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  1. Interesting. Do gliders and do them well. Could work.
  2. When I've seen this it is usually I have 2 controllers on the same axis. This happens when I plug in my PS4 controller and forget to unplug it before launching DCS, for example.
  3. Nice. You have some skills, obviously, since you create your own controllers. I'm impressed. I have had almost no problems with the new simulator. I agree with sanh. You don't post here talking about how well MFS2020 runs; you don't want to 'start' anything and it's not very productive. In my case, most of my initial problems was a matter of me not being familiar with a new, complex piece of software. Also, I think there's a large amount of "I found something lacking and anything short of perfection isn't going to cut it" is still a prevalent mindset.
  4. I see. Does anybody know if this driver causes P3D to crash/not load like the previous 2 versions? Thanks [disregard -- 2 posts down in the list had my answer. i can haz reading ability?]
  5. IMO, X-Plane is better than FSX, by far. And DCS is better than X-Plan by far.
  6. My AI Suite started acting up some time ago. It would spawn multiple error dialog boxes (many dozens) and killing the process was the only way to stop it. I stopped loading it at boot and just rely on the BIOS settings for fan control (basically the same, just have to set it in BIOS.) If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have installed it. Mostly impossible to uninstall, if you can believe what you read on the internet.
  7. I feel ya. I'm also having better experiences in this simulator and DCS since updating my hardware. I fought with my CH controllers long enough (5 years?) and, one at a time replaced them with good hardware. Makes all the difference.
  8. Yes, indeed. I took it for a spin and I am now wondering why I even bother with anything else.
  9. Thanks for posting these. I have a similar mix of avian friends in my west Texas neighborhood.
  10. Thanks for posting this info. I was literally about to press the 'Custom Install' button when this caught my eye.
  11. So, Carenado aircraft don't work with P3Dv5? Am I reading their site correctly? That's too bad because that's quite a discount.
  12. That one pic...that's the biggest PC case I've ever seen. Looks like a mini computer case.
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