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  1. Thank you for your quick answer! After recalibrating the stick and the throttle, everything works again.
  2. Hello, since this last update, after scheduling a new flight, the autopilot of the 747-8 disconnects all the time ! What's going on ?😯 P3D 4.4, W10, I7 8700K, 32 Go RAM, Ge ForceRTX 2080.
  3. Avance

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    G-Sync enabled (Acer XB270HU), flashes/flickering stopped by activating Vsync and triple buffering in P3D (unlimited target frame rate, drivers 416.34, GTX980Ti).
  4. Avance

    Virtual CDU request for...

    1 and 2 for P3Dv4.2 please !
  5. Avance

    About P3Dv4 Support

    Thank you Rob for this video. We must admit that with the previous versions for P3D3.xx we did not encounter all these problems of connection with the different aircrafts. We did not have to manipulate all the time the VAInterface control panel .
  6. Avance

    About P3Dv4 Support

    Hello, When will we have a full version that works well with P3Dv4 ? If you change the plane from one to another, (one day the 747 then another day the 737), it is very difficult to find again the good connection with the IPad. Sometimes it takes three or four times for it to work. It's very painful.
  7. Avance

    Help with 737-600 Liveries

    Hello, I downloaded yesterday the latest versions of the 737 NGX (and 777, 747), uninstalled all older versions of this aircraft on the computer (FSX SE + P3Dv3), and then installed the 8900 base pack on P3Dv4.The 6/700 doesn't seem to install properly ? The installer of the extension pack does not offer the P3Dv4 path. Cannot install the 600 liveries from the OP. Only the PMDG House 600 is clearly visible in the simulator. This works for 700WL liveries. Thanks for your help.
  8. Avance

    [P3Dv4] 777 Parking brake issue after touch-down?

    After recalibrating my X55 in P3DV4, I have completed a new flight (arrival YPPH) in the 747 and not had any issue this time with the parking brake. ;)
  9. Avance

    [P3Dv4] 777 Parking brake issue after touch-down?

    Same thing after landing on several airports ! JPM Edit : I can not remember if this bug occurred with the 777 or the 747 !
  10. Avance

    Prepar3D V3.3.3 Released

    Just run F1UpdateTool.
  11. Avance

    Prepar3D V3.3.3 Released

    Hello, about the VAS, is there any changes with this latest version ? Thank you.
  12. Avance

    FTX Forum error ?

    The same error here in France.
  13. Avance

    Virtual Cdu

    Virtual CDU works fine with the two aircrafts (Ipad).
  14. Hello Steve, DX10Product.ini in ProgramData_DX10SceneryFixer and the bug is gone ! Thank you very much. B)
  15. Thank you Steve for settling this (small) bug ! B)