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  1. The auto rudder setting in the assistance options should do the trick for you. Be advised, however, that with some aircraft ( e.g., the FBW A320) having assistance options on can cause havoc and render the aircraft nearly uncontrollable during taxi and takeoff. Fortunately, this does not affect most aircraft in MSFS. Good luck. Rich
  2. KDCA to KBOS. With great scenery add-ons at both ends (DD’s DCA and Fly Tampa’s BOS), this is a great diversion when I have only an hour or so to spare. The Rwy. 1 departure from DCA gives you a taste of numerous DC landmarks. The route will take you past KBWI, abeam KPHL, by the NYC Skyline, over KJFK, and then along Long Island Sound and the Connecticut coast. The ILS 27 approach to Logan follows a gentle arc nearly to Provincetown and then a relaxing over-water entry to Logan. Enjoy it! Rich
  3. The Black Square Bonanza is a work of art. Flies like a charm, the analog gauges are beautiful and operate so smoothly. Great integration also with the TDS GTN Xi GPS, although you switch to the WT GNS 530 if you prefer. Or, you can strip it down further and navigate exclusively with VOR/HSI and the radio stack. Haven’t tried the failure options nor tinkered with the breakers, as it’s just nice to fly it normally. Rich
  4. The consensus that’s evident here is that you should perform a clean install in order to recover your use and enjoyment of the sim. Just rename your community folder so that you keep your add-one, do the clean install of the sim, and then copy the contents of your renamed folder into your new community folder (perhaps one at a time to check that an add-on is not mucking things up) and then you will probably be fine. Your current problem is not one that others are experiencing so the suggestion that an automatic update from Microsoft will solve it is not realistic. So take the bull by the horns and employ the self-help (reinstall) that is most likely to resolve this. Good luck! Rich
  5. I imagine there are quite a few of us who make great use of the GFE overlays to improve the appearance of MSFS. For me, it’s nearly essential. Rich
  6. Without a doubt the best value in MSFS simming today. Rich
  7. Had a similar experience initially. But after deleting the rolling cache and updating FSUIPC, all seems better now. Rich
  8. And even if the question were to arise, if you experienced Flightbeam’s KSFO in P3d, you would definitely want it in your MSFS. Definitely on par with FT’s KBOS and a classic. Rich
  9. With your system and settings, there should be no issues with the Fenix, even if you are running in 4K.
  10. Richard, I’ve been following your recent posts with interest, as I appreciate what you have done with your build to maintain decent temps with air cooling. My build also involves a Fractal case with great airflow, and a Ryzen 5800X CPU and an EVGA RTX 3800 graphics card. Initially, the GPU fans would run pretty hard after an hour or more of flight time, but like you, I applied an undervolt to the GPU using MSI Afterburner. The undervolt was very effective, and the GPU temps are now running almost 10 deg lower and are stable at about 67 C with no loss of performance. The RTX cards want to run hot, and I find I see far fewer stutters in MSFS when the GPU is running cooler. Rich
  11. It is normal behavior for the LNAV and APP lights to extinguish once the GS has been captured and you are executing the approach. Just check the annunciator to see that GS is captured and it reads SINGLE CH to confirm that all is well.
  12. I’ve not seen anyone mention this yet, but I like the HUD not only for landings but also for takeoffs. For the same reason of course - because the FD circle on the HUD is more sensitive and easier to follow than the FD markings on the PFD. And it’s much nicer to stay on course looking up through the glare shield than by staring down at the PFD. Helps the situational awareness greatly, facilitates hand flying on the departure until I’m ready to activate the autopilot. Does anyone else use the HUD on takeoff? Try it! Rich
  13. With all the panel, background, and flood lights at full strength, illumination is generally sufficient. If not, try the GeForce experience overlays. The brightness filter there includes adjustments for Exposure, contrast, and gamma. With my system, I was able to set exposure and gamma levels to achieve a brighter cockpit, while keeping a balance with the brightness of the external view. Rich
  14. Lotharen, I’m guessing you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Rich
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