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  1. After some more flying... My opinion is the RotateSim MD-80 has the upper-hand as of now. The sounds are much better. The engine dynamics are much better. The exterior model is much better. Systems-wise, it is hard to pick a winner. Both seem good. I really like the Maddog's touches here and there. Calling the ground crew is fun. The PNF call-outs are very nice too. I still favor the Maddog's VC and lighting. I don't know enough about the flight model of a MD-80 to know the difference. They are certainly comparable to each other. I couldn't tell any difference in taxiing or flying. They're both very good and it's great to have a MD-80 in P3D. For the initial release, I think Leonardo's done a great job. I have no regrets in buying the Maddog X. Now, back to ground school. The autopilot confuses the heck out of me.
  2. Kev, OK. Here's what I get at Edwards at idle: 1.025 EPR Good luck!
  3. I just wrote a long, thoughtful reply and this site bombed and it's all gone. lol I missed the detail about moving with the brake on. No, that's not right. Double-check your controller calibration. I'll post my idle EPR value at a given airfield and temperature. You could compare yours with that as a check to see if idle is idle for you.
  4. About the moving with brake depends on your gross weight, in my little bit of flying. Near MTOW, you won't move. If you're nearer to 100k lbs, you will move, which I think is great modeling. My take on this aircraft after a very little time is positive. I have the RotateSim version too, so I wasn't completely lost and was able to get airborn...weee. I think it is a better looking aircraft in the VC than the RotateSim version by a large margin. The Rotate version has the upper hand externally, but just by a bit. The sound. Yeah, I'm not liking the sound, but perhaps they'll work on that or a 3rd party sound pack will become available. Frame rates are interesting, in that initially they were kinda low, but as time went on, they improved. All while just sitting on the ground. I don't know how that could be, but after about 10 minutes I had very good frame rates on the ground at EDDM payware with snow and dawn lighting. This was with High VC textures, High TrueGlass and medium TrueLights. Going to fly some more and see what's what.
  5. I see it too. When switching on the flood light or getting too close to a panel or moving the camera when close to a panel. Nothing special here. No inspector settings. The lights utility set to medium. Interior textures set to high. Really nice aircraft btw. Oh, and refresh rate is 60 Mhz with unlocked fps in my P3D settings. My resolution is 2560x1440.
  6. I think I see a gap in there. Flight Ops says: "Give it a try".
  7. I usually don't purchase anything before it is released and reviewed. In this case, I made an happy exception. Really looking forward to this one. I've admired the F/A-18 since the first time I saw one. And I have even more admiration following a Blue Angels airshow. What an aircraft.
  8. Thanks for the information. Would this update be something that you wouldn't need unless you're having issues with your SSDs?
  9. I would ask if you disabled antivirus during install. And, if you have made the C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons and C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files as excluded folders in your AV. I have the same kind of problem when I didn't do these two things.
  10. I just updated the A320 to the new version. Although I did not do extensive testing, I can say I didn't see any improvement to frame rates. I believe I saw a slight decrease in FPS. Now, this was not a scientific test and, probably, my experience was stained by expecting some noticeable difference for the better. I didn't not clear out my cache folder or fly more than once. I did pick a very FPS heavy flight (LOWI with dense clouds). I did not allow the installer to change my P3D settings; it wanted to switch my anti-aliasing to MSAA and do something about affinity mask values. The external sounds are awesome. The internal sounds seemed more muted or subdued. Overall, it was mostly the same and I was glad to fly it. I'm sure changing anti-aliasing to MSAA would increase FPS values, but I didn't buy a 1080ti to run with MSAA.
  11. Is this accurate? Do you have a source to back this up? It kinda sounds like an Urban Legend.. I'm not trying to be confrontational. I was just surprised to see such a statement as I've never heard of this before.
  12. I'll chime in to say I agree that 250GB is way too small. Likely, even too small for a dedicated boot device. I recently built a system with 3 500GB SSD's (including a M.2 NVMe device) and I wish I'd sprung for the 1TB models for the 2 non-M.2 drives. I'm already having to juggle things around to keep the drives reasonably un-filled.
  13. It would depend on your expectations. The A-10C is the easiest to fly but has a lot of systems to learn before you can employ it in a combat zone. The F-86 is also pretty easy to fly and has relatively simple systems. The 2000 Mirage is really good looking and supersonic. But, pretty hard to fly and I've found it a bit puzzling, system's wise. The WWII aircraft are simple to learn but really hard to master in all phases of flight. The Harrier is a beautiful aircraft, but it's in beta and not complete. I love the Helos but, that's a different ball of wax. If you just want to fly and look at the scenery, they're all good. If you want to go the full Montie, it depends on how much time you have to invest. Every time I pick up the A-10C after a long separation, I have to go to ground school again and spend a lot of time reading and watching YouTube.
  14. Nice shots, there. I've been pretty much DCS only since 2.5 came out. It's a nice change and looks really nice. It is still in open beta and I've had trouble with crashes. Crashing may have been fixed with latest update...not sure. Still, a nice change and the missions are fun.