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  1. Probably the most informative topic I've read in a while. I appreciate everyone's input on the E190/175. It's a plane I've been on a lot as a passenger however never purchased the feelthere series back in P3D to experience the flight deck in the sim
  2. I would say I agree as I've gotten older. My mindset was completely different back in the FS2004 days. Today I don't want to be serving drinks, starting movies or listening to a safety demonstration on EVERY flight because that's just not what pilots do. however, there is demand and potential in this area that really hasn't been realized since FSPassengers. For the rest of us who just aren't want to be pilots and not pilot AND flight attendants there is demand of just not feeling alone on a flight. Sure I don't want to do the above cabin crew things and would just turn off the sounds such as the safety video and beverage service that pilots wouldn't normally hear but I certainly want to control the seatbelt sign, get graded on my flying have a sense of having "passengers" in the back who's lives are in my hands as I try to accomplish the mission. Heck FSPassengers even had the ability to set ticket prices, you could purchase airplanes and have a career. If you crashed you risked losing your career or even having to declare bankruptcy if you had to write an airplane off due to poor airmanship. In closing, SLC doesn't really do much that's innovative other than the cabin layout to see passengers and crew walking around. It really is an over priced rip off since it will never be finished. The Early access price was a great deal on potential alone and the finished product would have paired nicely with something like Air Hauler 2. Do not buy this.
  3. Most were probably waiting for v1.6 to work on creating sound packs since the program would have brought irregularities with flights that add something different. Also as I mentioned there really is no replay value. The last flight doesn’t affect the next and every flight is exactly the same. You could pull up YouTube videos and play a safety video in the background while you are pushing back and it’s essentially the same thing as SLC. Maybe a career mode would have brought in more pilots to help develop sound packs. The add on is just very bland but the idea is great. As far as being embraced by the community, we’ll it’s been almost 2 years since the last update…. the positive for me with this delay is I deleted SLC and got more into learning to fly on vatsim. It’s almost next to impossible to listen to the safety briefing while simultaneously copying down my taxi instructions so when v1.6 finally releases in 2030 I’ll be too busy communicating with ATC, not watching the flight attendants 😏
  4. Self loading cargo is dead. I don’t recommend that purchase unless you want an unfinished product. The sounds are meh. I ended up making my own which did improve my experience a ton at the time for the airline I like to fly for but the bottom line is there is no replay value with self loading cargo. Failures/passenger emergencies/interactions are disabled so you largely have a product that is pretending to have passengers and crew without anything dynamic. Every flight will be the exact same as the last. Unfortunately the potential the program never came to fruition
  5. Exactly! The amount of detail in airports in P3D from the likes of a Flightbeam, FlyTampa, FSDT etc blows away these "hand crafted" airports. I've been waiting for a quality LAX, SEA and SFO scenery since MSFS was released and it's a shame that the sentiment is the default Asobo airports are good enough to justify none of these staple airports haven't been created yet.
  6. Not surprised. I never expected anything from PMP to be honest. It was a nice stop gap for liveries when MSFS was first released until flightsim.to got running. However, The ideas and Ambitions were way too high. It lasted longer than I thought so I will give them that.
  7. It feels like it has improved since release but at this point I would say still pretty on par with P3D from the first click to launch the sim to when I'm fully loaded up at the gate which is about 7-10 minutes total.
  8. flew into KMSY with a ground speed of about 76 knots ILS runway 11. Had to quit after landing as I could barely see more than 5 feet in front of me so it was impossible to taxi to a gate
  9. Discord is just better than forums when it comes to retrieving information. The search bar is really good and has saved me a ton of time compared to how sensitive searching for topics can be on forums. Is discord better for "discussion"? probably not as most people are not going to reply to something that was discussed hours ago like on a forum however for support and getting information its #1 for me, but I do think there is a place for both to work along side one another. I think any VA going all in on one or the other is doing themselves a disservice.
  10. No, What I meant was exactly what I said which was the game not being played by me to being played all the time and I gave reasons specifying why that was the case and that was just off the top of my head. There were other issues as well which made it unplayable for someone like me who likes to fly high and fast. The game was an overpriced beta in September 2020 and theres no reason to sugarcoat it. Its so much better today and my original comment was really to commend the work that has been accomplished so there's no credibility being killed here.
  11. If you are going to split hairs just for the sake of arguing then sure, the game would start so technically you could play it. However, you couldn't even do a turn around flight when MSFS was released. You had to go back to the main menu just to load another flightplan that ATC would recognize then combined with the clear skies bug we all ended up having to completely close the sim just to get live weather back but I digress
  12. I would say Im somewhat looking forward to the end of those 9 years. The patches and world updates really aren't my cup of tea. Ill come back to play 2-3 weeks from being away at work and nothing works 🙄
  13. wow I really didnt realize its only been a year for some reason. This sim went from unplayable to literally the only thing I play. In this short time The FBW A32NX advancements have made me completely move on from P3D and the FSLABS Bus even though there are some things I do miss from time to time such as flying a A319 instead. I miss AI Traffic but MSFS made me move into Vatsim and I may never go back now. I honestly think the only thing I need at this point is GSX. We really have came so far in such a short time. Its not perfect. Neither was P3D but I am very satisfied with MSFS!
  14. The default airplanes will be the same but thats it. You really think you will be flying the A220 when it gets released? How about the A320 CEO version being developed? Plenty of payware airports too that wont be available on the XBOX. Its no where near apples to apples.
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