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  1. Hi. I flew yesterday during 3 hours in Sade mode and It didn't happen CTD. I Guess the problem is in third party software. I Will try first with A320 without ivao connection .regards.
  2. Hi. I put this in IVAO forum from spain where I live. "since I reinstalled MSFS2020 due to problems I had, and when reinstalling altitude I get a window that says: Pilot_core_fs2020.exe-entry point not found The procedure entry point hb_ft_face_create_cached cannot be found in the dynamic link library. C;\gstreamer\1.0\msvc_x86_64\bin\pangofft2.1.0-0.dll That's what I get, I give it to accept and it comes back about 5 times until it stops coming out. Then I can connect to Ivao fine but it doesn't seem normal to me". I don´t know if this issue could be the problem. I reinstalled several times ALTITUDE but the problem doesn´t disappears. Regards.
  3. Hi. I didn't try It. What is the difference between them? Regards
  4. I have MSFS2020 and I use a few 3party software, FBW 320, IVAO and Opencockpits interface Oi4fs de Roar Krinstesen. Regards.
  5. Hi. I had to reinstall the sim. Since then, I have having many CTD. I don´t know how To know what is the cause of this CTD. There is a way to know it? Thanks.
  6. Indeed, I disabled the gt710 and it no longer tells me that it does not meet the minimum requirements. It is now downloading the remaining 98.95gb again. What I don't quite understand is that the packages folder saved me reinstallation time. Greetings.
  7. And another thing that happens is that when I open the simulator I get a window that says that this PC does not meet the minimum requirements and that errors could occur. Could it be because it has a GT710 secondary graphics card? I use a lot of screens. My requirements are RTX3070, 32 RAM, ryzen 9 3900x. What should I do? Greetings.
  8. hello. I just don't understand this step. when I start the simulator for the first time after reinstalling I get a path to follow to update and it is the one that comes out by default, that is, users/user/ etc... in unit c/ what should i put? i have packages folder in which i have community and official in c drive. Thank you
  9. Hi. When you say choose the folder where you've got the community and official folders, the simulator must be installed in that location where the official and commnunity files are? or you mean that they should be installed on the same disk. Regards.
  10. Hi. Thanks. It is a very complete explanation. Regards.
  11. Hi. I have to reinstall. Do you copy Packages folder and after install again the sim? You said that you put the folder before installation in your original location, but that location doesn´t exist before installation , isn´t it? Regards.
  12. If I choose repair it says to me this; Choosing to check and repair the files will restore the original settings of this game. You will not retain mod files or game saves that have not been backed up.
  13. Hi. It all started because the download stopped halfway when the screen froze. When opening the abox application I could see that where it says You can play, you already have this product, it put some installation error and this error that I put above. Then in the queue of installations there was still the simulator. By clicking on that icon it disappeared from the installation queue but it still doesn't work. Regards.
  14. HI. for a moment it changed the screen from checking updates to another one that showed the pending download and from there directly to the main screen of the game where the globe appears and the choice of options, I was able to fly for a few minutes and closed the simulator to add the files I had removed from the community folder for the update. I went into the xbox app and it won't let me back in. I get the following error,0x80073d02. Regards.
  15. Hi. I think I have to reinstall. But, first I have to uninstall properly. What is the right way to do it? Regards.
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