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  1. Very excited for this. I'm also waiting for FlightSim Labs to release theirs for Microsoft Airbus Simulator 2020. /s
  2. Self Loading Cargo has alot of the same gimmicks that have the pilot do flight attendant duties although you can turn automation on which is nice. I'm personally waiting for 1.7 when he finally adds emergencies or passenger issues. Its current state still doesn't appeal to me at the moment but his roadmap in 1.7 and 1.8 does have things I desire. Question is how long will we have to wait for 😅 What do you think of it so far? Have you been enjoying it? Seems we all have been waiting for an update forever but there hasn't been much chatter about SLC
  3. 🤣 flight attendant simulator. I am completely out at this point. I understand this is what the community wants as a whole but I am the pilot In my Home sim. I don't want to watch a safety video while I'm controlling the airplane. Ive been a flight attendant in real life and all these programs are very aggressive in how much the pilot has to do with passengers in the cabin. I want to feel like im hauling passengers but I don't want to serve drinks and food, or watch safety videos (which im sure get old after the 100th time you have flown American Airlines or other) Call me old fashioned but I want my flight attendants to do their job while I do mine. It seems PACX although shallow and could use some work on how the passengers and crew act and/or move around the cabin is still the only program that does this correctly. Also Try using any of these programs with the announcements playing while on Vatsim and report back lol
  4. Runs great on my system. Easily one of the best performing airports for me smooth as can be
  5. Are we still doing wheelies on Vatsim during pushback? I understand Umberto said its a vpilot issue but it only happens with GSX....
  6. I'll most likely hold out for the Flightbeam SFO version regardless because it's the only decent handcrafted airport in the sim in my opinion. MSP on the other hand is so bad that I would cave in an buy the first payware version on day 1 from anyone and not think twice about paying again for the Flightbeam version whenever that comes along
  7. I understand and your point is well taken. I think for someone like me who is familiar with FLL (Fort Lauderdale) or SAN (San Diego) I would also see everything that wasn't completely accurate. But as a passenger that has flown into PHX recently in the F Concourse I thought at least that area of the airport was pretty well done and close if not perfect in my eyes in how I remembered it. Obviously purely as a passenger looking out the window of the aircraft and from inside the terminal.
  8. starting to Doubt MSP gets released this decade...🤣 I bought the BMWorld KPHX and have been happy with it. I wonder how people feel who are still waiting on FB's KPHX. Im personally still waiting on KSFO to release but give me a break. MSFS has been out for 3 years and we still dont have the Flagship airport that put Flightbeam on the map. I think at this point if Inibuilds came out with SFO next month Id probably sell out and buy that too.
  9. I think LVFR Baltimore BWI is very good and I highly recommend it. I enjoy all of their sceneries though and performance is usually great. Its a shame they have decided to go toward making aircraft instead.
  10. There is a setting to turn off I have seen but not sure if it works. Maybe ground effect setting. I didn't turn mine off and just stop pushback manually before GSX stops it and it avoids any hot brakes
  11. Does anyone with hot breaks use FSRealistic? I have seen someone report that being the issue. I normally stop the pushback manually via the GSX menu to avoid this from ever happening though
  12. Lots of work left or to be shown to be deeper and better than the original FS Passengers.
  13. lol I laughed out loud for real when that happened. Its very realistic compared to vatsim 😅 with pilots just cutting people off asking for taxi before I can even read back what the controller told me
  14. 😂more self loading cargo hype.. I hope he's having fun with 1.6 I bet he could start a twitch account and get real patrons to watch/donate to these videos he keeps making as Surprisingly there are alot of people who still believe in this. Now I will say does it feel like a more imminent release this time? Yes. Does it matter? No. How about releasing it for a change of pace
  15. I was coming in on 10R at Fort Lauderdale once (the sloped runway side) LVFR scenery and weather was terrible. Couldn't see anything in front of me and I got scared last minute and went around as to not crash as well. I technically knew I never did an autoland on that side so I wasn't sure if it was safe or not. Sometimes airports Flytampa Las Vegas for one in MSFS just have bad glideslopes so I normally like to do an autoland with clear weather so I can make a note for the future if it's not really usable if I actually needed it. Anyways everything completely snowballed and got worse as I went around. I did make it around for a 10L approach autoland but ever since that event I always review the procedure. Likely ATC wasn't online at the time but had they been it would have been even worse for me
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