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  1. Hello Vineguy. You are absolutely right that MS/Asobo greatly over complicated the implementation of views and cameras with MSFS 2020. Far more options than are needed and somewhat difficult to recreate the trusty panning views with the hat switch that served us so well in FSX and P3d. Drone view is not quite the same as the old spot view. But you can get those views back with your hat switch if you follow the guidance in a couple You Tube videos. The videos are by Huddison. There is one that deals with looking around the cockpit freely with the hat switch, and another that deals with looking around freely in external view with the hat switch. Set up the views and hat switch accordingly, and you will be happy with the results. It worked great for me! Rich
  2. Agree with above and heartily endorse FSUIPC for its profiles, including keyboard and.device button function bindings.
  3. Like others, I typically have time for perhaps one flight per day. I find the cold and dark startup process with the flows and button presses to be a bit tedious and time consuming. I generally begin in taxi state at the gate, engage in flight planning in Simbrief, program the FMC and prepare the cockpit, then proceed with pushback, and then taxi to the runway to start the flight. Fortunately for me, this satisfies my simming cravings and curiosities fully, and I experience no guilt!
  4. Like others have noted, this is a much anticipated fix. Hate the fisheye effect in external view. It’s enough to make me sentimental about Prepar3d!
  5. FSUIPC 7 is a good option with the PMDG 737. Create a profile, pull your throttles back to apply reverse thrust, and assign key press commands to your device buttons. Works great!
  6. That’s basically the story of FSX, isn’t it? When Microsoft shut down ACES studio after Service Pack 2, we were all despondent in our belief that the hobby was doomed. But in fact, there was for several years thereafter a stable platform for the developers, and there was an explosion of new aircraft and scenery products. We saw products that had never made it to development before, as MS had previously issued a new Sim about every 2 years. Developers trotted out the same stable of old standbys, and then a new Sim meant it was time to start over again. Not saying this augurs well for P3d today, as most of these products were already migrated from FSX to P3d, and developers are more drawn now to the shiny new object and the chance to mine a new user base. Would like to see them make the effort to keep it fresh, since I am not comfortable relying on MS to sustain their efforts once their market has saturated. Rich
  7. Just to add my two cents: the Aerosoft a32X pro Airbuses are actually quite good for normal operations and are easy to learn and operate. Much better price point than FSL, and may be just what you’re looking for. Rich
  8. With my 32” 4K monitor, I find that 4xSSAA provides the most pleasing presentation. I have an RTX 3080 GPU with 12 Gb of VRAM, and seldom exhaust the video memory.
  9. This is my greatest complaint with MSFS. When I use the sim, I like to switch between the virtual cockpit view and what was spot view in FSX and P3d. But in MSFS, the external camera view is focused too close to the aircraft, so when you zoom out to a more comfortable distance, the overall scene is distorted as though viewed through a fisheye lens. There have been notations in release notes that the capability to adjust this is available or will be, but I have yet to see any confirmation of how this is done. This defect detracts greatly from my enjoyment of MSFS.
  10. I recently purchased MSFS 2020, and installed SU 9 and numerous World Updates. I noted Captain Piet’s video on removing the HUD gauges from the external view, as I find those gauges irritating. However, in following the procedure in the video, I found that I do not have an Instruments Heads Up Display item within my Cameras/ Chase Plane menu. So, I don’t seem to have the means to remove the HUD gauges. Did something change with SU 9, or do I have a corrupt menu system?
  11. It’s a matter of taste I guess. I actually enjoy the flight planning aspect, and punching in the flight plan with the FMS reinforces my understanding of the flight plan, including the interaction of the SIDS, STARs, and en route waypoints, and why specific transitions are to be preferred. On the other hand, I have never understood the fascination many folks have with spending many minutes pretending to start their airliner from a cold and dark state. That’s my take, and those who prefer otherwise are certainly entitled and able to do what pleases them. That’s the beauty of the hobby!
  12. As long as it’s a quick study! 🙂
  13. I believe you are correct, Ray, to consider a new system before investing in either the RTX 3000 or a new 4000 series video card. Your existing rig will not support PCIe 4.0, so the new video card would be hampered a bit from the get go. There’s much speculation about how much the 4000 cards will improve performance, but there’s an equal amount of apprehension as to whether those cards will be available soon at a price point that you or I would find attractive.
  14. Happily, EVGA has recently released a 12 GB model of the RTX 3080, which Amazon and Microcenter are both selling for “only” $999 USD. The RTX 3080 Ti tends to sell for about $300 more than this. I purchased the RTX 3080, and it pairs quite nicely with the Ryzen 5800X in my recent build. Great to see a good card selling at an almost affordable price!
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