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  1. rlashier

    Is V3 still worth using.

    Upgrading to the 1070 GPU would be a very cost-effective upgrade. This GPU and your 4790K CPU are very competent to run P3d v.3 or 4, and run it well! You don't need a new system, just the GPU and RAM.
  2. rlashier

    Is V3 still worth using.

    I've been waiting a long time for the release of the Tabasco for v.4.3! Hope it integrates with the Flight 1 GTNs! But seriously, it's a great hobby either way you go. There are new add-ons that may not be compatible with v.3, and you can get decent results with your hardware and modest adjustments to the settings. I have a 4790K and a 1070 GPU, and all is good. Try Bert's settings if you go this route - they hit the sweet spot for hardware of a certain age. Rich
  3. rlashier

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Are the A2A aircraft compatible?
  4. rlashier

    Scenery looks washed out

    But with HDR lighting off, I can then adjust the overall brightness of the display with the Nvidia display driver's color/brightness settings, and accomplish a consistently pleasing appearance, which I can't seem to get with HDR lighting enabled.. Rich
  5. rlashier

    Scenery looks washed out

    Count me as another who finds that turning off HDR lighting is preferred as the way to eliminate the washed out effect of the lighting in Prepar3d. You can also try turning up the brightness slider and turning down the bloom slider with HDR lighting enabled, but my experience is that turning it off produces better results, and produces a lighting effect more comparable to that seen in FSX.
  6. rlashier

    GTN750/650: can you install it into a VC?

    Thanks. Will definitely check these out. Rich
  7. rlashier

    P3Dv4.1 starting up on comupter login

    This only started with a recent Windows 10 update. Waiting for a complete shutdown of Prepar3d before closing Windows seems to be the cure.
  8. rlashier

    Setting up Localizer in P3D v4

    In fact, I have found that once you learn how to use the MCP and the Autopilot of the NGX, an ILS is in some respects easier to accomplish with the NGX than it is with some simpler aircraft where it requires more attention to the intercept angles and the like.
  9. rlashier

    GTN750/650: can you install it into a VC?

    Or how about installing it into the Carenado A36 Bonanza that is a default aircraft in Prepar3dv.4? The stock A36 in Prepar3d has two GNS 430's, and while I can get a 650 to fit in the space of one of those units, when I try to open the 650 in a pop-up window, I get the two 430s to pop up instead!
  10. I am likely one of the few users who found the scenery update in 4.1 indispensable. My home airport is Baltimore (KBWI), and prior to the 4.1 update, an aircraft approaching the terminal area would physically "crash" for no apparent reason. I and a couple others complained to LM, and imagine my surprise when they fixed it! Thank you, LM. Rich
  11. rlashier

    Should the Content of V4.1 be installed

    No. Should not be a problem for your aircraft addons, as the install locations for the aircraft are independent of the client and content modules, so their replacement should not affect the installed aircraft. Have not seen problems reported by others, and my aircraft were all intact after the 4.1 modules were installed. Rich
  12. rlashier


    Just don't anyone suggest it is "imminent."
  13. rlashier

    Should the Content of V4.1 be installed

    Based on what transpired here over the first couple days of the 4.1 update, the verdict seems to be that you need to install both the client and the content modules. Those that installed only the client experienced some issues. Rich
  14. Doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Install P3dv4 on a separate drive (recommend SSD), and go easy on add-ons initially. See how the 64-bit experience suits you, while continuing to use FSX perhaps for much of your everyday flying. In time, you will want to add additional aircraft, scenery, Active Sky, etc., for reliability, performance, or eye candy reasons, or not. If and when you find you are spending more time on P3d, you will likely begin to invest more there and wean yourself away from FSX. But do that on your time based on your preferences. Good luck! Rich
  15. rlashier

    FTX Global Vector Alternative?

    UT is compatible with Global. It's Ground Environment that conflicts with Global.