger.
  13. Another question: In the tutorial #1, a flight plan is mentioned. (PMDG DC-6 Tutorial #1 KPDX-KSEA) Does this exist and if so, where?
  14. Tried it again with no fsuipc mapped controls. No difference... Oh well. At least I'm flying the '6'. Edit: Well, I looked at some other aircraft and they're not performing either. So, looks like it is something else. Maybe the updated ASP4 or ASCA or something. I'll check back if I figure anything out.