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  1. Hi. I installed FSA and doesn't connect with fs2020. It shows sim not started. I tested 2 versions of FSA. I put in options Connect via simconnect and try with automatically and nothing happens. Regards.
  2. Hi. In this forum they say this. Click the trackir button of the program, click "check for game updates...."in the menu, and then restart the trackip program. I did It and It works. thanks a lot. really. I thought there was no solution. Thanks again.
  3. No matter how much I think, I can't think of where the problem could be. I have installed and uninstalled it several times and even using previous versions and nothing.
  4. Hi old as dirt. Indeed, since the software was installed and then opened, you simply had to align it and then enter the simulator and it worked perfectly. That happened to me before formatting the computer and after formatting it it doesn't work for me.
  5. Where the trackir should appear, the Touch pointer appears.
  6. Hi Bosk8. No. The trackir does not appear either in the camera menu above the simulator or in the controls menu. Regards.
  7. As I mentioned previously, I had that problem on the town's PC where I also had the simulator installed. I was never able to get the trackir to work on that PC. However, on this PC before formatting it it worked perfectly.
  8. Hi Arthur. Yes, is the latest version. I've tried with earlier version. And nothing. Regards.
  9. Hi Jan. I have those two files with the name simconnect.manifest and simconnectSP2.manifest. regards.
  10. Hi. Finally I reinstall the entire simulator and Pmdg 737-800 undocking panels works again. Now the problem is the trackir. It doesn't work. Out of simulator It works but into the simulator doesn't work. Regards.
  11. hello. I just formatted the PC and reinstalled the entire simulator. I use Windows 10. A long time ago I commented in a post about the trackir not working for me in the simulator in my second pc in other location. Now the same thing is happening to me on this PC where it always worked correctly and after the reinstallation the trackir logo no longer appears in the simulator control options. On some occasions they know how to activate it within the simulator in the camera part. I don't get that option. I don't see her anywhere. I activate the trackir before entering the simulator. In the controls section, before I saw the trackir along with the other devices such as the honeycombo, pedals, saitek Joy, etc. Can you help me configure it again? thank you.
  12. Hi. Thanks, I´m going to test.
  13. Hi. maybe that's it but the strange thing is that the same thing happens on two different pcs.
  14. Hi. And how can I do that? Thanks.
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