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  1. Hi. Maybe it will be to be connected to a external graphic card? It needs to be connected directly to a graphic card inside? REGARDS
  2. Hi. I bought cdu opencockpits v3. I have followed all the steps to install and configure it but in the moment to undock cdu window in 737 pmdg and move it to cdu screen I don't know how to let it in the center exactly. And sudenly the mouse is flickering and I have to close fsx Regards.
  3. I read the pdf of the oc4ba and it doesnt work.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to install fmc but it is very difficult. I've done everything you say in the pdf but I can adjust display. When run oc4ba the dispy fail - msg ofst and exec lights are flickering. I'm looking for autoconfig in pmdg setup 747 and I can not find it. REGARDS
  5. Hi. I use 747 800 pmdg. There's no scripts for mip and pedestal. There's scripts for cdu, mcp and efis. REGARDS
  6. Hi. I am constantly changing my cockpit config. I wonder what is the best way to programm the buttoms and switches? With sioc, arduino???? What do you recommen to me? The easy way . I need inputs and outputs. I use oc4ba software but for some parts of planes like mip, pedestal there's no scripts. There's other way for programming? Regards
  7. Thanks. I think I'm going to use my old usb axes from opencockpits. I have some numbers linked to pmdg 747-8 events that can be programm with fsuipc/ buttom/ Custom I put the number in the box and it programm the event linked with 747-8 action. I don't know if you understand me. Regards
  8. Hi. But fsuipc5 is for p3d? Regards
  9. Hi. There will be no fsuipc6 for fsx? Regards
  10. Hi. I'm trying to find where is the forum of fsuipc6. I need information of the new release. It is only for p3d? It can connect iocards with it? Regards.
  11. Hi. I use Roar's oc4ba software. This software includes for 747-8 mcp, efis scripts. But it not include mip, overhead and pedestal. Someone has scripts for this three mip, ovhd and pedestal? Thanks.
  12. Hi. I run fsx. Now with one pc I run 7 screens. 3 for main view. It runs fine. I want to run 5 in main view. Regards.
  13. Hi. I run fsx. Now with one pc I run 7 screens. 3 for main view. It runs fine. I want to run 5 in main view. Regards.
  14. I run 7 screens in one pc with only one card. 970 gtx. I use 3 outputs for main view 3 tv 32'' , the last output for matrox 3 screens, and fith one, external card for 27 '' touch monitor. With all high parameters in three party airports 12 frames and on air 30....
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