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  1. Spin737

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    The day the -400 leaves is the day you'll get manuals for the MAX. 😉
  2. Spin737

    737 descend before reaching T/D and mid-flight

    I think it was a joke. Hence the laugh emoji.
  3. Spin737

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    Generally, for changes of less than 1000’, use V/S or VNAV. LVL CHG takes a bit to get pitched over and is a bit abrupt in a short altitude change.
  4. Spin737

    Early "descent" after step climb

    I don't think there's any difference - the engines will still go to CLB N1 at VNAV SPD or MCP SPD, which would probably be the same. V/S is smoother if you limit the ROC.
  5. Spin737

    Early "descent" after step climb

    Why not stay in VNAV? No need to go to LVL CHG.
  6. Spin737

    Entering the Hold issue

    Ha! I had this very same scenario yesterday on a flight from Juneau to Ketchikan. We were told to slow and then we were given holding for another arriving aircraft. The holding fix was also the same as the MAP hold. My FO selected HOLD and then we verified the info, but there was no ACTIVATE prompt. That's because he didn't go to NEXT HOLD and then input the name for our hold.
  7. Spin737

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I *think* it's been that way since U10.7, but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure we've had LNAV armed for G/A since I've been flying the 737 - 11 years.
  8. Spin737

    VOR question

    Kodiak, Alaska ILS26. This was 10ish years ago, and I don't remember exactly the set-up. It was something along the lines of the CA left his course in the window from the departure, which would have been something like 330 or 070 out of Anchorage. We would have done the DME arc in LNAV and joined the final course. The plane was on final and then it started turning away from the course when we captured the LOC. I was very new and should have spoken up when he simply decided to do a 360 over the FAF to realign. Not comforting seeing large rocks out your window and you don't know where you're going. The FCC looks at the course for intercept and correction and it got confused. It may have been that the CA had the wrong course in. It could also have been that our courses didn't agree, but I imagine that's more important on a dual-channel approach. The systems manual has a small mention of this. Our company had a memo about this at one point, but I can't find it anymore. You might be able to twist the CRS selector and see what it does, but I'm not sure if the sim models this behavior. Cheers
  9. Spin737

    VOR question

    That is true on many planes, however on the 737, the course is actually used by the flight control computer to calculate intercept and correction. If you have the wrong course in, the FCC can take you in the wrong direction. A captain and I found this out the hard way flying in to Kodiak, Alaska. Not the best place for learning.
  10. Spin737

    KSEA ILS 16's Autoland PMDG737

    Don't worry! Clippy is here to help.
  11. Spin737

    KSEA ILS 16's Autoland PMDG737

    Don't land on 16L - IT'S CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION! 😉
  12. Spin737

    Several questions about the 737 NGX cockpit

    You're right - it's semantics. But the gauges (and Limitations) say "SAT" or "TAT" and people get confused on which is which sometimes. Eg: I was flying in to PANC one afternoon and the pilot I was flying with was surprised to see snow. "It's 5C and it's snowing?!?" I told her, "That's TAT and it has ram rise. Check out the SAT. It's -2C." Mystery solved.
  13. Spin737

    Several questions about the 737 NGX cockpit

    We don't typically use OAT in the air. It's usually SAT and TAT.
  14. Spin737

    FCOM in NG3

    Are you talking about checking the spar valve on engine start?
  15. Spin737

    Strange SID path in my B738 FMC

    Looks like the SID was coded wrong to me. Probably not something you did. I think someone will be along in a bit to tell you how to check the SID and make sure it says R-turn and not L-turn in the airport data files, or some such.