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  1. I've yet to find anything that will avoid sometimes getting a plane taking off or climbing out straight at you. Even when you use the ATC assigned runway it can happen! (when close enough to get it).
  2. I've only seen the long load when it's the first time I used a particular 737 type
  3. I only use it for the sounds and the camera shake. Always thought it was great and an essential addon. I run a batch file with all the startup programs (MSFS, TrackIR, AIFlow, FSRealistic etc) . Always been fine for what I need. The F thing just zooms me right out, which I always got a little annoyed with if I was in say off in a window and typing something, but just needs mouse-rolling back in. Not annoying enough to go hunt for a keybind yet
  4. amazing really, well done to all the FBW dev team on this. Can't imagine how many hours and lost weekends and all nighters went into this.
  5. I sometimes at night see very grainy EFB and main displays which is really weird usually towards the end of the flight. Only at night. Does anyone else see this sometimes?
  6. The IAE bird hand flies really nice now from 1,000ft in. Definitely can feel the difference in the stick.
  7. Only completed half a flight so far, but pretty solid update IMO. Seems to work well with the existing FS2Crew voice control. Need to run a couple of full flights to see the overall feel but love it so far. How can you not. The little 'Send to MCDU' things are nice as well. We are spoilt kids, aren't we.
  8. I hope you guys test as much as possible and report all the issues that you can. Thanks.
  9. I must be easy to please as I have been using the built in PMDG or Fenix or FBW on-board pushback things and they have been fine for me. The only need for a third party pushback would be for the 787's and stuff but I'd just use that other one on TO. I'm a simple kind of guy but I appreciate the need for further interaction.
  10. It looks good and if you can see it on approach to the airport it would enhance, especially at night
  11. I know it feels like a hack, but have you tried running the mouse emulation app with TIR and see if it works then ?
  12. Has annoyed me endlessly too. That list seems to have no order to it or any intuitive behavior.
  13. It will automatically disconnect at 30ft if you want to leave it in all the way down. You just have to watch your pitch as it will demand thrust with each movement in pitch.
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