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  1. I’m also experiencing issues with the P3d v5 Bonanza. When in virtual cockpit view my frame rates drop to 20 or high teens. I have my system locked at 30 FPS, and my external spot views of the Bonanza hold 30 FPS easily, even in complex and dense scenery. But switch to virtual cockpit view, and the frames drop off. I do not see this behavior with the Bonanza in P3d 4.5, nor with the Cessna 172 that A2A released for v5 of P3d. It does this whether using default GPS or the F1 GTN 650/750. Rich L
  2. Is there a way to get rid of the multiple objects with same title name error that v4.5 generates when the Duke is also installed in v5? It appears that the plane still flys after you click through the error dialogue several times, but it is irritating. Rich
  3. The updater doesnt do it then.
  4. I’m a Day Tripper!
  5. All is good now (except for the nasty little detail of v5 trying to crash the Duke on final approach!). The documents/add-ons folder was on another drive and not under the users directory of my Win10 install.
  6. I may be overthinking this, but I want to be sure I don't screw up the install procedure. I am running both v 4.5 and now v5 of Prepar3d. The install instructions that are issued by Real Air with the installers, as well as the advice of this thread, advise to point the installer to the Add-ons directory of v5, which should be at this location: users\myname\documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons But in my system, there is not an "Add-ons" folder at this location; rather it refers to: users\myname\documents\Prepar3d v5 files This is the same way v4.5 is set up. And of course, the Aircraft in v4 and v5 all are installed to the "\simobjects\airplanes" folder of each installation. So my question comes down to how do I proceed to install the Duke into v5 with the installer: 1. Install it to the ..\documents\Prepar3d v5 files folder that already exists, 2. Do I create an "Prepar3d v5 Add-ons" directory under the documents or Prepar3d v5 files folder, or 3. Simply point the installer to the simobjects\airplanes folder of the v5 installation. Sorry if I'm overcomplicating this, but sometimes these details do matter! Thanks, Rich L
  7. I would be interested in knowing if the folks installing UTX in this manner are happy with the results. I have used UTX for years and have UTX and GEP3D running on my v4.5 setup. I'm cuUTS'rious about v5 success here because it seems that both ORBX and Flight1 declined to update their comparable products (Vector and UTX) to upgrade the default textures, coastlines, and streets. Apparently, we are to believe that LM did a credible job updating the default program so that the 3rd party upgrades are not needed. And yet, with by brief experience with v5, I see many more roads to nowhere and the like than I saw with UTX. But I wonder if with all the new updating LM did of airports, runways, and streets, will there be clashes with UTX such that UtX's placement of streets and rivers, etc just won't work with the new v5. What are you finding? Rich L
  8. Exactly! Part of the rush comes from tweaking your system and then convincing yourself that you’ve gained some advantage or a smidgin more FPS.
  9. I suspect that even if LM got all this sorted out, many simmers would still tinker with their settings, since tinkering and trying to derive more performance (and fewer stutters) seems to go with the turf in this hobby. But I was a bit surprised that it took only 5 days since the launch for the HT on/off and AM yes/no debates to begin. But it’s all part of the fun. Rich L
  10. Can someone help me with getting the much admired Real Air Duke (v2) installed and working in v5? I have the FSX installer for this aircraft, and it has worked great in Prepar3d v4 after I used Mike Lab’s instructions for steering the FSX installer to the Prepar3d folder and replacing a sound file in the aircraf’s gauges folder. But when I try this process now with Prepar3d v5 as the install target, the installer fails to work because it can’t establish an internet connection. I assume the links in the installer are just old and broken as RealAir is no more. But I see others are using the Duke in v5. Can I simply copy the files from the Simobjects/ airplanes folder from the v4 install over to the airplanes sub folder of the v5 install and manually replace the sound file in the gauges folder? Will this leave me with a working Duke aircraft or is there more to this? thanks for any help with this. I really love the Duke! Rich L
  11. With the help provided here, I have had some success in getting the new ORBX central software to install ORBX products into v5. I. Ay have a few redundant installs with my v4 setup, but now I am more concerned that the scenery is installed and works! Thanks again. Rich L
  12. Thanks to all for your helpful advice. When I free up more time later today, I will give it another shot. Wish there was a more elegant solution for those of us who want to try v5 but still keeping our working and well equipped v4 on same system until things mature with v5. Rich L
  13. I have used multiple ORBX sceneries (several Regions and individual airports, trees, etc,) in Prepar3d using the older Orbx Central manager tool. Now the question is how to get this compatible scenery into Prepar3d v5 with least complexity and waste of time and disk space. I have retained my Prepar3d V4 setup on the same drive where I am installing v5. My Orbx sceneries for v4 were installed directly in the v4 application, not in the more modern method of creating libraries outside of the application. I understand that the one goal of the revised ORBC Central is to get users to migrate their ORBX installation away from the inner workings of the app and into libraries. I have tried to read the guides on this conversion and migration process, and I am very confused. Can someone explain in laymen's what I should be doing with my ORBX sceneries and airports already installed the old way (and working fine in v4), and migrate these files to ORBX libraries where those files can the be linked to and used in Prepar3d v5 without much fuss? I assume I must migrate Orbx files that are currently instlled directly to a library and once there, point these and link these files to v5 so they can be used in both installations. The program wants to create one main ORBX library when I select the sceneries to migrate. Should I link v5 to this one main library, or am I supposed to create separate libraries for v4 and v5 link them to the application, somehow, and then verify the files. This all seem confusing not well explained by ORBX. Can someone cut through the muck and help me get it right? Thanks, Rich L
  14. I've never grown tired of the Real Air Duke in FSX or Prepar3d, and it remained one of my favorites in v.4 of Prepar3d. Having just installed Prepar3d v5, my aim was to add the Duke v2 to the new sim. When I last installed the Duke in Prepar3d v4, I used the instructions uploaded by Mike Lab on how to use the FSX installer to install the aircraft and its related files into the SimObjects/Airplanes folder by pointing the FSX installer to Prepar3dv4 folder. There were also instructions for replacking a sound gauge file in the gauges folder. These instructions are posted in the Tips and Tricks section of this Forum. In trying once again to enjoy this aircraft in v5, I located my old installer. When I attempt to execute the installer app, it wants to connect to the internet, and the process fails at that point. Thus, it appears that the method that used the FSX installer is no longer valid, as the internet connection is apparently broken. What are the workarounds that will bring me joy and get the RA Duke v2 up and running in Prepar3d v5. Can I just copy of the Duke files from the SimObjects/Airplanes folder for the Duke in version 4.5 (I kept 4.5 on my system) to the similar Simobjects/Airplanes folder of v5, and manually copy the Duke's gauge files from v4 over to the gauges folder in v5. Will this give me a complete aircraft that will operate in v5 without a glitch as it did in v4? Am I missing something vital if I I do this? Appreciate any help with this issue, as I will enjoy v5 much more with the Duke in my hangar. Thanks, Rich LaShier
  15. This may or may not help your situation, but I resolved this similar error message (this device GTX1070 not working... and so on) followed by a CTD with this fix: I have v4.5 and v5 running on the same Windows 10 system. I had used RTSS to fix FPS in v4.5 which works well in v4.5 but not in v5. The fix is to open RTSS and delete the Prepar3d profile. Restart Win 10 and v5 and the scenario startup screen should appear without the crash. This solved the issue on my system Hope this works for some of the users who had CTDs on startup. Enjoy! Rich L
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