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  1. Interesting...I wonder if they re-enabled support. I have a PS5 controller and it used to work. I'll have to check. Thanks
  2. ...and contrary to a suggestion above, Playstation controllers no longer work with MSFS.
  3. If you define travel as leaving and arriving, then no. The calculations I've seen suggest that with a 1G acceleration/deceleration model, even the closest stars would take a really long time. Probably beyond a single adult lifetime.
  4. There's yet another update. This one has an updated manual. Perhaps it has a limitations section? I haven't read it...
  5. Yes. It's very tiresome to always and without fail see the usual suspects doing their moral outrage act. -sigh- Would be nice to read about something/anything about PMDG without this hysteria. I suspect after seeing Fenix EFB they've decided to try to match what Fenix has accomplished. At least that's my guess.
  6. Can't get in either. A first for me. I get a message like "Unable to bla-bla License bla-bla". Too hot to fly anyway...
  7. I looked for this and couldn't find any trace. Could you provide a link to the files or the discussion? Thanks
  8. Another item I've heard mentioned by Boeing drivers: Above 250 knots the speed brake is more affectual than below 250 knots. Here's another speed brake note: With the Airbus, the speed brake will only deploy 1/2 of full extent with the autopilot on. Another one: The speed brake on the BEA 146 looks funny.
  9. Not wrong. I've noticed this in other piston engine models; the MP should increase. The fuel burn shouldn't change much at all. For example, say you change RPM from 2700 to 2500 at 2,000ft, the MP should increase about 2-4 inches. This is why you reduce power before reducing RPM...in general. Not a hard-fast rule. Also, it is hopeless.
  10. Sky Dolly is good. The reproduction of flight controls, control surfaces seems to depend on the aircraft. For example, with the FSW 414 it captures pretty much everything. However, it does not work with the A320 by Fenix (I suspect that's because of the external program used with this aircraft). I've looked at FlightControlReplay and it seems to work well, if you can learn how to use it. OTOH, I've watch tutorial streams where it crashed itself and MSFS repeatedly. Maybe better now? The stream was from 6 months ago.
  11. RE: The climb rate. For what it's worth, I've heard one of the airbus pilot steamers comment that the climb performance is a little higher than real life for a given weight and temperature combination. For me, it's really great...the aircraft.
  12. Anyone know if it now works with the pushback plugin? [can't recall the name of the module/plugin]
  13. I'm curious about the engines sounds myself. I've never been near a A320, but I was surprised at the WaaaWaaaWaaa engine sounds in the cockpit. Reminds me of the 'Airplane' movie where the 707 or whatever it was was accompanied by big radial sounds with every outside shot.
  14. Good review. I've had some issues and performance is somewhat problematic. But, for a first attempt and initial release, Fenix has done themselves proud. Looking forward to new models and future updates.
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