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  1. Spin737

    Question on descent for real 737 Drivers.

    Yes. However, I see a lot of not understanding VNAV SPD by some of the, ahem, more seasoned pilots at my airline. The younger guys and gals I fly with now seem to be okay. Also, the big gotcha at my airline is we set "The bottom" of the STAR in the MCP and let VNAV PATH handle all of restrictions down to the bottom. If a pilot decides to exit VNAV, we are supposed to change the MCP back up to the next restriction. Some pilots think, "Oh, I'll just put it is V/S for a few seconds to rejoin the PATH and not reset the MCP." But then they forget and a restriction gets busted.
  2. Spin737

    Question on descent for real 737 Drivers.

    I second Joe's technique. Half of the safety reports I read are guys getting violated for busting altitudes because they were cleared to descend via a STAR but decided to use V/S. STARs are often designed with VNAV in mind.
  3. Spin737

    Southwest Airlines Shark Week Liveries Released

    Saw Mako at SJC yesterday.
  4. Spin737

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    If there was a question as to whether it the plane is following a “path” climb or a speed, you would simply need to look at the FMA. If you see N1 and VNAV SPD, you’re climbing based on the N1 (power) limit and the speed restriction from the LEGS or CLIMB page. This combination would not follow a computed ROC,
  5. Spin737

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    Hopefully, someday, I'll get that experience.
  6. Spin737

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    VNAV does not change climb rate. It only commands an airspeed at CLB, CLB-1 or CLB-2. It will level you at the lower of any LEGS restrictions or the MCP. It's possible I'm missing some option, but in my experience, it's basically full thrust until you get to the next restriction.
  7. Spin737

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Hmm. The nose shouldn’t go down quickly. You should have the plane trimmed so that you can release the stick and the nose stays where it was.
  8. Spin737

    IRS reset

    It's Alaska or Alaska Airlines if you want to be fancy. I've done Barrow and Deadhorse many times & never felt the need to do a quick-align. During the shut-down flow, I turn off the IRS and when we do the shut-down checklist, I turn them back on. They're off long enough to reset and aligned before it causes any problem. The only *possible* exception I can think of would be if the wind is blowing so hard that the plane is shaking and it's giving enough motion to upset the realign. I've never experienced that. We run the hydraulics the whole time so the controls aren't flopping around and shaking the plane, too.
  9. Spin737

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Exactly. $35M yoke or $15 joystick - you trim it for hands-off.
  10. Spin737

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    You'll set the trim from the FMC on the ground. You'll rotate and pitch up to ~15deg and set the trim again to remove the pressure on the yoke. At acceleration, you'll pitch to ~9deg and you'll have to trim until you're done accelerating to 250kts (or whatever your target).
  11. Spin737

    About the cost index and the derate/CLB setting

    I haven't really spent time looking at the N1 page to see what setting we're at, but I do watch for the indication to go from R-CLB to CLB at 15,000. You can see the split on the needles, too on my A/C's configuration. The caret for CLB is above the reduced and they slowly match up as you climb to 15k.
  12. Spin737

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    THAT particular battle is a very old one and many (most) of us know of it.
  13. Spin737

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Think about this, too: If you're applying pressure to the yoke for pitch, you're not flying the tail as cleanly as you could. More pressure = more drag. Interesting aside regarding trim: I was in the sim (full-motion) a few days ago doing my recurrent and the instructor had us doing stall recoveries. The scenario was an auto-throttle malfunction on an ILS approach on final. The auto-throttle idled the engines and we're supposed to ignore the warnings until buffet/shaker. I get the shaker and pushed the nose over and then added power. The nose came up to a good attitude, but wouldn't stop raising even with the yoke full forward! So, I pulled the power back to maybe 80% while I was working on getting the trim set. My officer, doing his job of calling out any omissions, asked if I would like more power. NO! (I may have said it a little too harshly. Sorry, JP.) The underslung engines were providing more of a pitch moment than the elevator could control, so initially I had to reduce power so we didn't end up in an upset. Once I got the trim set, all was okay and we cleaned up and it was my FO's turn.
  14. Spin737

    fast way to set MINS

  15. Spin737

    Takeoff config and cabin altitude

    That's a relatively new addition to the 737.