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  1. Anchorage-based Captains I used to fly with called it the “Lever of Shame.” Of course they’re a different breed and they all learned to fly on the 737-200 which is also a different breed.
  2. I think it is an option. It's in the FCOM as an FMA indication, but I don't know how you'd set it up.
  3. Hmmm. My plane can’t do BC without LNAV.
  4. F15 is not only for OEI at all airlines. It's in the Normal Procedures section of my manual as of a couple years ago. I think American Airlines has had them for quite some time.
  5. Are you doing this in LNAV/VNAV?
  6. High altitude airports may actually require F15 landings due to climb performance. Urumqi, China, eg.
  7. This is what I term a "Sim-ism." You don't need to capture the LOC before you arm APP. And you can't capture the G/S unless you're in APP mode. Here's how you do it: Get your intercept heading, Verify you have LOC and G/S indications on the PFD (not the FMA, the needles), Identify the station (eg ICJL) on the PFD, Arm APP, Select the 2nd A/P. Reversing the order of the last two items is what gets most people.
  8. That sounds odd to me. What modes are you seeing then? Are you entering LVL CHG by selection? Are you arming VNAV before T/O?
  9. RW, the dim is VERY dim. Bright is obnoxious. I've resorted to getting the mood lighting right by using the flood on the center pedestal. There should be a large difference between bright and dim on the dome.
  10. Not a sim setting answer, but RW - I use the rudder pedals for straight taxiways. It seems smoother to me. Of course I use the tiller for tight turns. The rudder pedals can handle high-speed turn offs and some FOs will take the turn off and sometimes they'll let me know they want to turn over the controls before a high-speed.
  11. Hmmm. That sounds odd. The T/D should have been calculated long ago. The flight attendants should call you about an hour in and ask, "Are we there yet? How long until we start down?" etc. That's your cue to look at the Prog page and see how long until T/D. The T/D shouldn't just appear - unless you made some changes in your profile. If you change the descent (change speeds, alts, add a STAR, etc) that'll cause the T/D to recalculate. It should be there before that, though.
  12. PEBKAC, usually. ;) Probably didn't have something executed on the PERF INIT. Previously when it wasn't working, were you able to activate VNAV?
  13. I always find it interesting what different simmers look for in a product. "Is the nav light GREEN enough?" "Shouldn't the wipers operate at 49 wipes per minute in low?" Some people want to memorize flight schedules, some want to memorize schematics. Pizza or burgers?
  14. Wow. You guys make this complicated. Nick, you screwed up something. It wasn’t the plane, unless you found a sim bug. V/S does have speed reversion. Its LVL CHG, not FLCH. ARM is the mode, not HOLD. VNAV works well, especially on STARs with alt/spd restrictions. I’ll edit this after I get some coffee to remove the cranky tone.
  15. Ha! The question would be what quality RW would give. I've flown with 2 airlines on the 737. One closed the disco, one didn't. The one that did relied on the wording "delete unwanted discos," but that airline hated gray areas, so all discos became "unwanted." The other airline was much more laissez faire as long as the plane will go in the right direction, do what you want in the box. Discos aren't bad. I wouldn't want one in the middle of a transcon, however.