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  1. And the runway identifier lights, approach lighting, etc.
  2. Agree. The ambiance of the strobes is a big factor in immersion.
  3. This morning they had 10+ each of the various brands. Now showing sold out for all of them.
  4. Local Microcenter in Denver has some. In store purchase only.
  5. I imagine this is a problem for everyone. If you pull back on the yoke and apply power, the nose lifts off the ground. Even if you are only doing 5 knots.
  6. It has been recommended in the past to use two dedicated PCIe-8 pin if you have that flexibility with your power supply. Appears now to be required.
  7. I sim at Ultra settings on 4K with a 1080ti. Will upgrade so I can sim at 4K on three TVs.
  8. Another Colorado USA user with non-working weather most of the time. It usually shows up clear no matter the actual weather. I was flying in Florida yesterday and the ATIS in the sim was reporting heavy rain. No rain observed. The clouds did appear to be correct, however. The wind 3 knots and not correct as noted. I did get icing in the clouds when the temp was 10C and the plane was never in temps below 0C. That needs corrected and the incing on the plane is just awful.
  9. I don't think I have seen my 1080ti above 98%. I have everything maxed out on 4K. I have only been using GA planes, however.
  10. One area that needs adjustment is the passenger drop off areas next to the terminal. Asobo has that area as parking and it appears Flightbeam does as well.
  11. Live weather is not working for me either. Altimeter is correct and that is it. Have flown in multiple areas of bad weather according to the metar, but it is clear in the sim.
  12. I understand all runway lights on during the night. That has been my experience everywhere. But do you have the approach lights running on all runways at night, even on runways not being used? They should not be on at the same time for say runway 25/7. Only on to the landing runway side.
  13. I have noticed the night approach lighting system known by some as the running rabbit to the runways is active on all runways which is not how it works in the real world. They should only be on to the active runways being used for landing. Is there a way to correct this? You can also see these lights during the day from way too far away which is not realistic.
  14. The sim is superb. It is nice having to learn something new as this is a new sim and not just an update like we have been used to. I would say those that are not buying this are missing out.
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