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  1. Haha, Chock. Good one. Some good ideas here. I don't know the future of flight simming (or anything.) But, I know what I'd like to see someday; realistic ATC with dynamic or real-time based air traffic, better atmospheric (fluid dynamics) modeling and airsickness module! The visuals are plenty good enough as they are. Yeah, they'll improve as computing power increases and changes are made to take advantage of existing computing power we have now. But, the real improvement, in my fevered mind, should be made to the missing pieces of the aviation experience.
  2. I just finished another flight. I simulated a check ride: normal takeoff, cruise, slow flight, stalls and full flap landing. Strangely, I didn't experience the wing drooping this time. I needed to adjust the rudder trim as you might expect. No extraordinary control inputs were needed. I found that the flight characteristics were exactly what I would expect. In fact, very nice indeed. I didn't use or turn on the AP or YD. I can't explain why this flight didn't have the roll tendency of the first flight.
  3. I noticed this too. I grabbed this aircraft with the sale price; I kept reading how nice it is and all. It seemed to sort itself out after turning on the YD...I think. Only flew it for an hour last night.

    And, at the Alabeo site too. Not advertised, but the prices reflect a sale. Give them some love and buy from their site, if you can.
  5. Thanks, PMDG, for the Independance livery. Really great to fly President Truman's private aircraft!
  6. Glad to hear this simaddict. It's good to hear that you're happy with your AMD based system. I'm on the long final to upgrade my computer and I'm really no closer to deciding now than I was a year ago.
  7. Looks very nice. I already have the 320 in P3D (at least as soon as FSL releases the V4 version) and it's one of my top aircraft, so I'll not be in the market. Good news for XP exclusive flyers. The Airbus is a lot of fun and not Boeing (for a change.)
  8. I too see this occasionally. What I've found is that either unplugging my CH stuff or unplugging/switching off the power supply on my computer will foul up my controllers. Meaning, I have to recalibrate them...all three. I don't know why this is the case, but it is.
  9. Wonderful news. Hooray for PMDG.
  10. The first flight I recall was in a Comanche 250 in, I think, 1961. The flight was from El Paso to Indianapolis and back. My father was flying and my mother, sister and myself were along for the ride. He thought, I guess, that flying himself was better than driving and commercial flight was too expensive in those days for a family of four. He was a USAF pilot and, at that time, getting a private certificate was pretty much a check ride and oral exam, if you were a military pilot. This makes flying the A2A Comanche pretty special for me. Funny, but the thing I remember the most is watching him crank the trim handle and my mother being in a state of constant panic.
  11. Thanks for the update. Hopefully, you'll continue to occasionally update us here at Avsim. I refuse to even look at FB.
  12. P3DV4

    Thanks Martin, that did the trick. I need to get better at searching; I looked but didn't find anything.
  13. P3DV4

    Here goes... XtremePrototypes doesn't seem to have a forum here or anywhere. So, I'd like to ask here, if I may, for some help adding both the GTN750 and GTN650 to the VC. I have the 750 installed and working, but I can't figure out the 650. There looks to be the perfect amount of space below the 750 but I can't decipher the coordinates for the 'gauge' line. Here's what I have so far: // First optional panel ------------------------------------ [Vcockpit03] Background_color=36,36,36 size_mm=1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 // no_luminous=1 texture=$GLJ25_02_G_C //gauge00=Lear_45_XML!PFD,248,119,536,800 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750,248,119,536,525,UNIT1.VC gauge01=F1GTN!GTN650,773,119,536,184,UNIT1.VC Any help is appreciated.
  14. P3DV4

    Thanks for the answer. I'm reading the manual now and I see my answer there too. Edit: And BTW, nice shots OP. This really is a great update. I think I have a new favorite aircraft.
  15. P3DV4

    Is the OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 config entry still required in P3Dv4? I don't really mind changing it, but I've been really liking not having to tweak the config files in V4.