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  1. Mikelab6

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    Hi David, I feel your joy ! I did exactly the same 3 years ago for an 1 Hour flight in a C172. Was a very great experience and fun ! The fist 30 minutes was supposed to be ground training about flying an aircraft, controls and so on.. and the second 30 minutes to be flying it. When I talked to the instructor about my flight sim experience (1000h+) he told me : forget about the ground training and lets fly it for 1 hour.... @birdguy I found landing a real aircraft is close to landing a sim aircraft but the sim aircraft is easier to land. Mike
  2. Mikelab6

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Wow! very well done ! Thank you very much ! Mike
  3. Hi I own a super sport motocycle (Aprilia RSV4 2016). Here in Quebec Canada, I can only use it 5 months per year and riding 12000km. The costs are: Motocycle cost $20000 ($4000 per year for calculation based on 5 years before replacing it) Registration & Insurance $2000 / Gas $1500 / Tires $1500 / Maintenance $500 / total of $9500 for 5 months. If I ride it once a week (20 rides), the cost is $475 per ride + meals …. Flight Simming is cheap... Mike
  4. Mikelab6

    Scenery looks washed out

    Turn HDR off to test if it comes from it. Mike
  5. Is there any sound mods available ? Mike
  6. Mikelab6

    PMDG 737 view captain seat

    No. You will be able to see in front without EZCA.. Follow Rick's instructions above to adjust your view if you don't have any camera addon installed.
  7. Mikelab6

    PMDG 737 view captain seat

    Hi and welcome to the AVSIM forum ! If you are using EZCA, it's because your first view in the list (top of the list) isn't the pilot forward view. Move you pilot forward view to the top of the list. Mike
  8. Mikelab6

    ATC Window not accepting input

    LM is aware of this problem and a fix will come. Mike
  9. I have the same problem. Can't select nothing but APPROACH.. Mike
  10. Mikelab6

    Favorite planes..

    I can't understand why other Dev. are not following the MJC way for doing new complex aircrafts. Mike
  11. Mikelab6

    System Requirement Help

    Hi and welcome to the forum ! Your CPU (i7-6700) is OK but the video card is a bit weak for P3Dv4. Mike
  12. Mikelab6

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Think of it this way... If it takes a minimum of 10 months before a new 737 is ready to fly (and I don't think it will happens), and you buy the NG and are using it at least 10 times per month, each usage of it will cost you about $0.90 per usage. Does the joy you will have is worth $0.90 ? If yes, buy it now, if not wait, at least a minimum of 1 year or more... When I am going to take a ride on my super sport motocycle, it cost me a minimum of $20 just for gasoline and I am enjoying it a lot. Flight sim is cheap if I compare it to other hobbys. Mike
  13. A shot in the dark !! Check your cameras key binding. Perhaps some cameras keys are also assigned to controls functions. Mike
  14. Mikelab6

    Display Resolution

    32" 1440p on GTX980 & i7-6700K and it works great. Mike
  15. I am using the CM Storm Trooper and very happy with. Great quality with enough space, very good air flow and great look. http://www.coolermaster.com/case/full-tower/trooperwindow/ Mike