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  1. Which AntiVir for Flightsim

    I am using Norton for many years without problem. Mike
  2. P3D v4 Stutter Issue

    I have the same VC camera stuttering problem when my FPS is lower than 60 (60 HZ monitor). If your FPS drops under the refresh rate of your monitor, camera panning will be jerky. The NGX is heavy on frames, so try a default P3D aircraft to see if you have the same problem. The only solution I've found, is to use unlimited FPS, VSync & Triple buffering enabled, and adjusting P3D settings to maintain FPS above 60. A 30 Hz capable monitor is the next solution, because it's easier to maintain FPS above 30 than 60. Mike
  3. New PC

    Hi, FSX is CPU intensive, so all is good but the GTX 1050 graphic card is weak with 2048MB. Choose a better card (minimum GTX1060) with more video RAM on it. Also, if you are planning to install FSX on the SSD, choose at least a 500 GB SSD. Mike
  4. Right Computer for Prepar3D v4

    Not all its features... It will run it, but you will have to tune down some features. Your GPU is the bottleneck... Mike
  5. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Thanks Michael, that was a great read.. Mike
  6. Flythemaddog is released.

    New sound package is great, but a plane at this price tag should already has great sound package included... Mike
  7. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Hi Michael ! Good to know. I am running it enabled on my GTX980 4 GB and all looks good. Where did you find about that ? I will try it disabled to see the difference... Mike
  8. Hi, For your actual hardware, stay with a 1920x1080 screen resolution if you were satisfied with it before (my personal preference is 2560x1440). Look to buy a monitor with the lowest response time as possible (best is 1 ms). Don't go over 4 ms as possible. Look here to help understand monitor specifications : http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/specs.htm#response time Mike
  9. Yes you will be ok if you are not buying too much sceneries like I did...but if you are planning to buy more sceneries few times a year, you will go out of space... Mike
  10. 'Shocking' camera transition

    I am wondering if it's not because your FPS drop below 60 on a 60 Hz monitor. Check your FPS before activating UTLive, if FPS is higher than 60 and as soon you are activating UTLive it's droping below 60, you will know the culprit. On my system (60 hz monitor) if the FPS is not higher than 60, all my camera pannings are not smooth. If higher then 60, all is smooth as silk.. Mike
  11. Engine sounds quality (cycling sounds) are preventing me from flying it more... I hope Carenado will upgrade those sounds. Mike
  12. 400 days of simming

    I am spending about $600 year for sim softwares ($3000 since 2013) , so you are a bit high on yours, but compared to what ? My Super Sport bike (Aprilia RSV4) plates costs me $1400 CDN year (bike only used for 5 months in summer), and this is only for the plates (registration), no gas, tires, maintenances costs, restaurants and so on are included. Simming is not expensive.. :) Mike
  13. Nice MD-80 Cockpit Video

    WOW ! great video ! Thanks for sharing ! Mike
  14. Flythemaddog is released.

    Weak sound is a turn off for me. I think the sound is one of the most important immersion aspect to me. If a good plane has weak sound with changing pitch or other things like this, I just don't fly it, period. Will wait until the sounds get better. MIke
  15. P3D V4.2 Blurries

    Ohh ! You are using a 4K monitor ? Your GPU card only has 3 GB of video ram ? so, I think you are running out of video memory... Monitors your video ram with monitoring software and adjust your P3D video settings to stay below 3GB... Mike