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  1. Yeah. After watching some streamers who I respect in terms of actually knowing left from right, the pitch moment is ridiculous. I had planned on giving this a punt until I saw this behavior. Some devs can and some can't, apparently. A2A can. PMDG can. Fenix can. JustFlight can. Adjusting pitch sensitivity isn't a solution to this.
  2. For me, I have it set to Realistic. To set: depress brakes and lift handle. To release: depress brakes and release (the brakes). Something changed with braking in MSFS a couple of updates ago and it can get "confused". I've found that pumping the brakes usually fixes the stuck brake issue, in general.
  3. I was expecting to see a post concerning the sound scape provided with the new PMDG 777-300ER as there's been a murmur of discontent with the sounds heard here and there. Since there isn't one (that I can see) I thought I'd start one. My impression is that the sounds are very good, overall. There's a variety of little rattles and other subtle bits here and there. The hydraulic system's sounds are super. The ambiance in the cockpit seems really well done. My only doubt has to do with engine sounds when in a external view. They seems kinda thin and lacking in the lower frequency end of things; not much roar. Again, I think they did a super job on the audio front and with the aircraft in general. Absolutely my favorite MSFS aircraft. Now, I've never flown in or on a real 777, so this is just an impression and is based on not much. But, I did wonder what others think about the sounds, overall. What say you?
  4. Consider yourself lucky 😉 I'm still waiting for email for more than an hour. All good though. Off to dinner and a nap. Update: K-okay. It took 2:40 mins, but got the email with the D/L link. Then another 20min faffing around with getting the download to work. These guys....it's like their a family member or something. Love then while hating them.
  5. Sorry for being dense. Is this topic about the lossless program available on Steam? If so, when the product page says the program being upscaled must be in windowed mode is this correct? Thanks
  6. Was hoping they'd announce soon and here we go. Great to hear.
  7. My opinion is the C414 is much better than the other two you mention. The main differences are the sounds and flight model are superior. If you want to try a BlackSquare aircraft, I'd suggest one/both of the Dukes.
  8. Good to know I'm not crazy...er...disregard.
  9. I'm seeing Marketplace unavailable when starting the sim. Anyone else seeing this? I was wanting to have a look at the popular aircraft sale and poof...no marketplace. <apology>Sorry for the hijack, but didn't want to start a new thread just to complain</apology>
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