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  1. I fully support FSFX efforts to make the CP product better. They have done a wonderful job and the new features are coming along very well. Jack, If you don't like change then you shouldn't be using a product which is fully in a development mode. I mean this sincerely and without any malice. This is a hobby in full flux and thank goodness for that. CP will go through many more changes, I predict. Complaining about changes may tend to hinder their efforts and perhaps they might hesitate when a change for the good is needed. (although I doubt this is the case...rock on, FSFX!)
  2. Thanks for this. Enjoy your new rig.
  3. Sorry, a link to the software download. I don't suppose the software itself has an update link...i'll check... Update: Nope, it doesn't.
  4. Would someone post a line to the training software? For some reason, I can't locate it.
  5. I bought this through a Steam sale. I don't suppose there's anyway to use it in P3Dv4... I really like it. And do miss it.
  6. Although this is a buried thread, I wanted to update on something to do with the above settings. I had been flying the Majestic D-8 exclusively since its release for P3Dv4. Really nice... However, I returned to the FSL A320 and found my frames tanked as soon as I turned up the cockpit lights. The A320 employes their own lighting system; Spotlights, I think. Anyway, I was unable to 'fix' this until I remembered the NI settings. TLDR; using the Transparency Supersampling = 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling setting crushed my frames when using this aircraft, or for you maybe, any aircraft using the Spotlights add-on. After returning NI to no settings changed, all is well.
  7. Here's what I'm using: FXAA - Off 4xMSAA Anisotropic 8x 2560x1440 Resolution As far as the advice in this post: Antialiasing mode - Enhance Application setting Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling = 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling I tried and removed the: Antialiasing - Setting = 4xS [Combined: 1x2 SS + 2x MS (D3D only)] This was giving me some strange lighting effects in the VC. All this was tried on my maximum environment: Orbx NCa, Flightbeam KSFO using the FSL A320X Airbus with fog and cumulus clouds. I haven't been tweaking much, as I'm really happy with things in P3D, but I saw this post and thought I'd try them. I was seeing some texture flashing when looking towards the terminal.
  8. Thanks for this. It seems to have improved and maybe solved my shimmering textures and aliasing without killing my frame rate.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know the significance of a blinking localizer deviation scale? During a LIFR approach the Localizer was centered, but blinking. I didn't have any errors on the ECAS. It was very low visibility so I couldn't tell if I was actually following the localizer. Went around and bailed out. Sorry to ask such questions here, but this is where I feel at home. Also, is there access to Airbus FCOM volumes somewhere on the web? I'd be happy (sorta) to find the answer myself. After an additional search of Google I found this: Localizer and Glide Slope Deviation scales These scales will appear when the ILS/LS pb on the EFIS control panel is selected. The deviation symbols (diamond shapes) appear when a valid signal is received. When the localizer or glideslope is deflected full scale, half of the deviation symbol appears at the end of the scale in the direction of the localizer or glide slope. The localizer scale will flash continuously if deviation exceeds 1/4 dot for two seconds above 15 feet RA. The glide slope scale will flash continuously if the deviation exceeds one dot for two seconds above 100 feet RA. The localizer and glide slope half indices flash continually when the deviation exceeds two dots for two seconds. One dot represents a deviation of ± 0.8° on the localizer scale and ± 0.4° on the glide slope scale. Feel free to delete, mod, if this is too silly.
  10. Navigraph Charts for Desktop features a moving map now.
  11. Thank you, gents. This will set me on my way. I'll check back in when I find a solution. Thanks Chock, Yeah, E+1 or w/e disables the control. So, with a little practice, this will do the trick.
  12. Hello, I've been enjoying simulating failures in the A320. I have a question: How can I retard a single throttle? Or can I... I have a single axis throttle controller (CH Pro Throttle) and I'm using FSUIPC. When I simulate an engine failure, I am directed to reduce engine X throttle to idle. I use the mouse to drag the throttle, but it simply bounced back to match the controller position. Does anybody have a suggestion, short of not using my controller? Thanks,
  13. Right now, only the DC-6. The Jetstream screen shots showed a GPS, I think. So maybe that one.
  14. Nice shots. I just finished a KCIC to KSFO in the Dash 8 and it was much fun. Nice to have her back. I can safely remove P3Dv3 now...