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  1. I have it. It's great--even as a early access product. I've been solely a DCS person for some months now. This is a sweet addition.
  2. Cool. If I only had unlimited time and money, I'd get one of those.
  3. There are many differences between fixed wing and rotorcraft. More differences than there are similarities. I would suggest beginning with understanding the different flight phases in helis. These are not similar to fixed wing aircraft. For example, the initial liftoff is maintaining directional (yaw) and not moving left and right, to and frowe (is this a word?). Liftoff and maintain a steady position. Learning this maneuver alone should keep you busy for some hours. Next is translating to forward flight. And, so on. Look for information on-line and what is included with some helicopters. Now, the bad news. P3D and FSX and not good at all in the helicopter sense. Just don't even bother. DCS World and X-Plane are my go-to platforms for rotorcraft fun. (DCS is having a 4-pack helicopter sale right now. I've been having a blast with the newly updated KA-50.) My primary tips would be well adjusted controllers and keep you eye on the horizon or out ahead of you, on a fixed object. By looking outside the aircraft, you can more easily judge your relative motion of you aircraft. Oh, and practice and understand this is a whole new animal. A challenge it is, but a very rewarding one.
  4. I'm really looking forward to the P-47 and the Marianas map. Good times ahead.
  5. I watched a portion of both of them. The sim looks very promising. The poster was clearly a douche. Couldn't fly and was a spaz throughout. I'm wondering if someone jacked someone's account or something...hard to believe 'that guy' would be picked for the preview.
  6. A year from now? Incomplete. Not released.
  7. Either the NGXu or the KA350i. Don't know which one till the time comes.
  8. I don't have any trouble using FSUIPC with the NGXu. That doesn't mean much, but there you go.
  9. Thanks for those who replied. I uninstalled the Wx Advantage and that fixed me up. I didn't install the new version (yet) and probably won't unless some other aircraft requires it. Thanks again.
  10. When I try to load up the Falcon 50, P3d closes and I get a brief message from Immersion Manager about not running in Administrator mode. Then, back to desktop. I'm running the latest P3Dv4.5 and have reinstalled the Falcon. I am running in admin mode. Other aircraft work just fine. I think this has something to do with the Weather Radar? Not a big deal, but with the discussion about which Biz Jet is best, I wanted to try all my biz jets. Any help would be appreciated. (so far, the Xtreme Prototypes' Lear 25 is winning the best of contest...)
  11. This happens to me sometimes. Usually, after a Windows update. Very frustrating. I don't have a sure-fire way to fix it. I go to the Power settings dialogs and change settings back and forth until it starts working again. Hi-tech methodology right there.
  12. I found the link where you should be able to get your downloads. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I tried it in P3D and found it to be 'cost free' in terms of FPS. I think it looks good. It seems the colors are a bit desaturated with it enabled, but I could just be imagining things. Here's how to do it, in case anyone wants to try it out.
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